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Isira during the World's Faire Carnival. (By Irishmoo)

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Isira during Operation: Sandstorm. (Render by Keremos)


IconSmall High Elf Female High Elf (Aqir Hybrid)




20 March, -41 L.C.


Aqir purple icon Highvale Brood
Grand Alliance Icon Grand Alliance
Silver Covenant Icon Silver Covenant

Lordaeron Icon Alliance of Lordaeron (Formerly)


Asaesisilae (Ancestor)
Larenthar Lure'mil † (Father)
Valanzara Lure'mil † (Mother)
Zaralfara Lure'mil † (Aunt)
Tothelon Lure'mil † (Cousin)


Lyraeni Sorrowsong



"I've only ever wanted to do good, and Alar'ashisore convinced me that there was more good to be done than dealing with trolls who were way beyond their hayday. I still deal with them, but I'm glad to have broadened my horizons."

Isira Ereneda Lure'mil (born 20 March, -41 L.C.) is a High Elf archer in the employ of the Silverguard. She is the youngest and last of the Lure'mil Family, and currently a student to Lyraeni Sorrowsong.

Growing up in the Quel'Danil Lodge, Isira's love of the wilds and exploration was tempered by a fierce hatred of Trolls to conform to her family's traditions of old vendettas. As the last of her family, she feels even greater need to uphold this legacy to the utmost. Though confined to the Hinterlands for much of her life, she was recruited by the Silverguard following N'zoth's emergence.

However, in fulfilling her duty, she was infected by an Aqir mutagen. The mutagen led to an "awakening" in Isira where she discovered a newfound love for all insect kind, including the vicious Aqir that afflicted her. Though this new love for the Aqir is questionable, her aspirations now turn instead to setting the Aqir free from the Old Gods that spawned them.



As a child of the Lure'mil family, Isira was raised with the same dreams many young elves have - to become a ranger. Much of her childhood was spent idolizing the Ranger-General, Sylvanas Windrunner in stories that she had been told. As a girl Isira dreamed of the craft of the Rangers, believing in the possibility of becoming one of the legendary Farstriders in her life. Though this is a common phase for elves to reach and ultimately outgrow, Isira never abandoned that dream.

Growing up in the Hinterlands gave her forests to play and learn in, where she learned to love the forest and know its layout like the back of her hand. She had been known to explore old ruins as well, sometimes delving into the mysterious remnants of Dun Deldor. Very sociable and prone to making friends, she very frequently visited the Wildhammer Clan in their capital of Aerie Peak, sometimes learning from them just as she learned from her elven kin.

While her parents raised her lovingly and with great care, Isira was also a Lure'mil, and she was born into a lineage of hate. She often joined her parents' warbands into the Hinterlands to hunt trolls, even at a very young age. At one point, while preparing for her cousin, Tothelon, and the ceremonial bloodying of his blades, she happened to meet Durnhir Craghammer, whose gryphon had been damaged by a Vilebranch hunting party. After a night of welcome and festivity, she and Durnhir became good friends as she matured.

Isira hunt

Isira's regular activity in the Hinterlands: hunting trolls.

During the Second War Isira fought with her family against the Orcish Horde as it invaded the Eastern Kingdoms. Her parents returned to the north when the Horde assaulted their homeland of Quel'thalas, however Isira herself remained in the south. This was, unfortunately, the last she would ever see of her parents, as she was later told that her parents fell in the defense of Quel'Thalas.

Left alone in the Hinterlands, Isira only barely felt the calamity of the contamination and destruction of the Sunwell. Living so far from the homeland and having never truly felt nor channeled the magic of the Sunwell herself, for Isira it was akin to simply feeling a day of exhaustion. Unbeknownst to her, the elves' birthright and lifeblood had been robbed from them, and her detachment from the regular practice of magic inadvertently disciplined her innate addiction to help her avoid the fate of the Blood Elves.

The SilverguardEdit

On an ordinary day, Isira was planning to do the same thing she had done for the past several decades, to scout out nearby troll settlements and hunt down trolls for sport. She typically hunted for troll tusks and anything worthy of trade with the local Wildhammer Clan in Aerie Peak. While she prepared for her hunt, she found herself met with a peculiar visiter.

An undead ranger had visited the Lodge following the incursion into Nazjatar. What she was searching for was not immediately apparent, but she took interest in the young Isira, referring to her as a ranger. The younger elf promptly denied the title, simply claiming to be an archer. The ranger introduced herself as Lyraeni Sorrowsong.

Isira expressed her fondness of elven rangers and her ambitions to one day become a ranger herself, though she also held firm to her belief that all trolls in the world should be exterminated. Lyraeni took a moment to explain to Isira that a ranger finds balance in all of nature, even in the existence of enemies such as trolls. Acts of culling were sometimes necessary, but never extermination. Dismissing Lyraeni's explanation, Isira departed into the Hinterlands to kill her share of trolls.

Isira recruit

Isira is found and recruited by Lyraeni Sorrowsong.

She returned later to find Lyraeni still present. Though she had dismissed the ranger moments prior, she was curious as to why the ranger was present. Approaching Lyraeni, she inquired, and the ranger informed her that she was seeking aid in other threats, threats more important than trolls in the Hinterlands. Isira initially brushed off this explanation, questioning what would be more important.

Lyraeni revealed that N'zoth, an Old God of legend, had been freed from his prison during the battles of Nazjatar. Though Isira had never known the existence of Old Gods to be a confirmed truth, the thought and Lyraeni's own certainty gave her pause. The undead ranger eventually managed to convince Isira that the threat of N'zoth's return did outweigh her own vendetta against the local trolls. Isira knew she could ignore this to continue to pursue her hatreds, but reason had presented a very real threat that endangered all.

Isira offered to pledge herself to Lyraeni's services to aid in the coming fight against N'zoth. Lyraeni accepted, declaring that she would train Isira to become a ranger of the Silverguard so long as Isira never once hesitated in her decision, never questioned her path. With understanding, Isira agreed to these terms. For the first time in years, she set foot outside the Hinterlands, and for the first time in possibly her life, she departed the Eastern Kingdoms.

Shadow in the SandsEdit


Isira during Operation: Sandstorm. (Render by Keremos)

Eventually, the time came for the battle that Isira was called upon. Operation: Sandstorm was beginning, and Ranger-Lady Sorrowsong deployed the Silverguard to Tanaris to meet with a force known as the Coalition. Alliance and Horde, working together under their armistice, had answered the call to do battle against the Old God, N'zoth.

The Coalition Gathers Edit

Isira followed the Silverguard to Gadgetzan, the current staging ground for where the Coalition between Horde and Alliance would begin. Already Isira's patience was taxed - the presence of orcs and trolls caused rage to swell within the elf, rage that she was forced to suppress for the betterment of the mission at hand. To better combat her desire to fight the forces of the Horde, Isira set herself to task in finding new friends among the Coalition forces, getting to know people around her.

The elf took in the knowledge that she might have very well been the first of her family to set foot on Kalimdor for the first time since the exile of their Highborne ancestors, realizing the honor she was experiencing in coming to this fight. Furthermore, as she was finally returning to the world, she realized there was a lot more to learn from this campaign than she had originally thought. Now excited to learn, Isira consulted others in Gadgetzan, even making new friends in the process.

Eventually the time came for the Coalition to set out and engage the enemy. Isira gravitated towards her mentor to lead her into battle, following Sorrowsong into a nearby Silithid hive alongside the rest of the Alliance forces. The mission was to find a team of goblins who had already gone into the hives, yet had not returned. Isira was eager for battle, but had no experience with the Silithid, let alone the ancient Aqir. As the Coalition delved into the hive equipped with flamethrowers, they came upon a lone survivor.

The goblin began to speak to those who approached, yet soon became bloated as her body exploded with the emergence of a swarm of insects that descended upon the Alliance. Isira herself was stung several times as reanimated Silitihd warriors emerged to attack the Alliance forces. After the shock of the Silithid tactics had passed, Isira let out an invigorated roar to use her flamethrower and help burn away the insect menace.

Isira swarm

Isira is attacked by the swarm, and infected with the mutagen.

As the Alliance began to leave the hive, however, they were met with a new opponent. An Aqir hivequeen spoke to them in telepathic communication, reaching out and taunting the party before unleashing a swarm upon them. Isira herself went down underneath the swarm's onslaught, stung several times. What she did not realize, however, was that being sting had introduced something to her body, an experimental Aqir mutagen.

While she was briefly incapacitated, a nearby priest revived Isira and sent her into a Void-induced rage. Though the rage calmed, it lasted long enough that it gave the mutagen time to seize a hold on her mind, steering away from revealing a possible infection or seeking treatment. Anytime she thought of seeing to the medics in the hospital, she would seemingly forget and become distracted by something else.

Isira hive

Isira aids the Coalition in the invasions of the Silithid hives of Tanaris.

Over time Isira's behavior changed in somewhat bizarre fashion, becoming hyper social and eager to return to the Silithid hives. When the next mission to return to the hives was announced, she was excited and eagerly joined the operation. However, as the Alliance neared the hive, she abruptly darted into the depths without confrontation.

It was soon revealed that Isira had been held in the hypnotized grasp of a facestealing entity, the Dissector, who promised her destin to be grand. The millipede-esque insect wore the face of a goblin, staring deep into the High Elf's widened eyes. With the Coalition engaging the creature in battle, Isira was distracted from the Dissector's hypnotic control and able to regain control of herself. However, she remained stunned by the ongoing battle, especially as new enemies entered the fray.

These enemies were people like the Alliance, twisted by the Aqir into infested minions. Isira watched in horror at the sight, wondering if that was to be her fate had the Alliance not reached the Dissector before it could claim her, all the while confused by her sudden initiative to enter the hive. Nevertheless, the Alliance progressed deeper into the hive, where they discovered a stockpile of corrupted weapons, guarded by a lone and fearful Mantid.

Noting the Mantid's fear, some began to approach the creature in an act of diplomacy. However, Isira was still shaken by her encounter with the Dissector. In a panic and believing the Mantid to be yet another foe, Isira drew an arrow and fired it into the Mantid's head, killing it instantly in a gory display. The elf was promptly reprimanded, particularly by Gooldaro Chainbreaker, bringing no ease to her mind as the Alliance elected to move on from her actions and make use of the weapons found.

With the intrusion moving on, they eventually discovered the hivequeen, Shathra, once again. As battle was engaged, it did not take long for Isira's body to suddenly fall under the Aqir's sway through the Void. Unbeknownst to her, the mutagen coursing through her system had made her susceptible to the domination of her mind, turning her against the Coalition. Her manipulation was brief, however, as she was swiftly bound in roots by the druid Fladorath Everbloom.

Taken back to Gadgetzan by Lyraeni, Isira soon came to and discovered she had been taken under the control of the Aqir. She was given a run-down of the mission's success, and soon instructed to get her rest. Despite the harrowing experience of being seized in a state of mind control, Isira was oddly unfazed, her exuberance as strong as ever.

Arc vs isira

A healthy competition between archers Arc'ulerith and Isira.

Isira remained social, bonding with her fellow coalition members and even making some friends among the Horde, such as Syeris and Arc'ulerith. Yet all the while, a constant pain began to ache in her head, a physical pain as the mutagen's effects would seen reveal themselves.

The Metamorphosis Edit

It was not until the coalition's arrival in Uldum that the mutagen finally reared its head in full force. With the exposure to the abundance of void in Uldum, Isira began to undergo a small but hardly insignificant transformation, a metamorphosis spurred by the mutagen in her brain. From the back of her brain, antennae began to form, growths not unlike what the Aqir possessed themselves. These antennae would serve to connect Isira to the Aqir hivemind, when they had completed their growth.

Isira stumbled and fell as she muttered incoherently, her motor skills impaired and her vision filled only with flashes of light as her brain transformed within the confines of her skull. She collapsed to the grass of the oasis, and with no means of relieving the agony she was in, ultimately fell into unconsciousness from the trauma of her affliction. It was not until some time later that she was found by C'thonia, who delivered Isira to the medical bay.

While she slept, Isira was visited by a peculiar dream, in which she found herself submerged in amber fluid. It was warm, and though she should have felt afraid, she found an odd comfort in her stasis, and was content to simply rest there, to enjoy her time in her chrysalis. Fortunately, Raelor Valeclaw had sensed the disturbances within the young elf's mind, and proceeded to enter her dreams, where he discovered her impending assimilation into the hivemind.

Raelor alerted the coalition to Isira's condition, prompting an immediate divide between those who believed Isira must be executed and those who believed she should be quarantined to ensure the Aqir learned nothing of their operations. Aelenicus Sunblade and Casylia were ultimately responsible for guarding Isira while she was chained in quarantine away from Mar'at.

As the coalition debated how to address Isira's condition, she once more lapsed into her dreams, even voluntarily. She found a bizarre eagerness in experiencing these dreams, where she flew among the swarm and tended to their broods. As she delved into these dreams, however, she soon found herself plunged into the abyss, where she ultimately stared into the eyes of the enemy, N'zoth.

N'zoth gently coaxed Isira into the swarm, offering her the comfort and security in a place where she felt she belonged. It was not untrue; Isira, who had struggled to feel like she upheld her family's legacy, and felt like a stranger to her own kin for never knowing what Quel'thalas looked like, found a sense of belonging in the hivemind. It was a perfect unity, devoid of suspicion and fear of one another, and she liked it.

Before she could lapse into N'zoth's control, she was awoken once again. From that point forward, Isira's dreams and growths were carefully monitored, as her antennae grew with each passing day, and her dreams became more and more concerning. Yet as Isira seemed to be ever worsening in her corruption, she assured Lyraeni that nothing had been forgotten. Her mission to fight the Old Gods and exterminate troll kind had not been forgotten, nor would she ever abandon the fight.

Quarantine was released after Raelor shrouded Isira's brain in a ward of nature magic, sheltering her mind from the Aqir hivemind. With her condition safe and ready for duty, Isira returned to aiding the front, though she frequently met with Casylia for secretive tests to evaluate her gradual transformation.

A Conflict of Identity Edit

Unbeknownst to Isira, however, her affliction had drawn the ire of Rilennia Rimeshard, who was secretly infested by a parasitic worm in her brain that perceived Isira as a threat. Riley became spiteful towards Isira, stalking her and regarding her with hostility, even at one point briefly threatening to attack her with a portal. The truth behind Riley's aggression was unknown to Isira, and it discouraged the young elf as she feared she would be ostracized by others as well.

Worse, Isira was finding herself changing not only in body, but as a person as well. She found a new appreciation for the lives of the insects around her, taking interest in what she had once found mundane. She realized that a feeling of kinship had grown for these small creatures, a sense of likeness as though they were like herself. With that kinship came a reluctance to fight the Aqir, as Isira suddenly found the act of killing insects tantamount to murder.
Isira grayson

Alexander Grayson visits a stressed and lonely Isira.

Isira's stress only grew as her obligations to the Silverguard and the coalition warred with her desire to help her insect "kin". In the midst of her stress, she was comforted by others, such as Alexander Grayson assuring her to find peace despite a growing sense of loneliness. She also looked to Raelor and Casylia for help, as they proved to be understanding of her affliction and confusion of identity.

Eventually Riley was cleansed of the parasitic worm in her brain, her own struggles revealed as her trauma nearly killed her, were it not for the quick action of coalition members. Shortly after, Riley came forward to apologize to Isira for her bitterness and hostility. Though she was tense, Isira was willing to welcome the apology and the offer of goodwill.

Sits battle

The coalition pushes the war against the Amathet.

Isira returned to the front lines and joined the conflict against the Amathet. When Lyraeni was incapacitated by an explosion caused by the Amathet forces, Isira dragged her mentor back to Mar'at. She joined a bombing run led by Zaria R. Blackmoore that later transitioned into a push on foot into the Amathet territory. Complemented by naval forces and an army approaching from another angle, the push was successful in thwarting the Amathet and routing them from their holdings. This left only one enemy left in the form of the Aqir.

At this point, time in the coalition proved stressful for Isira. The mad worgen alchemist, Lewin, had taken keen interest in Isira's mutations, hounding her time and again to assess her condition since Gadgetzan. Meanwhile, Lewin's companion, Mordrime, had taken his own interest in Isira, noticing her Lure'mil crest as she vocalized her discomfort with killing Aqir. Though he was unaware of the crest's significance, Mordrime rightly brought forth the hypocrisy in Isira's beliefs; she was willing to massacre trolls to extinction, yet could not be asked to fight their enemy, the Aqir.

The dissonance only worsened Isira's struggles of identity, to the point that she was even paralyzed during a mission into an Aqir hive, struggling to fight. Finally, her will reached its breaking point when she heard the coalition's plan to bomb one of the Aqir hatcheries and cull their population. Internalizing her fury, Isira formulated a plan to steal an egg, and cultivate it on her own.

Isira hive 2

Isira on the operation to the Aqir birthing chambers.

Volunteering to participate in a stealth operation organized by Zaramy to plant bombs in the Aqir birthing chambers. The goal was to detonate these bombs and cripple - if not destroy - the swarm's continued reproduction. Isira, however, regarded this as cruel and inhumane, tantamount to the murder of unborn children. With this in mind, she was determined to save at least one egg to help save the swarm.

Unnoticed in her secretive act, Isira claimed an Aqir egg while setting up her own bomb. To her surprise, and great pleasure, another had stolen an egg as well, a human named Aering Ashton. Giving her a knowing smile, Isira journeyed with the rest of the coalition to depart the hives and destroy them.

Though Isira hated her involvement in the birthing chambers' destruction, she found solace in her work and reveled in her success. Confiding in Lyraeni and Casylia, Isira planned to care for the egg and raise it with the same love she would devote to her own child.

Bloody Your Blades Edit

To the misfortune of the Coalition, however, destroying the Aqir's birthing chambers - and much of their hives - would only be a kick to the hornet's nest. The next day, a completely unprecedented assault came for the Coalition's establishment. Isira, away from the battle, prepared to join the conflict before realizing that fighting could place her egg in harm's way.

Caught between the choice of fighting for the Coalition or protecting her egg, Isira weighed her odds. As citizens in Mar'at screamed for help within burning homes, Isira knew that to enter the fray would offer little to change the course of a lost battle. Meanwhile, she knew that if she was to prove that her belief in redemption for Aqir was well-founded, she could not risk the egg which she had grown attached to. As such, she reluctantly deserted the battle, instead taking to the dunes of Uldum.

Yet in that moment, Isira cursed herself and condemned her decision to flee from the battle. Already she felt herself tarnished by her dishonor, even if she had justified it. Taking shelter in a cave with the egg, Isira resolved to make amends by killing her share - specifically she had to kill the hundred foes she had killed to bloody her blades in her youth. When Lyraeni contacted Isira to request her location, Isira explained what she needed to do to regain her honor.

Isira spent the next couple days hunting down adherents of N'zoth, K'thir and, reluctantly, Aqir. She killed any she came across, leaving a trail that Raelor and Casylia would ultimately follow to find Isira and bring her back to Ramkahen. Unbeknownst to Isira, her protection against the Aqir Hivemind was waning day by day, and would soon begin to dissolve. For a brief moment, Isira almost lost herself to the Aqir before Raelor came to her protection, convincing him that a new step would need to be taken to protect her.

A New SideEdit


With Isira still at risk of lapsing into the Old Gods' machinations, Raelor and Casylia took the task of keeping her safe while ensuring her egg would also remain safe, as per her wishes. Casylia offered to raise the egg in the facilities of her home, Light's Dominion, based in the Hinterlands. Though Isira agreed, Raelor decided to bring Isira to Nordrassil for a boon, and travel through the Emerald Dream to reach the Hinterlands.

The two walked through the Dream, leaving Isira in awe of such a natural world and the creatures that inhabited it. Arriving at Mount Hyjal, the two ascended to the peak, where they overlooked the land. Eventually, their gaze settled upon the transformed Azshara, and from their altitude they could make out the Horde symbol that had been carved into the land. Isira swelled with rage at the sight, cursing the Horde's existence and their acts upon the world, only for Raelor to calm her and direct her attention to the World Tree.

Raelor spoke to Nordrassil, beseeching the tree for a boon to protect Isira from the Old Gods' influence. In response, the World Tree extended a branch to their pair, yielding a small medallion fashioned from its bark. In the center of the circular medallion was an emerald gem, surrounded by a ring of vines to symbolize the trinket's protective properties. Raelor gave the medallion to Isira, and the medallion served to permanently bolster the protective measures in Isira's mind, keeping her safe from the Aqir hivemind as long as she wore it.

With their work finished, Isira and Raelor now traveled to the Hinterlands to reunite with Casylia, who brought Isira to Light's Dominion. There, the egg was now kept in a den to incubate until it was ready to hatch. The nutritional royal jelly was being artificially synthesized, and Isira continued to be evaluated by Casylia.

Raelor and Casylia look after Isira, get a new necklace and help to take care of the egg

egg hatches

Isira attends the awards ceremony for Uldum, secretly receives Grand Alliance Ribbon of Sacrifice from Lyra

green light to build a new swarm with Casylia

visits stormwind and meets United Aegis who inform her of the carnival

meets Aering Ashton and gets the egg she stole

off to the carnival

World's Faire Carnival Edit

hangs out for a bit, buys some stuff

bonds with mavis and arc'ulerith, meets aeriden

interrogates ashen sun leader and finds out their plans

confronted about her racism during events, especially by Ela'thias

sad because she's kind of a sadistic bitch

reveals her bugness to Aelen, causing him to vomit and make her sad

goes home in a bittersweet feeling to return to her swarm

Dissonance Edit

Isira gets a letter from Lewin, huge yikes

Isira continues to cultivate the swarm, grows queen

meets with Lewin, takes some sip

finds Mordrime in Uldum, talks about hate and prejudice

comes to Lyra, promises to never take mutagen again

learns a lesson about hatred, protect, don't exterminate

Discovery of the Self Edit

Isira archer

Isira during the defense of Duskstone.

On a day when free time was available to Isira, the young archer had been attempting to record an audio sample of bees swarming in their hive. Due to her bizarre affliction, her love for insects also came with a sense of peace and contentment when listening to the sound of insects buzzing, which she thought could be useful for easing her into sleep. However, when Volantus Dawnseeker found Isira, he chose to mock her love of insects by slamming his tower shield into the tree where the hive was situated.

The hive fell, crashing into the dirt and destroying it entirely. Enraged, Isira immediately interrogated Volantus as to why he had so callously destroyed the bees' hive. In response, he set what remained of the hive alight, combusting it and reducing it to ashes in moments. Furious and distraught for the insects' destruction, Isira violently tackled him before she left for the barracks, sobbing. Word got out about the incident over the beacon, which the Council took note of.

Word eventually reached the Silverguard about troll assaults upon the small town of Duskstone, within the duchy of Quellorian. With the Silverguard deployed to lend aid and defend the town, the elves were promptly put to task in helping optimize the town's defenses before the trolls ultimately returned for another attack. These trolls evidently served a "Lady of the Night", who seemingly empowered them, but ultimately were defeated.

After the battle, Isira set herself to work creating a war banner that was customary of her family's conquests. She was visited by Lyraeni while she worked, who inquired as to what the incident from before had entailed. Isira apologized for her part in the violent exchange, but explained in full how the event had taken place. Understanding, Lyraeni advised Isira to take care in how she expressed her new side given by her mutations, as eccentricities would earn her skeptical looks.
Silver avengers

The Silverguard rallies for battle.

The next mission involved a departure from Duskstone itself to further investigate the trolls' dark magic. There, they found a lone High Elf in distress and in need of rescue. However, when the Silverguard went to aid the woman, they were all struck with foul magic that caused them to succumb to a deep sleep.

Together, they awoke in a veritable nightmare realm, which was cautiously explored. There, a text in Eredun was discovered and translated before the Silverguard found and killed a giant, grotesque, and malevolent heart.

Soon freed of the nightmare realm, the Silverguard regrouped in Duskstone once more. With time free to them until the next departure, Isira was approached by her superior, Ranger-Captain Liara. Liara, also realizing there was significant tension between Isira and Volantus, asked for her side in what was wrong. The two conversed, with Liara helping to try and mediate the conflict between the two elves with a promise to speak to Volantus just as she had spoken to Isira.

The final incursion into the Shadowpine village involved a charge into the trolls' ranks to fight their way to their leaders' position. During the battle, however, Volantus was inflicted with a temporary curse that compelled him to attempt a lethal strike with his glaive towards Isira. Nimble on her feet, Isira dodged the strike before sweeping his legs and pinning him to the earth. Though she successfully subdued the controlled spell breaker, her antennae slipped out of her hair and into view.

Isira was suddenly apprehensive about incoming judgment, especially when Volantus glared at her with palpable fury. Nevertheless, it was agreed that the Silverguard needed to press on in their objective, and that Isira's antennae could be addressed later. Together, the elves fought their way to the "Lady of the Night" - a satyr who had been acting through the Shadowpine trolls, as well as a succubus that held a High Elf named Calitherno in her thrall.

Silverguard conquest

Isira plants a Silverguard war banner to mark their victory over the trolls.

The elves were ultimately victorious, slaying their foes and capturing Calitherno. Isira reveled in their triumph, and planted the Silverguard war banner she had made atop a cliff overlooking the village. There, anyone who entered the village would see who had conquered its people. By Isira's side was Caedori Morrowsky, a ranger Isira had yet to meet. The two exchanged greetings, respecting one another for their combat prowess and fervor in battle, before the elves returned home.

Interactions between Caedori and Isira grew in frequency. It began primarily through their shared missions, hunting trolls and demon insurgents together, often working side by side on scouting duties and combating local troll threats. Caedori was especially affectionate towards Isira, though the latter seemed convinced their relationship would remain platonic.

During a day of levity, the Silverguard enjoyed a night of drink and games. Among these games was a classic game of truth or dare, during which Isira was dared to kiss Caedori. Initially, Isira took the challenge as meaning nothing, and was quick to act upon it. However, much to her surprise, the kiss did mean something to her, and she felt more than just the fulfillment of her dare. In an instant, Isira realized an attraction to other women - specifically, she realized she was now enamored with Caedori.

Overcome with the stress of the dare, Isira lapsed into a panic attack and abandoned the game. Caedori did so as well, coming to lend the confused Isira a comforting presence. Rather than reject Caedori's presence, Isira instead chose to welcome it and keep the ranger close, and the two spent some time alone together in the local inn of Dalaran.

Still, the experience of their kiss lingered on Isira's mind, and could not go on without further discussion, or perhaps exploration. Meeting in Quel'danil, Caedori and Isira struggled to converse about their dared kiss and what they experienced, before Caedori suggested they simply try to kiss again and see what came of it. Though the experience was awkward, their second kiss was ultimately shared, and their new relationship began.

Visions of the ValeEdit

Raelor and isira

Raelor meets with Isira before the deployment to Pandaria.

Raelor suggests that Isira sees the monks to investigate her spirit, to find truth in her personal turmoil

Vale screenshot but ari took it

Isira, Lyraeni, Arianiie, Zevorreva, and Rease gather outside the Engine of Nalak'sha.


Isira and Caedori clear the air

Paratrooper drop into Zouchin Province, feck you dumb mogu

Generic airship goes down

Overhear talk between Lyra and Zaria

Join mission to the Engine of Nalak'sha

New sword get from Tybalt's event

Helped Caedori lead the caravan of refugees back to Halfhill from Stoneplow

Isira yaungol

Isira is cornered by Yosu and Urak.

Isira and Lioriae vs Yosu and Urak, heavily burned and stuff

Recovery, drowning dream

Dreams of becoming Mantid, actually likes it

Immediately j'accused hard of being a liability, determined to prove it wrong

Slaying the queen lineup

Isira joins the strike team to assassinate Empress Shek'zara.

Joins the assault on the "empress" to claim the head as proof that she did her duty

Final Battle Happens

Ranger elfs

Risaela Dawnsong, Isira Lure'mil, and Caedori Morrowsky during the final battle.

Bolantus MCd, Isira tries to kill him, Mali hated that

Isira helps to destroy pillars

The day is won, they had back home

N'zoth feckin DIES and Isira is knocked unconscious

While asleep, Isira is visited in her dreams

The battle won, speeches given, everyone wants to remove the faction barrier, blah blah, time to go home

Between Two WorldsEdit

Principal's office

Isira is summoned by the Silverguard council following the Pandaria campaign.

With N'zoth dead and the Ny'alotha expelled, now was a welcome respite from war for those who fought in Pandaria and Uldum. Isira returned with the Silverguard to the Eastern Kingdoms, but for her, rest would have to wait.

Isira's actions against Volantus had not been forgotten, and she soon called to the council's chambers to face the consequences of her decision to lethally attack the spellbreaker. She was lectured accordingly, and agreed with the council's assessment. Furthermore, it was revealed that though she was on the path to a promotion to the rank of Ranger, this act had set her back and required that she be placed on probation for a month.

The topic of Isira's antennae also came up, prompting Lyraeni to interject. With N'zoth dead, Lyraeni asked what the status of Isira's Aqir currently was, an inquiry that came to the surprise of the rest of the apparently uninformed council. With the shift in topic, Isira took the opportunity to explain her motivations for raising her own swarm. Not only did she wish to offer the Aqir a new future away from the Old Gods, she also believed that the swarm could offer their might to the Silverguard, different from other orders who sought to enslave the Aqir.

The Council agreed to deliberate on the matter and discuss the Aqir among themselves, dismissing her for the time being. Not long after, Malithanore Vanyali contacted her in the Hinterlands, requesting to see the Aqir for himself. Isira obliged, leading him to a destroyed troll village in the forest situated in the hills, which the Aqir had destroyed prior. There, in the caverns, the Highvale Brood made their home, working to expand and protect their hive. As Malithanore made his inquiries, Isira introduced him to Lvuru, who explained that under their "mother's" guidance, they were free, and they would survive.

Ranger scouting wood

Isira Lure'mil and Zora'cardia Windseeker scout the Altar of Zul.

Yet as Isira made her case for the Aqir's acceptance, she struggled greatly with a new sense of identity. During her time in Pandaria, the dream in which she transformed into a Mantid stuck to her mind, causing her to dream of herself in a new, favorable form as a humanoid Aqir, a form she soon began to crave. She began to crave sleep in order to dream further while despising her waking hours, at some points threatening to alter herself to be less elven. Wracked with guilt and frustration, Isira attempted to confide in Arianiie Andros.

Meanwhile, the stress piled on as a sudden resurgence of Forest Trolls in the Hinterlands began to threaten Isira's home, keeping her on edge as she tried to defend the home front. Enraged at the news that her own comrades had helped the Witherbark rather than just killing them, Isira was even further incensed to discover that the Vilebranch were attacking across the region, and resolved to stop them.

Though the battle against the Hakkari Vilebranch was finished with the trolls' defeat, relief did not come easily for Isira. Her dysmorphia only worsened, caught between her elven identity and her desperate yearning to become Aqir. The conflict came to a head when Lyraeni reached out to Isira and requested that they meet in the Quel'danil Lodge. Upon arrival, Lyraeni pulled them to a private conversation about Isira's mutations, in which she revealed a completed cure for Isira's partial transformation.

Immediately Isira rejected the cure out of fear for her Aqir, to which Lyraeni revealed that there were plans in the works to facilitate Isira's dream to help the Aqir without bloodshed. Proposals such as moving them to Outland or even a Pocket Dimension were made, with suggestions to tailor the environment to allow the Aqir competition and survival without risk of annihilation. The hope was that, once the Aqir were independent of Isira's maternal control, then Isira herself would take the care and return to normal.

Though comforted by the explanation that bloodshed might not be the Council's first option, Isira still could not confidently accept the cure. She revealed to Lyraeni her struggle and her inability to feel comfortable in her own body, a pain that was quickly attributed to the mutations. Lyraeni explained that she wanted to allow Isira a choice in her changes because she saw a parallel between Isira's mutations and her undeath; both had been afflicted with a painful burden that they had never chosen. The difference was that Isira now had the choice to leave that burden behind.

Harboring reservations about leaving the Aqir without her control, Lyraeni suggested speaking to Coriena Nightcaller about the possibility of retaining psionic connection or control after the change. Still struggling to determine what she wanted, she chose to comply and begin with reaching out to Coriena. Isira revealed her actions thus far, how she had secretly been tending to an Aqir hive and helping them reproduce and survive in the Hinterlands. When asked why, Isira reluctantly confided in Coriena about her deeper troubles of identity, caught between Quel'dorei and Aqir.

Isira and Cori

Isira meets with Coriena.

Though it was certainly a concerning subject, Coriena could not afford a simply answer or solution to Isira's crisis. Instead, the pair agreed to focus on what Isira had come for - a way to commune with the Aqir in the event that she lost her mutations. Coriena assessed Isira for the possibility that she had latent psionic potential as part of her development, even her youth, but the results were ambiguous. Isira was an empathetic person, but whether she was a hidden empath or simply compassionate was unknown.

Still, regardless of Isira's inherent potential, there was no doubt that Isira's mutations had granted her a significant opening to the possibility of delving into Psionics, which could lend her the potential to perhaps commune with the Aqir without changing further, or even control them.

However, there was another troubling subject that would soon weigh on Isira's mind. After joining Miralyne Valetender on an expedition to Outland to retrieve Khorium, the Silverguard deployment was suddenly thrown into a war between the defenses of Shattrath City and the Arakkoa of the region, bound in a completely unprecedented union. These Arakkoa used a wide array of magics, including magics that corrupted the local ancients and bent them to their will, driving them into agonized madness. Isira was deeply perturbed by the sight of the ancient that assailed the Allerian Stronghold, knowing full well the wrongness of what she witnessed.

Wishing to spare other ancients from such pain, Isira came to Rhenawedd Meadowsong, an Everwarden of the Silverguard. Isira informed Rhenawedd of the pain the ancients suffered, how the Arakkoa wracked nature with such agony, in an attempt to spur the Everwarden into taking action. She even asked the Everwarden if she could at least be taught something to help resolve the problem herself, if need be, requesting some level of tutoring in the ways of Nature magic. However, though Isira had convinced Rhenawedd of the severity of the problem in Terokkar, there was more to be said.

Isira still could not reach her own decision of her identity. Still caught between her place as an elf and her kinship among insects, she decided to revisit what Raelor had suggested - introspection of the spirit. Though Rhenawedd was no monk, the Everwarden still delved in matters of life and spirit, and Isira asked for guidance from the Everwarden, to help her discover what it was that she truly wanted to pursue and become. Rhenawedd agreed to help, and set out to identify the reagents needed for such an experience.

Isira ToA

Isira participates in the Trial of Vigor at the Tournament of Ages.

Meanwhile, the Silverguard's deployments into Terokkar yielded success, pushing back the Arakkoa and unveiling their plots led by High Arakkoa, eventually allowing the offensive to be taken against their holdings in Skettis. With these victories came a reprieve, and that reprieve was turned towards a most celebrated festivity - the Tournament of Ages.

Having never been to such an event, Isira was quick to join the rest of the Silverguard in attending the Tournament, even signing up for the Trial of Vigor, a series of sparring matches in a tournament to lead up to a final clash. Though Isira made it to the final battle, she ultimately lost the fight, yet walked away proud of her participation.

The Tournament was fruitful in other ways, including meeting and befriending a fellow High Elf, Kaina Duskstrider. The two were quick to bond over their shared skills in archery, until Kaina took note of a suspicious presence following Isira. That presence was Lewin, returned to taunt Isira as he always had, hinting to her mutations and her secret desire to further transform herself. Though Isira spurned the Worgen, he tauntingly held the offer before Isira, assuring her that if she changed her mind, she knew who to turn to.


Isira is a woman of average height and athletic build, almost always seen in her armor equipped with her weapons. She has a clear fondness for steel and the color blue, as demonstrated by the leather and mail she wears and the vibrant blue cloak she wears most of the time. Complementing this cloak is her tabard, displaying her allegiance to the Silverguard for all to see.

Her armaments would suggest a fondness for war. A bow slung over her shoulder and a quiver of arrows at her hip, completed by a war horn crafted from the tusk of a troll and a combat knife kept in its sheathe. Between her two pauldrons is a braid of fiery red hair, linking the two together for whatever reason. Around her neck is also a necklace upon which carved troll tusks are strung. On both of her pauldrons, Isira has carved in the crest of the Lure'mil family - a troll skull with twin daggers driven through it, crossing one another.

Her brown hair was often kept in a long ponytail that drapes over her chest, but is now usually worn loose. Beneath her hair, on the back of her head, four Aqir antennae have grown, roughly eight to nine inches in length, covered in dark segmented chitin. One can find that her sky-blue eyes are often wide with curiosity and a generally optimistic outlook. Despite her family's reputation for hatred, she seems to be a rather happy young girl. Her canines are actually somewhat more pointed, suggesting that she has retained her ancestral fangs.

Thanks to Caedori Morrowsky, Isira also has a very intricate tattoo inscribed onto her back, two pairs of insect wings. The innermost pair is a pair of bee wings, representing Isira's honesty and compassion, while the outermost pair are wasp wings, representing her profession and skill in combat. Joining the two is her family's crest in the center.


Cloak of the Prismatic Huntress: Found after the climactic battle in Mar'at against the forces of N'zoth, this silken elven cloak shimmers and changes with the light and setting. Somehow, its beauty is never compromised. This cloak was partially damaged by the Ordon Yaungol in Kun-Lai, but still remains functional.

Nordrassil Medallion: A boon given to Raelor Valeclaw when he beseeched the World Tree Nordrassil for help in shielding Isira's mind from the Aqir hivemind. An emerald gem is encased in the circular item, surrounded by a ring of protective roots.

Mantid Axe: During the incursion upon the palace of the new Mantid Empress Shek'zara, Isira retrieved an axe forged with amber. She felt it a beautiful work of art that should not be insulted in being left to waste away in a tribute chest, and so she claimed it with the intention of ensuring such a weapon saw battle.

Pandaren Sabre: Discovered during the efforts to cleanse the Valley of the Four Winds of Void corruption, this discarded weapon was found without a wielder. Though Isira had intended to return it to its owner, said owner was nowhere to be found, and so the blade remains in her hands. The weapon is enchanted, and seems to offer its own benefits even without actively being used.


Still young in her years, Isira is a rather ambitious individual with a penchant for wide-eyed optimism and curiosity. Contrary to her Lure'mil heritage, she is a very inquisitive individual who always seeks to learn more, especially to make up for how limited her knowledge can be after decades of being confined to the Hinterlands. She is very friendly and caring towards others, though not entirely outgoing in conversation. She often dislikes idling about, preferring to remain active and working.

Isira is a born and raised Lure'mil, taught to never forget her grudges and always kill the object of her hatred. For this reason, her hatred of Orcs and Trolls borders the genocidal, escalating to an extreme that some elves might not even possess. She is capable of suppressing this hatred if it is practical, though she does it begrudgingly. Isira sometimes struggles with questions of identity, as she has often failed to live up to the name she was born to. This struggle with identity made Isira more susceptible to control by the Aqir hivemind, as a secret yearning to belong and find a certainty of self made it easier to find peace in the Aqir unity.

After being subjected to an Aqir mutagen, Isira developed a few unique - if somewhat bizarre - traits in her personality. The most notable change was that Isira developed a unique kinship with all insects, finding a new fascination in what she had once considered mundane and beneath her notice. She sees them as more than a subject of interest but almost as something close to her, perhaps even somewhat like her own kind.

Despite her determination to become a ranger and follow in the footsteps of her warrior family, Isira is not a perfect soldier, guilty of her share of mistakes and hesitation on the field of battle when contending with more supernatural forces. She tends to compensate for this shortcoming with a refusal to give up and salvage a bad situation, preferring to make the best of her failures over dwelling upon them.


Color Key: Family Friendly Unfriendly Neutral Romantic

Larenthar and Valanzara: Isira's relationship with her parents was one of unconditional love and respect. Along with her main source of inspiration in Sylvanas, Isira idolized her parents above all and looked to them as her guide. They nurtured her with great parental care, but also exposed her to the Lure'mils' lineage of hate. Though Isira largely enjoyed a prosperous childhood, she grew to adopt their belligerent racism towards trolls.

Caedori Morrowsky: Two women of the battlefield, Caedori Morrowsky and Isira were quick to bond in their mutual love of the wild, combat, and the death of trolls. Initially only an awkwardly physical relationship, the two have since grown to care for one another, a commitment that has only strengthened in every battle they share.

Bed time story

Lyraeni is a strong influence to Isira as her mentor.

Lyraeni Sorrowsong: Isira's mentor and even somewhat of a maternal figure, Lyraeni has helped to take Isira from an otherwise lost and uncoordinated state to put her on a path of true purpose to help her excel in her lifelong dream to become a ranger. Isira holds Lyraeni in the highest respect - especially after Sylvanas' fall - and looks to her as an example of what a ranger should aspire to be. Even in matters of secrecy, Isira finds herself able to trust the Ranger-Lady.

Isilirae Sundancer: Isira and Isilirae were friends in the Quel'danil Lodge for some time prior to Isilirae's departure to Nazjatar and subsequent death and raising. Saddened by Isilirae's darker outlook on life, Isira is doing the best she can to brighten her friend's spirits.

Raelor Valeclaw: As Isira mutated, the first person to realize what was happening to her was Raelor. Since then, Raelor has taken an active role in keeping Isira's mind sheltered from the Aqir hivemind, while offering a new source of knowledge as well as sympathy for her affliction. In many ways, Raelor has even become a guardian to Isira, often protecting her when she is vulnerable.

Casylia: Initially Casylia's interest in Isira was purely out of an interest to study her mutations. However, the two gradually developed a legitimate friendship as Casylia performed tests to evaluate Isira's progression into her mutations. Since then, Casylia has become one of the more trusted individuals Isira can turn to.

Volantus Dawnseeker: Initially, the poor relationship between Volantus and Isira began with an act of harassment, the former mocking the latter's love of insects. However, since discovering Isira's mutations from the Aqir, Volantus has held Isira in significant contempt and regarded her as a threat, animosity that Isira has been quick to reciprocate.

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