Kora Deathwhisper
Kora Deathwhisper


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Lawful Evil


Koraline Evelia Undercomb née Eberhardt
December 17th, -16 L.C. (56)
Tirisfal glades achiev Tirisfal Glades, Lordaeron


She Who Death Follows


Tabard of the Ebon Blade Ebon Blade


Nathaniel Undercomb (Husband)
James Undercomb
Samantha Undercomb
Samael Undercomb III
Maylynn Undercomb
Theodore Undercomb


House of Eberhardt
House of Undercomb

House Crest:




Have you ever heard the saying ‘Vae Victis,’ Valythra? It is old Lordaeron for ‘suffering to the conquered,’ an apt saying for our view. The reason I didn’t wish to slaughter them all is because I wanted to revel in their suffering as they burned alive or as they watched their home burn to the ground. Do you understand? This is my way of feeding, and it is beautiful, is it not? There is a form of suffering in being conquered and driven from your home that comes from nowhere else. It is like a fine dessert that one only gets in a far away country, it is rare but awesome when it comes.

–Kora Deathwhisper to Valythra Bloodmoon after the Mirstone Massacre.

Kora Deathwhisper is an active Human Death Knight of Lordaeronian descent. Once an integral part of the Ebon Blade's involvement in Northrend, the Knight's soul was ripped from her body in a small battle against a paladin of the Argent Crusade in Northrend. Her body lay dormant in Northrend for several years until accidentally reawakened by Horde adventurers. She now wanders Azeroth, following the call of war in order to sate her innate hunger.

Originally a Paladin of the Silver Hand before its disbandment in the Third War, the Knight spent several years in the service of the Scarlet Crusade as a Captain until her untimely death at the hands of the Death Knights of Archerus during the beginning of their assault on New Avalon. Raised into undeath, the Knight's first foray was against The Argent Dawn at Light's Hope, where she and other Ebon Knights were subsequently freed from the Lich King's grasp.


Kora has long, fiery red hair that contrasts brightly with her dark Saronite armor and her cold, pale skin. It's clearly well taken care of, brushed and without knots, perhaps a sign that the woman is attempting to hold onto whatever is left of her humanity. The long locks frame a once pretty face that is now marred by dependent lividity, giving a hint to her position at her death, which continues at several places down her body. Her lips are somewhat dried and pale like the rest of her skin, and two, abnormally cold, blue eyes stare out from under her helmet or hood, like an eagle watching its prey. She has several piercings in her ear, her tragus, double helix, an industrial and three in her lobe.

The female's body is usually covered by her heavy, thick saronite armor, hiding her body shape, and any deformities. On the off chance, she is seen without it, the woman retains her muscle from her former life, hardened by years of exercise and martial training. She has a normal body fat percentage for a woman and otherwise seems like she was a regular human when living. A large, gnarly scar would be seen just above her left breast, if seen without armor, indicative of a penetrating wound from a large weapon, likely a sword. Several unholy, ice and blood runes run the course of her arms, legs and some upon her belly.

The saronite armor the Knight wears is similar to the armor others of her order wear, complete with a dark aura that compliments her own. It is heavy, and a few inches thick, allowing the Knight to withstand most physical blows from the average being. There are little to no openings in the armor, and what isn't covered by saronite plate is protected by a saronite chainmail, and underneath, a thin leather, and then thin linen clothing. It is clear that the armor is well taken care of, another hint that she is attempting to keep her humanity. It is fashioned in the likeness of old Lordaeronian Knight armor, most likely a homeage to her heritage, but tarnished black with saronite.

A single eerie runeblade hangs in its cold leather sheath on Koraline's back, producing a hollow and unnerving ring that vibrates and pulses every so often and when pulled from its scabbard. Those knowledgable in magic would understand this to be the frosty and deadly rune magics the Knight employs to fight her enemies. The weapon, similar to her armor, are kept in as pristine shape as possible, oiled and sharpened by hand and further so by the Knight's dark magic.


Kora is not outright rude, hateful, or spiteful and is seldomly straightforwardly hostile or aggressive. She is not outrightly open about her past, and will withhold information based on whether or not she deems it necessary to be known. She can be deceptive and outright lie about her allegiances, goals and desires in order to get what she wants and may dispose or kill those who have served their purpose or outlived their usefulness if able to lawfully. She is also known to provoke people she dislikes, so that she may rid them from her unlife and be protected by whatever law exists by way of "self defense". It is also extremely possible for her to backstab her aquaintances to get ahead in several various situations and within the law. She is cunning, keen and deceptive and will utilize any means to achieve her goals unless they present a possibility of her ending up in trouble.

However, she is extremely loyal and is still clinging to her ideals from life, bound by duty and her code of ethnics and honor as a knight. She acts upon an honor system easily likened to that of a twisted form of chivalry. A lack of fear, disgust for the light and its followers, love of her home country of Lordaeron, taking advantage of loose laws and weaknesses in her enemies, making war where it can be had, continuing to remain faithful and serve only herself, unwilling to help the weak, and so on. Her trust and loyalty is beyond difficult to earn, but once it is given, it is hardly taken away unless she is betrayed or lied to. She is also awfully prideful of her Lordaeronian heritage, often looking down upon the humans, dwarves, and elves of "weaker" kingdoms. She is particularly condescending, hateful even, if provoked, towards those of Gilnean descent.

Considered to be the stoic and silent type and most times described as cold and unfeeling, the Knight often doesn't have much to say and doesn't care much for politics or fighting with words, instead of allowing her swords and unnatural strength do the talking. The Knight usually appears aloof or distant and rarely shows any sort of expressions or emotions, save for extreme cases on occasion. She rarely gives her word and is always vague about agreements to aid or help if it doesn't directly benefit her, often only only agreeing in order to enjoy the conflict and suffering that may come from such events; as her only true loyalty lies with Lordaeron, herself, her blade and sating her hunger.

Adjectives used to describe Kora are as follows: Cunning, deceitful, keen, proud, stubborn, stoic, cold, heartless, aloof, loyal, dutiful, self-servient, evil, honorable, detached, quiet, strong, faithful, condescending, distrustful, opportunistic, unpredictable, patriotic.


Origins Edit

Kora was born into a wealthy family in Lordaeron City and lived a life of luxury as a Lady. Not one for fancy dresses and tea parties, the woman cared more for heavy armor, two-handed swords and the holy magic of the light in an attempt to prove she was just as strong as her older brother. Finding a place within the Silver Hand, the woman soon proved herself to her father, who granted her own little estate somewhere in northeastern Lordaeron, if only to rid himself of her incessant want to be equal to her brother, his only heir.

The Beginning of the Third WarEdit

Becoming a baroness was bittersweet for the Lady, who was now equal to her brother, but now tied to her land. Unable to continue her service with the Silver Hand, Koraline resigned herself to her estate and after hearing rumors of a new plague, began training her soldiers in the ways of the light as a precaution for the dark feeling that hung over Lordaeron.

As the plague spread in Lordaeron, cities began to succumb, and so did Kora's doubts and fears that they would be able to survive the coming storm. Soon, her feelings proved to be true, and an enemy force known as the Scourge appeared. Kora and the soldiers of her estate fought tooth and nail for their home, but eventually were overran and forced to abandon their homestead. Angry, depressed and frustrated over the loss of her home and the betrayal of several of her brother and sisters in the Silver Hand, the Paladin with nothing left in her name, returned to the Silver Hand, along with the few remaining paladins she had in her command. Regrouping within Hearthglen, the Paladin's negative emotions festered within her, and along with the failures of the Silver Hand and their leadership, she found her faith lacking in what remained of the Order. Hearing tales of a new ideology built on the desire to destroy every remnant of the Scourge from Lordaeron, Kora took what paladins of her estate she could and joined her fellow disgruntled paladins, forming the beginning of the Scarlet Crusade.

"The Darkest of Days" - A diary excerpt of Kora's, found within the Ruins of the Enclave.

A Scarlet Tabard: The Crusade Edit


Koraline just after the founding of the Scarlet Crusade, wielding Heartsteel and the Holy Light in her battle against the undead menance.

Finding her purpose once again in the Crusade, Kora dedicated herself to the eradication of all forms of undead. Still bearing the name of Eberhardt as her surname, the Paladin would soon find a reason to discard it. Her father, who'd head heard of the plague before it had spread, had moved their estate south to the Kingdom of Stormwind in order to protect their family, their power, and their holdings, leaving Kora to fend for herself. Receiving the news in the form of a written letter that did not contain her father's handwriting, the Crusader learned of his death from old age and her older brother's subsequent rise to power as head of the family.

In anguish over her father's death, the Crusader sent a letter in reply and told her brother of the loss of her estate by the Scourge, and her return to the Silver Hand, and then the Scarlet Crusade. Weeks went by before a response was given by courier, and in the end, the response only carried a few sentences. It spoke of how disappointed Samael was in her failures, and that he would never allow such a fanatic to carry the Eberhardt name, and thus stripped her of all her titles, rights and inheritance and cast her from the family. Now having truly lost everything the Paladin held dear, she had nowhere else to turn but the Crusade and dedicated herself to the Crusade and destruction of all things undead. However, in an act of spite, the woman dropped the name to carry only her husband's name as a memorial to his and their children's death and not due to her disowning.

Thanks to Kora's service as a Paladin-Knight in the order of the Silver Hand, she easily rose within the ranks of the Scarlet Crusade. Thanks to her natural inclination to lead and take charge and her obsessive loyal to the only family she had now, she eventually attained the rank of Knight-Captain, a humble position of leadership.

Kora living

A commissioned painting just after Koraline's promotion to Knight-Captain within the Scarlet Crusade.

A New Squire Edit


The Hand of the Unblinded Edit

During her time spent in the Monastery training her new squire, Kora would soon find herself in a part of crusaders, hunting a lone man, who was seen standing under a hanging, mutilated corpse. Finding the three the corpse was having in, the Knight cut the body down and set it ablaze with holy magics after find a few clues carved into the corpse. Assuming leadership, the Knight ordered those present to give chase after the man, who'd now fled. The party chased after him, only to find themselves surrounded by the undead, controlled by the lone man. Shouting an order for the group to ready themselves, they soon found themselves in battle against the undead and the cultist himself. Koraline's persistent leadership and orders kept the group together, and forged a new victory. With the man's ghouls dead, he sought to commit suicide by using death magic on himself. Ordering her fellow crusaders forward, they succeeded on stopping the man and taking him prisoner. With the battle won, the Knight ordered the prisoner be taken back to the monastery to be interrogated in order to learn more about where the rest of his sect was. During this time, Kora would find herself in a fight with one of her Scarlet brothers, eventually smashing him in the face and driving him off.

A Looming Shadow Edit


Koraline Undercomb surveys the Scourge necropolis and the battle raging just outside the Enclave.

A few years passed, and with the constant attacks on the Crusade and the whittling down of it's bastions and forces, Koraline found her faith in both the Crusade and the Holy Light waning. The woman found herself asking if their Crusade was so just and right, why had the Light seemingly abandoned them? Despite these doubts, the Knight still held on to her beliefs, that the Scourge was an evil that needed to be purged from Lordaeron, and that her home needed to be retaken and thus continued to put on a front of unwavering faith in both the Light and the Crusade, if only for her squire, Abelinde Hart. However, Koraline would find her faith and trust severely tested soon enough.

As the Scourge forces marched from Acherus, the Knight ordered her men to protect those who where retreating back to the relative safety of the Enclave's walls. Forming a shield wall at one of the Enclave's many gates, the Scarlet shieldbearers held back the tide of undead for several minutes before needing to be reinforced, and continued to turn the undead back with the Holy Light and the might of their steel. Their line was soon shattered by the appearance of frostwyrms and the Death Knights of Acherus. Koraline soon sounded the retreat in order to protect what Scarlets she had left within her regiment, thus abandoning the defense of the Enclave and allowing the Scourge in. Watching as the Death Knights slaughtered her men with ease, the Knight knew what she had to do. Turning to Abelinde, she tore her Knight Captain sigil from her cloak and gave it to the young paladin. Ordering her to abandon her side and flee to Tyr's Hand to warn them of the coming tide of undead, the Knight expressed her regrets on not being able to formally Knight the young squire, and granted her the title of Knight of the Scarlet Crusade.

The Death of Faith Edit

"Holy blessed Light, I plead that ye give me strength in this trying time. Bless mine sword, mine body and mine soul, allow me to turn the tide of undead just so that mine brethren may survive this invasion, so they may continue the Holy Crusade. Bless mine squire, empower her legs so that she may carry salvation to those who are unaware. Give her strength and courage to carry this Crusade on her shoulders, and for her to continue thusly: fervent, unyielding, and strongly. Lastly, I pray that ye look upon me with mercy if I am meant to pass from this life upon this day, that you carry me upon high with eagle’s wings and come to be within your blessed light forever and ever, amen."
- Koraline's Last Prayer from "The Death of Faith"
Encouraging the young Knight to go, Koraline would remain where she stood upon the bloodied battleground, eyes watching the young Abelinde Hart sprint over the hills with her sigil in hand. Waiting until Abelinde had disappeared from view, Koraline would turn to face the incoming group of Death Knights. Knowing this would be the last time she would draw breath, the woman would prepare herself mentally and emotionally for what was to come. Squeezing her eyes shut, the Scarlet Knight would pray a single, fervent prayer, pleading for the Light's aid one last time. As she finished, her sword ignited with holy flames, which rallied and caused a few shieldbearers and knights from her command to return to her side. With a short but sweet speech, Koraline would inspire the Scarlet Crusaders to meet their death head on, blades and shields raised high in defiance, after which they would charge.

Their resistance, as noble as it was, would ultimately prove futile in stopping the Scourge war machine from continuing to roll over the Scarlet Crusade. Watching as her fellow crusaders were cut down like weeds before a sickle, Koraline would do her best to continue to inspire them to attack, actually managing to land a blow on one of the Death Knights who besieged them. Her holy sword burning the tauren's flesh, Koraline would receive a devastating blow from the undead Tauren, knocking her helmet off and her to the ground. Ever the fiery spirit, Koraline would refuse to give up, even fighting with her knife until it would break, finally resorting to fist and foot. Unfortunately her fighting spirit would run dry as the Tauren Death Knight drove his runeblade through her body and tossed her aside like trash.

Hitting her head rather hard, Koraline would feel her lifeblood seep through her wound and her limbs growing numb and cold. She laid there, watching her comrades who charged with her die, unable to help. As her life left her body, she would stare into the sky one last time before slipping into Death's cold embrace.

The Birth of DeathwhisperEdit

Kora would then awaken on the dark, gloomy halls of Archerus, a feeling of conflict and hatred deep within her soul as if something wasn't right. Immediately clad in Saronite armor, given a runeblade and sent through several trials, the newly created Death Knight would find herself in service to the very thing she swore to destroy. Echoes of emotions past would poke through the cloudy haze that was the Knight's mind, only to be pushed away as she sought to serve her new master. The Assault on Light's Hope Chapel would be the first and the last time she used her powers for the Lich King. When her will was freed from Arthas, the knight would pledge herself to the Ebon Blade, picking a name from her past and taking up a new surname, becoming Kora Deathwhisper. Now fighting alongside those she may have once called enemies, the Knights of the Ebon Blade and the Argent Crusade turned their eyes to Northrend. There Kora would go, if only in search of the one thing this new shell longed for, the suffering of others.

The Northrend CampaignEdit

Now finding herself in Northrend for some time as the war raged on, the Knight would come across someone who was near and dear to her: a paladin, who was a part of her family. The man begged and pleaded for her to see what she was, to bring some humanity back to the hollow shell that was once Kora. Devoid of emotion, the Knight drew her runeblade and attacked the annoyance that was the Paladin. Begrudgingly, the man was forced to fight to defend himself, and the battle between family members ended in a draw, the human paladin dead and Kora's soul severed from her by the paladin's holy prayers.

The Awakening: A Cold Northern WindEdit

The Death Knight remained in this comatose state for several years until the end of the Legion's third invasion, where her body was stumbled upon by a group of adventurers from the Horde. Believing her to be Forsaken, they made the decision to remove the Paladin's sword from her body, breaking the prayer and reuniting the soul with a shell. Awakening and finding herself disoriented, the Knight pulled her runeblade from the decayed corpse of the paladin and rejoined the world.

Caring not for their success, the Knight elected to stay with the group of Horde adventurers, if only to state the burning desire within for the suffering of others. From the cold hard cold landscape of the Borean Tundra to the highest mountain in The Storm Peaks, and to deepest fjords in the Howling Fjords did they search and fight for the shards of an ancient portal key. Once reunited, the group ventured to Pandaria in search of an ancient titan keeper relic to destroy the key once and for all.

The Bite of WinterEdit

Taking the long journey by boat, the group of adventurers soon reached the tranquil land of Pandaria. Shrouded in the cold bite of winter, the group made landfall in the Jade Forest and began their search for the relic they would use to destroy the portal key. Finding an old Lorewalker, the group soon discovered a lead and set off on their way. Trekking through the lands of Pandaria, the group soon found themselves deep within the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, within an old Mogu tomb. Braving traps and ancient spirits, the group soon found what they were searching for: an ancient titan keeper relic, a hammer used to forge the greatest of Mogu weapons.

The Darkest NightEdit

Returning to Jade Forest, the group would find that their deepest fears had been realized. The village where they had deemed their base of operations had been attacked while they were gone and the reformed orb had been taken from under their noses, along with several of their companions. Questioning several of the Pandaren inhabitants of the village, the group learned that figures in dark robes and armor had attacked the village under the guise of night, killed many and took others and their orb. One of the villagers directed the group towards the mountains of Kun-lai Summit, and thus the group set off towards the mountains of Pandaria to prevent the opening of the portal. Arriving in Kun-lai Summit, the group would find the region shrouded in void magic, the sky darker than a moonless night. The hike up the mountain was long, difficult and fraught with battles and challenges and reaching the top of the mountain was a trial in and of itself.

Finally making their way to the top, they would be greeted with a grisly sight. The ritual had begun several hours ago, and the priests of the cult had made strides in opening the way for their Old God master. Realizing what cataclysm awaited should they allow the portal to open, the group charged in, determined to end the dark ritual. Fighting for what seemed like hours, the group finally made their way to the portal where the key was destroyed just as the Old God Hak'sakala began to pull himself through the portal. With its power source destroyed, the portal collapsed in on itself and exploded with enough force to level a good portion of the mountain, scattering the party and ending their quest. Finding herself all but broken, the Knight used what dark magic she had at her command to repair a broken bone and torn flesh, gathered her runeblade and left the mountain.

War of the ThornsEdit

"Blood on the Ground" - a short story by me, detailing Kora's actions in the War of the Thorns.

Returning to the Kingdom of Stormwind, the Knight would soon find herself in the culture of the Alliance once again. A startling change from what she was used to, the Knight wandered for several days until rumors of the Horde war machine reached her ears, and she turned her eyes towards the Home of the Night Elves, Kalimdor. Seeking only one thing, the Knight journeyed to Night Elven lands to sate the lusts that tormented her constantly.

The Knight would find herself deep within the heart of the War of Thorns, but not as a member of the Alliance there to aid the Kaldorei. The Knight came in order to sate the Hunger that was beginning to burn. It had been some time since the last battle she had with the Pilgrims, and her hunger was beginning to grow to be too much for the Knight. Finding her way to Kalimdor via the use of magics, the Knight would join the war at the furthest part of the Wildbend River, sweeping through Kaldorei and Horde alike, slaying whoever was unfortunate enough to be there. Raising the fallen to further continue the slaughter, the Knight would continue until her cravings were sated.

Remnant of LordaeronEdit

Returning from the War of the Thorns after the Burning of Teldrassil, the Knight would soon encounter the Remnant of Lordaeron. Seeing her countrymen attempting to rekindle what was left of Lordaeron struck a chord with the Knight, who offered her blade to Niklos of the Remnant.

Liberation of Dinas NarfonEdit

The Bridge of RhosyrEdit

With the group gathered, they set out toward the end of Rhosyr's Bridge. Immediately, Lorrin and Gaytheil noticed that the Forsaken guards seemed to be dozing off, very lax in their duty. With this knowledge, several ways of entering had been discussed. After several long minutes, they finally came to a decision: charging directly in. Colwyn went ahead to the lookout while the remaining group, including Kora, attacked the Forsaken along the bridge. A small group stayed behind for a time, planting bombs across the bridge.

The battle began immediately, the Forsaken on the bridge were swiftly and immediately defeated, the group then moved into the town. The party fought bravely against several battalions of Forsaken that moved in at the sound of the alarm, very few receiving wounds in the process.

Across the bridge, the bombs that had been planted begun going off. As the battle continued for several long minutes, the rest of the bombs continued going off, leaving the center to the land on the side of the town intact. The party continued fighting the remaining Forsaken within the town, ending with the Lieutenant who held out as long as possible.

With the Forsaken forces defeated, the Faoladh arrived to hold down Rhosyr. Rhosyr's liberation had come, the first in hopefully many victories to come.

The Attack on AberffawEdit

The night began with the volunteers and Faoladh making camp just below the incline toward Aberffraw. The weather changed from the rain and mist to snow. The Faoladh prepared for the upcoming battle as the volunteers caught up with one another and prepared themselves for battle. Syr Eddard called out for the group to follow Lord Lighthand's movement to begin the siege upon Dinas Narfon. As they neared the town, it was noticed that several bowman and footsoldiers where much more alert than the previous battle, and thus the battle begun.

The volunteers took quick work to jump in, while the Faoladh moved into the Forsaken Cavalry with a strong first blow. The Forsaken line was breaking and pushed back in a meek attempt. One by one the Forsaken calvary began to slowly fall to the Faoladh while the volunteers inside Aberffraw took down the guards and bowmen within. With the Seargent dead, even the Faoladh were victorious against the cavalry, Gaytheil removed the flag from the center of the town. The volunteer forces pulled off another victory and more forces began moving around the keep of Dinas Narfon in the distance.

The Siege of Dinas NarfonEdit

The evening started with the roar of the soldiers as they shouted 'For Lord Lighthand, for Caerfyrddin, and for the Cerniw we will prevail!' The energy along the camp grew and each soldier, volunteers included, climbed onto their mounts and began following into Syr Brandon. A large portion of Forsaken forces had formed up outside the walls. Seen in the distance, the Dread-Captain Mikhail stood, a rallying cry for the Dark Lady coming from the Forsaken under his command.

With this rallying cry, the Forsaken rushed forward and the battle for Dinas Norfan began.

The volunteers fought bravely alongside the cavalry and infantrymen, taking down the forsaken one by one, ending with 80 of the 108 infantry and cavalry that they rode in with. With Syr Brandon's words, the forces and volunteers headed for Dinas Narfon Keep. Upon arrival, they were greeted by Adeim himself, Lord Tier of Dina Narfon. Following him into the keep, they battled their way through until they reached the room the Dread-Captain resided.

The battle against Mikhail began. No waiting, no hesitation, those here to defend and reclaim the land went all in against the Dread-Captain. Swords and magic swirled about in fierce battle until he attempted to get away. Following Mikhail to the roof of the castle, they were met by two crossbowmen who stood in their way, attempted to help the Dread-Captain escape.

With one final statement from Mikhail, Adeim plunged his lightforged blade into the Forsaken's chest, watching the light fade from him as he fell to the ground. Adeim, although wounded, stood tall and turned to the warriors, lifting his sword as the signal the Liberation had come for Dinas Narfon.

Despite the win, the resistance took a heavy loss, losing more than half of their forces in the battle. This battle would mark the first time the Death Knight raised ghouls in front of others.

Departure from Remnant of LordaeronEdit

"A Hint of Humanity" - A short story by me, showcasing a side of Kora that is unheard of.

The Knight spent many seasons with the Remnant of Lordaeron, fighting beside them and overcoming many obstacles. However, their leader's words weighed heavily on the Knight's mind. With questions towards her loyalty to the Alliance and the Ebon Blade, along with some conflicting words about the Light and her soul, the Knight mulled over her options. Returning to Niklos, the Knight explained that she would not abandon the Ebon Blade to completely serve the Alliance and that she placed the Alliance last in her list of priorities due to her treatment by the people of the Alliance after being released from the Lich King's grasp. Continuing on, the Knight would explain that she did not believe that the Light was with her, and declared the higher power had abandoned her long before she died. Her decisions and words angered Niklos, who threatened her and insulted her.

Kora in her plain linen clothing, art by The Quincil

Refusing to lend her blade to the Remnant any longer, the Knight took her steed and headed towards Gaytheil's tower, where the two would prepare to travel south to aid the Wolfenhold.

Journey to Wolfen HillEdit

Gaytheil had introduced Kora to Dame Iorwyn nic Angelystor the night before, the two quickly hit it off and spoke for some time. Among the talks, Iorwyn mentioned both Kora and Gaytheil joining she and some of her Mynyw in riding a part of their lands called Wolfen Hills. Before them at the cave were several Kolbolds were ready to go, standing in a pack. After listening to Iorwyn speak with the head Kobold, they started aiding them away from the cave they were trapped in.

On the way through the Mynyw lands, a group of thieves stopped them. A rather dull interaction that quickly leads into a fight. Kora shined and quickly took out a few of the bandits, something Gaytheil believed was very much needed. Short minutes, it seemed, before the rest of the bandits began fleeing. Instead of running after them, Iorwyn took care of Goewynn who had been injured and the group moved on with the Kolbolds in tow.

It was a long walk through the land, much to Gaytheil's dismay. Suddenly, a Mynyw Shieldmaiden came out, attacking a Kobold. Iorwyn quickly spoke up, stating she and those with her were the wardens escorting the Kobolds. Enat, the Shieldmaiden, questioned this, a clear look of confusion across her features. Sheathing her sword, it came to be known that Irowyn was known around here.

One of the bandits Kora slew earlier that evening came up in conversation with the Mynyw. It seemed the Quel'dorei was abducted, and unfortunately met a grisly end at the hands of the Ebon Knight. A long talk ensued between the Rhyfellion, Enat and her people, and the Mynyw Kora and Gaytheil were assisting. However, the Kobolds and the Mynyw along with Kora and Gaytheil made camp for several hours, while Goewynn went to see the rites done over the Quel'dorei with the bandits.

The hours went by quick and once again they had to move. However, there was an immediate dilemma. Both the village and the Kobolds cave had been attacked and were set ablaze. Gaytheil offered the option to split up and it was taken. Kora and Iorwyn made way to the village while Gaytheil and Jeanne moved with the Kobolds.

Immediately upon arrival, they saw a bloody mess, including the Swinemen who assaulted the Kobolds cave. Some of the swinefolk swarmed the two, forcing Gaytheil into a melee. Forming a distortion wave around her person, she managed to fight back the two Pigmen. Not a moment too soon, Kora and Iorwyn showed up, immediately taking care of the Swinefolk attacking Gaytheil and Jeanne, the Wardrummer still standing behind the charging pigmen.

Damage was taken, there was no doubt about that, but soon enough the Wardrummer was slain. The Kobolds came out, offering treatment to the injured Mynyw. Rest was needed and rest they received for the night. Kora did not sleep that night, her mind weighing heavily with what happened prior to their journey here.

Soon after, the Knight had the displeasure of meeting Sanallelah Sunbringer via John Von Hastings. Immediately disliking the half elven woman for her bloodline and her ethnos, the Knight would pick and provoke the paladin, attempting to start a fight between the two. However, it was interrupted by John von Hastings, causing the Death Knight to grow bored of Sana and let her go, saving their initial battle for another time.

Time with the Wardens Edit

Having been charged with protection of the Blackwood after having dealt with the Swinemen and their Rot. Kora remained there for several months, wandering from one end of the forest to the other and back again. Slaying whatever bandit, traveler or witch she could find, the Knight truly didn't seek a balance within the Blackwood. Her only desire was to feed her hunger for pain, even going as far as to kill merchants and bodyguards under the guise of them being "bandits." Kora participated in several of the Wardens' battles in their attempt to retake their home, but only to serve herself and sate her hunger. There was never truly any desire to take the Wolfen Hills for the Wardens, only to keep it within a state of war and conflict as a permanent source to sate her hunger.

A Deeper Venture into Necromancy Edit

Wishing to further her knowledge of necromancy, the Knight soon ventured into the Plaguelands after life within the Wolfen Hills quieted down to seek the aid of the Onyx Rose Order and their necromancers. She spent several months within their Order, using them to her advantage and absorbing what knowledge she could from them and their texts, here is where she met Valythra Bloodmoon. Eventually the Knight found herself at an impasse with the order, refusing to pledge her life, her soul and her body to the order and their leader. Having found what she sought, the Knight abandoned them to their devices and returned to the Eastern Kingdoms to practice what she learned.

Departure from the Wolfenhold Edit

Having returned from the Plaguelands and the Order, Kora found herself growing bored with the Wolfen Hills and their lack of conflict and strife. These feelings festered for several moons, growing stronger with every passing day that she wasn't called from the Blackwood to ride to battle. Her frustrations and negative emotions would soon clash with the leader of the Wardens, Iorwyn nic Angelystor during a war meeting where her battle expertise were dismissed in favor of someone of less experience. Realizing her position as merely just a soldier, the Knight took her belongings and abandoned the Wardens to fight their own battles and journeyed North to seek to some unfinished business, ending her tenure as the Abbatoir.

A Chance Encounter Edit

While venturing outside of Stormwind, the Knight met Sanalellah Sunbringer on the road in Duskshire. Due to Kora's disdain for Paladins of any Order, she used her silver tongue to goad Sanalellah into attacking her. WIthout John present to dissuade them from fighting, Kora toyed with Sanallelah, leading to a battle that lasted for nearly half an hour. As the two opposing forces clashed, the Knight had the upper hand for most of the fight, injuring and wounding Sanalellah moderately. Deciding that she had her fill of strife to sate her hunger, the Knight would let the wounded Paladin escape without interference. This event cemented their mutual distaste and rivalry between the two.

A Longing for Home Edit

Journeying North on Valiant, the woman rode for some time until she reached the borders of Lordaeron. Cutting through the Western and Eastern Plaguelands, Kora soon arrived at the former shell of her estate, gifted to her by her father. There, perched upon Valiant for days on end, Kora stared at the ruins that were once so lively and active. It was unknown to the Knight how long she sat upon Valiant, staring at Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald.

Valiant soon tore Kora from her reverie, alerting her to a nearby presence. Calling out for the hidden one to show themselves, none other than Valythra Bloodmoon appeared and asked for Kora's aid in learning more of death magics, runecrafting and runeforging, and a request to carve more runes on her arms. The Knight would agree to do so, but only if the San'layn would return the favor and venture within Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald to seek the whereabouts of an ancient family sword, which had been taken by Kora from her father. The San'layn agreed and with Kora's directions, left her side to do as she was bidden. Kora remained upon the hill overlooking Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald, eyes watching the village and waiting for Valythra's return.

An hour went by before Kora saw evidence of Valythra's progress, which came in the form of a plume of sicken green smoke, from felfire. The Knight scoffed as the abandoned Scourge ghouls awakened and began to swarm. The Knight didn't truly expect Valythra to survive the encounter, but was surprised after a few hours later to see the woman appear, just as the sun began to set over the distant mountains, unscathed and with knowledge that the sword was still where it had been left.

A Lesson Taught Edit

Honoring her word, Kora extended a encased hand and aided Valythra in mounting Valiant. As she spurred the warhorse forward, the Knight finally told Valythra the truth. She could not directly teach Valythra runeforging and runecrafting, much to Valythra's dismay. But what she could do, was impart her knowledge of the two skills, allowing Valythra to do as she wanted with Kora's knowledge.

The two rode for hours to the northernmost reaches of Lordaeron, deep within the mountains was the runeforge they sought. Kora lead Valythra deep within the Scourge ziggurat and instructed her to lay on the altar. Here she carved the needed runes on Valythra's arms, connecting them on her chest. Afterwards, the Knight imparted her knowledge of runeforging and runecrafting into Valythra. Finishing the knowledge ritual, the Knight took Valythra to the runeforge, to guide her into creating her first runeblade.

Vae Victis, Suffering to the Conquered Edit

Main article: Mirstone Massacre

"The Mirstone Massacre" - A literary representation of the battle within Mirstone.

Eager to see what Valythra was now capable of, and feeling the beginning of hunger pangs, Kora suggested they pay a visit to Mirstone in the name of conquest. Naturally, the San'layn would agree to such an atrocity and the two would mount and journey south to the small village of Mirstone.

The village, despite it's high alert status from Valythra's earlier preyings, was meagerly defended by a ragtag group of village men and women. Most had never seen war before, let alone a fully armored and mounted Death Knight. Charging and breaching the village's gate was as simple as walking in. Charging full force through the gate, the first victim would fall, a young man, green and unexperienced in war. Many more would follow in his footsteps, falling beneath the Knight's runeblade and the San'layn's blood magic, until they were confronted by Sanalellah Sunbringer.

Sanalellah Sunbringer met Kora in battle a second time, bitter from her loss from their first encounter. The clashing of blades and opposing magics was a fury to be told throughout the ages. Light magic collided against Death and Frost, fighting each other just as the two riders did. Sanalellah, furious from Kora and Valythra's assault on Mirstone put up a valiant effort, refusing to bow to the might of Deathwhisper, but in the end was beaten as waves of ghouls rushed over her allies and Valythra slew what managed to survive the tide of undead. Chosing to live to fight another day, Sanalellah attempted to flee, but this time Kora refused to let her. After Valythra had been dismounted from Valiant by a worgen, Kora gave chase after her enemy. Kora would mortally wound Sanalellah's steed, nearly decapitating it with a single strike and dismounting Sana from her horse, determined to end it all.

With unholy fervor burning in her eyes, Kora sought to end Sana's life and take her head for a trophy. Stowing her blade and disembarking from Valiant, the Knight would draw a runedagger and straddle Sanalellah. Deciding to drag out her death as long as possible, Kora slipped the dagger into Sana's flank, piercing her kidney. Twisting the embedded blade, the Knight would remove it before slowly dragging it across Sana's throat. Nearly severing the musculature of Sana's neck, the Templar's execution would soon be stayed as one of Mirstone's worgen pounced on Kora, knocking her from Sana's back and allowing the Templar to escape.

After slaying the Worgen and the few who followed him, Kora returned to Mirstone to aid Valythra, killing the worgen who threatened to take her life. Having successfully won the battle and with Mirstone turnly conquered, Kora allowed Valythra to feed on a single human before setting the town to the torch to sate her own hunger. The two spoke on a cliffside overlooking the burning town for a while before Valythra left Kora via Death Gate, leaving the Knight to her devices.

“So bittersweet, this is. I almost wish you had gotten away, as I’d love to have bested you in combat again, if only to show you your weakness. Where is your Light now? Surely, I tell you, it has abandoned you to death. I said it comes for us all, did I not? I shall have your head as a trophy and it shall adorn my saddle until your skin rots and the birds pluck out your eyes and the maggots devour your tongue.”

- Kora Deathwhisper to Sanalellah Sunbringer.

A Gift Best Served Decayed, and A Blade Lent for War Edit

After Valythra's departure from the sacked town of Mirstone, Kora returned to the scene of Mirstone to remove Liza Brooks' head from her corpse. Angry over the fact that Sanalellah Sunbringer had escaped her clutches once again, the Knight thought it best to instill a terrible and fearful warning in the half elf's mind. Resorting to psychological warfare, Kora kept Liza Brooks' head in a sack for a week before meeting Maz Daerune of the Fallen Blades Company. After a few moments of speaking with the night elf about her company and their inclinations to serve as mercenaries, the Knight decided to lend her blade to them if only to procure a way of sating her hunger, if only Maz tell her where her where Sanalellah Sunbrunger was hiding.

After discovering the crusader's location, the Knight placed the head within a sealed box and sent it to Sanalellah in the chapel's infirmary. Remaining outside of the chapel, the Knight listened to the half elf scream in shock and terror as she opened the box. Kora didn't remain there for very long, her attention having been directed towards something else. A voice called out in her mind, asking her for aid and guiding her towards Westfall. The Knight honored their agreement, and lent her blade on several of the Company's missions, but eventually left due to conflicting desires.

Washed Ashore Edit

Wandering listlessly in the Southern Kingdoms, Kora was soon struck with an sudden call for help through one of her runes of communication. Riding Valiant as hard as she could, the Knight made it to Westfall within the hour. Searching along the beach, she'd eventually find what she was searching for. The cause of the beacon was none other than Valythra Bloodmoon, her accomplice in the Sacking of Mirstone . Dismounting from Valiant, the Knight approached and gently nudged Valythra with the toe of her boot to check her level of consciousness. Valythra remained unresponsive, but Kora could feel just a tinge of necromantic magic within the dead San'layn. Deciding to raise her once again, Kora summoned the dark energies she commanded and poured them into the inanimate Valythra, bringing her back to unlife once again.

Val found

Valythra is found by Kora Deathwhisper.

Awaking from her deathly slumber, Valythra was disoriented and lost. Having been thrown overboard in a naval battle, the San'layn had suffered a few crippling injuries and explained that she needed to feed to regain her strength and heal her injuries. Deciding to prey upon the vagrants of Westfall, Kora turned Valythra in the direction of an abandoned barn, where they found four thugs plotting to rob travellers. With Valythra feeding on two, and Kora ending the remaining two to prevent them from getting help, the San'layn began to heal her wounds. Agitated by the time it was taking for Valythra to heal "naturally", the Death Knight used her knowledge of blood magic to augment Valythra's healing rate. Valythra was grateful for the aid, but wished to return to the battle to aid Onyx Rose Order and their leader, and asked Kora to take her to the nearest graveyard. The two exchanged quite a few words over Valythra's decision, with Kora speaking down of the Order's unwillingness to come aid her. Despite this, Kora lead Valythra to the nearest graveyard.

The Squire of Blood Edit

Val knight

Valythra becomes Kora's squire and swears fealty to the Ebon Blade.

Just as Valythra opened a Death Gate to return to the naval battle, but was stopped by Kora's silver tongue. Explaining to Valythra how she was always beaten and injured, the Knight suggested that she become her squire and learn the ways of the Death Knight. Kora promised to teach Valythra equestrianism, the wearing of plate armor, combat with great swords and sword and shield, necromancy, death and frost magics and so on and so forth. Piquing the San'layn's interest and stoking her desire for power, Valythra closed the Death Gate to listen to Kora. After speaking for several minutes, the San'layn agreed to become Kora's squire and swore fealty to both her and the Ebon Blade, formerly becoming a Death Knight Initiate.

A Test of Ability Edit

Val train

Valythra trains to become a Death Knight under Kora's watchful eye.

After the oath, Kora opened a Death Gate to return to Archerus to formerly introduce the Ebon Hold to Valythra and to get her outfitted with the standard armaments of an Ebon Knight. Kora showed Valythra around the lower levels of the hold, explaining what everything was before giving her what they originally sought. Turning to the pit, the Death Knight tossed the San'layn into the arena and summoned a handful of ghouls to test what Valythra was made of. The San'layn struggled with the great sword, but was ultimately able to dispatch each ghoul before Kora leaped into the pit and swung at Valythra in order to teach her a lesson in being aware of her surroundings. Having completed what the Death Knight set out to do, Kora instructed Valythra to use her previously gifted knowledge of runeforging to engrave her training sword and then left the San'layn with instructions to get used to the weapon before their next training.
Kora and val

Valythra as Kora Deathwhisper's squire.

A Generous Reward Edit

Throughout their training, Kora remained ever watchful of Valythra Bloodmoon and her commited desire to train and grow in her skills with a sword, and in her use of death magics. Teaching her many cuts and techniques with the sword, the Knight groomed Valythra to become a true Ebon Knight.

Impressed by Valythra's determination to progress, Kora decided that Valythra would receive a reward. They traveled to the north of Gilneas, just beyond the Greymane Wall. Kora identified a courier mounted on a horse that would be passing along the road into Gilneas, and that Valythra was to kill the courier but leave the horse undamaged.

Valythra did as instructed, seducing the courier with her abilities of enthrallment before biting into his throat and draining him of his blood. Kora struck the horse down with a Death Coil, and the two left the courier's body behind while taking the body of the horse to a circle where life energy was concentrated. Valythra was instructed to create a circle of Death runes around the horse's body, before finally carving one more rune at the base of the horse's skull.

Val raising

Kora carefully instructs and guides Valythra Bloodmoon through the necromantic ritual required to raise an undead steed.

Channeling necromantic energies, Valythra began to reanimate the horse with Kora's assistance. With an incantation of the Scourge language, she poured the magic into the corpse and the horse was successfully reanimated, delivered to Acherus to be outfitted as a mount of a Death Knight should be.

A Hunt for Knowledge Edit

After training Valythra for several months, the Knight had already began to turn her cold eyes towards another goal. Never having forgotten the battle between her and the Argent Crusader that left her incapacitated, the Knight summoned Valythra to her once again on a cold, fall night within Acherus. Explaining the past, her battle with the Argent, and her subsequent pyrrhic victory, Kora told Valythra that they would be returning to Northrend for a quest that was twofold. The first part being they would see to the corpse of the Argent, a strange request from the Death Knight, and second, continue searching for an ancient Nerubian library that was hidden deep under the Temple City of En'kilah, where Kora was imprisoned. After Kora was finished explaining to her squire, the two departed to Northrend, using a Death Gate to do so.

A Familiar Bite Edit

Despite it being fall, winter had already descended on the northern part of the Borean Tundra. Appearing through their death gate, the two rode through a harsh blizzard towards the towering monstrosity that was En'kilah. Kora was oddly silent the entire way there, retracing the steps of old. Her memory lead them back into the western most spire, where there they found the desiccated corpse of the crusader Kora spoke of. The Knight remained still, standing there and watching for some time before handing Valythra her runeblade and approaching the corpse, where she knelt by its side and began to tend to him gingerly. The Knight was quiet for some time as she did so before she began to explain who this crusader was, her firstborn son - James Undercomb. She expressed anger and frustration over his path in life and what the Light had given him for his service, cementing the idea in her head that the Light only took and never gave. Valythra was oddly silent during this, keeping watch and listening to her mentor's orders to take the armor and place it in Valiant's saddlebags while Kora performed a funeral ritual.

A Bargain for Knowledge Edit

After the quick funeral for Kora's son, the two set off in search of what the Knight had originally came to the Temple City for during the War of the Lich. Using the tome she'd recovered from the cultists after her awakening, the Knight and her squire soon found the entrance to the library. An inactive waygate, used as a marker for a death gate. Instructing her squire to attempt opening the way, the two were quiet successful in doing so, opening the way to what they sought.

Deep within Azjol-Nerub lay an ancient library, full of knowledge from every imaginable place on Azeroth. Called The Library of Sitat'izar, the Knight and her squire were the first to enter in a very long time. Continuing forward, Kora and Valythra eventually reached the library's antechamber, where they met with the library's curator, Nu'araknara. Welcoming the Death Knight and the San'layn, the curator asked them their purpose in being here. Kora spoke first, explaining their reasoning for seeking this place out. She spoke of how she was in charge of a large swath of land, head of its protection and the protection of those who lived within. Kora told of how she was strong, but unable to

Library 2

Nu'araknara grants Kora and Valythra an audience.

protect the entire forest at once, pushing her to find more strength and power, which in turn lead her here to the library. The Knight requested aid on more advanced necromantic magics, such as the creation of greater undead constructs, soul magics, the creation of phylacteries, and the raising of frostwyrms. Nu'araknara agreed to help them, but explained if Kora wished to take the knowledge, then she would be subject to a bargain, a trade of one source of knowledge for another. The Knight agreed, quickly offering up two things: an old hearthstone, a gateway to an ancient library of knowledge from a small clan in the lands of Stromgarde and the tome that lead Kora to the library.

Clearly interested in the tome and the hearthstone, Nu'araknara accepted her offering and summoned her brood to search for the information Kora requested, bringing it to a pile of books and scrolls in the middle of the room. After searching through it, Kora grew impatient and asked the Nerubian for aid in finding what she needed. Nu'araknara did as asked, pulling out an ethereal tome for the Death Knight. She explained what it was, and the knowledge it contained and gave it to Kora as exchange for her tome and hearthstone. Valythra asked for a simple thing, a scrying orb, to which Kora gave her dagger to Nu'araknara as payment.

Finding what they came for, the two returned to Acherus via Death Gate. Kora instructed Valythra to take their horses to the smithy and drop the armor of the Argent there, and then freed her to do as she wished.

A Translation Needed Edit


Valythra retrieves her newly forged blade from the runeforge, and allows Kora to test it.

The next day, Kora summoned Valythra to the Heart of Acherus once again. Finding the Knight wearing a new set of armor and near the smithy, Kora turned and expressed her pride with the San'layn. Explaining the reason why she was summoned here, the Knight stepped aside to display Valythra's new gift: a set of armor and a new blade. Explaining that both were forged from the remnants of Kora's old armor, the Knight stepped aside for Valythra to inspect her new gifts.

After a moment, Kora instructed Valythra to finish the blade by engraving runes on the blade to prepare it for use. Doing so, the San'layn then transferred the energy from her practice blade, to her new one. Kora tested the practice runeblade to see if she succeeded, shattering the weapon into a million shards. Nodding her approval, the Knight instructed the San'layn to finish before they returned to the table, where Kora instructed her squire to remove her initiate armor. Kora then proceeded to help Valythra don her new armor, and granted her the position of apprentice.

Vallard armor

Kora observes Valythra testing her new armor.

After the two were finished donning Valythra's new armor, the Knight instructed the San'layn to use her illusion magic to appear as a Quel'dorei. Both journeyed to Stormwind in search of a warlock to translate the fel tome given to Kora by Nu'araknara. Searching through the city, the two looked for hours before coming across a warlock in a tavern. Kora approached her and asked for her aid in translating the book they received from Nu'araknara. The warlock agreed, and then led the two to a secluded place where she summoned a few demons for her protection and to aid in her translation. Much to Kora's chargrin, the warlock was only able to translate half of the book, leaving the raising of undead and frostwyrms undecipherable. Thanking her with some gold she'd received from her time with the Fallen Blades Company, the Death Knight continued their search, ultimately finding no one that could aid in the rest of the translation. Frustrated, the Knight ordered Valythra to set up a meeting with her friend to translate the rest of the book. Afterward, the two journeyed outside of Stormwind, deep into Elwynn Forest to sate her hunger upon a group of bandits.

Unfortunately, such a meeting wasn't set up, as Valythra disappeared a short time thereafter. Somewhat palacated by the fact her vampiric squire disappeared quite often, and displayed frustration with the Knight when accosted, the redheaded warrior decided to let her return on her own accord. During this time, the Knight studied the strange figures within, pondering what the strange, swirling characters could ever mean. Several weeks passed and soon Kora's irritation with her squire's disappearance grew greater, and she set out south from Lordaeron towards Stormwind to find some another path forward.

The Return to Mirstone Edit

On her journey south, Kora happened upon the ruins of Mirstone once more. Perching upon her horse, Knight and Steed stood upon a battlefield that had seen much more since her and Valythra's conquest. Rotten corpses of Worgen, warlocks and witches lay strewn upon the burnt and barren fields, tainted by fel and some torn apart by claws and teeth. Clearly familiar with the forces of Fel from her past, the Knight glanced down at her open eldritch tome and shut it with an audible thud before entering into the city, hopeful to find some remnant of whatever warlock coven had taken the ruined town as their home, just as it began to snow heavily.

It did not take long for the Knight to search some of the heavily tainted buildings, eventually finding the remnants of an unsent letter, penned with immaculate penmanship. Struggling the read the letter due to her dulled eyes, the Knight was able to make out a few words, speaking about a worgen attack, which was then joined by two paladins. The letter went on to talk about the coven's movement towards the northwest, towards Alterac. Folding the piece of paper, the Knight stuck it within her tome, and turned on her heel to exit the building, where she would mount Valiant and journey towards Alterac.

Kora spent days searching the countryside, prior to venturing up into the mountains. Eventually she would discover quite the putrid stench of sulfur and burning brimstone, even to her own dulled senses. Valiant whinnied angrily at the scent, but still obeyed his master's commands, and eventually bore her to a small ruined village, which was abandoned save for a old, hunched figure and his towering voidwalker, who spoke in a tongue alien to Kora. Kora addressed the warlock with a loud voice, telling him that she had come for aid and not to battle. Displaying the tome she had earned from the Library in Northrend, she explained what she wanted from the warlock: a full translation or the knowledge to read it, in exchange for a copy or the tome itself. The warlock agreed easily without coercion or intimidation, and then began to explain that it would take time to translate and that they needed to head south towards the Blasted Lands to find an altar of power. They agreed to travel separately towards the south, and with the gifting of a map to Kora, the two set off individually towards the Altar of Storms.

What Death Sought Edit

The journey towards the Altar of Storms took nearly a week of nonstop riding for the Knight to complete. Valiants hooves mercilessly beat the ground with no end in sight, his face twisted into a grimace of pure anger, faithfully carrying his master forward, wilting grass and plant life with every step. Eventually they would reach the Altar of Storms, and destined to wait quietly amongst the latent stones for the warlock. He would appear after some time, striding past Kora towards the Altar with a courteous nod towards her. He explained the process required to translate the tome, first by summoning an observer and binding it, then clearly instructed Kora to keep the tome out of sight; to which she did, by shoving it into one of Valiant's saddlebags.

Kora in her new armor outside on the Ebon Hold's battlements during the season's first snowfall.

The warlock took his time summoning the observer, not that it mattered much to the two. But once it was summoned and bound, the warlock explained what it was to do and the deal made long before their arrival. Kora, however, eager to gain the knowledge of lichdom, necromancy and higher power, offered the book to the observer, but was quickly turned away by the warlock who instructed patience. Annoyed, the Knight followed his instruction and remained quiet until the tome was magically drawn from her bags. Keeping her profane eyes upon the observer and the tome, she watched as he scribed and translated the tome at an unnatural speed. The two undead exchanged some small talk, mostly about Mirstone and its people, her reasoning for the sacking and of Sanalellah. Eventually the two fell quiet and resigned to watch the observer translate. Time passed as the two stood and stared, and soon the observer finished his work and exchanged the translated tome for the nathrezim one and vanished, leaving the two alone once again. With her original goal complete, the Knight turned to the warlock and asked for leads to two things; fonts of power and the location of dragon burial sites. Giving the answer to only one of her questions, the Knight asked for the warlock's name, to which he responded: Alastor Vallen. Kora thanked him and rode off, ending her search for knowledge.

An Unholy Creation Edit

"The Reaping" - Kora's first attempt at creating a Death Knight

Eager to test her newfound strength and knowledge, Kora recalled a memory of an acquaintance's death. Realizing this was the perfect opportunity to try her new abilities, the Knight journeyed to Stormwind to retrieve the body of John von Hastings. Here she would take his corpse from his resting place and journey north towards Lordaeron once again. Once there, she would find the location of a dormant Scourge Ziggurat, and would use the latent power there to fuel her ritual to bind John's soul to his corpse. She was successful, albeit barely, in attaching his soul to rotted corpse. He was imperfect, unable to use unholy magics and runecraft until Kora imparted her knowledge of such to him. Happy with her success, the woman would turn her attention to finding Valythra.

A Search for the Bloodied One Edit

Kora spent weeks searching all of Acherus and the Eastern Kingdoms for any sign of Valythra Bloodmoon, their runic connection severed by some sort of magic. Finding only rumors and pieces of information, the Knight began to grow frustrated with the lack of leads, but remained determined to find her squire, who had been missing for months. Deciding to combine her search for Valythra Bloodmoon and a location of a source of power, the Knight eventually found a Draenei who spoke about using the power of a Naaru to reach her goals. Interesting in pursuing this avenue towards her goals, the Knight instructed the Draenei to seek a book the alien spoke of and bring it back to her, gaining a possible lead on another of her goals.

Kora continued to search for leads on Valythra's whereabouts, scouring their last location together, Stormwind and the surrounding counties. Quickly coming across several wanted posters nailed to various posting boards and lamp posts, Kora tore one from it's perch. Her thin pink lips pressing together in slight irritation upon managing to read the words. It was a wanted poster for vampires, offering a lump some for proof of their deaths. Concerned that this may have been what happened to Valythra Bloodmoon, the redheaded woman took the poster and began to ask around the towns of Stormwind's kingdom, posing as someone who wished to rid Stormwind of the rogue undead. The Knight's deception soon paid off in Duskwood, as she learned of a group called the Ashen Knights, who may or may not be loosely connected to an order known as the Silverguard. Deciding this lead warranted further investigation, the Knight began to ask around Stormwind to how best to contact them. Learning of the location of their base through a random encounter in the streets, Kora used to deception once again to gain the trust of this stranger, who gave her directions back to Lordaeron, to a keep where the Silverguard stood proudly. Thanking them, the Knight quickly ended their life with her unholy magic, causing them to hemorrhage and die. They were later discovered, with the authorities falsely attributing their death to the presence of vampires.

Quickly abandoning the body, the Knight rode north as hard and as fast as Valiant could carry her. Taking several days of nonstop riding, the Knight followed the stranger's directions to the letter. As she drew closer towards the Silverguard's keep, a familar presence began to beckon to her. Valythra was indeed within the keep, but Kora could not pinpoint where exactly. Deciding it would be best to approach amicably, the Knight soon arrived at the Keep, showing her presence between the gates and the nearby forest, clearly in view. She sat there upon Valiant for what seemed like mere minutes before horns sounded and the gates opened, and out rode Lyraeni Sorrowsong. Posting as a harmless Ebon Knight, Kora appealed to her fellow Death Knight, explaining her reasoning why she was here. Appearing to reach Lyreani, the elven knight agreed to bring Kora's appeals before the Silverguard's council: the release of Valythra Bloodmoon to her, so that Kora may "execute" her for her crimes. Kora told Lyraeni that she would remain outside the gates to await their response before Lyraeni rode off to bring the council her message.

Kora did as she said she would, remaining outside the gates. It rained and snowed upon the frozen Knight, but yet she didn't move. Days upon days passed the Knight, and eventually the gates slowly swung open and out rode Lyraeni Sorrowsong once more. Kora stirred, opening her eyes as the Elven woman neared, her horse skidding to a stop. She brought news that the council had rejected Kora's demands, and that she was to leave their lands immediately. Kora remained silent, her visage under her saronite helmet twisted into a rare expression of extreme anger. Knowing full well that she couldn't lay seige to the Silverguard's keep by herself, she decided to antagonize Lyraeni. Provoking her fellow Death Knight to attack her, the two clashed blades for quite some time. While merely toying with Lyraeni, Kora eventually grew bored with her and brought their duel to a standstill. She swore that it would not be the last Lyraeni would see of her before riding away.

Angered that she had not been able to rescue Valythra, Kora rode south until she was a considerable distance away from the Silverguard's keep. Hopping off of Valiant, she opened a death gate to return to Acherus. Leading Valiant through the gate, the Knight would seek Ebon Knights from Acherus to join her in reclaiming her squire from the Silverguard and raising an army of the undead to join them. She swore that her sacking of Silverguard would be Mirstone a thousand times over, and that no one would be shown the same mercy as was afforded to the villagers of Mirstone.

The Bloodied One's Death Edit

Kora spent some time studying and using what knowledge she earned from her tome to practicing raising more undead. Most of which were uncontrollable thanks to her level of power, but yet they would still serve a purpose in the sacking of the Silverguard's keep. Taking what downtime she could afford to study her tome, the Knight was met with a powerful searing pain from the rune engraved within her hand, and then silence. Managing to shrug it off with, the Knight journeyed closer and reached out towards Valythra through her rune, she was met with nothing but silence, not even the barest hint like before. The Knight felt red hot anger course through her core, realizing that they had continue on with their plans and executed her squire. Seething with rage, the Knight swore that she would see those responsible to their grave.

Vengeance Well Planned Edit

Destined to continue her quest for power, the Knight spent many months training and reading her tome, memorizing every inch of text and every bit of knowledge from both her tome and the book brought by the Draenei. Practicing what rituals she could in Acherus, the woman prepared for the next phase, to search for a font of power, a winged mount, and to retrieve her father's lost sword from Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald. But first, the Knight would require aid, and more planning and research, and so she would head to Stormwind.

At some point, while heading to Stormwind, Kora would run into Garion Magnus upon the plains of Arathi using some sort of unknown magic. Piquing her interest, Kora would approach, only to find Garion using some sort of death magic to penetrate the barrier between the waking world and the Shadowlands, bringing forth an old Arathi spirit. Seeing this as a potental way of finding what she sought, Kora would "convince" him to try it again. Garion would do so, eventually breaking into the Shadowlands a second time, during which Kora would consume the spirit, testing her theory. Garion, rather shocked that Kora would do such a thing, was talked down by her explaining that it was a ripe opportunity for Garion to see her type of magic, to which Garion would agree.

A Friendship Forged Edit

During her time spent in Stormwind within the libraries, Kora would learn of a dragon named "Arkon, the Adamant" in passing via a tome over the history of the War of the Ancients. Piquing her interest, the Knight would spend weeks within Stormwind's various libraries, searching for any tidbits of information about him. Eventually growing frustrated with the lack of information, Kora would take a break from the library and walk along the streets. Finding herself in the Blue Recluse, the Knight would resign herself to a table and begin to read her tome.

After a few minutes of study, Kora would be interrupted by a fellow death knight, who had stopped to inquire about her tome and the reason behind why she seemed so irritated. Comforted by the fact that the stranger was a Death Knight, Kora began to speak, informing the stranger of what was causing her to be so irritated. Finally introducing himself as Edi Fogmoor, he would stop Kora in her story and asked her to follow him, in order to avoid any eavesdroppers. Kora obliged, following the male Death Knight out of the tavern and into a nearby ally where they could speak freely. Kora would explain the lost of Valythra Bloodmoon, and her unjust execution at the hands of the Silverguard. Edi, angered by the Silverguard's crimes in unjustly executing a fellow Death Knight, asked Kora what she had planned on doing in response.

Kora expressed that she wished to sack the Silverguard's keep so that they may understand the extent of her loss, but admitted that she knew that would be impossible in her current state, and so she began to tell him of her plans to grow in strength and power so that she may exact retribution upon the Silverguard for their crimes against her and the Ebon Blade. She explained to Edi that she needed to return to a location in her past and retrieve a sword to use as a focus for magic, which was the first step in her master plan. Alongside such, she would also need to raise an army of fellow knights and undead to serve as fodder against the Silverguard, while Kora herself hunted Lyraeni. Edi, surprised that Kora had thought through her plans so thoroughly, pledged that he would aid her in her quest, if she would have him. Kora accepted his help, but was interrupted by a passing Death Knight, who in turned asked about her murdered squire. After explaining her story once again, the passing Knight told her of another who would be interested in helping, to which Kora agreed and said she would get into contact with him. Edi also speak of a group of his friends who would be willing to aid Kora as well, to which Kora said she wished to meet, as she would accept any help.

An Arcane Lead Edit

Kora learns of Arkon

A chance meeting of a Gilnean mage named Nielora led Kora to learn more of a red dragon named Arkon the Adamant, whom she learned of in passing from a tome about the War of the Ancients.

During one of Kora's many breaks from searching for more history on a character named Arkon the Adamant, she would bump into a Gilnean magus by the name of Nielora, who would attract Kora's attention by the blue dragonscale bound tome she carried. Realizing it held the same sort of magic that Kora herself used, she would stop in her tracks and interrupt the current conversation to inquire about the dragonscale tome. Asking questions about the tome, Kora would finally pose the question on if Nielora knew anything about the Red Dragonflight, to which she would offer a few books on the subject.

Kora, moving to ask about them, would be interrupted by one of the group, a Pandaren merchant, who would offer what he knew for a few "favors". Without much of a lead, Kora would follow the Pandaren away from the group in order to hear his offer: a few of his enemies murdered in exchange for all his notes and books on the subject. Kora would grow insulted by the Pandaren insuation that she was a murderer for hire, and would threaten his life if he did not leave her sight. Grabbing his things, he would point Kora in the direction of one of Stormwind's past Kings, to which Kora dismissed and went off to find Nielora once more.

Discovering Nielora nearby one of the trees by the harbor, Kora would reveal what the Pandaren had asked of her in exchange for what he knew. Expressing her disgust, Kora would move on from that subject and explain to Nielora more about how she came to find out about Arkon, and that how difficult it was for the Ebon Knight to find any more information on the dragon, leaving Kora quite frustrated with the lack of info. Nielora would then reply that the Stormwind libraries would be unlikely to hold any books, scrolls or tomes on the subject of the Red Dragonflight, or the War of the Ancients due to being sacked by the orcs during the Second War, much to Kora's chagrin. Surprised by this information, Kora dismissed her lack of knowledge being in part of her being concerned with Lordaeron and her knighthood.

Eager to forget her blunder, Kora quickly moved on from her mistake to asking about what Nielora knew about the Red Dragonflight and what her notes had covered. After a few moments of speaking, Nielora would go on to explain that Arkon the Adamant was an ancient dragon born way before the War of the Ancients. Clearly piquing Kora's interest, the magus went on to explain that Arkon was a dragon of great renown and strength, having fought in the War of the Shifting Sands, and several different wars afterward. She spoke of how he had become subjugated during the period between the First and the Second War and then used as a Dragonmaw mount during the Second War, eventually leading to his death by a well placed spear after the Red Dragonflight was freed. Listening intently to Nielora as she spoke, Kora asked several questions after she was finished reciting her notes. Wishing to know exactly where Arkon was buried so that she may "pay her respects", Kora was asked to produce her map, on which Nielora marked the location of the burial site, somewhere within the Ruby Dragonshrine in Dragonblight. Thanking Nielora for her aid, Kora would stop to ask one more question: the location of fonts of power. Unfortunately, Nielora was unable to give Kora an exact location, but suggested she search in places blessed by life and places that had seen intense loss, death and suffering. Disappointed that she was given such a vague lead, Kora thanked Nielora for her help once more before asking her name and then going about her business.

A stranger aids Kora

Kora meets Talenia Rosehart, who offers her aid in finding who attacked her.

A Hidden Attacker Edit

Kora, now fully distracted by thoughts of Arkon the Adamant and her plans for the future, would find herself pacing the streets once more. Realizing she no longer needed to spend her in time in the Stormwind libraries, Kora began to consider how set in motion the plan to return to Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald to retrieve her father's sword, Morgenstern. Firstly needing to meet Edi's friends and enlist their help in retaking Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald and find a source of power to shatter the holy seals she set upon the sword so long ago, Kora would have a long, difficult road ahead of her.

Failing to pay attention to her surroundings, two loud cracks would tear through the air of Stormwind, shattering whatever peace there was. One bullet connected with Kora's knee, sending her to a kneeling position, and the other connected with her shoulder. Angry that she was attacked in such a cowardly way, Kora would stand and draw her runeblade in preparation to attack, but her attacker was no wheres to be seen. Approached by a random citizen, who would later introduce herself as Talenia Rosehart, an SI:7 agent, Kora would instruct her to find whomever attacked her and bring them before her. Talenia agreed, and set off to trace the origin of the round. It's possible that nothing will most likely come of this.

A Friendship Damaged Edit

Kora would soon run into Garion once more upon the streets of Stormwind afterward, speaking with some other towering human. Awaiting her turn to speak, Kora would begin conversing with Garion, knowing that he was well versed in knowledge and magic. Asking him for his aid in finding a source of power for her plans, Garion would grow to be curious about her reasonings for a need of such things. Electing to be truthful with Garion, as he had been helpful before, she explained her need for a power source to resurrect Arkonostrasz to serve as a siege weapon against the Silverguard and Kora's crusade to bring Lyraeni Sorrowsong to justice for her crimes and her rogue status.

Garion's allegiance to the Grand Alliance would make the mage grow nervous after Kora told the truth, on both accounts of raising a red dragon and sieging the Silverguard's keep, due to the implications of offending the Red Dragonflight and attacking an order of the Silver Covenant and the Grand Alliance. Urging Kora to reconsider her plans and her desire to hunt Lyraeni Sorrowsong for being a rogue Death Knight, Garion would refuse to aid her on account of him considering such actions to be high treason against the Alliance, an offence which came with a sentence of execution. The mage would plead with Kora to stop her crusade, and to let the Silverguard alone and move on. Kora grew angry with Garion's cowardice, but remained calm and cordial and told her magus friend that she had heard her words and would consider them at length. However, Kora resigned to continue her crusade, as she fully believe it was within her rights and duty as an Ebon Knight to seek vengeance for Valythra Bloodmoon's unjust execution.


The letter Kora mysteriously received in the mail, asking her to travel to Strahnbrad.

A New Companion: The Dominion Edit

Kora would return to researching and implementing her plans to grow in strength, spending much of her time within the various libraries in the Mage Quarter. While reading through a book over the history of the Scourge, Kora would be approached by a young human courier, who would nervously approach the Death Knight with a single letter. Curious about the letter, Kora would open it to read its contents, to which would explain that the mysterious sender knew that Kora would rather not let the unjust execution of Valythra go and would rather do something about it. Feeling that she may have been watched for some time, Kora immediately went to retrieve Valiant from the stables and set out for Strahnbrad as asked to in the letter.

Kora meets the Bloodmoon Dominion's liaison, Mastral within the ruins of Strahnbrad, Alterac.

Arriving in Strahnbrad some days later, the Knight would be met with the sight of the ruined town, just as a heavy rain began to fail upon her shoulders. Surveying the town with a condescending eye as she was always want to do when it came to lesser Kingdoms, Kora would be approached by a male San'layn from behind. Their exchange was short but tense, filled with several insults and jabs from both sides of the conversation, eventually the arrangement was discovered. The San'layn, named Mastral, was to accompany and aid Kora in her crusade against the The Silverguard, and in turn Kora would take Lyraeni Sorrowsong's head. Knowing full well that she could not hope to siege their keep by herself, Kora would reluctantly accept Mastral's offer. Mastral, asking if he were to return to his superiors with an answer of acceptance from the knight, would be instructed by Kora to do so. Teleporting out of sight with some sort of Arcane Magic, Kora would be left alone once again to return to Stormwind to meet with Edi Fogmoor and his friends.

The Cold Breath of Death Edit

Making it to Stormwind in four days of hard riding, the Knight would spend time near a lone fountain, studying her tome. Despite her inattention, the Knight would soon feel the presence of several undead beings. Looking up, she would be greeted by a trio of Knights: Tandarus Stillwater, Hjulbrek Giantsbane, and Rithule Ragefang. Previously having written to Stillwater, the male Knight sought out Kora, bringing his friends with him. Kora would make their acquaintance and go on to explain her history thus far from the squiring of Valythra Bloodmoon. Listening closely to her tell, the three Knights would grow in their combined anger, understanding Kora's reasoning for calling out for aid.

As one of the three, Hjulbrek, asked what Kora intended to do about it. The Knight would start to explain, but would be interrupted by an approaching guard. After dismissing the guard, Rithule Ragefang suggested that the group move somewhere more quiet. They all would agree and walk a short distance before picking up another woman by the name of Alyn. Arriving at their destination not soon after, Kora would delve into explaining her plans and her wishes on how best to seek her vengeance. After assuaging concerns and answering questions, the group would finally pledge their blades to Kora's cause, forming the group known as the Knights of Death's Embrace, a small group of Ebon Knights determined to seek retribution for their lost sister. The group would split until the first time they were called upon to mobilize.

A New Knight Tested Edit

Some time after their first meeting during Kora's final stages of planning and finalizing her attack upon Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald. Kora would be approached by Rithule Ragefang, bringing with him a rather newly raised Knight. Formally introduced as only Anka, Kora would do the same and introduce herself which would lead to a conversation between the three. Posing a question to the whereabouts of Anka's runeblade, the Knight was soon asked by Ragefang if she would be willing to test Anka's abilities. Kora accepted, and Ragefang would lead the two down to the Harbor of Stormwind where the training yard was.

As the two reached the place they were to spar, there would be rules to be set. Magic of all forms was welcomed, and both were to stand down if the other were disarmed or unable to continue. As the two accepted, first Kora would press the attack, putting Anka on the defensive. The two would clash for some time, Anka deftly avoiding the stronger and skilled Knight like a cat verses a boar until she would pull Kora towards her using a form of blood magic. Seeing the opportunity for a heavy strike, the Knight would halfsword and prepare to use the opportunity presented to finish Anka with a heavy strike with her pommel like she would a mace. However, the Knight would slip, accidentally impaling Anka with the sword, narrowly missing her heart.

Angry by the mistake, Ragefang would rush forward to check on Anka's wellbeing, resulting in a heated exchange between the three that would leave Anka storming off from their talk, and Ragefang with a few parting words before giving chase. Leaving Kora alone with Hjulberk, the redhead would take the time to express her concerns about Anka and the relationship between student and mentor.

The Embrace of Death Edit

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Return to Oldcastle-upon-Eastweald Edit

Theme: Allegri - Miserere mei, Dues

(To Be Continued....)


Friends and Acquaintances Edit

The Knight did not have many friends once she had joined the Remnant, and it remained so for a small amount of time until she met Gaytheil Sunstrike. The two became fast friends, and the Knight finally found someone to confide in. It wasn't until Brewfest, did their relationship strengthens as Gaytheil helped Kora choose a dress for the night. Here would mark the first living being to see the Knight outside of her armor, a vulnerable state for the redhead, and a piece of her humanity. Such a moment strengthened their friendship greatly, and Gaytheil invited the Knight to stay at her mansion, which Kora quickly agreed to. Currently, they have not seen each other in some time.

A friend from the Remnant of Lordaeron, John and Kora would become close. She would share with him her feelings on her past, and how she felt about the Light and of the Alliance. Finding a kindred spirit within him, Kora would come to call him friend. Eventually raising him into undead as a Knight of the Ebon Blade, and taking his horse to serve her in undeath. She has not seen this man in some time.

A newly turned San'layn that Kora met during her time in the Onyx Rose Order. The San'layn grew close to Kora, seeking her instruction in runes and death magic. Kora took pity on the San'layn and taught her how to charge runes and then harness the power within, along with the use of death magic. After a while, the Knight soon imparted her knowledge of runecrafting and runeforging to the elf, aiding her in creating her first runeblade. The two have a teacher/student relationship that Kora has no qualms with manipulating if need be. Valythra was Kora's squire.

A mage Kora would meet during her wanderings through the Eastern Kingdoms. The two would form a friendship through Garion's interest in learning more about Kora's unholy magics, to which Kora would oblige and allow him to observe. Despite Garion being a good aligned character, Kora has attempted to use him and his abilities to aid her in her quest for power, which has sometimes backfired upon the Knight. It is quite possible that this man will eventually become her enemy once he discovers her crimes, but for now he is a trusted friend.

Enemies Edit

A Paladin of the Silver Hand Kora had the displeasure of meeting after a meeting with John von Hastings. The Templar butted heads with the Death Knight over the raising of John, with their negative feelings towards another and help from Kora's goading turning their disdain for each other into a physical altercation which left Sana wounded. The two would meet again in Mirstone, where they would fight again, with Kora nearly taking Sana's life. Thus strengthening their hatred for one another and setting it in stone.

"Sana Sunbringer." Kora finally spoke, twirling her blade ito emphasize her distaste for the half elf. "You remind me of a venereal disease, of a boil. Annoying, irritating, burning and despised. As soon as I think you've been cured and done with, you come back, thinking you can stay and continue to fester. I think it is time for you to be cut out and cast away."

-Kora Deathwhisper to Sanalellah Sunbringer at their second meeting in Mirstone.

A Wolfcult born from Valythra Bloodmoon's preying on Mirstone, the fanatical cult was created as a way to ward the residents of Mirstone against undeath. Forcing others to join their cause, they were nearly routed when Kora and Valythra sacked the small town of Mirstone, killing many civilians and several of the wolfcult's members. After the massacre was over, the remnants took in the survivors, turning them and using their hatred of the two to turn them to their cause. The wolfcult named Kora "She-Who-Death-Follows" and her horse "He-Who-Seeks-Conflict", cementing her as a mythical figure and a Herald of Death and War, to be killed on sight.

A High Elf Death Knight Kora met while searching for Valythra, this elven woman served as her liason between the Ebon Blade and the Silverguard to negotiate Valythra's release. Lyraeni earned Kora's ire by being outright hostile and unfriendly towards her upon her return with the answer from the Silverguard concerning Valythra's realease. Doing what the Knight does best, Kora taunted Lyraeni until she openly attacked the Knight, forming another rivalry.

A friend from when Kora was living, Abelinde was Kora's squire during her time in service as a Knight of the Scarlet Crusade. Kora trained and taught Abelinde the art of swordmanship, including two handed swords, one handed swords and shields, maces and axes. She also imparted knowledge of equestrianism, jousting and mounted combat on battlefields. During the Scourge's attack on the Scarlet Enclave, Kora informally knighted Abelinde and sent her away with her Knight-Captain sigil to warn others of the coming attack, sacrificing herself so that the former could escape. Kora and Abelinde are both unaware either is still living, and the latter unaware of whom she hunts.


Greystone Edit

Kora's faithful steed in life, this warhorse served with her for decades. Raising it from a colt as a young girl in her father's estate, the Knight trained extensively with the beast, further growing their bond. This Horse served with Kora from her time in the Silver Hand before and through the Second War, through the Sacking of Lordaeron, The Third War, and her time in the Scarlet Crusade. Greystone was unfortunately killed in the Sacking of the Scarlet Enclave by a stray Scourge arrow. After her subsequent resurrection as a Death Knight, Kora returned to the Ruins of the Scarlet Enclave and resurrected Greystone to serve as her steed. He perished for the second and last time sometime after the Siege of Icecrown by a paladin of the Argent Crusade.

Frozen Steed Edit

An undead horse raised in Pandaria, the warhorse has seen many of Kora's battles since returning to the wakening world. It is completely mindless and bound to the Knight's will, only showing hints of instincts and behaviors from before it's death and resurrection. It is a white horse, whose skin is decaying in several places, most notably it's face, where it's lower part of it's skull shows. It wears a black saddle, and has no armor on it. Lost in one of the many battles in Arathi.

Valiant, He-Who-Seeks-Conflict Edit

Valiant is a large destrier of the Spanish-Norman breed, once gray in hide color, now paler than death itself. It's once lively brown eyes are now a unholy runic blue, caused by the unholy magic that powers its undead body. The horse's body is heavily muscled from years of hard riding and wearing of armor, due to it's use as a warhorse by it's previous owner, John Hastings, who gave the horse to Kora as compensation for agreeing to march on Quel'thalas. Slaying the Horse, the Knight raised it back into unlife where it will serve until Valiant's body breaks or Kora herself dies.

Valiant has grown a bit more aggressive and tempermental than he was before. Striking out at Kora's enemies with hooves, and biting those it cannot kick. He is a warhorse through and through, and his aggressive body language does a good job of telling you that. After the Mirstone Massacre, he earned the name "He-Who-Seeks-Conflict" due to the aggressive nature of the horse during the sacking of the city.

Deathwhisper Edit

Deathwhisper is Kora's runeblade, which has faithfully served her since it's creation in the halls of Acherus just after her resurrection as a Death Knight of the Ebon Blade. It never leaves her side, and seems to have a sort of sentience to it, clearly reacting to stimuli around it and to Kora's own emotions. Showcased by its signature wailing (which is often quite disorienting to the living), it often displays excitement at any sort of conflict, even showing emotion so far as anticipation, hunger, anger, and envy.

Arkon, The Decayed Edit

Once Arkon, The Adamant, this red dragon would survive throughout several of Azeroth's early wars, including the War of the Ancients, The War of the Shifting Sands, and the Second War. A stalwart defender of mortals and protector of the weak, Arkon would go on to perish at the First Battle of Grim Batol after being freed from his subjugation, due to his weakness from years of torment and hard riding as a slave of the Dragonmaw. Suffering a mortal wound from a lucky toss of an orcish spear, which pierced his dragonheart, he would earn a resting place within the Ruby Dragonshrine. He would soon be raised by Kora Deathwhisper after a daring assault upon the Ruby Dragonshrine, where she would give him the title of "The Decayed" as an insult to his legacy, making him become the antithesis for all he once stood for.

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