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King's Cross
King's Cross.png
Awarded by the Kingdom of Stormwind


Service Medal


All Stormwind Military personnel

Awarded For

Being wounded as a direct result of combat with foreign or domestic combatants




Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Long Service Medal

Next (lower)

Physician's Medal

The King's Cross is a very common medal, awarded to any member of the Stormwind Military who is wounded as a direct result of combat with foreign or domestic combatants. Upon first award is the medal, and all sequential awards are anodized with a star upon the initial ribbon and clasp on the medal.

The medal itself is very basic and is a common award, it being awarded to countless soldiers since its inception.

The post nominal letters are 'KGC'; however, if a recipient has received more than one, they may stylize it as KGC# as a post-nominal (i.e. KGC3).

If a soldier is killed in action, their family is most often given a King's Cross unless the soldier's death warranted a more prestigious posthumous award.

Issue Two Three Four Five Six Seven
Medal KC2.png KC3.png KC4.png KC5.png KC6.png KC7.png
Ribbon KGCRibbon 2.png KGCRibbon 3.png KGCRibbon 4.png KGCRibbon 5.png KGCRibbon 6.png KGCRibbon 7.png
Issue Eight Nine Ten Eleven Twelve Thirteen
Medal KC8.png KC9.png KC10.png KC11.png KC12.png KC13.png
Ribbon KGCRibbon 8.png KGCRibbon 9.png KGCRibbon 10.png KGCRibbon 11.png KGCRibbon 12.png KGCRibbon 13.png