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Jian Fang-su
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30 October
Kun-Lai Summit


The Shado-Pan

The Order of the Cloud Serpent
The Lorewalkers
Grand Alliance

Family Dynasty

The Feng Su Dynasty

  • Mother: Seizun Fang-su
  • Father: Hocheun Fang-su †
  • Brother: Nan-sei Fang-su †


Onyx Serpent
Onyx Winds


Wu Kao


Neutral Good



"Carrying 10,000 years of ancestors through these tumultuous times have weighed heavy to my conscious... this decade that I have served has seen more war, violence and death than what twenty generations of my family has seen. I find myself living in an absurdist's reality: where war is commonplace and peace is so very,... very sparse.

White Tiger, Black Ox, watch and protect over me."

- Jian Fang-su

Jian Fang-su (Pandaren: 简方素 pinyin: jiǎn fāng sù "Sword Tooth") is a Pandaren assassin and operative currently associated with the Shado-Pan. Jian comes from a long, ancient line of Shado-Pan assassins, hunters, scouts, lorewalkers and warriors, tracing back to when the organization was formed over 10,000 years ago. The dynasty, called the Feng Su Dynasty, starts with Joo We Feng Su who was part of the first wave of initiates. She is innately connected to her ancestors, helped by her family's incredible archive of each member, stored in a vault deep within the Kun-Lai mountain range. Handscrolls, literature and carvings into spiritual stones have kept alive the knowledge they learned and wish to pass down onto their kin.

Jian is currently the youngest member of the Feng Su dynasty. At only 28, she has been closely affiliated with the Shado-Pan since she was 12 and officially became part of the Wu Kao when she was 18. When the mists dissipated and the Alliance and Horde arrived at the shores of Jade Forest, she was quick to quell the Sha influence that had begun plaguing the land and its people and is closely tied with the efforts in cleansing Townlong Steppes of the Sha.


Jian Fang-su was born in a campground within the Kun-Lai Summit mountains. She is younger sister to her deceased brother, Nan-sei and is currently the youngest member in the dynasty. At age 12, she began training at the Shado-Pan monastery under the supervision of her mother, Seizun Fang-su, Jian showed great promise in her dexterity and agility, quickly passing some of the other kids during trials and tests.

When she was 16, like most of her family, she was led to the family vault of the Feng Su Dynasty. It was here she spent countless hours reading tales, guides and even recipes! She quickly fell in love with the importance she carried and discovered a new determination and mentality.

Jian officially joined the Shado-Pan at 18 after completed her Trial of Red Blossoms, becoming part of the Wu Kao division. Her training from childhood helped accelerate her ranking within the order and her mental fortitude against the sha proved incredible during a Saurok attack at a local Kun-Lai village where she was captured and tortured by them but never relented and kept her patience and tranquility until she was saved by her brother.

Though, these times would not last as Pandaria would soon find itself unveiled to the world and invaded by outsides: the Horde and Alliance arrived, forever reshaping the continent.

The Arrival of the Alliance and Horde

As the mists unveiled Pandaria, so too, were the war between Alliance and Horde unveiled to its denizens. Jade Forest was the first to experience the invasion and Jian, along with countless other Shado-Pan, were called into action. Never had they seen the insidious sha manifest itself so violently, so tumultuously and so quickly that many did not know what to do or where to start. Jian and her brother, Nan-sei, who was also a Shado-Pan member, were called onto the scene to quell the sha, but were quickly dragged into the conflict of the two juggernaut factions. During the midst of of their own war against the sha, Nan-sei would find himself in a struggle with an Orc Warrior named Gurgtrog Irontooth. Never had they trained against fighters of this caliber and Nan-sei found himself pinned into a tree with a war axe lodged between his right shoulder. Jian arrived, pushing the Orc back, allowing him to flee, but not soon enough as Nan-sei would bleed to death from his wound. While it is not certain if he was the first Shado-Pan to die by outsider forces, he was the first in their dynasty to, and for the first time in her young life, Jian gave into her emotion, and rage consumed her.

Manifestation of Violence

When Jian's brother died, she, along with many other Shado-Pan, buckled by the weight of the sha. They had never dealt with this sheer amount of it before and it became a violent struggle for many to keep composure. Jian would return to the monastery, carrying her dead brother, and bury him within the graveyard inside. When the dirt settled and snow became to blanket the mound, her emotions became more and more tangled and uncontrolled. She wanted war. She wanted revenge. She wanted to know who these invaders were, why they assailed her lands and why they refused to give their denizens quarter. It was their war: to her? It made no sense to harm anyone else around that conflict. Her malcontent only manifested as other Shado-Pan around her felt the same grip. Like a collective, they all had been bounded by the Sha of Violence. It wouldn't be until adventurers assaulted the monastery where she would regain composure.

Upon being free, Jian found herself in a surreal moment where she was surrounded by lifeless Shado-Pan bodies, remnants of sha, panicked initiates and weakened masters. While it was still unclear what this war between the two factions were about, it was clear that she and the other remaining Shado-Pan had to recoup and reground as quickly as possible and return back to their ancient doctrine of defending Pandaria from the sha-- and the Mantid.

Townlong Steppes and the Mantid Invasion


Everything appeared to have been falling apart: thousands of Pandaria denizens dying in a war, dying to an embolden sha and now, reports of a Mantid invasion launching only meant more bloodshed for its people. Jian was only given a few days to recover before being dispatched out to Townlong Steppes to deal with the Yaungol and sha threat, but the more they scouted and culled, the more the Mantid showed up in numbers. It wasn't long before the insectoid people overran the Shado-Pan garrison. If the Mantid were able to secure a grasp here, they could easily encircle the Vale through Kun-Lai, and so the initiative was called to push back the threat in Townlong and into the Dread Wastes.

Jian was tested to her limit in an incursion of Mantid at the Gao-ran Battlefront. It was practically a suicide mission given their numbers, but she held out as best she can until reinforcements finally arrived. The skirmishes she endured sported her with new scars, but she was ever determined to press on. While another team pushed into Dread Wastes, Jian remained back on Townlong, touring between the east and west theaters for the next few months until the Vale of Eternal Blossoms' gate was open-- and the arrival of the Mantid to its golden lands.

A War on All Fronts

Jian's coast-to-Wall sprint between the two assaults were successful, but tiring. She had started to lose weight and started to lose sight of her own personal health. She had noticed her skills deteriorating and her victories growing more and more lucky than destined. She had wanted to take off and recover- regain her composure and mental health but before she could even imagine respite, the Vale of Eternal Blossoms became a new battlefront. The Golden Lotus were charged with its protection and defense but their numbers were never large. The Shado-Pan were requested to travel to the Vale with Jian tasked with them. Upon arrival, the Mantid and Mogu besieged the west and began attacking the wall that separated the Vale from the Dread Wastes. She would be involved with the defense of the Gate of the Setting Sun, assisting adventurers into taking down Raigonn and preventing the gates from falling.

Regardless, the onslaught continued. The Horde and Alliance skirmishes in Krasarang and Jade Forest, the Mantid and Mogu invasion into the Vale, the increasingly aggressive Yaungol attacks in Kun-Lai and the near takeover the Mantid were able to do in Townlong weighed heavy on Jian's confidence and mental fortitude. While she no longer became overwhelmed with emotion, her health started to wane and her body grew more and more malnourished and her mental state started to decay from exhaustion. Just as things couldn't get worst...

The Thunder King was risen.

The Thunder King

It was a nightmare that would not relent: all of Pandaria's ancient enemies converging at this one moment proved trying for its denizens. Thousands, dead or captured and bodies unclaimed for months on end, victories showing only to be temporary as more attacks drained what little resources the Shado-Pan and Jian had, now, tested again with the return of the Thunder King. Before being sent to the Isle of Thunder, Jian was finally granted a week to recover, relax and, most important, rest. She slept for nearly two days straight as Omnia Shado-Pan members continuously healed her wounds and fed and watered her whenever she had a brief moment of alertness. She has had no time to grieve, to meditate, to do... anything that could benefit her stormy mind but this week anchored her back to reality; anchored her back to her sanity. Her last day before deployment, Jian met with her mother, who had also been battling nonstop since the mists departed, and shared a heavy drink together with both reminiscing their two fallen family members, Nan-sei and Hocheun, Jian's father.

The next morning, hungover and disheveled, Jian gathered her things and made her way to an Alliance vessel and sailed to the Isle of Thunder. Now under a new taskforce, the Shado-Pan Assault, Jian's job would be to secure an important point of interests: the entrance to the Throne of Thunder with the intent to see Lei Shen, the Thunder King, defeated once and for all. Assisted by adventurers, the assault proved victorious and weeks later, Lei Shen was finally brought down. With a potential revitalized Mogu force destroyed and the Zandalari left in small numbers, total victory seemed to be within grasps, finally. Jian spent the night after his defeat downing alcohol, relishing in the achievement of slaying an ancient Pandaren enemy- one who had tortured her kin even before her family line started. It was a surreal moment, but one she could not continue to enjoy as word reached back to the Isle of Thunder that Garrosh Hellscream, Warchief of the Horde, had corrupted the vale by dumping the Heart of Y'shaarj into the magical waters and reigniting the final Sha prime: the Sha of Pride.

The Defiled Vale

Upon returning to the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Jian found the landscape to be muted: the golden fields discolored and tainted by sha. The once cultural epicenter for the Pandaren reduced to a swath where sha roamed freely and the ancient works built during the times of Mogu emperors destroyed or damaged from that event. The Vale's eternal blossoms, a flower that had once been said to never wilt, started to die, and the magical waters that fertilize the Valley of Four Winds and Krasarang malformed into an elemental horror known as Immerseus.

Meanwhile, the Horde and Alliance started a new campaign where a coalition of Horde members 'not viewed highly' in Garrosh's eyes formed; the Darkspear Revolutionaries, and worked with the Alliance to siege Orgrimmar and have Garrosh answer for the atrocity he committed. While plans were formulating, there wasn't much Jian could do but recover dead Golden Lotus bodies and keep the sha count low. It was futile to try and quell the sha back, entirely, and the mantid and Mogu still inhabited the west, though, with lesser forces. Jian found her work to be depressing. Never did she think she would have to carry the bodies of dozens and dozens of her kindred. She felt sick to how numb she felt with the amount of death that no longer appeared to rattle her. It seemed like this had become normal to her. Aside from the sha, the only other danger she had to worry about were Golden Lotus members who had not yet fallen and were, instead, corrupted by the sha who lingered around the decaying vale with solemn, soulless expressions. They had to be taken down, lest the corruption would manifest into stronger sha upon their death. It was a hard, dirty and disgusting job to do, but it was one that needed to be done if they were to ever cleanse the Vale.

The efforts would continue sporadically. Sometimes Jian would be tasked to recover any more bodies and quell Sha numbers, sometimes she would be tasked to dwindle down whatever remaining Mogu and mantid existed on the west, but most of the time, she was asked to simply relax and rest. The might of their enemies appeared to have subsided and less and less groups of Shado-Pan were needed. With Taran Zhu missing since Garrosh's defiling, the Shado-Pan were in a small disarray of stagnation. Many quit, many returned to the Garrison in Townlong, and even some returned to the Monastery to clean up and repair it. An offering to Jian was made to extend her time off and report to the Tian Monastery but she refused, wishing nothing more but to see her homeland at peace, once again.

It would be a while but the combined forces of the Alliance and Horde took down Garrosh and ended his tyranny. Pandaria's forces were broken, but now, they were given a chance to heal and recollect themselves. A new, cleansed tree was planted just outside the destroyed Mogu'shan palace where it would heal its immediate proximity from the sha. It would take some time, and with the help of the remaining Golden Lotus, the Vale had a chance to be reclaimed and rejuvenated.

The Aftermath

With Garrosh in custody and plans to discuss his trial starting, the Shado-Pan were left with the duty of cleaning up enclaves of saurok, yaungol, Mogu and mantid. Many would simply return to the monastery to resume their training and others would finally seek respite after this war. It was at this point Jian took an offer to relieve herself from her duty and take time off.

Meditating jian.jpg

The first thing Jian was travel to the Veiled Stair and simply meditate. It was a long, sometimes even grueling session of thoughts, knowledge, perception, peace, fear and growth. She had grown so much since the mists disappeared. Her trainings and teachings were tried and tested to their absolute limit, so much so that she even contemplated retiring from the Shado-Pan and focus on rehabilitating. An idea that lingered in her mind until her mother emerged and joined her in meditation. The two shared a long conversation: they told tales of combat, of sadness, of triumph, of worry, of fear, of confidence... then it trickled down into comedic tales and wholesome reminiscing. Her mother even acknowledged that they have a lot of chronicling to do for their family fault, something Jian had forgotten about throughout the campaign. Being reminded of who she is and what she means to her family reaffirmed to her that she needed to keep on this path and bring honor and respect to the Fang-su line. With her brother dead and the other members' whereabouts unknown, she felt it would be dishonorable to surrender all she has learned and accomplished at such a young age when there is a new world to explore. Gone were the mists and travel opened between the ancient continents of Kalimdor and the Eastern Kingdoms. Gone were the isolationists mindset and idea that the Pandaria was all there truly was in the world. New chapters awaited her and her family and she would have no pleasure in missing out in this future.


Jian would return to the location of her dynasty's vault in Kun-Lai and mulled over what she wanted to share and add to their collection. Not even 20 years old, yet, and already she was contributing enough for one life time. She knew she had to start with the death of her older brother, but between him and the planting of the cleansed tree in the Vale, what would see want to add? Would she even be comfortable sharing certain pieces of information? It had taken her several hours to decide but then, something enlightened her and motivation to eternalize her story enveloped her. She'd enter the vault and begin her story- a story that would take her days to finish. Jian was reminded with how she would spend long hours inside her family's vault, researching and reading everything her family had accomplished and overcame and confidently believed hers would rival even some of the more prominent members of the dynasty. She'd remain in the vault for four days, titling this portion of her life as 'Harsh Trials and the Reward of Perseverance.'

Becoming the Onyx Serpent

A few months had gone by and the reclamation and rehabilitation of Pandaria was still underway. The Golden Lotus were able to regroup and began healing the Vale with rapid success, many of the fallen were properly laid to rest and the Shado-Pan monastery was renewed. At last, things had calmed and felt normal again, allowing Jian to don the colors and insignia of the Shado-Pan once again. To ensure she was still capable, she was thrown into a trial where she had to spar against seven of the Shado-Pan's most recent graduates, then face off against someone equal to her experience, rank and skill.


Battling the seven newly graduates did not go as easily as one may have thought. Admittedly, Jian had spent most of her time off catching up on sleep and fixing her diet with only the occasional combat practice whenever the mood struck her. Over the course of a week, Jian was able to successfully down her opponents, impressing them and her masters. Now to her final test: a spar against an old rival of hers, Aisha Snowspring, also known as the 'Crimson Tiger.' The two sparred for hours, equally exchanging kicks and punches and take downs. Neither of them relented, but both had showed signs of pure exhaustion. It felt like she was at war with everyone once again and there was a hint that she would concede, but, a second wind had become onto her and Jian struck back against Aisha. With her renewed force and will, Jian nailed three critical blows onto her, forcing her to submit and claim victory. With this victory, she proved she was more than capable at carrying the banner of the Shado-Pan and was promoted to an elite class and given her new title: Onyx Serpent. She donned new armor and had new responsibilities and access to a sacred part of the monastery that held knowledge of generations of masters before... a new vault of information for her to research.