Kelsea Rogers
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Redridge, Kingdom of Stormwind




Medical Intern
Emergency Physician


Unity Square, Boralus, Kul Tiras

Kelsea Beatrice Rogers (née Mendenhall) is a recruit in the Stormwind Army. Outside of the military, she is referred to as a junior physician due to her lack of clinical and real world experience.


It's easy to tell Kelsea from a crowd. She's largely the most beautiful one, even if she doesn't carry herself like it. Hardly haughty, and even humble most of the time, she would be both pleasant to look at and be around. Her face, rounded and soft, would keep a gently smile on it much of the time. Her hair is blonde, though sadly often put into a rushed ponytail.

It would be easy to call Kelsea a bombshell with how she looked. Large breasts, shapely hips, all tied together in a wonderful package. Many rather like how she looks, and would get a lot of compliments and "offers" based on it. While she generally likes the attention, it is not something that she depends on or lavishes in. While taking pride in her look, her priorities didn't lay there. If she put work into her look, she would likely be a true lady to be hounded over.

When it came to clothes, Kelsea certainly looked her status. Not destitute, but hardly middle class. Her everyday wear would consist of a green vest with a white undershirt, letting her have baggy sleeves to shade her arms from the sun and the heat. Her trousers were simply linen. A somewhat softer variety, but nonetheless something that anyone would happily upgrade. Lastly, her tightly tied boots would probably be the most expensive part of her outfit. Made from a fine, thick leather, they allowed her to trudge through the streets without much regard for water and filth.



"Never fall in love with a sailor."

Kelsea comes from the lands of Redridge, born in a small hamlet of about seventy people predominantly from the Mendenhall family. While not nobility, their land is subject to no ruler other than the king himself. They also host one of the only meaderies in the kingdom, though it isn't considered particularly high class. Their mead goes to supply taverns in Redridge and Elwynn, and a barrel even managing to find its way into some Stormwind taverns from time to time.

Kelsea herself was born to the main branch of the family and had been slated to become one of the brewers. This was something that Kelsea did not want to do. In helping deliver some of the kegs to Lakeshire, she would encounter a navy man by the name of John Tellos. Though young, Kelsea would be immediately smitten with the older man. Being ten years her senior, no one approved of their relationship. Absolutely no one, and rightfully so. However, they continued to see each other, not for their sinful desires, but out of a pure desire to know and see one another. Such meetings continued over the course of two years in private.

Turning eighteen, she would be the first to propose to the man. Her father and everyone in her family denied it. Still, they would make their way to Stormwind. With good timing, as John had been called to serve in the fourth war as a budding doctor-in-training. Though they would be apart, they would still elope in the cathedral, with the man taking the Mendenhall name. The next week, he would be deployed off to sea, leaving Kelsea alone in Stormwind to wait out his deployment.

However, John wouldn't return from deployment, with his ship having been lost at sea. The first sign of trouble was John's checks not being sent to her anymore, prompting her to press the Stormwind Admiralty for more information. A month later, she would be given a certificate of John's death, rendering her a widow. Having no applicable skills when coming to Stormwind, she swiftly found herself being evicted from their apartment. Following a brief stint as a barmaid, she swiftly found herself on the streets as a prostitute to make ends meet. Though she often made enough gold to be comfortable, the treatment from clients and the lack of support from her pimp often made her an anxious and emotional mess.

The Navy

"I didn't think it would be that hard."

While most would've probably stayed in the profession until their thirties, it would be little under a year since her eighteenth birthday that an opportunity would present itself. A man by the name of Godwyn Ladekahn would approach her, and noticing her plight, would offer her a position as a cadet within the Kul Tiras Navy. While having her reservations, she knew that she wasn't going to last much longer in the streets of Stormwind. She would accept the enlistment offer, and before long, she would be sent out to Boralus.

The first month was the hardest for her. Getting used to communal barracks life and learning to be a sailor wasn't all it was cracked up to be, and at times she would consider going AWOL. Though poverty was a strong motivator, and she kept herself just calm enough to continue with her service. In a little under a month, following the completion of her basic skills, she would've promoted to seaman, and with that, finally rated to be a corpsman. Albeit an apprentice.

Her time as a corpsman was one of growth and learning. Given that her late husband had been a corpsmen, she felt drawn to the profession in term. She took naturally to it. Between a caring attitude and her desire to make others proud, she advanced quickly through the rating, becoming a petty officer and full corpsman in a month's time. Following her promotion to petty officer, she had heard of the Admiralty Medical Direct Commissioning Program, something that would allow to become a commissioned officer and get training as a doctor following an intense training and clinical period. It required the permission of her commanding officer, the same man that recruited her into the service. He heartily agreed to it, and she was enrolled to the Proudmoore Academy's Medical School the next day.

The program would've been extremely demanding, having participants take both a full-time fleet workload, and then six to ten hours of classes and clinical work. Due to being an accelerated commissioning program to replace doctors lost during the Fourth War, the failure rate would've been high, with Kelsea close to the edge in some cases. Even during her deployment to Durotar, daily studying and correspondence with the academy was required on top of being the leading corpsman for the fleet at the time.

Between distinguishing herself during the Durotar deployment and her progress into the commissioning program, she would be promoted to Midshipman, a Kul Tiran officer-in-training.

Following the Durotar campaign, Kelsea would return to the fleet's home port in Boralus to continue her education and training. Being a midshipman, Kelsea would've been tasked with the leadership of the tenth's medical staff, with Dunstable Pryde being her primary support as she would climb up the ranks. In late June, she would pass both her officer's exam and the associated medical exam for her specialty, enabling her to be promoted and given a commission to lieutenant.

(To be finished.)

Military Service

Kelsea is currently a recruit in the Stormwind Army, with her specialty being that of a medical intern, allowing her to serve as a physician-in-training.

Time In Service

Rate Rating/Position Date Unit
Cadet Undesignated March 15, 40LC Fifth Fleet, KTN
Seaman Corpsman Apprentice April 5, 40LC Fifth Fleet, KTN
Petty Officer, Third Class Corpsman April 30, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Petty Officer, First Class Corpsman May 14, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Midshipman Medical Officer* May 28, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Passed Midshipman** Medical Officer June 15, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Lieutenant, junior grade Medical Officer July 03, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Lieutenant First Officer November 15, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Petty Officer, First Class Corpsman December 14, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Recruit Medical Intern January 25, 41LC First Regiment, SA
* Designated as a medical officer in training, with promotion pending completion of the commissioning program.

** Passed Midshipman is the provisional rank for a midshipman that has passed their lieutenant's exam, but have not accepted or been chosen for a commission.

Awards and Commendations

In order of precedence. Asterisks denote additional awards.

Award Ribbon (if any) Earned Unit
Gold Anchor Bronze Anchor Ribbon.png June 13, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Gilnean Star of Triumph Gilnean Star of Triumph Ribbon.png July 21, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN (Awarded by Gilneas)
Bronze Anchor Bronze Anchor Ribbon.png January 1, 41LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Kul Tiran Medical Cross Kul Tiran Medical Cross Ribbon.png July 23, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Kul Tiran Campaign Service Medal** Kul Tiran Campaign Service Medal Ribbon.png May 28, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Good Conduct Medal^ N/A July 24, 40LC Tenth Fleet, KTN
Marksmanship Award

(Rifle, Sharpshooter)

N/A April 7, 40LC Fifth Fleet, KTN

Navy Qualifications

Qualification Type Earned Unit
Literacy Generic Mid-March Fifth Fleet
First Aid Generic Mid-March Fifth Fleet
Basic Seamanship Generic March 29, 39LC Fifth Fleet
Rifle Familiarization Generic April 7, 39LC Fifth Fleet
Trauma Care I Medical April 29, 39LC Tenth Fleet
Clinic Management Medical May 18, 39LC Tenth Fleet
Pharmacy Science Medical June 16, 39LC Tenth Fleet
Surgical Techniques Medical June 25, 39LC Tenth Fleet


She was a participant in the Admiralty Medical Direct Commissioning Program, a fast-track program for corpsmen to get training as physician and fill in vacancies from the Fourth War. Under this program, she was rated as an Officer Candidate Under Instruction Third Class as she was technically attending the academy while on active duty, though is largely an administrative rank for the academy lists.

Kelsea took and passed her lieutenant's exam on June 15, 40LC.

Kelsea took and passed the Sick And Hurt Board Review on June 30, 40LC, becoming qualified to be a fleet physician. However, her commission is conditionally granted, and she must recertify the next year instead of every five years.

Kelsea, following being charged with a variety of crimes on December 11, 40LC, resigned her commission to avoid a lengthy investigation process. It is unlikely she will advance to leadership again in the near future. She pleaded guilty to no charges.

Resigning from the Kul Tiras Navy on Janurary 22, 41LC, Kelsea enlisted with the Stormwind Army First Regiment shortly after.

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