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The Kingdom of Lordaeron


By Blood and Honor

Head of State

HRH Madelynne I

Head of Government

HRH Madelynne I

Head of Legislature

HM Chancellor Asuryan Caernough




Common, Dwarven, Thalassian


Golden sovereign

The Kingdom of Lordaeron, also known as The Kingdom Restored by The Blood of Lordaeron and The Hand of the Light is a state occupying the great majority of the northern continent of the Eastern Kingdoms. It is bordered in the northeast by Quel'thelas and in the south by the Arathi Highlands and Wildhammer Hinterlands.

The mightiest of the old Arathorian Empire's successor states, Lordaeron has been for centuries a shining beacon of human culture and devotion. Following the opening of the Dark Portal and lamentable destruction of Stormwind by the unwashed, ravening masses of the Orcish Horde, Lordaeron stepped to the aid of its brother-laid-low, wielding the might of the seven kingdoms joined together in the Alliance of Lordaeron.

Though the kingdom itself was fragmented by the betrayal of Arthas Menethil, and its territories consumed in the main by the faction of undead known as The Forsaken, human remnants remained intransigent within the old borders of Lordaeron, chief amongst them the province of Blackmarsh. The then-Viscountess of Blackmarsh, Madelynne Albrecht, citing relation to the fallen king Terenas, took upon herself the burden of rule as Queen Madelynne I, beginning the unenviable yet Light-required task of reforging that which was broken, and driving the undead from the Lands of Peaceful Peoples forever.


The restored kingdom is centered upon the Lordaeronian province of Blackmarsh, a bastion of life that was fortunately spared many of the undead's ravages during the Third War. Geographically isolated, Blackmarsh forms a large triangle of land flanked on either side by wide rivers, therefore forcing all passage into the province to follow a single, narrow track known as The Grasp. The Grasp, and the greater region that share its name, are ruled from Stranglehold by the Romels. To the west and east of The Grasp lie Gravstone, the seat of House Graves, and the dismal, frostbitten lands known as The Dread, the seat of House Caernough of Dreadholme. While Blackmarsh was once rife with small fiefs and sworn bannerlords, recent actions by these lords against The Queen have seen their patents revoked, and the vast majority of land retaken as Crown Holdings.


Her Majesty The Queen stands as the supreme executive of Lordaeron, holding the authority to issue patents and acts of any measure or means that Her Majesty should deem required. The every-day governance of the Kingdom falls to Her Majesty's Lord High Chancellor, Asuryan Caernough, and the offices of the royal chancery. Within the chancery there exists a panel known colloquially as the Chancery Board, itself responsible for the drafting and publishing of all acts of government dictated by either The Queen or the Chancellor.

Though the Queen reigns over all Lordaeron as unquestioned sovereign, the governorship of individual fiefs is often left to the devices of their lord-paramount, so long as tithes are properly met and there reaches the ears of royal agents no stirring of discontent or rebellion.

Known Subjects

HM Chancellor Asuryan Caernough, Lord Dreadholme

Lord Danyl Graves of Gravestone

Sir Velgim Romel of Stranglehold

Lady Nonia Pendleton of Ebonloch

Lady Anais Coullet

Lord Andry Byrne, the Unconquered

Lady Alexandrene Bexley of Mustang Run.

Lord Nikephoros Coldsorrow

Lord Williert Stokeswood

Lord Caliginous

Lord Throstan Andro of Ravenwood

Lady Quinn Corvidane of the Rookery

Sir Aldaim Ward

Sir Rhoen Stormstead

Dame Catelynne Mallister, the Dragonslayer

Dame Genette Shiel

Lady Haela Harefoot

Lady Evaniel Evenflare

Lady Nirelei Nakai

Sir Arthur Renn

Lady Domnai Fane

Lord Orazio Garibald, of Eastfold

Lord Augustin Stondarr, of Blackwood

Sir P.G.T. Beauregard

Dame Kalvive Powers

Sir Kelvall Marshall

Sir Velenor Lightmane

Sir Delan Aiden

Sir Farnes Lyon, Blade of the Dawn

Sir Artairr Lockewood

Miss Ismati O'rah

Miss Seikriiti Korra

Miss Eventaria Forisi

Mister Isaelin Treebane, the Hero Peasant

Mister Alessandro Farnese

Mister Soult Bloodjoy

Mister G. Whizze

Miss Aluciya Blackwood