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Jaedeen Deh'lorei
Jaedeen Deh'lorei (Drawn by Markymarxist)




Undead/Scourge Sin'Dorei




23 (equivalency in human years)



Weight(Without armor):

120 lbs.


Quel'Thalas, The Grand Alliance(Formerly), Prince Kael'tha's Expedition (Formerly), The Scourge (Formerly), The Knights of the Ebon Blade, The Ashen Verdict,Order of Shadows (Formerly), Order of the Brethren

Family(Currently Alive):

Dal'Ghara: Oathbrother

 Disclaimer: This is a work in progress, it will be filled in continously over time.

Jaedeen Deh'lorei is a death knight trained mainly in the disciple of blood, some in the art of Unholy, an Ebon Blade Knight, and a defender of the Order of the Brethren.

Once a wielder of the light for Quel'Thalas and the Grand Alliance, she fought in her living days in numerous skirmishes. With her need and desire to train in melee combat and engage in the front lines, she became a paladin, resuming in the glory and heat of battle, fighting against the orcish horde in the second war, along with campaigns against the Amani trolls. With the scourge infestation of the Eastern Kingdoms however, she fled to join her people in Quel'Thalas, only to barely survive with her life, the great kingdom of Quel'thalas ravaged and crumbling in ruin by the power of Arthas, the man the Quel'Dorei nicknamed, 'The Butcher', and the cultists and scourge legions that followed him.

She lost her family, her friends, and most importantly, her former love and mate to be Dal'Ghara in the chaos. Weighed down with the burdens of grief for lost ones and shame in defeat, she followed in pure faith with Prince Kael'thas, a vengeance burning pure in her heart. Honorable as she was, she served the prince with unwavering, unconditional loyalty, all until she met her end in the Northrend pursuit on Arthas fleeing to the Frozen Throne.

However, she was ressurected as a Death Knight, serving her new king and the Scourge against the Scarlet Crusade, all until she was freed after the Battle for Light's Hope. Joining the Knights of the Ebon Blade, along with her loyalties tied to the Order of the Silver Hand, she fought with a renewed sense of vigor, passion and vengeance in the War against Arthas in Northrend, serving in various skirmishes and Campaigns in Zul'Drak, Icecrown, and even within the Icecrown Citadel with the Ashen Verdict, and most importantly reuniting with Dal'Ghara in undeath once more, a bond unbreakable and fated in life and undeath.

Upon success, she was marked with honors of service, and resumed to this day continuing to fight with a goal of vengeance met, in honor of her people lost so long ago, and for some such as her oathbrother Dal'Ghara, cursed and afflicted with the very unliving damnation she possessed.