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Karkand Porter



Place of Birth


Date of Birth

603 K.C.




Aldric Porter (Father - Alive)

Eidia Samson (Mother - Deceased)

Seirthen Porter (Brother - Alive)

Aemari Porter (Sister in Law - Alive)

Ahnzelika Rendaer (Fiancee - Alive)


Stormwind City







Intelligence Gathering



Stormwind Military


Guardians of Hyjal

Hillsbrad Confederacy

The Citrine Eagle

7th Legion

League of Lordaeron




Armory Page

Karkand Face.png

Karkand Porter is a man of many talents, some seeming less useful when looked at from a more civilized point of view. His road has been long, but along the way he met friends; some of which even became family. To many he may seem monstrous, perhaps a tool best used in the dark away from the eyes of those who don’t deserve such sights. This has caused Karkand to stay out of the spotlight for most of his career, his deeds known only to those who survived, his superior, and himself.

Physical Details


Karkand stood at what was an average height for those of his kin, just a few inches over the six feet marker. A keen eye may notice his calculating demeanor, even more so as he showed signs of alert behavior and subtle observation. He was a man who looked ahead, a Porter with a plan should things turn sour. Hosting a capable tactical mind, Karkand often prepared himself for specific scenarios. It wouldn’t be uncommon to find him at the front cascaded in plate from head to toe, or even hiding in the treeline, darting from tree to tree while harassing approaching foes with razor sharp arrows. Regardless of what Karkand wore his attire clung to him in the form of a second skin, appearing to have been custom-made for the man.

Ever watchful brown eyes peered forth from their sockets, his gaze piercing those before him if they posed an unfamiliar face. Despite his extensive history as a soldier for multiple armies, Karkand’s face remains unscarred, though some scars don’t leave marks upon the flesh. Despite what may torment Karkand from underneath, he was always ready for whatever may come. Such torments, combined with this rather calculating demeanor, usually left Karkand with a rather neutral expression, though still alert.

While semi-messy strands of his short brown hair laced across his forehead, Karkand’s lower face was covered in a healthy coating of hair of the same color. A well-kept beard stretched his jawline and met with his hair above. Without a doubt a full beard, Karkand did his best to maintain it when he could.

Karkand could usually be seen wearing armor, due to his profession. This armor usually swapped between a thick plated set for more intimate engagements, as well as a lighter chain mail set to fit his ranging requirements. His plated set was simple, yet semi-unique in its design. It offered excellent protection and had saved Karkand’s life on many occasions. While he did his best to maintain such armor, Karkand often had to take it to a family friend for servicing. His lighter set was also simple, yet protective. A set of armor he has worn for years through countless engagements, it’s reliable and a favorite of the man.


A Marksman's Bow

Karkand's infamous bow was always kept on him, a token of his chosen profession over the course of his life. Simple in design, yet deadly nonetheless; Karkand's bow has carried him to victory over the years. The initials K.P. could be seen on the base.

A Ranger's Quiver

Carried on Karkand's back was a simple leather quiver with fourteen arrows resting within. Ten of these arrows were simple, being only ordinary projectiles which were still razor sharp. Three of them were headless, capable of being situated with normal heads in a pinch; however Karkand often kept them in reserve for explosive tipped heads. The last remaining arrow was extremely unique as it was gifted to Karkand by a druidess during his time with the Citrine Eagle. It hosts unique abilities, such as being able to root people around the impact area.

An Assassin's Dagger

A simple dagger hung idle at Karkand's waist, a tool which the man often used to silently dispatch close foes. Undoubtedly sharp, this blade would have little issue sneaking through the armpit of a more armored foe.

A Warrior's Axe

Slung across Karkand's back was a hefty two-handed axe which bore a simple design. Undoubtedly sharp, the axe is a wonderful tool in the hands of Karkand and he swings it with a mastery which mirrors even the best axemasters.


Karkand’s personality has changed quite a bit over the years. At one time he was a man who put up a cascade of toughness and pushed aside his feelings in order to get his job done. Then again, feelings weren't the best in his line of work. In all honesty, Karkand has turned out better than could be expected. Even as a teen his life was plunged into war and he hasn’t really stopped fighting since. The fight against the Forsaken caused him to harbor a deep hatred of the undead, which only spread like wildfire when he went to Northrend during the battle against the Lich King. Every victory that Karkand fought for seemed overshadowed by an even harder hitting defeat, the loss of Southshore; his home, hit him especially hard. Yet before he even had a chance to grieve the fallen and adapt, he was pulled into service to fight the cataclysmic forces at play. With his skillset Karkand was sent into the ranks of the Twilight Hammer as a spy, where he witnessed and endured several horrors. In truth, all of the horrors Karkand witnessed nearly broke him, it was too much. Yet he continued to cover it up behind a facade of a brute.

Even with all the horrors of his past, Karkand remained standing. There wasn’t a lack of fighting or dark deeds ahead, but Karkand refused to be brought down by his surroundings. During the Legion’s third invasion, Karkand did some work for the Valorborne; work which wasn't nearly as important as who he met there. With the guidance of this particular person, Karkand began to work his way back from the pit he had dug himself into. The care which she showed helped him rebuild himself, to the point where today he feels more alive than he did ten years ago. Overall, Karkand is a rather happy individual, one to flick a smirk at a friend or laugh at a casual joke. While there may be lingering horrors at the back of his mind, he shares them to those close to him, rather than leave them to fester.

Affiliated Operations

Karkand scouting in Icecrown. (No ownership)

Defender of Hillsbrad

Karkand has spent much of his life thinking about his home of Southshore, the thought of reclaiming it bringing him happiness even on a dark day. He was there for the fight against the Forsaken, which eventually led to Southshore’s destruction. Even after the town was reduced to rubble, Karkand continued to fight for his home. He led several attempts to reclaim it, none of which were successful.

7th Legion

Throughout the war against the Lich King, Karkand served as a scout for the 7th Legion. He also saw service with the Legion in Gilneas, Pandaria, and the Broken Isles. He mostly served as a scout, yet on occasion he did partake in some of the larger offensives in each respective war. Before he parted ways from the Alliance Military, Karkand earned the rank of Knight-Captain; though few know this.

Defenders of Hyjal

During the breaking of the world, Karkand aided the defenders of Hyjal by working directly with their forces. Most of his efforts there were against the Twilight Hammer, yet he did see some combat against the Firelord’s forces. Karkand hosts strong relations with the defenders and he occasionally visits there.


After his departure from the Alliance Military, Karkand was approached for work by Damian Blackborne; a high ranking official in SI:7. While not being a direct agent himself, Karkand worked for SI:7 for nearly a decade under Blackborne’s guise, often referring to him as his ‘handler.’ Karkand performed some of his darkest ‘feats’ while working for SI:7, since he wasn’t directly tied to them; he was often sent to perform tasks that actual agents couldn’t do. To put it bluntly, he was Blackborne’s thug, a man who lacked morals who didn’t mind breaking bones.

Karkand’s affiliation with SI:7 came to a close when events pulled Karkand into the spotlight for a rather disreputable event. Several SI:7 agents were killed and Karkand was wrongfully blamed. While he may have cleared his name and has lightly tended the wound between himself and SI:7, he has no intention of returning to work for them. Though he still maintains a close friendship with his former handler, Damian.

The Hillsbrad Confederacy

Karkand saw work with the Hillsbrad Confederacy for some time, mostly working directly for his Brother who held a prominent place in the organization. Within the Confederacy, Karkand put several of his more hazardous skills to use and he saw extensive combat against the Forsaken. His work with the Confederacy ended when his brother also stepped away, breaking his ties with the organization.

The Citrine Eagle

Karkand spent a little over a year working for The Citrine Eagle. He served with them on several fronts and met quite a few friends there as well. He hoped that he would one day return to Southshore with the Eagle’s help, but it never happened. Eventually he left the Eagles during the Legion conflict, yet he did return for a short stay during the early weeks of the Fourth War. Despite his leaving, Karkand holds no ill feelings towards the Eagles and has seen very limited work with a few of its members.

The Valorborne

During the later months of the war against the Legion, Karkand worked with the Valorborne. He went on a few missions with them in Felwood where he helped deal with Legion forces present there. After the operation in Felwood, Karkand would depart from the group; yet he made several close connections with a few of its members.

The League of Lordaeron

During the Fourth War, Karkand joined the League and worked with LCI under the designation 'Wildcard.' While his stay was short, he did help with a few operations. He eventually departed from the League to seek work closer to Stormwind due to personal reasons.


Rising Up

Karkand grew up with his brother Seirthen in the town of Southshore. Born one year apart, they had their differences. Seirthen had left Southshore a few years before the Forsaken invasion, however Karkand had stayed in his hometown, but not by his own choice, he longed for a way to leave as his brother had. He sought out training from some of the region's best hunters. Learning what he could where he could. Four years before the forsaken invasion, Karkand had started to become quite skilled at hunting, tracking, and all that came with it. His marksman skills where a little rough, but he practiced daily.

Service to Stormwind

Karkand eventually found himself traveling south to Stormwind. Hoping to work with the best of the best, the 7th Legion. He signed up, hoping to get placed under the elite unit's banners, but it was not to be at the start. He worked guard duty in Elwynn forest for a year, before going to his captain and asking for a change of scenery. The captain knew that Karkand was an impressive archer, and a survivalist. He sent in a letter of recommendation for Karkand to the 7th Legion. Within two months, he was accepted, and he was given his first orders. Report to the docks to set sail for Northrend.

Within Northrend, Karkand worked with the 7th Legion in Dragonblight, aiding in the battle against the scourge. Eventually he pushed with the legion to the Wrathgate, where he survived only because he was standing on the hillside, not with the rest of the soldiers of the Alliance and the Horde. The Forsaken betrayal at the Wrathgate had caused Karkand to absolutely hate the Forsaken, even more then he had before. Eventually, he pushed into Icecrown, where he served as a scout. Aiding the Legion as he could.

A Return Home

After the events at Northrend, Karkand returned home, heading back to Southshore. Only to find it under the cross-hairs of a Forsaken invasion. He quickly joined the towns militia, aiding in the defense of the town serving as an infiltrator, breaking into Forsaken camps and disabling the plague catapults. Although, he was met with sorrow after the town's fall, retreating to Stormwind, knowing he could do more good somewhere else.

Battle for Hyjal

Once in Stormwind, he checked in with his old captain, who refereed him to a Hyjal emissary, located in the Stormwind Keep. He spoke with the emissary for a while about the situation, and decided this is where he would be needed most, using his skills in the forest region of Hyjal. Karkand fought with the battle's defenders and earned recognition within the organization as a competent assailant. Sneaking into the Twilight camps and eliminating a target of interest, or disabling some kind of plot. After the events at Hyjal, Karkand returned to Hillsbrad, working with alliance forces in the area to fight the Forsaken threat.

Onward to Draenor

After a decent amount of time, Karkand knew that the battles in Hillsbrad were going nowhere, and would eventually end in his death. With that truth realized, he headed back to Stormwind with regret, even though he knew he had made the correct decision. Upon arriving in Stormwind an old friend prompted him to head out to join the fight on Draenor and Karkand happily obliged, setting out right away where he served across Draenor as a scout, though he spend a great deal of his time in Ashran against the Horde, much to his distaste, despite him hating the horde. After he had seen his fair share of fighting on Draenor, he returned back to Stormwind to do some small end work.

The Hillsbrad Confederacy

After returning from Draenor, Karkand put his skills to work for the Confederacy, working under his brother. He did sideline tasks, such as sneaking around and such. He didn’t play a notable part in the Confederacy, but he always got his job done.

The Fight for the Broken Isles

During the Legion’s Invasion of Azeroth, Karkand worked with several different organizations. The Citrine Eagle and The Valorborne being two of which, though in between the time he was working with them, Karkand returned to duty with the 7th Legion. Most of his efforts were directed against the Forsaken, though he did see some combat directly against the Legion.

Smuggling for a Friend

After his actions on the Broken Shore, Karkand found himself tied to an old friend, Martin Odin. Martin was a childhood father figure of sorts, and taught Karkand a few tricks of his trade. Martin brought Karkand into the folds of his smuggling operation, where he worked as eyes and ears, giving his working with Stormwind Intelligence.

After a few weeks, Karkand was tasked with finding a suitable captain for the transportation of precious cargo. It didn’t take long for him to contact Fawn Holmwood, a friend and experienced captain, plus she had a ship! Fawn was quick to be on board, and together the two ran several smuggling runs for Martin.

After a few runs, they drew attention from Stormwind Intelligence operatives, and Karkand was forced to ‘deal’ with several agents. The sudden burst of attention caused Martin to ask Karkand to ‘look into’ some files at the Stormwind Intelligence headquarters. While reluctant at first, he agreed. He brought along Fawn Holmwood, and though it was a rough ride, they narrowly succeeded. Though mostly due to Damian Blackbourne, who made good on an old debt he owed the Porters. Damian made sure that there was no trace of Karkand or Fawn, putting them in the clear for the time being.

Karkand returned to the smuggling compound, hoping to deliver his information and be onto his next assignment. However, the compound was under siege by Southsea pirates! After defeating the attackers and fighting his way inside, he defeated a captain, who named a ‘Admiral’ named Mcbeard. After the siege, Karkand delivered his findings from the Stormwind Intelligence raid to Martin, though it would be sometime until it was decoded.

A few days after the pirate attack, Martin dispatched Karkand, Fawn Holmwood, and his second in command, Percy McKallen to track down this ‘McBeard’ and find out why they had attacked the compound. Fawn’s own ship, The Phantom’s Hearth’ was joined by Percy’s ‘Lasting Fury.’ However, during the assault, Mcbeard was slain my Percy, despite wanting to get information from him. Despite not learning Mcbeard’s motives Percy was oddly satisfied with revenge, and sailed back to the compound.

While sailing back to the compound, Karkand traveled on Fawn Holmwood’s ship. During the journey, Percy’s ship ‘Lasting Fury’, opened fire on ‘The Phantom’s Hearth’ and the ship was left dead in the water. The ship was soon boarded by Percy’s own men, and despite taking down a handful himself, the crew was forced to surrender. Percy gathered up the surviving crew, including Captain Fawn Holmwood and Karkand. He then executed Fawn’s crew, before firing a shot into Fawn and Karkand. Percy then rigged ‘The Phantom’s Hearth’ to blow, and left the ship. Karkand realizing what was about to happen, grabbed fawn and pulled her overboard with him, moments before the ship burst into flames.

The two were left marooned for a week or so, surviving off a small island of an unknown location. They were eventually saved by a passing cargo ship, heading towards Tanaris. Betrayed, broken, and with a ‘nothing to lose’ attitude, Karkand vowed to return to the smuggling compound and reveal Percy for the traitor he was.

After a brief recovery, Karkand, joined by Fawn Holmwood, returned to the smuggling compound with a small band of trusted allies. They soon discovered that Percy had taken over the compound, leaving Martin in a cell. Together they stormed the compound, taking out Percy’s forces and eventually fighting their way to Martin himself. After besting him, Percy fell to the ground, an Stormwind Intelligence badge poking from his tunic. Karkand then went to find Martin, who was hanging on by a thread in the compound’s dungeons. Though Martin did not live long, he gave the compound, and all that it had left, to Karkand.

Employment with the Citrine Eagle

Sometime after the events on the Broken Isles, Karkand looked to The Citrine Eagle as a home. It didn’t take long for him to prove his worth and work his way through the ranks, eventually putting his lot in with the Icewing Legion, soon to be Brigade. While in the Icewing Brigade, he served as both an Infiltrator, and briefly as a Pathfinder. In the following weeks Karkand worked with them against several foes, such as beings of the Emerald Nightmare, the Legion, and even the dreaded Forsaken. Eventually he found himself being dragged back into an old fold, a grouping of individuals that performed tasks that would not rest easy with the Citrine Eagle. With this in his mind, Karkand left the Eagles behind, along with a home.

Blood on the Snow

After his departure from the Citrine Eagle, Karkand found himself on an operation on the Broken Shore. He’d been tasked with locating a small detachment of Alliance soldiers who had been captured by the Legion. While the hunter tried to rescue the hostages from the Legion’s hands, he was overall unsuccessful, and all of the hostages were killed. Following such a failure, Karkand reported back to his handler, Damian Blackborne, to whom he gave his report of the failed operation. Then the hunter returned home, telling only his brother Seirthen and Damian himself of his whereabouts.

For a little bit over a month, Karkand was alone in northern territories, including the Hinterlands, Alterac, and primarily Hillsbrad Foothills. During this time, Karkand went about disrupting Forsaken operations in the area. He did whatever he could do, ambushing caravans, destroying plague wagons, and even sending information reports to his handler, Damian.

Eventually, Karkand learned that Damian was marching north with a small contingency of Ebon Knights including Thanean Varenzo, Amik Varze, Ed, and Persistent. While traveling to link up with Damian’s division, he ran into a group of Forsaken traveling to the fort, in their custody was a Sin’dorei mage by the name of Elayne Sunfair, whom they planned to execute. After dispatching the forsaken unit, Karkand liberated the Elayne, which he then made a pact with. In return for her safety, she would relay information to him and Damian. Eventually Karkand and the Elayne linked up with Damian’s division. He’d worked with most of them before, and he would be doing so again. Damian had his sights set upon a Forsaken fort, ‘The Frozen Fort’

Elayne had proven to be more than just a tag-along, and Karkand found himself in a rather comedic and competitive relationship. Each of them trying to ‘do this’, or ‘kill that’ in order to one up each other. Despite Elayne being the daughter of a Silvermoon Noble, the two shared a rather spiteful image of the Forsaken, strengthening the bond between them even more.

When the time came to assault the fortress, the group traveled to the frozen fort. However, they’d sprung a trap placed by the rogue Forsaken forces. During the skirmish, Elayne was captured by the Forsaken and was transported to a camp in Silverpine. Despite this, Damian’s division was still able to take the fortress. They’d won a victory in the region, and from this fortress Damian planned to launch guerrilla warfare against the Forsaken, however Karkand had made a pact with his newfound friend, Elayne and set off to free her from the Forsaken’s grasp.

It didn’t take long for Karkand to pick up on the Forsaken’s trail, and he discovered that Elayne was being held in a small camp on the border between Hillsbrad and Silverpine forest. Despite his quick tracking and rapid movement to liberate Elayne once again, he wasn’t able to do so in time. By the time he had reached the camp, he’d discovered that Elayne had already been executed, and that the Forsaken had moved on. Karkand buried Elayne in the hills of Hillsbrad, marking the grave. He then set out on a personal fit of rage, tracking the Forsaken up into Silverpine.

Karkand tracked the Forsaken deep into Silverpine, eventually catching up to them. However, they’d already met up with a larger detachment of Forsaken, leaving Karkand hopelessly outnumbered. Despite this, Karkand was fueled by rage and a sense of revenge for Elayne. With turning back out of the question, Karkand set about his revenge. During the dead of night, Karkand sneaked into the large Forsaken camp, silently moving through the encampment until he reached the are where the Forsaken he’d been tracking were set up.

Karkand set upon them like an Orc, axes in hand and fueled by what seemed to be rage alone. He slaughtered all seven of the Forsaken responsible, only narrowly avoiding detection. Karkand then stacked their bodies in a crude and rather gruesome pile, only to then ignore their corpses and set fire to the nearby tents. By this time, the encampment had been alerted to Karkand’s presence, and after enacting his revenge, he set about getting out of that encampment alive.

During the confusion, Karkand managed to slip out of the Forsaken encampment, but the devils pursued Karkand through Silverpine, tracking the ranger through the woods. During this chase, Karkand suffered a rather grievous blow to the shoulder by a Forsaken tracker, injuring the ranger. Despite his injury, Karkand pressed forward and eventually reached the Frozen Fort, occupied by Damian’s division. Once there, he gave his report of what happened to Damian. After having his shoulder treated, Karkand left in the dead of night, telling no one of his destination.
The still wounded Karkand began a rather lengthy journey north, traveling to the Horde occupied lands of Quel’thalas. It was a rather rough journey for the wounded ranger, but he made it. Hell, by this point he’d been evading patrols or killing them, for several years. He spent a week searching through the forests until he came upon an estate. Elayne had hold Karkand about her childhood home, and the estate seemed to fit the description. With his arms at his sides, Karkand approached the Estate’s door and gave it a simple knock.

The Sin’dorei who answered the door was certainly shocked to see a rather rugged looking human standing on his doorstep, but agreed to let Karkand inside of a brief moment, if only to explain himself. Karkand told the Sin’dorei how he’d come to meet Elayne, and how they’d formed a sort of bond. Despite seeming somewhat skeptical, the Sin’dorei noble was eventually persuaded after Karkand told a lengthy story his journey with the man’s daughter. Elayne’s father was infuriated once he learned how his daughter had been slain, and pledged to offer aid to Karkand to bring down the Forsaken. He’d cozy up to the Forsaken ambassador’s in Silvermoon, and would relay information to Karkand. He’d see Elayne justice, or die trying. Karkand was happy to accept his help, and found himself a strong ally in the Horde in the wake of his fallen friend, Elayne.

After traveling to Quel’thalas, Karkand returned home to Hillsbrad, traveling through the frozen mountains of Alterac. He’d often found a sort of ‘cozy’ feeling from the isolation and the rigid winds, and he eventually found his way past Talongrab keep. Despite a rather ‘interesting’ plant infection, Karkand returned to the home he once shared while employed with the Citrine Eagle, and found new allies and old friends willing to accept him back. With that, Karkand found himself once again in the service of the Citrine Eagles.


During the events of ‘Smuggling for a friend’ Karkand was forced to kill a number of SI:7 agents while in the process of smuggling. The whole incident was covered up by his long time friend and handler, Damian Blackborne. Unknown to Karkand however, one of the SI:7 agents survived and returned to Stormwind, spreading the word of Karkands crimes. Damian quickly sent word to Karkand, who immediately fled from Stormwind under a new alias, Martin Jameson.

Karkand now under the name of Martin Jameson, fled north to the Wetlands. During his journey he was constantly plagued by a team of agents pursuing him, leaving him quite reclusive. Eventually he made his way to Menethil Harbor, where he met with a long time friend, Harold Baxton. Harold owned a ship and had sailed for Menethil Harbor upon hearing about Karkand from a letter written by one of Karkand’s associates. Together the two sailed from Menethil Harbor after a small skirmish at the docks with a team of agents, leaving three of them wounded and one unconscious.

While at sea the two traveled all over, occasionally docking to hire help and to buy supplies from various taverns and holds around the Eastern Kingdoms and Kalimdor. Using the wealth he’d attained from his more violent lifestyle, he started to form an organization which he simply named the ‘Hillsbrad Liberation Force.’ Karkand found quite the large amount of men and women willing to follow him, for the right price. He also sent word to many of his family members and friends, even people who grew up with him in Southshore, telling them of his intent to raise an army and take back Hillsbrad. Anyone who would be willing to fight should meet at a small cove marked on a provided map. Such a letter found its way into the hands of SI:7.

At a rocky cove in the Arathi Highlands, Karkand made his landfall. With him was over fifty men and various amounts of supplies, most notably explosives. Meeting him at the cove was Marcus Karson, a long time friend who Karkand grew up with and Lord Sunfair, a Sin’dorei which shared Karkand’s hatred for the Forsaken after they killed his daughter, one Karkand’s companions. All together they had formed a group of about one-hundred and fifty men and women, some fighting for gold and others to liberate their long lost home. Though as they prepared for the coming weeks, SI:7 watched and waited.

Karkand, Marcus, and Lord Sunfair departed from the cove, bound for Azurelode mine in the Foothills. The mine was currently being occupied by the forsaken and was helping to fuel their efforts in the area. Karkand and his followers moved inside, killing all but one of the guards who was allowed to flee to the nearest Forsaken outpost. Once they had taken the mine, they started to fill it with explosives, mostly around the various support beams that kept the mine from caving in on itself. After rigging the explosives, they waited. Above them on the surface SI:7 was watching and waiting. They’d watched as Karkand’s followers had moved barrel after barrel into the mine. However some of the agents were discovered as they performed their recon, leaving six agents in the hands of Karkand. However as Karkand prepared things at Azurelode, the cove was being raided.

S-AIA agents Damian Blackborne, Andorizian Nightingale, Zaramy Silverwood, Era Dawnsorrow, and Casimir von Dresden had launched a surprise raid on Karkand’s cove. The raid left Karkand severely crippled in his efforts before they even really began. Through ingenuity and excellent teamwork the S-AIA team was able to eliminate forty members of Karkand’s forces, destroy weapon and supply caches, and even steal his ship. They also managed to capture Harold Baxton, Karkand’s mentor and the second in command of the organization. Harold was brought back to Stormwind and tortured for information on where Karkand had traveled to, once they found out the team was immediately dispatched to Azurelode mine.

Meanwhile at Azurelode, Karkand had the mine rigged to blow and was waiting for the Forsaken to spring his trap. A group of fifty Forsaken infantry led by a dark ranger was heading for the mine. At the same time, a S-AIA team had taken up residence in the nearby hills, joining the crippled SI:7 team that had most of its members captured. The team conducted reconnaissance and even captured a member of Karkand’s forces, Val Duston. Though before they could act further the Forsaken forces arrived at the scene. Karkand’s forces had grown distant and didn’t seem to be as numerous - the comms having gone nearly silent. The dark ranger sat outside as her forces poured into the mine, searching for Karkand and his followers. With the dark ranger alone, she was taken down by the S-AIA agents still posted up outside. Meanwhile the Forsaken pushed deeper into the mine, where the found nothing but explosives, a fuse, and Karkand. He lit the fuse and stepped into a portal provided by Lord Sunfair before the mine exploded, killing all the Forsaken infantry present. All the S-AIA and SI:7 agents were unharmed - mostly.

Karkand and his forces moved north to the rallying point with a force of about eighty men and women. Still with them was Lord Sunfair, who had brought twelve Sin’dorei arcanists to aid their cause. They traveled north into Alterac where they planned to meet with the rest of his forces, though as they waited, nobody arrived as Baxton had been captured by S-AIA and his forces were killed. This left Karkand severely crippled and exposed. He set up camp and waited three days to see if Baxton would show up before he started to head towards an old abandoned fort deeper within the snowy region. Along the road they were ambushed by Forsaken forces, catching Karkand and his followers off guard. The forsaken had deployed a Valkyr and over two hundred Forsaken infantry to bring Karkand down. With Karkand’s forces severely outnumbered, he gave the order to flee and regroup at a predesignated area.

The majority of Karkand’s forces were cut down, along with their SI:7 prisoners, however most of them were cut free and actually died fighting the Forsaken. Karkand along with a SI:7 agent, Lord Sunfair, and two of his arcanists had taken shelter inside of the ruins of an old town. They barricaded the door on one of the buildings and prepared themselves. Outside the Valkyr had started resurrecting the fallen and her Forsaken forces were slaughtering and hunting any survivors. Though off in the distance the S-AIA team had once again picked up the trail, but it wasn’t the one they were expecting. They were following Karkand’s force, but things were wrong. The footsteps were running, not walking. Blood and weapons could be found, along with a SI:7 badge. However there was no corpses. The S-AIA team pushed forward until they eventually came to the scene at the town, along the way Blackborne even recruited an ogre to their side.

The scene at the town was grizzly with piles of bodies being brought to the town square. Karkand and his fellow survivors made a break for it, breaking a window in the back of the building and climbing out. However they were spotted by the Forsaken. The two Sin’dorei arcanists held the line while Karkand, Lord Sunfair, and the SI:7 agent made a run for the old fort in the distance. As they were running, the SI:7 agent was hit by an arrow. Karkand swiftly paused and collected him, slinging the wounded man over his shoulder and carrying him to safety. The two Sin’dorei arcanists eventually fell to the Forsaken, but the trio had made it to the old fort.

Meanwhile S-AIA remained vigilant and collected information around the town. It was still heavily occupied by Forsaken forces. However the Valkyr was quite exposed so they made her a target. Using their ogre ally as a decoy they sent him in to draw the forsaken to him, while the agents focused on taking down the Valkyr. With a combined effort they were able to slay her - giving those who fell rest. Though despite their victory over the Valkyr the Forsaken were still heavily infesting the area and the team was forced to retreat. Though as they did so, they saw Karkand as he made it to the old fort, along with the dozens of Forsaken that followed him.

As Karkand reached the fort he secured the gate before falling back into the main hall. There he locked the doors and placed the dying agent on the table. He quickly removed the arrow and treated his wounds the best he could, though the agent eventually succumbed from the injury and died. Though even in death the agent would be of use. Karkand removed his armor and the armor of the agent. Luckily the two were about the same height and build. He put his armor on the fallen agent, disguising the agent as himself. While he adopted the black SI:7 uniform that the deceased agent previously wore. Lord Sunfair then opened a portal to Dalaran and the two escaped. The Forsaken eventually overcame the fort’s old defenses and poured into the hold. Assuming that Karkand had taken his own life, they dragged him outside the fort and back to the town. A dozen or so Forsaken searched for the other man and the Sin’dorei, but they were never found. The disguised agent was tossed atop the pile of bodies along with the rest of the deceased. SI:7 agents were still observing the Forsaken while this happened and reported that Karkand had fallen to the Forsaken.

From Dalaran Karkand and Lord Sunfair went their separate ways. Lord Sunfair traveled back to Silvermoon, where his efforts had left sour rumors about his whereabouts in recent weeks. Though such rumors wouldn’t give him too much trouble. He often left Silvermoon for Dalaran, finding it more suitable than Silvermoon in recent days. Karkand traveled back to Stormwind with his SI:7 disguise and traveled to his brothers residence in the city, where he informed him of his whereabouts and status. He also asked Seirthen to make certain people aware, for if they needed him he would still be around. Karkand received some coin from his brother before he departed. While in the city he also met with Ahn, a close friend of his. He let her know that he was alive and that he was leaving Stormwind for the time being. Karkand purchased new clothes, armor, a bag, and a fresh horse before he departed from Stormwind and headed west to Redridge Mountains.

The official SI:7 report was published and Karkand was written off as deceased, along with his entire force. Harold Baxton was imprisoned in the stockades and is currently serving ten years in prison. The agents of S-AIA returned to their normal operations and deemed it a successful operation.

A Ranger Redeemed

During the battle battle of Lordaeron, Karkand was present in the disguise of an Alliance scout. He lingered on the outskirts of the camp, ever vigilant over his allies present at the siege and ever watchful for Horde spies that would stray too close to the Alliance’s lines. The night before the siege Karkand had laid out a plan. He wouldn’t join in the main assault on Lordaeron, rather the ranger would focus on the southwest. The horde-contested Silverpine would likely provide some reinforcements to the besieged city and it was Karkand’s plan to disrupt and delay these reinforcements before they could reach Lordaeron.

As midnight crept over Tirisfal, Karkand set out to the southwest. He wanted to reach the border by dawn and it wasn’t exactly a hop and a skip down the path. He stuck to the ill lit woods, moving in the shadows to avoid being seen by both Alliance and Horde alike. After all he was still considered an enemy of Stormwind, even if they did believe he was killed months earlier in Alterac. Though as he passed through the woods, he noted that he wasn’t alone in the eerie forest. A group of Alliance soldiers had progressed ahead of him, making for the same destination. Karkand silently moved behind them, and he kept a short distance between himself and the group, though he did his best to keep them within eyesight.

Karkand managed to reach the Silverpine border around dawn with the Alliance force having reached it just before him. The Forsaken reinforcements hadn’t yet reached the Glades, and Karkand watched as the Alliance group moved to chop down several trees with the intent to block the roadway. From what Karkand could see the group consisted of a priestess of Elune, a gnome mage, two human warriors and a lightforged paladin. He observed them for several hours as they set up a small basecamp and the two warriors started to chop away at the trees.

As hours passed Karkand continued to watch carefully over the nearby Alliance group. It reminded him of his days in Icecrown, though before he could delve in on old memories his focus was shattered by a scream as a volley of arrows rained down on the Alliance group. The priestess, mage, and one of the warriors were cut down instantly by the volley, ending their lives. The paladin and the second warrior dove for cover behind a pair of stumps.

From the other side of the road Karkand spotted the assailants, a group of three Forsaken archers that were positioned on a small ridge. At the same time there was three more undead infantryman moving in on the Alliance party’s position. Pulling his bow from his back, Karkand leapt down the small dirt embankment that lined the cobbled road, sliding down it and swiftly moving across the path to the other side. Using the opposite embankment as cover he locked an arrow into place. He called out to the nearby Alliance allies, issuing an order. “Stay down!” He barked. “I’ll take out the archers then you two move from cover to fight the infantry! Wait for my signal!” After issuing his orders Karkand moved farther down the embankment to get a better path at the archers. The warrior barked back to Karkand. “Hurry, they’ll be on us soon!”

After finding a decent line of sight on the Forsaken archers, Karkand climbed the dirt embankment and made his way to the nearest tree. He had a clear path to the archers. He’d have to act swiftly before they had a chance to move to cover. He prepared himself, taking a deep breath. A moment later Karkand whirled around the tree and sent an arrow flying at one of the archers. The arrow penetrated the archer’s mask and sent the undead man to the ground. The other two archers seemed to be caught off guard by this and Karkand was able to lock another arrow and let it fly towards a second archer, taking him down as well. But his position was given away and the third archer loosed an arrow at him, though luckily it sank into the nearest tree with the quiet thud.

With his position given away, Karkand would have to pray that the opposing archer missed his mark. He locked another arrow and took a deep breath, quiet words escaped him as he rounded the tree once more. The Forsaken archer loosed first, the arrow whizzing past Karkand’s head and into the dirt behind him. Lucky for Karkand his arrow was much more accurate and the projectile embedded itself within the undead’s eye, sending him to the ground. With the archers slain, Karkand let loose a sharp whistle.

As the paladin and warrior heard the whistle, they broke from their cover and moved to engage the forsaken infantry. The paladin swiftly conjured a hammer of light and smote one of the forsaken across the small hill, burning his rotting flesh away. At the same time the warrior charged forward and slammed his shield against the Forsaken’s chest, knocking the infantryman to the ground. The warrior was swift and before the undead man could react his head was bashed in by the same shield. There was still a third infantryman present though and he stared down the paladin and the warrior.

Karkand sprinted at the Forsaken infantryman from behind, catching the rotting man off guard. With a swift swing of his axe he cleaved the rotting head from his shoulders, causing his corpse to fall to the ground in a heap of flesh and plate. Karkand then turned to the paladin and his allied warrior. “Nice job.” he complimented. The warrior nodded his head and spoke up. “You too. I’m glad you arrived when you did or we likely would have joined them.” The warrior beckoned towards the deceased priestess, mage, and warrior. “We still have a job to do, mind helping us wrap things up?” Karkand nodded his head once as he grasped one of the lumbering axes that laid in the dirt. “Of course, we should hurry though. I suspect more horde troops will be along soon.” With that in mind Karkand, the paladin, and the warrior started to cut away at the trees that lined the road.

It was high noon as Karkand and his two newfound allies finished their task, the last tree falling across the road with a crunch of branches. Karkand tossed his axe to the side and took a swig from his flask. He then beckoned to the northeast. “We should get back to camp before the reinforcements arrive. Karkand moved to tuck his flask away as suddenly a twig snapped behind them. Karkand instantly whirled around and reached for his knife, but was struck in the chest by an arrow. The ranger let loose a pained gasp as his breath was knocked from his lungs. He swiftly recovered however and scrambled to a nearby tree to take cover.

Now behind cover, Karkand reached to his waist and pulled his knife free from it’s leather sheath. He looked to the arrow that was embedded within his chest with a quiet groan. He put the grip of his knife between his lips as he bit down on the cloth lined metal. He then grasped the wooden shaft of the arrow and snapped it away, tossing the piece of broken wood off to the side. All that remained of the arrow was the head and a few inches of wood. Karkand could feel a dampness against his chest and he knew the arrow must have penetrated his armor and struck home. Nevertheless the ranger made ready as he sent a nod to the nearby paladin and warrior, both of which made it to cover unharmed.

Karkand pulled his dagger away from his lips and tucked it away once more, he then grasped one of his hatchets from his side, pulling it free from the leather loop that kept it in place. He swiftly peered around the tree, spotting a tauren warrior, an orc warlock, and a sin’dorei ranger. The warrior called out from behind his cover. “Take the elf, we’ll deal with the tauren and meet you at the orc!” The warrior then looked to the paladin and the two broke from their cover and rushed towards the tauren!

At the same time Karkand rounded the tree, axe in hand. The sin’dorei ranger let loose another arrow, though this one soared over Karkand’s left shoulder. Not one to shy away from answering back, Karkand raised his axe overhead and tossed it with as much strength as he could summon. The axe twirled through the air and embedded itself within the sin’dorei’s chest, sending the elf to the ground nearly instantly. With the sin’dorei slain, Karkand moved to engage the orc.

The orc warlock raised his hands into the air as a green hue enveloped them. Felfire swarmed over his form as he chanted in some sort of demonic tongue that Karkand couldn’t understand. The ranger swiftly closed the gap between himself and the orc and landed a solid punch to the orc’s jaw, breaking his concentration and interrupting his channeled spell.

The Orc let loose a howl as he pushed Karkand back with his staff, cracking it against the ranger’s side. The blow caused Karkand to be knocked to the ground, causing him to land on his back. The ranger reached for his belt as he grasped his knife once more. He whirled it around in his hand and readied a throw. At the same time the Warlock casted a firebolt, aiming directly at the downed ranger. As if on que, both combatants lashed out. The two projectiles met, the knife traveling through the searing blast and into the Warlock’s throat. However the Warlock’s firebolt struck Karkand in the chest, singing his leather armor and causing a wave of flame to wash over his arms and neck. He let out a painful groan as he laid there incapacitated, feeling a burning sensation across his chest, neck, and arms.

Karkand summoned what strength he had left and rolled onto his side. He tucked his arms beneath him and pushed up, desperately trying to raise himself off the ground. His gaze flicked upwards as he saw the tauren meet his end, the warrior finding a killing bow as he shoved his sword into the tauren’s neck. The paladin moved to Karkand’s aid, but before the plated draenei could reach him, Karkand faded into unconsciousness.

A day passed before Karkand awoke to the sounds of soldiers marching. There were cries of wounded soldiers all around him and he soon discovered that he was in an Alliance medical tent. The ranger tried to sit up but found himself pushed back down by a leather clad individual. “Not so fast, Porter.” The stranger ordered, keeping his hand on Karkand’s bandage covered chest. The black clad man adorned himself with Stormwind’s colors and carried two daggers, perhaps he was SI:7? Karkand couldn’t be sure as he didn’t see any badges across the man’s chest.

Karkand remained still as he peered at the man though he was soon greeted by the human warrior and the lightforged paladin. Accompanying them was a large man clad in shining Alliance plate, he wore an officer’s badge over his Stormwind colors and from what Karkand could see the man appeared to be a Field Marshal. “This is him?” The officer asked the warrior before him. “This is him, he helped us after we were ambushed. He risked his life to save ours. Without him we would have failed and likely met the same fate as those we traveled there with.” The warrior answered, turning to face his commanding officer. From the other side of Karkand’s cot the SI:7 agent spoke up. “This man is wanted by SI:7 for treason.” He argued. “He's responsible for the death of several intelligence agents - “ The agent paused as the field marshal raised a hand. “That’s enough. I know of this man and I have heard rumors about what he's done. I can tell you that despite a few of his shadowed incidents with SI:7, he is a good man. Recent events should more than prove that.” The SI:7 agent raised protest. “But -” Though he was swiftly cut off by the officer. “No, I won’t hear it. Mr. Porter, I’m on my way to meet with Tremblade. I’ll ask him to pardon you on my behalf.” The officer gave Karkand a single nod before he took leave from the tent. The SI:7 agent, seeming furious, followed after the officer to try and argue his case.

Karkand took a deep breath as the lightforged paladin checked on his wounds. The warrior gave the ranger a firm pat on the shoulder. “Thank you again.” The warrior said as he offered a single nod before he departed from the tent. After finding Karkand’s healing satisfactory, the paladin followed the warrior out. Now alone, Karkand looked over himself. He had burns across his arms, chest, and neck. There was a tan cream that was applied over said burns, which was likely some mixture to aid in the healing process. Where the arrow in his chest had once been a bandage now rested. He could hardly believe what was happening, not only was he alive but he was going to receive a pardon? The ranger took a deep breath as he tried to rest, his fight for the time being was over.

After recovering from his injuries Karkand was greeted by the familiar warrior once again. “I have something for you.” He stated as he reached into his bag. He pulled forth a letter and offered the letter. “Your official pardon, signed by Grand Marshal Tremblade herself.” Karkand reached out to accept the pardon, fingers tracing over the seal as he broke it. He pulled out the letter and scanned over it.

Karkand Porter,

As a Grand Marshal in the Alliance Military, I here by pardon you of your crimes against Stormwind. While malicious and unjust, your crimes have been paid for. From what I’ve been told you’ve served the Alliance on multiple fronts and done so valiantly and courageously. In such trying times the Alliance needs all of its men and women to help combat Sylvanas’s Horde. Use this second chance wisely, Karkand. '

- Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade

Filled with joy, Karkand tucked the letter away and looked to the warrior. “Thank you for bringing me this.” The warrior gave Karkand’s shoulder a firm pat. “Of course, from what I’ve been told it’s been a while since you’ve returned to Stormwind. One of my allies is going to make me a portal so I can head to there to visit my family, no doubt you wish to do the same. Come on, it’s just over here.” Karkand nodded his head and followed the warrior to the portal.
It didn’t take long to reach the mage. A moment passed and the mage conjured up a portal to Stormwind. Karkand took a deep breath and stepped through it. Stormwind appeared around him and for the first time in months Karkand was once again greeted by the human capital. He peered to the warrior at his side as a long expected smile crept over his face.

Character Connections

Seirthen Porter

Seirthen is Karkand’s older brother, and there isn’t another person Karkand would trust with his life more. While he's always been in his brother's shadow, he harbors a substantial amount of respect for him.

Alexander Marogos

Alexander Marogos is a former associate of Karkand's from his days working with SI:7. While he hardly sees Alexander anymore, he still holds a positive connection with him.

Damian Blackborne

Damian Blackborne is one of Karkand’s most trusted friends. When Karkand worked for SI:7, Damian was his handler of sorts, giving him tasks as he needed them. Should the day come where Damian would need Karkand’s help, he would be there in a heartbeat.

Zaria Blackmoore

Once a member of the Citrine Eagle, Karkand followed Zaria into the fray on more than one battlefield. While his time with the Eagles has passed, Karkand still holds respect for Zaria and those of her order.

Ahnzelika Rendaer

Karkand met Ahn during the war against the Legion when they were both working for The Valorborne. Over the years their friendship turned into something more with the two of them eventually falling in love. Ahn's responsible for much Karkand has changed over the years and there isn't a thing in the world Karkand wouldn't do for her.


Over his life Karkand has found the occasional friend in the creatures of the wild. While he has had quite a few, one stands out from the rest as she have served him countless times throughout the years.



While working with the 7th Legion in Northrend, Karkand found himself in Grizzly hills for a few days. A local lodge was looking for woodsman to take down a massive carrion bird that had been attacking local wildlife and the lodge's gryphons. Karkand along with two other hunters were dispatched to deal with the carrion bird for good. After a day of hunting, they came across the carrion bird as it fought with a rather large eagle. While Karkand and the other hunters were able to take down the carrion bird, the eagle was hit by one of Karkand's arrows, proving to be a fatal wound for the large eagle. As the group went to leave, they took notice of a nest nearby where the large eagle had fallen. Karkand waited by the nest for a day to see if any other birds came or went, however none did. With the realization that the other guardian was either dead or not returning, Karkand took it upon it until it grew into the impressive companion that himself to climb the tree and adopt the fallen eagle's offspring as his own. He named it Murica and aided her in becoming the fearsome bird that she is today.

Physical Description

Murica was quite the impressive bird if one were to look the creature over. She was stocky in shape and had a rather large head. With large powerful wings coated in dark brown feathers, a razor sharp yellow bill, and razor sharp talons Murica was a fearsome beast indeed. Murica would be coated in long brown feathers that trailed from the base of her neck to the base of her tail, where the feathers would take on a grayish brown color. From the base of her neck to the start of her bill, the feathers would turn a dirty white, contrasting heavily to the brown feathers that coated the rest of the eagles body.