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Intelligence Wound Distinction
Intelligence Commendation.png
Awarded by the Kingdom of Stormwind


Service Medal


All SI:7 personnel

Awarded For

Excellent service in a non-combat role or environment




Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

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Intelligence Wound Distinction

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Intelligence Deployment Medal

The Intelligence Commendation is a private award within the SI:7 awards and honours system. It is issued for meritorious service in a non-combat situation or role.

It is one of the only medals in the entire Grand Alliance Awards and Decorations system that recognised specifically non-combat criteria. As such, it is typically issued to Adjutants, home postings, or in otherwise non-dangerous roles and situations.

The medal displays the SI:7 compass insignia surrounded by a veil of wreaths. The riband features a triangular design of yellow over white, which are common colours for the agency.

Order of Wear

The Intelligence Commendation may be displayed below any Kingdom of Stormwind medals or any public awards. It ranks below the Intelligence Wound Distinction.

As with all SI:7 medals, it is situated after unit citations and campaign medals, but before Stormwind Guard or nominal Kingdom of Stormwind medals, making it the lowest class of medals in the order of wear.