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King Varian Wrynn Jubilee Medal
Varian Reign Ribbon.png
Awarded by the Kingdom of Stormwind


Jubilee Medal


All Stormwind Military personnel

Awarded For

Service to the armed forces of Stormwind during the reign of His Majesty Varian Wrynn


No-longer Awarded

Order of Precedence

Next (higher)

King Anduin Coronation Medal

Next (lower)

King Varian Coronation Medal

The King Varian Wrynn Jubilee Medal, or simply the King Varian Reign Medal, was the commemorative medal awarded to all Stormwind Military personnel who had served during the reign of King Varian Wrynn. The award was issued following his death and celebrated the life and achievements of the late King. It was created in 627 K.C., upon the ascension of King Anduin Wrynn, who succeeded his father as King of Stormwind.

All currently serving military personnel were awarded this jubilee medal.

Like the coronation jubilee medals, a distinction variant was also issued and was awarded to several hundred members of the military who served the Kingdom honorably; often military advisers to the King and other notable military soldiers and commanders.

Additionally, during this period, some recipients were also awarded Companionship and Knighthood to the Order of the Lion in recognition of the important event.

It is ranked above the King Llane Reign Medal and King Varian Coronation Medal, while below the King Anduin Coronation Medal.