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Kisanas'aldor "Kin" Tor'shanvas
Knighthaven S. Neph'anis by Zakami.


Night Elf - Druid




Darkshore, Auberdine


Lord of Talah Zin Thera (Formerly)
Shan'do Knighthaven S. Neph'anis


Grand Alliance
Darnassus (Formerly)
Guardians of Kalimdor (Formerly)
Seventh Vanguard (Formerly)
Talah Zin Thera (Formerly)
Alu Dora (Formerly)
House of Neph'anis

Current Title(s):

Druid of the Talon (Formerly)
Druid of the Antler
Guardian of Hyjal
Druid of The Cenarion Circle
Master Druid of the Druids of the Antler
Master Druid Knighthaven S. Neph'anis


Con'Torenno Nelthal'anis
(Father, Alive)
Loriaraven Tor'Tonickella
(Mother, Deceased)
Ally Alana'Kai Neph'anis
(Mate, Alive)
Stellaria Neph'anis
(Daughter, Alive)


None or most are deceased


Returned, Alive

Knighthaven S. Neph'anis or Kisanas'aldor "Kin" Tor'shanvas. His new name that he founded, that he calls himself, and goes by is a Kaldorei Druid and actually, one of the few among the Druids of the Antler. He use to be a druid of his own totem and sector for until he sought to go back into training and taught himself to be a Druid of the Antler. Along with past time conflicts that Kin had to partake in by fighting and wording. He has became a different kaldorei and person, being much more easily settled and an elder; calm, quiet, collected, and more reposed than he has ever been since almost and nearly experiencing death once in his life with his daughter, Stellaria Neph'anis, himself. Kisanas'aldor Tor'shanvas does and has not resorted to an act of violence since then.. He neither, nor fights and words to say because of his daughter and this only fact, that he has not used his powers since the time of the Iron Horde and Draenor. He does and has placed effort into some other new work now. Treating the wounded or injured around Stormwind and formerly, Darnassus by only using herbs and magic. 

He previously use to work for three known orders; Guardians of KalimdorTalah Zin Thera, and Alu Dora. In fact, Kisanas had closely worked along side of the Night Elves of Guardians of Kalimdor for a great deal at one point in time, following the leadership of Lady Amÿthÿst Firesteel and Lord Thaldun Firesteel as an Commander up for until he felt that he should and had to resign from his duties of Guardians of Kalimdor.

By time of that Knighthaven Shan're'al Neph'anis had moved on and walked away from the night elven order of Guardians of Kalimdor and the people within. He had formed an order of his own and had became known as the LordKel'serador of Talah Zin Thera. It only was for a short time, that Kin stood with a strong footing and as a leader to the Night ElvesHighborneShen'dralar, and other races that enlisted, joined, or came to Talah Zin Thera for until he abandoned his kin in Ashenvale one night to save his daughter, Stella, from a deadly attack of Grelkin and Satyr. He had handed the order over to Hellìan Autumnheart. It actually was Hellìan that deprived him, took the order from him by guilt tripping and explaining the truth of things to him.

Kisanas has only, relatively, recently, returned to the city of Stormwind and spends much of his down time there in the city since after leaving people who wanted him to stay and be in (Teldrassil) Darnassus. Letting promises that he had made go, letting memories go, and letting many items that were inside of a pouch and that pouch itself, that reminded him of his past life and self go. It is completely unknown of how Knight or Kisanas is these days, months, and years now, but the sayings are that he is that hearted night elf carrying respect, loyalty, devotion, trust, and care for people again. Although, the past time conflicts and struggles that tested him had warped his mind and view, changed him after his daughter and himself almost, and nearly experienced death? It seems of that their stain has not lingered and remained. 

He is known by many names. NephKinHavenKisan, and or even Tor'shan.

Neph had made a final decision to take action of leaving the cities and the people of the Alliance behind to travel out into the world of Azeroth to find a place for where he could raise his daughter, Stellaria Neph'anis and live in peace without having to worry about fighting or battling endlessly, losing people, bloodshed, and war later though. He had searched and wanted a place for where young Stella could grow up in a purely Kaldorein environment since she had lost both of her real parents and would not have known what it was truly like to be Kaldorei by remaining in an orphanage in Stormwind. This also meant that Knighthaven Neph'anis would be leaving close people behind, but these people, these friends of which were made he had hoped for to live out the rest of their lives without him around to help them. They were, Myrak GraytornKyandra IcefireWainros NightlarkOmar Ravenheart, and Kanadros the Beastcaller.

Kisanas'aldor "Kin" Tor'shanvas had set out to travel from Stormwind to a peaceful place that he was not even sure existed on Azeroth's plains, but ironically found such a place deep within Mount Hyjal. Knighthaven and Stellaria Neph'anis have been hidden away from the rest of the world in Mount Hyjal ever since.. Till recently.

During the start of the Fourth War while (Teldrassil) Darnassus was on fire and the smoke actually could be seen from the upper regions of Kalimdor and from Mount Hyjal, Kin and Stella were visited by a Kul Tiran, Illine Dovalinn and a Kaldorei, Ally Alana'Kai Neph'anis. Illine was accompanying Ally to the House of Neph'anis to find them. Knighthaven had not known just as to how long that him and Stellaria have been living in Hyjal for.. At least for until, he saw the smoke from where he stood on his front porch and they came. This was Stella's first time seeing people since she was an toddler in the secluded Kaldorei lives that Kin had created for themselves. Because of this, Knighthaven S. Neph'anis figured of that her reaction to seeing Illine and Ally was going to go wrong.. It had, Stellaria Neph'anis was not told by her An'da that they were going to have company and thought of these two persons as an threat that came to invade their property. She raised her bow to the outlanders, pulled the string back, and released an arrow that missed. That struck Kin in the waist. It had been years spent in Mount Hyjal and Kisanas'aldor, with the help of being convinced came to the realization of that it was time to return to civilization where Stellaria could learn and grow further beyond of what he already has taught her.


Knighthaven S. Neph'anis and Stellaria Neph'anis hidden deep within Mount Hyjal.

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Early Life - The Path of a Druid

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Night Elf Village of Auberdine in Darkshore.

Loriaraven Tor'Tonickella and Con'Torenno Nelthal'anis sitting on the beach under Auberdine Village's Inn.

The Burning Crusade - The Demonic Cycle

Wrath of the Lich King - The Fallen King

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The Cataclysm - The Destroyer, Enlisting into the Blades of Greymane

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The Cataclysm - Second Sundering, Enlisting into La Rivoluzione, New Oceans

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Kin, Kin&Amy Meeting01.png

Kin, Kin&Amy Moonrise01.png

Mists of Pandaria - The Horde, New Oceans, Legacy of Zin-Azshari

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Kin Legacy04.png

Kin Legacy05.png

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Mists of Pandaria - Hell's Howl, Guardians of Kalimdor

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Mists of Pandaria - Hell's Fall, Talah Zin Thera

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Warlords of Draenor - The Iron Horde, Talah Zin Thera

Legion - The Demonic Attack, Mount Hyjal

Battle for Azeroth - The Horde Again, Teldrassil, Darkshore, War's Return


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