Sergeant Kelbris Wallace Breen


Dun Morogh


Father: 'Pa' Breen
Mother: Muriel Breen
36 Brothers and Sisters


Stormwind City Watch


Master Sergeant of the Watch



Kelbris Wallace Breen was a Master Sergeant in the Stormwind City Watch, and has served with them for over a year. He has supposedly won the 'Miss Stormwind' pageant at least twice.


Kelbris was born to a reasonably wealthy family of Ranchers in Dun Morogh, along with his thirty six other brothers and sisters. His father 'Pa' and his mother Muriel. Pa had been a Mountaineer for the good part of his life, and his wife had won 'Best Beard in Dun Morogh' four years in a row. Muriel Breen had taken an near-lethal amount of Fertility potions in order to break the record of most Dwarven children born, but had sadly missed it by three. However, the trigintasexuplets all grew up and went their separate ways, with Kelbris heading down to Stormwind in order to find something that didn't include scooping nasty from the Ram pens.

After staying in Stormwind for a good month and seeing the sights, he was approached by the Stormwind Watch and offered his service, the words "I'm good at punching things" sealing the deal and getting him a spot as a Lance Constable. Fast forward ten months and several horrible events later, he now works as an officer and detective within the Stormwind Watch.

In the summer of 622 P.C., Breen was approached by Edgar von Steelmane inside the Blue Recluse.  The two seemed to be disputing over something.  This escalated, and eventually, led to Kelbris getting shot and killed by Edgar.  His body was quickly removed and he was buried with Watch Honors in the Stormwind City Graveyard.


A Self-Portrait


Kelbris was four foot nine and weighed about 165 pounds. He basically looks like every other Dwarf in Stormwind, aside from his notably gorgeous beard.

He's actually a human now. And is less ugly.