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Isle of Kul Tiras
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Kingdom of Kul Tiras



The Isle of Kul Tiras is the largest island of the Tirassian archipelago and the seat of the House of Proudmoore. The island is home to the capital of the Kingdom of Kul Tiras, Boralus, which is located on the island's western coast.

During the Second War, Kul Tiras was one of those that has remained firmly in their hands, although it was hit by the Cataclysm, damaging several fleets stationed in Boralus and causing the island to shift further out to the sea.

People and Culture

Kul Tiras is ruled by four houses: House Proudmoore, House Waycrest, House Stormsong and House Ashvane. Each house has a council position that rules the nation, and the strength of each seat varies in terms of political power.

Something originating from Kul Tiras is known as "Tirasian" or "Kul Tiran."


Kul Tiras is cold and mountainous, but has an abundance of rich natural resources, like metal ores. The unsettled areas are covered with rolling hills and sparse evergreen woods, with swamps along the coastal areas due to overflow. These swamps have increased significantly after the island was violently shifted during the Cataclysm. Kul Tiras has a temperate climate, although it is subject to sudden ocean storms. It is also known to be a windy area.

It was originally an island branching off of Khaz Modan's western coast, between Stormwind and Lordaeron. However, the Cataclysm shifted the island further out to sea, where it now lies northwest of its original position.


The island is separated into three separate regions:

Notable People


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