King Anduin Coronation Medal

King Anduin Coronation Medal


Awarded by the Kingdom of Stormwind


Jubilee Medal


All personnel

Awarded For

Service to the armed forces of Stormwind during the reign of His Majesty Anduin Wrynn


Currently Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

Meritorious Conduct Medal

Next (lower)

King Varian Reign Medal

The King Anduin Wrynn Coronation Jubilee Medal or simply the King Anduin Coronation Medal is a commemorative medal created in 627 K.C. to commemorate the succession of Anduin Llane Wrynn to King of Stormwind. This medal marks King Anduin Wrynn's rise to the throne after his father, King Varian Wrynn. As a result, the King Anduin Coronation Medal is ranked above the King Varian Reign Medal, which marks his reign as King before his death.

The medal was presented to all Kindom of Stormwind Military personnel serving during King Anduin's coronation period, with a distinction award given to a select few hundred officers and enlisted soldiers who have served Kindom of Stormwind outstandingly through military service. Since then, all new personnel are issued the medal and is usually a soldier's first medal.

Additionally, during this period, some recipients were also awarded Companionship and Knighthood to the Order of the Lion in recognition of the important event.


The medal sports a blue and gold ribbon with a silver medal attached below. On the obverse displays Kind Anduin's head, with the date and House of Wrynn heraldry on the reverse.

Distinction awards hold a bar across the medal's ribbon, and a small sword along the dress ribbon.

Distinctive Recipients

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