Blood-Queen Lana'thel
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Blood-Queen Lana'thel




Undead Scourge
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Blood-Queen Lana'thel was the leader of the San'layn, a group of Kael'thas' greatest followers, raised in undeath by the Lich King and transformed into vampiric beings.


Much of Lana'thel's life is unknown but what is known is that she was friends with Thalorien Dawnseeker and she lived in relative peace until the Scourge came to Quel'Thalas. Following the destruction of Quel'Thalas, Prince Kael'thas Sunstrider returned from Dalaran and renamed his people the blood elves in honor of their murdered kin. As the blood elves began to regroup and rebuild, a battle-hardened Lana'thel stumbled upon Quel'Delar, the sword once wielded by her friend Thalorien.

After Kael'thas promoted Lor'themar Theron to Regent Lord of Quel'Thalas and ordered him to safeguard their people, he took a force of blood elves with him to aid the Alliance against the Scourge forces in Lordaeron. Lana'thel would be one of the countless blood elves under his command as a series of events led them to Outland, making Illidan Stormrage its new ruler, and then being sent to Icecrown to destroy the Lich King. Lana'thel readily followed her prince throughout all these dangerous adventures and was eager for revenge against the Scourge.

Service to the Scourge

However, in the icy hills of Northrend, Arthas ultimately defeated Illidan and Kael'thas, and the expedition's few survivors were scattered across the frozen wastes. One by one the Lich King sought out those who had challenged him and Lana'thel found herself cornered. Using Quel'Delar, she struck at him with all her might, but Frostmourne's evil powers overwhelmed her. Through his blade, the Lich King chose Lana'thel to serve him in undeath as blood-queen of the San'layn, a group responsible for overseeing the Scourge's operations across Azeroth.

Blood-Queen Lana'thel eagerly carried out her new duties, but every time she looked at her blade, maddening anger would swell within her as she remembered her former mortal life. She could not afford such distractions, and with a scream that echoed throughout Icecrown, she shattered Quel'Delar and flung the fractured pieces as far as she could.

Years later, however, the Argent Crusade took interest in the shattered blade just outside the Argent Tournament. As the Silver Covenant and the Sunreavers both tried to explore the blade's origins for their own interests, the attacks on Icecrown Citadel bore fruit with the retrieval of a curious hilt. The Covenant and the Sunreavers conspired against one another for a time over the hilt in question, until the true nature of the shattered blade was to be revealed.

Just then, Lana'thel herself made a rare appearance outside of Icecrown Citadel to reminisce about the blade, naming it: Quel'Delar. She took time to remember the history of the blade she had cast aside, and the sacrifices of her friend, Thalorien. However, out of spite she then cast a dark curse upon the blade, before returning to the Citadel. There, the Blood-Queen stayed, preparing for the return of her Blood Prince Council with the creation of the Darkfallen Orb. As the Ashen Verdict assaulted the Citadel, Lana'thel personally revived Keleseth, Valanar, and Taldaram to battle the invaders. They fell once more, however, and soon she herself perished to the Verdict's joined assault.


What became of Lana'thel's body is unknown. However, in the wake of her death and the conclusion of the siege on Icecrown Citadel, the San'layn effectively lost any semblance of a home or leadership. Her daughter, Thal'ena, remained in the captivity of the Kirin Tor before she was killed within the mages' prison. The last known leader of San'layn following Lana'thel's passing was a Prince, Dreven. Dreven had rallied a sizable gathering of San'layn to turn to the New Horde in lieu of Lana'thel's leadership. This, too, ultimately failed.

Lana'thel in the process of being raised by the Maw's dark magic.

Years after Lana'thel's death, however, she would make an unexpected return. With the shattering of the veil above Icecrown and the exposure of the Shadowlands, the Mawsworn descended from the gaping rift to wreak havoc upon the frozen north. To accomplish this, they began to raise old threats from the dead, crucial figures of the Scourge long since defeated. Among these risen allies was Lana'thel herself, unleashed upon the Argent Crusade once again.

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