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Keel Harbor
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Western Gilneas, Headlands


Kingdom of Gilneas
Grand Alliance


Intact, militarily occupied.

Keel Harbor is a Gilnean harbor town located in the region of the Headlands of Gilneas. It was built along the coast of the Northgate River. It has a history of shipbuilding and fishing, and is known to have been home to many rebel sympathizers back during the Northgate Rebellion. Keel Harbor was used as the exodus point from which the Gilneans fled their home, and was not razed to the ground like most of the towns in the Headlands. It was last seen being manned by members of the 7th Legion. The lands are now considered crown land in that they are ruled directly by the House of Greymane.

The harbor is well known for it's strong naval presence, it once being a notable navy port and the homeport of the Headlands Corsairs as well as the residence for large naval families such as the Daggerfang Family and the Nash Family.

Following the destruction of the Undercity, the harbor was reinforced as a surge of Gilnean Military personnel were deployed to the ruins of the Kingdom. The Harbor now serves as the base of operations for the Gilnean Navy, led by Isobel Crestdown.

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