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The entrance to Ironforge inside the Ironforge Mountain. Extension towers of Ironforge can also be seen plunging out the mountain.


Council of Three Hammers


Ironforge Mountain


Kingdom of Ironforge

Grand Alliance



Ironforge is the capital city of the Dwarves and the ancient home of the Bronzebeard Clan. It is ruled by the Council of Three Hammers and the Senate of Ironforge from within the throne room in the center of the city. The city was carved out in Ironforge Mountain, which is a testament to the Dwarves' strength and resiliance. With all of it's small passageways and it's underground feel, it has a safe and cozy atmosphere, it's many fires burning with comforting heat and the sound of laughter and speach echoing within it's halls. With the destruction of Lordaeron's Capital City and the reconstruction of Stormwind City, it's considered to be the second most important city of the Alliance. It was previously ruled by King Magni Bronzebeard, although he fell to a curse a few years earlier that turned him to stone.

Once ruled by High King Modimus Anvilmar, after his death a bloody civil war erupted amongst the three most powerful clans: The Bronzebeard Clan, the Wildhammer Clan and the Dark Iron Clan. After years of fighting, the Bronzebeards ousted the two other clans, and gave the deposed prince of the Anvilmars a permanent seat on the senate. The Wildhammers went north and built the city of Grim Batol while the Dark Irons travelled south to the Redridge Mountains, where they founded the city of Thaurissan.

During the Second and Third Wars, Ironforge shut it's gates, and while many other Dwarven cities and strongholds fell in Khaz Modan, Ironforge itself has never been breached, it's mighty gates protecting it.

After the petrification of Magni Bronzebeard, Magni's daughter Moira arrived and took over the city with her Dark Iron dwarves, keeping the Prince of Stormwind, Anduin Wrynn, hostage along with everyone in the city. King Varian of Stormwind and eighteen SI:7 operatived infiltrated the city in order to liberate the city and assassinate Moira. At Anduin's behest, Moira was spared, and the Council of Three Hammers was formed, the first time the three clans united in years.