Iron Horde Campaign Medal
Awarded by the Grand Alliance


Campaign Medal


All Alliance Military personnel whom served during the War against the Iron Horde (Iron War)

Awarded For

Official military service during the War against the Iron Horde


Iron War (35–37 L.C.)


No-longer Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Broken Isles Campaign Medal

Next (lower)

Fourth War Campaign Medal

The Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal was an Alliance Military decoration awarded to all Grand Alliance military personnel who served in the defense of Azeroth against the Iron Horde of alternate Draenor. The medal is no longer awarded following the conclusion of the Iron War. The medal can be accompanied by several battle bars or clasps, which celebrate particular battles or operation worth of note.

Like other campaign medals, this award holds no post-nominals.

Iron Horde Invasion Battle Bars Edit

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