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Royal Chemist
Leader of the Gilnean Royal Alchemical Society


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Krennan Aranas is a famed Gilnean alchemist from the Gilnean Royal Alchemical Society and the Royal Chemist of the House of Greymane. Credited as one of "the most powerful alchemists in Gilneas, if not all of Azeroth" by King Genn Greymane, Aranas has not failed thus far to live up to his praise. Having devised the potion famous for saving Princess Tess Greymane's life as an infant and later the partial cure for the Curse of the Worgen by way of Mandrake essence, Aranas' accomplishments go far beyond just his work with the Royal family. Having written various texts and participated in many a research study, Aranas' name can be found attributed to various alchemical breakthroughs that have come through Gilnean society. He last led the Royal Chemists and resided in Darnassus following the invasion as the society recovered.

Aranas was unaccounted for during the evacuation of Teldrassil and his status following the War of the Thorns is unknown.

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