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Katherine Parish
The Porcelain Doll
Art by Jaeho Hyun


Katherine Nora Parish
August 9th, 593 K.C. (35 Years)
Stratholme, Lordaeron


Lordaeron-symbol-blue Human


Knight of the Ebon Blade


"She who rides a Pale Horse”
The Porcelain Doll
The Crying Knight
Death Knight
Perfect Abomination


Scourgetempicon The New Scourge
Ebonbladebanner Knights of the Ebon Blade


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Church of the Holy Light

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"Life is as empty without terror as without love."
- Katherine Parish

Katherine Nora Parish is a Knight of the Ebon Blade who hunts rogue Undead and Necromancers under the bidding of the Lich King, hunting all those who will not server her new master while riding her dread steed Azrael earning the title "She who rides the Pale Horse."

History Edit

Beginnings Edit

Katherine's story begins as any other, born to a woodsman father and a barmaid mother, her childhood was rather mundane, often hunting with her father, Katherine always enjoyed the thrill of the hunt, to battle against something else, she was simply a thrill-seeker and reveled it, Katherine made the decision during her adolescence that she wished to train and become a Knight due to seeing the destruction that the Orcish Horde had wrought during the Second War, Katherine continuously trained until she took a guard position within the city of Stratholme, enjoying to an extent but always wished to pursue her dream of being made a true knight.

Eventually during one her typical patrols, Katherine came across a doctor by the name of Victoria Schnee, an instant palpable attraction could be felt between the two and so the duo began having an affair, often sneaking away from their duties to enjoy the ecstasy of each other's presence, Katherine falling deeply in love with the doctor. The two eventually making a home together within the city of Stratholme.

The Third War Edit

Katherine and Victoria remained mostly unaffected by the beginning of the Third War save for Victoria's extreme curiosity to see how this northern plague worked, she soon journeyed to the north to find a method of working against it, leaving Victoria for the time being. Katherine left her home in Stratholme to join Prince Arthas' camp, journeying with him throughout the entire campaign until the Culling where she left with Lord Uther the Lightbringer and took a guardsmen post in the capital city, eventually being reunited with her lover, much to Katherine's joy, the two stayed in the capital city until Arthas returned from Northrend and unleashed his scourge on Lordaeron, Katherine and Victoria fled from the city but unfortunately Katherine was swarmed by ghouls, her body completely torn apart. But her soul could not ascend into the after life.

Victoria, during her time investigating the plague became fascinated by it, eventually becoming obsessed and so in secret, Victoria joined the Cult of the Damned and became a Necromancer. After Katherine's death, Victoria kept her soul with her and soon began murdering young woman around the surviving remnants of Lordaeron, harvesting different parts of their bodies that resembled Katherine's own until eventually her body was re-crafted to perfection. Handled with all the care of a porcelain doll. And thus Katherine Parish was reborn as a Death Knight.

Shadow of Death Edit

Soon after Katherine's rebirth, Victoria vanished without a trace leaving the new Katherine disturbed, wandering constantly in search of her lost love, eventually coming across the Dreadlord Nal'vozzal who attempted to subjugate Katherine, though Katherine's rebirth was more powerful than that of the typical Death Knight and the undead soon defeated the Dreadlord, at her mercy. Katherine had the dreadlord forge for her, a vampiric Runeblade which Katherine named "Winter's Kiss" after her love's favorite flower. Winter's Kiss first victim being the Dreadlord which forged it.

Though her search for her love was placed on indefinite hold as the dominating will of The Lich King eliminated her free will as it did so many other undead, Katherine sailed for Northrend to join her King, staying there until he re-awoke and set forth his legions upon the world.

Heart of Ice Edit

After the Death of the Lich King, Katherine continued to wander, eventually coming to the conclusion that Victoria had perished or vanished, which froze Katherine's heart more so than it already was, the Death Knight rather than venturing out into the world, stayed in Northrend, crafting a keep to in the frozen wastes, staying there, carving statues of her love out of ice obsessively until the Burning Legion had returned, heeding the call of the new Lich King, Katherine left her home and battled against the demonic hordes until their defeat, after the war had ended, Katherine took no part in the Blood War that followed after, instead choosing to hunt down any undead who did not serve her master with immense abhorrence. To this day, Katherine wanders the earth, hoping to either finally meet her eternal rest or to find a new purpose, possibly regain the feeling of joy.

Physical Description YesEdit

Personality and Ideals YesEdit

Relationships YesEdit

Victoria Schnee Edit

Katherine's purpose in life and undeath, the only source of joy that can warm her frozen heart, even if only slightly, Katherine hopes more than anything to reunite with her love and finally have her bliss, unburden herself from curse of undeath. Katherine often carries her lover's pendant and a music box that reminds her of Victoria, she can be heard humming Victoria's melody to this day.

Marian E. Ridgewell Edit

The only companion and possible friend that Katherine has managed to make, largely due to the sheer, nigh unconditional compassion Mary showed for Katherine, she acts as a confidant to the Death Knight, aiding her during times of great duress and attempting to help her find some small semblance of peace in her unlife and perhaps even one day, Victoria herself.

Elevia V. Highblade Edit

Her one true rival and enemy, Katherine and Elevia are the antithesis of one another. Quite literally symbolized by fire and ice. Their rivalry goes back to early days of the Dark Times, the duo have battled across every major field in Azeroth with Katherine firmly believing that their story will end with one killing the other. Elevia's intense hatred for Katherine coming during the Scourge War when Katherine had come close to killing Elevia near the end of their duel, only luckily saved her companions. To this day, they immediately begin yet another duel of their fates, hoping to one day, eventually kill the other.

Positions of Power YesEdit

Lady of Frostire Keep
Preceded by
Position Established
Katherine Parish Succeeded by
Wielder of Winter's Kiss
Preceded by
Katherine Parish Succeeded by
Keeper of the Book of Ish'zalmaratoth
Preceded by
White Bones
Katherine Parish Succeeded by
Morrigan Lindquist
Leader of the Thyrin Rebellion
Preceded by
Katherine Parish Succeeded by

Quotes YesEdit

  • "Life is as empty without terror as without love."
— to Nicholas Ravone.
  • "Have you ever seen a flower die? Watched something that was so beautiful, so full of life, collapse and rot from within? In my nightmares I see my Victoria, begging to me with frozen eyes."
— to Marian E. Ridgewell when explaining why she never find peace.

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Trivia YesEdit

  • Katherine's personality and aesthetic were primarily inspired by the DC comics character Mr Freeze as well as the bliblical intreptation of Death, The Horseman.
  • Katherine's favorite season is winter.
  • Her favorite color is Red.
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