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Kieran Firavel


Lord of Villanelle


Feloirus Firavel(Son)
Lynne Firavel(Bastard Daughter)
Eponine Firavel(Wife)
Lainnos Firavel(Junior)(Grandson)
Alana Firavel(Adopted Granddaughter)
Desarious Aradel(Nephew)

Past Affiliations

Kingdom of Quel'thalas

Kieran Firavel was an Elven Lord, politican and warrior. He died during The Scourge invasion of Quel'thalas. Kieran was not a well liked noble, infact he was often laughed at for his lack of political savvy and all around mediocre talents.


Kieran stood at six-foot-two, on the tall side for a Quel'dorei of his time. He had a somewhat bulky build due to his training with a great sword. His face was very angular with high cheekbones and a pointed chin; his hair a platinum blonde color, sometimes appearing to be pure white. He had thin lips, a longish nose, and was known to keep his eyebrows trimmed.


Kieran Firavel was a pompous, mean spirited, prideful and lustful man. Despite his pride and pomp, he was not wise nor strong and was often mocked openly. A combination of unwise investments and political mishaps by Kieran resulted in the near destruction of House Firavel. Since then the other nobles of Quel'thalas have looked down upon the Firavels.