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Imperator Kor'lok was an Imperator of the Gorian Empire in Draenor's distant past. An explorer of uncharted waters and wanderer of far lands, Kor'lok brought the Gorian Empire to its greatest territorial extent by his addition of Ashran to the Gorian Empire.


Kor'lok rose to power during an era of relative peace and power for the Gorian Empire. Before the fall of Goria which crippled the Gorian Empire, the Ogres of Goria reigned uncontested over much of Draenor for six hundred years. An era of peace referred to as the 'Pax Goriana.' The peace of Goria.

Kor'lok was unusual for an Imperator in that unlike many Imperators who scarcely ever left their palaces, he spent much of his reign either campaigning or on the move. He would traverse much of the Gorian Empire during his reign, and like many Imperators before him, he sought to leave his mark. He would accomplish this by discovering the last major landmass of Draenor's primary continent. The island of Ashran. Kor'lok grew deeply attached to Ashran from the moment he set foot upon it and desired to build a second seat of governance upon the Island. Kor'lok's location was chosen well, for Ashran created a vital port on the difficult sea routes surrounding Gorgrond, Tanaan Jungle, and Shadowmoon Valley. Ogre craftsmen, traders, architects and all other manner of the necessary tools of building soon flooded to Ashran on board ships leaving from Goria and Highmaul's ports. Arcanists, Noblemen and the cogs of power soon followed, eager to share in a taste of the powerful Imperator's prosperity. Upon Ashran, a new city would be added to the Gorian Empire. Kor'lok would prefer his city as his second seat of power for the rest of his reign.


Kor'lok would eventually die upon Ashran. He was buried upon the island. The Ashmaul Clan of Ogres was founded and persisted on the island for centuries well into the Gorian Empire's twilight years. Some say that Kor'lok's spirit still lingers upon Ashran to this day, awaiting for the Gorian Empire to rise again.

Imperator of the Gorian Empire
Preceded by
Gorgog the Gronnslayer
(Earliest known)
Imperator Kor'lok Succeeded by
Imperator Molok
(Earliest known)