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Cloth, Clothing, Textiles

Ironchapel is a small factory town nestled along the road between Stormglen and Emberstone and part of the Duchy of Wolfcrest.


Before its construction it had once been a large expanse of scattered sheep farms that attracted the interest of business-people from Gilneas City. One of these business-people, Agatha Braddock, built a textiles factory to make use of the surplus of wool in the region. Enjoying cheap labour from the people of Stormglen and cheap coal from the town of Emberstone, Braddock’s factory ballooned in size almost overnight. As time went on, the people who worked her factory began to seek housing closer to their place of work. Ms.Braddock was more than happy to oblige with cheap lodgings, shops and taverns which became the foundation of the town surrounding the factory. As the new town grew in size, Ms.Braddock believed it necessary to build a place of worship for the faithful. With all the room near the factory being occupied by homes and shops, Braddock simply added an extra wing to her factory that acted as a chapel for workers and non-workers alike. The townspeople jokingly nicknamed the factory the “Chapel of Iron”, which overtime became the name “Ironchapel”.

The town’s good fortune was cut short by the encroaching Worgen Curse. The city, without a proper constabulary or defense force, made many afraid and several families fled to Gilneas City for refuge. Agatha and the Braddocks stayed behind and tried desperately to defend their townspeople. Tragically, as the worgen swept across the eastern coast, the little town fell to the bestial curse. With the Braddock Family all but wiped out in a single night, the factory was shut-down and many of it's remaining villagers became destitute refugees during the Fall and the Curse. However, even during this tumultuous time, the chapel connected to the factory was never shutdown. Even during the Forsaken occupation that followed the nuns and the few remaining Braddocks who survived remained and kept it defended and in good shape. To honour those who had stayed behind to maintain it, the town was officially named "Ironchapel" and a plaque dedicated to the Braddocks and others who had fallen was installed in the town square.


As the region has had time to heal and re-stabilize under Alliance control, people have begun to trickle back into Ironchapel. All it would take is a bit of investment and a few ingenious “captains of industry” to make this little town the shining little jewel of Gilnean entrepreneurial spirit it was always destined to be!