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The Citrine Eagle

Stormtalon Confederation · Order of Hath's Stand (Silver Hand, Clerics) · Icewing Brigade · Aerie Association · Snowcaps

Notable Organizations

C.A.W. · Citrine Medical · Specialists · Feathertouch Craftsmen · Howling Commandos

Notable Events

Ousting of Kormed Wolfheart · Tribunal: Kormed Wolfheart · Grand Jury of Alterac · Invasion of Tanaan · Assembly Dissolution · Voodoo Debacle · Knights of Perenolde Conflict · Broken Isles Expedition (Stormheim, Highmountain, Val'sharah) · The Granite Campaign · Battle of Briar Pass


Talongrab (Talongrab City, Talongrab Keep) · Bearlands · Owlhearth · Hath's Stand · Eagle's Perch · Kent

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The reference Knight of the Citrine Eagle is an honorary title for those sworn themselves to the Order of the Citrine Eagle, and have maintained and upheld its values. Distanced from any sort of rewards or ceremonies, the title is the highest honor a member of the Citrine Eagle is able to receive. This title is only distributed by the Matriarch of the Order at her discretion. The title itself has no set requirements or prerequisites, but is only offered to the most exemplary and loyal members of the Citrine Eagle -- or those who have demonstrated the ability to go above and beyond the call of duty. Presently, there is no one in possession of this title.
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