Kolrick an Dualach-laoch
Kolrick as Warlord.






The Gnarled Confederation


Warlord of the Gnarled Confederation




Gerand an Dualach-laoch (father, deceased)
Graftin an Friofacfi (brother, deceased)
Borin an Saorthit-abhainn (sister, deceased)
Geral an Saorthit-abhainn (brother)
Horic an Friofacfi (nephew)
Numerous Children



Kolrick, also known as the Godhunter, is the leader of the Gnarled Confederation. He was once claimed to be crowned the new leader of the Wickers in general, he was eventually put to the side as a general when the Wicker King was reborn. He now rules over the western portion of The Grip.

He is a bearish man, extremely tall and muscle bound, carrying around a massive blade that was once fit for an orcish raider as his weapon. Embroidered with the markings of his people, he has made the monstrous blade into his own personal weapon.

An enemy of several campaigns against the Blades, Kolrick took victory in The Grip by claiming the western half of it through duplicity. He has revived the Gnarled under his banner and has declared himself their Warlord, a singular leader rather than the clan’s three leader system. Under Kolrick, the Gnarled have made major use of the Horde technology and have allied with the remaining Forest Trolls in the area who were left behind after the Horde was defeated in the Grip.

Through this alliance, he has a better understanding of Horde tech, as well as having caused a cultural shift in his clans, as they have begun to accept Loa into their pantheon of gods, as well as use shamanistic practices.

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