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Map of Khaz Modan

Khaz Modan, meaning "Mountains of Khaz'goroth" in Dwarven, is the mountainous subcontinent and mountain range that borders Azeroth and Lordaeron geographically and forms the central region of the Eastern Kingdoms. Held primarily by the dwarves, the Kingdoms of Ironforge, Gnomeregan, and the Empire of Thaurissan lie within its borders.


Khaz Modan is a rough, but not inhospitable land that alternates between high, snow capped mountain ranges, culminating upon the peaks of Dun Morogh, and grassy, wet valleys formed by the melting snow from the Mountains. Waters from these snow melts form into lakes and rivers that flow throughout northern Khaz Modan and bring a great abundance of flora to its lands. The low lying wetlands at sea level are the lowest portion of Khaz Modan and are filled with swamps and caverns.

South of Dun Morogh, the Mountain ranges give way to rocky badlands and dust filled crags which house the mesas and ranges of the Badlands region. Bordering the Badlands, Khaz Modan is dominated by the blast crater created by the eruption of Ragnaros into the world a mere three hundred years ago, drastically altering the subcontinents landscape. The southern boundary of Khaz Modan is marked by the impossibly high Blackrock Mountain. The volcanic Blackrock Mountain lies on the boarder between the Searing Gorge and the Burning Steppes, both of which are forever scarred into volcanic regions by Blackrock's creation. Blackrock Mountain is a part of the Khaz Modan mountain range, but it is not a natural geograpical feature.

Regions of Khaz Modan