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Imperator Molok was an Imperator of the Gorian Empire. Molok was the reigning Imperator during the rise of shamanism among the orcish clans. Obsessed with harnessing the power of the elements, Molok would go on to launch a war that would engulf Draenor in total war, create the Red Pox, and result in the demise of Goria, capital of the Gorian Empire, and all ogres within it.


Molok rose to power at the end of the Pax Goriana. For six hundred years, the Gorian Empire had grown to become Draenor's sole superpower. As Imperator, Molok ha access to all of the empire's might and magical prowess. Four hundred and three years before the opening of the Dark Portal, orcish clans lived on the outskirts of the Gorian Empire. The ogres had little interest in the orcs except for as slaves, and saw their practice of shamanism as little more than quaint peasant magic to make the wind blow a little harder or a fire to burn a little hotter. It wasn't until it was reported by ogres who witnessed an elder shaman turning away a flash flood that would otherwise have destroyed an orcish village that the Imperator began to realize the true power of the elements. Rather than seeking to learn this power with the same humility as the orcs had, Molok decided to take it by force. Molok sent an army to drive away the orcs and claim the Throne of the Elements for the empire.

Despite the outrage this provoked among the Orcs, there was yet uncertainty about what to do. The ogres had not killed the orcs after all, simply driven them away from the throne. Disaster yet lay upon the horizon however as the ogres eagerly and carelessly dissected the Throne with their arcane spellwork, ignorant to the mix of raw titan and elemental power that lingered in the remains of the ancient giant Grond. One day, the dissonance between the ogres' magic and Grond's residual energies ignited an explosion that blew apart the temple the orcs had carved from the giant's skull and killed every Gorian sorcerer inside the structure, leaving behind only a few standing stones. This disaster threw the elements out of balance all across Draenor, causing huge storms and droughts all across the world and causing Draenor's native spirits to descend into turmoil. However, Molok was not deterred in the slightest and simply sent more sorcerers to replace the ones that had been killed, for he now had proof of the elements' true power and was determined to claim it for himself.

The next year's orcish Kosh'harg festival was marked by mourning for the incident at the Throne. Nelgarm, the elder shaman of the Shadowmoon clan, pleaded for action, lest all of the clans suffer disastrous famines as a result of the elements' imbalance. The clans agreed to join together, and Nelgarm called upon the elements to bless them with their protection. The united orc army first fell upon the Throne of the Elements. Surprised by the attack, the Gorian sorcerers retreated with little bloodshed, but Imperator Molok was quick to retaliate. The Gorian armies moved en masse, and total war engulfed Draenor, and now every orcish male, female and child had to be prepared to fight. The ogres imagined that this merciless tactic would strike terror into the hearts of the orcs, but the clans rose to the challenge and small, mobile groups of raiders slowly dismantled the Gorian Empire's network of fortresses and outposts, pushing the ogre armies back to their capital of Goria.

Molok was initially unconcerned. The orcs kept their distance on the hills surrounding the city, attempting to starve their enemy out. Goria was a port city set upon the banks of the Zangar Sea, and believed that Goria could receive all the supply it needed by sea. As the siege progressed however, the ogres found maintaining their empire to be increasingly unsustainable. Molok needed a new plan, so he and his sorcerers revisited their Apexis crystals, searching for a way to break the siege. In time, they discovered the arakkoan legend about the Curse of Sethe, and began experimenting with ways to create a similar affliction among the orcs. They succeeded, and soon the so-called red pox spread like wildfire through the orcs' encampments, culling vast amounts of the orcish combatants and breaking their formations.

Nelgarm and his fellow shaman realized that the pox was an unseen attack from the ogres and that the siege was now doomed to fail. In desperation Nelgarm pleaded for something drastic. Nelgarm beseeched the elements to use what power they had left to annihilate Goria. Never before ha shaman made such a violent request from the elements. Yet both the orcs and the elemental spirits both understood that Molok would resume meddling with the Throne of the Elements if the orcs failed, and so the shaman gathered outside of Goria, and watched the spirits unleashed the true fury of the elements upon Goria. Over hours, lightning, fire and earthquakes ravaged the ogre capital until nothing but ash and rubble remained. In a single day and night of misfortune, the elements brought the greatest civilization Draenor had ever seen to its knees before the hungry earth itself wrenched open like a giant maw to swallow Molok and the remains of his great city whole.


Molok is widely regarded among ogres and orcs alike as the worst Imperator the Gorian Empire ever had. Among ogres, he is regarded as a greedy, foolish ruler whose reach exceeded his grasp and hold him responsible for the loss of their great capital city. Orcish memory of Molok is no less charitable, for his actions resulted in global pandemonium and the loss of much their cherished history of shamanism.

Imperator of the Gorian Empire
Preceded by
Imperator Kor'lok
(Earliest known)
Imperator Molok Succeeded by
Imperator Hok'lon
(Earliest known)