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The Kul Tiras House of Nobles is a body of men and women of noble birth from within the Kingdom of Kul Tiras who collectively form the governing body of the Kingdom under the direction of the House of Proudmoore. Many outside of the Assemblage of Houses derive their nobility not from their land, but from the number of ships they own and sail under the kingdom's banner.

Nobility of Kul Tiras

The Assemblage of Houses

Kul Tiras is ruled by four major houses known as "the Assemblage" that each controls a major aspect of the Kul Tiran political, religious and economic power.

Other Major Houses

Minor Houses

  • House of Carrickton, Lords of Carrickton.
  • House of Cordero, Dukes of Cordero Isles.
  • House of Laffitte, Viscounts of Havre.
  • House of Lanoux
  • House of Terenal
  • House of Lockwood
  • House of Marandus, Lords of Eldreave Keep.
  • House of Davenport, Baronesses of Davenport

Former Houses