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Thirnas Kessler (Husband) Felix Deichert (Brother)†



Janara Kessler is a criminal ringleader with a tangential allegiance with Syndicate. Primarily, she works to further the goals of demonic covens and clandestine portions of the Shadow Council, namely the Argus Wake and the Veiled Hand.

She was last seen fleeing a burning ship south of Booty Bay.

Specialties Edit

While she is a warlock sworn to the occult, Janara has never truly indulged herself with the enticing power of Fel despite her innate ability to siphon its energy. Primarily, she prefers illusions, the manipulations of reality that range from subtle to chaotic. She revels in the folly of her foes as they fumble through her tapestries of deception. For this, she fancies herself a true artist.

History Edit

The Deichert family, vassals to a noble Alteraci house, had become mere pawns to the schemes of Perenolde and the traitorous, corrupt elite that stoked the flames of their own kingdom's destruction. Becoming aware of this, the Deicherts were desperate to spare their children the from inheriting their sins, sending both young Janara and Felix to the seemingly well-intending clergymen whom they believed were bound by faith and holy oath.

Unfortunately, devious plots had corroded the hearts of many orders within Alterac, for these priests to had become cultists sworn to the nascent Shadow Council branch known as the Argus Wake. While Felix had fled, and vowed to return to and liberate his sister, but the cult had already left their imprint. She was eventually liberated, though the damage had been done. Nevertheless the siblings were happily reunited, if only briefly.

Outside the captivity of the dark cult was a life in a ruined kingdom, that of Alterac. Janara survived through guile and the shadowy talents she accrued amid her captivity, and once she grew into a young woman, she came to thrive among the Syndicate, exemplifying their ruthlessness. Coming to realize the goals of the Argus Wake, she harbored no ill will toward her former captors, for they indeed spared her even more grim fate.

The Durnholde Incident Edit

Timeline: The Eve of the Dark Times.

During the Syndicate's initial takeover of Durnholde Keep, Janara's hosted an arena in the prison camp's fighting pits as a means to corral and entertain the mercenaries of her fiance, Thirnas Kessler. However, her venue would come to by hijacked an unlikely alliance of two vengeful men; the Durnholde ranger, Markus Quinn and Knight of Thoradin, Aelfric Hassler.

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The Argus Wake Edit

Janara rarely coveted power, as she much preferred to remain a lucid, cunning agent for the Shadow Council while they prepared to bide their time for the Legion's return. Gifted with wealth after marrying Lord Kessler, she was steadfast in accruing a prominent position not only among the Argus Wake, but the Shadow Council as a whole. Knowing well enough the worth and power of bloodstone, she used the Kessler name to collect the suspicious mineral, accruing a great hoard of it in order to entice powerful demons from Twisting Nether. This allowed Janara to pass off as a powerful summoner while focusing on the manipulation of reality, as her true affinity was that of illusions.

Allsbrad Rebellion Edit

Timeline: Broken Shore Conquest

Despite her many crimes, Janara was a valued informant and witness during the Third Invasion of the Burning Legion. Collaborating with Ravenholdt and the Alliance granted her estate relative peace so long as she disavowed any association with the Syndicate and related Argus Wake, and permitted the Alliance foothold in the farms of Allsbrad. Having gained knowledge that the Army of the Truthful were planning to invade Syndicate territory, she would retract her involvement for as long as the feuding factions were present. Unfortunately, the Truthful lead by Markus Quinn were able to gain more foothold than she expected, and was cornered in Norlaran. Quinn had finally gotten his opportunity to strike a blow against the Kessler family, and seemingly had Janara at his mercy. Little did he know that the wily witch was biding her time, sabotaging the battle by sacrificing her men in order to fuel a destructive gateway to the Chapel of the Forgotten Saint. Knowing Quinn would be too headstrong to contain his ire, she was able ensnare the hunter, sending him hurling across the abyss into Duskwood where he would be forced to grapple with his own failures, and robbing what would have otherwise been a certain, decisive victory over the witch of Alterac.

While Norlaran was overrun by crusaders, Janara was able to briefly station herself in the derelict chapel and establish connections with the Veiled Hand. Ample resources were at her disposal, as the Night's Watch were able to provide her the means to recover and transport herself back north.

A New Foe Edit

Timeline: Battle for Stromgarde

It was within the thick of the Battle for Stromgarde that Janara encountered again, this time by Alliance operatives Almir Maciel, Sellick Blindfire, and Leighton Kercher following a distress call from Kercher, who had been ensnared by a Syndicate gang guarding Kessler within a ruined villa north of Dabyrie Farmstead. Despite her henchmen ultimately being killed in the ensuing battle between the bandits and the agents, she successfully lured them into a rift, buying her escape, as she does best, leaving her adversaries to question their sanity and loyalties.

Against the Inquisition Edit

With a keen interest of coercing Amity Tattersail, a fleeing cultist of the Velied Hand, Janara disguised herself as a renegade pyromancer under the moniker of "Sandrah Scornfire" in order to operate alongside a unit of the Church of the Holy Light's inquisition. While normally repulsed by the presence of Light-worshiping operators, the goals of both parties were temporarily aligned, as they both desired the death or capture of Tattersail; Kessler preferred the former option more-so.

Upon ascertaining the warlock's whereabouts, Janara and the agents set fire to Tattersail's ship while disguised as its crew members. Kessler was able to corner Amity alone, and the two exchanged threats, with the disguised witch revealing her true intentions. The inquisition grew suspicious of their disguised acquaintance's intentions, however, and the gambit was up. In a last ditch effort to undermine and sabotage the Church's efforts, she attempted to convince Tattersail to escape and rejoin the felsworn ranks, with Kessler claiming to have been used as a pawn in the inquisition's efforts to sniff out bloodstones.

Despite gaining Amity's momentary trust and inducing her to shatter the windows of the cabin, Janara's plan did not play out fully, as the agents cornered the two in the main cabin. Inquisitor Pridion Greycliff was eager to act and shot Kessler, though she would not let the wounds stymie her escape. As the flames engulfed the hull, Janara left Tattersail to her own devices before plunging into the depths, narrowly evading the clutches of justice, though surviving the night proved to be a taxing endeavor.

Currently Edit

Janara cut her losses when the Legion was defeated ultimately, but knowing that there will still be those willing to see the world burn upon an emerald pyre, she has not been idle. While others were fumbling about for Azerite, Kessler was gladly trading the coveted material for the more pernicious bloodstone artifacts that lingered in the hands of collectors and mindless adventurers, for it became obvious the sheer, unabated lust the world had for this mineral that had been bleeding from the very earth. She is determined to feed her master's return...

Demons/Extra ArtEdit

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