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The Kessler Estate is a large manor house built atop a sprawling catacomb. It serves as a base of operation for the Kessler family, a pair of criminal ringleaders aligned with Syndicate.

The House whom it belonged had two primary vassals; those of House Deichert, and House Gonzette.

History Edit

Lord Abel Kessler was an aggressive salesman whose enterprise was built atop real estate and property value. He was also an architect, though he was vain, and had no appreciation for historical landmarks. Abel planned to build his own wintry hideout for his retirement, and had found the perfect plot tucked above the Alterac Valley, near the peaks where he could watch from his tower overlooking the lands.

Kessler had grown callous as he grew older and even more cynical and rapacious, and did not take heed from those who warned him about the catacombs buried beneath that very plot. It was under that very snow where many soldiers who served the honorable General Hath had their bodies interred, but the lord was not a superstitious man. He believed the plain snow-dusted stone was unsightly, and would be better served as the foundation for a lofty manor.

Abel completed the construction of the Estate before the Second War. His wife bore him a son, though he was spiteful of Young Thirnas, having suspicion that he was not the true father of the boy. Lady Kessler grew distant from her husband, who was now feeling that he was being driven mad within the house, succumbing to the very superstition he initially shrugged away in favor his avarice.

Comeuppance came in the form the eventual sacking of Alterac, and the Silver Hand came knocking on his door. Knowing that Lord Kessler was in the pockets of the traitorous uprising, and was implicated in the assassination plot in Tyr's Hand, and thus was summarily executed.

Thirnas inherited the doomed estate afterwards.

Catacombs Edit

Janara Kessler, wife of Thirnas Kessler and ravenous warlock, saw not a haunted a crypt below the estate, but a trove of souls that she could harvest and offer to the Argus Wake. The cunning woman fuels her sinister machinations from within the sprawling catacombs.
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The dark halls beneath the manor teem with unrest.

The basement of the Kessler Estate is profoundly haunted, but not by its spirits; not anymore. It sprawls and yawns into a senseless spiral of corridors, both accommodating to traversal, yet mocking the very idea of being explored, for at parts, its halls were crushing, and its stairs were too narrow. They were also at times too wide, the halls stretching beyond the edge of sight, always a fraction away from a perceivable edge to a maddening degree. It was an architectural aberration that burrowed itself into the earth like a cavern, casting a flimsy gesture toward man-made conventions, only to defy it. It was, in essence, a tumorous mass, wrought of stone and mortar.

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