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Lavernius Jur
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Lavernius Jur, during the adventures into the Shadowlands. Art by J.B. Van Harmontt


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Lavernius Jur is a druid, an Exile of the kaldorei people, and former ambassador between the Alliance and Horde.

Cast out from his own people for a terrible mistake, he was then discovered by the Alliance survivors during the Third War and acted as mediator between the Alliance, Horde, and kaldorei while they did battle against the Burning Legion. Seeing their unity in the face of overwhelming adversity inspired him to become an ambassador in order to unite both factions and improve their world.

Throughout the years and different conflicts, Jur has risen to the highest ranks, earning the respect of those on both factions in his quest to protect Azeroth and all its people as well as keep the peace between them. Having faced adversity from his own as well as the threat of demonic, undead, and Old God invasions, the druid has proven his dedication to his position and his cause, willing to put his life on the line if necessary. He has crossed paths with many groups, mutual parties cooperating reluctantly, out of necessity, or eagerly. Regardless, he knew how to get results.

Though, the events of the Fourth War have shaken his faith in peace between the factions to its core. After the defeat of N'Zoth, Jur struggled with a crisis of faith that ultimately culminated in him quitting his job and losing faith in the very people he once saved. Now, he has returned and ventured into the Shadowlands to aid in halting the villainous Jailer from unraveling the cycle of life and death.


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No one knows where Jur came from or who is family was, including Jur himself. His earliest memory was wandering around the gardens of Suramar as a child ten thousand years ago, where a young Malfurion Stormrage stumbled upon him. Sensing great prowess in the boy, he took him to Cenarius who believed he should be trained as a druid. As such, Malfurion trained him along with many others. Jur was mentored by Malfurion personally under Cenarius' tutelage with the assistance of his protege Fandral Staghelm. Jur found acceptance in his teacher Malfurion along with his twin brother Illidan Stormrage and Tyrande Whisperwind. The lot of them would form a sort of surrogate family in Jur's eyes, a relationship that would be strained and waver over time. Other kaldorei, such as Jarod Shadowsong and Shandris Feathermoon, let the young boy tag along in their youthful adventures.

Kaldorei children were rare on account of their race's longevity, meaning there was little incentive to maintain the population. As a result, few of them knew how to properly raise a child. Staghelm was quite disdainful and impatient with Jur as a child, vehemently against the idea that the druids should have to act as babysitters. Though Jur had the potential and showed progress, it was significantly slower than the adult druids. Staghelm was a harsh taskmaster and held the young boy to standards high beyond his limits, unforgiving and overbearing. Malfurion acted as his druidic teacher while Tyrande served as his schoolteacher, instilling in him a knowledge of history, religion, culture, and basic hobbies such as sewing. Illidan was encouraged by his brother to take an interest in the youth's development, and only at the request of Tyrande did he fully commit to the task. Illidan trained the boy in the art of melee combat, earning Jur a few bruised knees and arms several times. The kaldorei was tough but fair in his charge.

Initially, he found the boy to be a nuisance, greatly annoyed by being referred to as "Uncle Illidan." Even more agitating was his idolization of Malfurion, who Illidan harbored resentment towards for becoming a druid before he did. One day, Jur had wandered off by himself to make cloth dolls like Tyrande had taught him when two Highborne teenagers from the city had ventured out to the forests to gawk at the commoners. They stole Jur's supplies and dangled them tauntingly out of reach, earning one of them a kick in the knee. The two ruffians ended up giving Jur a black eye and kicked him repeatedly. The little boy cried in the bushes until being discovered by Illidan, sent to bring him in for lunch. The adult kaldorei tracked down the reckless youths and nearly beat them to death, warning them to return to the city and never come back. Illidan comforted the injured crying boy, genuine worry instilled in his heart. Malfurion and Tyrande were beyond outraged at the assault, and news of it spread fast through the community, furthering the social divide between the Highborne aristocratic elite and the lower class commoner kaldorei. Jur was sheltered closely and kept under a much stricter watch.

Years passed, and Jur would eventually enter his teenage years, which caused him to be more aloof, egocentric, entitled, and brooding as a result of his lack of a real family and sheltered upbringing. Rebelliousness had instilled its way within the kaldorei, causing him to sneak away to Zin'Azshari and Suramar City to investigate the lavish Highborne lifestyle and what about it drew Illidan away. While there, he met a young Highborne woman named Celestria Moondawn, who took a curious interest in the outsider. She became of one of his few friends and eventually the secret target of his affections.
+War of the Ancients

This section concerns content exclusive to the Warcraft novels or short stories.

The Highborne had brought the Burning Legion to the planet of Azeroth and would destroy it. The kaldorei were at war with the demonic invaders, fighting for their very existence. Everyone that could needed to fight. News had come that an army of demons was making its way through a valley that would leave them particularly vulnerable to attack. Jur argued with Malfurion that they should send a force to meet them on, but his teacher refused, having received a vision from the Emerald Dream of great death under fire if they proceeded. Jur felt contempt at his teacher’s reluctance. In an act of great defiance, Jur forged a document while Malfurion was away to give the army the go-ahead. By the time the document was discovered to be a fake, it was far too late.

Jur in the city of Zin'Azshari.

The kaldorei army clashed against the demons before the battle was interrupted by a young Neltharion. The great dragon flew over the valley and torched them all. Jur survived, but his actions brought great shame to the kaldorei people. After the Legion was defeated and the kaldorei were able to re-establish some sort of society, punishment was dispensed. Illidan's self-righteous act of negligence and egotism in his botched attempt to act as a double agent against the Legion and his desperate gambit to restore the Well of Eternity hurt the druid deeply as both actions had gone against everything Cenarius had taught them.
Staghelm and a greatly disgruntled Maiev Shadowsong demanded his execution, but Malfurion and Tyrande were more lenient. Jur was punished with exile, stripped of his status as a kaldorei, his name stricken from the history books, and banished from kaldorei lands indefinitely. He was provided a boat and told to sail across the ocean, never to return. Jur made camp in a cave under what would eventually become Dustwallow Marsh, preparing for his journey. Staghelm and Maiev were greatly dissatisfied with the decisions of Tyrande and Malfurion and would take it upon themselves to see justice be done. The both of them sent an order of priestesses to track him down and use their magics to entomb him in emeralds. A prison was built in secret and hidden away with druidic magic. The magic of the enchanted emeralds prevented him from the threats of starvation or dehydration, keeping him satiated and comatose while inside. They also magically decelerated his aging process. Within the stone walls he would remain, hidden away for ten thousand years. Many of the priestesses would go on to help form the Wardens.

The Return

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This section concerns content exclusive to Warcraft III or its expansion The Frozen Throne.
Jur was eventually freed by a young human named Jaina Proudmoore and the Alliance survivors, having been excavated in their search for gold and stone. The two learned much about one another’s cultures, forming a close respect. Jur stood shoulder to shoulder with other Alliance heroes such as the dwarf High Priest Rohan and the later legendary Halford Wyrmbane. Jur had been told about the barbaric Horde and the atrocities the orcs had committed, but his whole worldview was challenged when he encountered warchief Thrall by chance, hunting spiders in the Marsh in order to retrieve medical supplies for his Horde soldiers. He was surprised to learn that the tauren and trolls had allied with the Horde and even further surprised when Thrall shared with him the history of the orcs' homeworld Draenor, as recounted to him from the elders. Further troubling was how much Kalimdor had changed in ten thousand years, with hideous creatures such as harpies, centaur, and quillboar harassing and murdering everything.

Jur sat among these Horde races, meeting the likes of Varok Saurfang, Cairne Bloodhoof, and others. They told their history, and Jur did not see the monsters Jaina had described. He saw exiles, which struck a chord with him. At Stonetalon Mountain, where the Alliance and Horde did battle until being halted by the mysterious prophet later revealed to be Medivh, it was there that Jur helped facilitate cooperation between the two factions. Though Jur himself was distraught at the death of Cenarius at Grom Hellscream's hands, he possessed remarkable foresight and remained focused on the true enemy manipulating all of them, even as his heart ached for his fallen teacher. It all came together at the Battle of Mount Hyjal, where Jur stood alongside his former people and his newfound allies. Against overwhelming odds, Archimonde was defeated with the sacrifice of Nordrassil, and the Legion had been pushed back. The kaldorei entered talks with the Alliance to broker a union but only under the condition that Jur leave. The Exile briefly reunited with Celestria before leaving. Briefly had she fought alongside her kaldorei allies against the Legion, determined to redeem the disgrace the Highborne had endured. However, their reunion was shortlived, and the two reluctantly departed.

Jaina met with Jur on the outskirts of Hyjal. Not wanting to abandon the person that helped them, she pleaded for Jur to stay at Theramore in secret so that he help winning over the kaldorei. The Exile accepted graciously.

As time passed, Jur began to explore the new Kalimdor in secret, taking great care to hide himself from the kaldorei. By chance, he stumbled upon the Mok’Nathal beastmaster Rexxar, also a stranger to these lands. Strange human activity caught the attention of warchief Thrall, who requested that Rexxar and a shadow hunter Darkspear troll named Rokhan investigate. Hoping that negotiations could occur, Thrall asked for Jur to attend, which he agreed to. During their investigation, they encountered Cairne and the Pandaren brewmaster Chen Stormstout, who tagged alongside them. The Alliance began attacking the Horde, seemingly an act of betrayal. However, it was revealed that Admiral Daelin Proudmoore, father of Jaina, was behind it all and wished to engage in an act of ethnic cleansing to remove the orcs from Kalimdor. After the dust settled, the kaldorei came to investigate the commotion. With little time to spare, Jaina stowed Jur away on a boat and sailed back to the Eastern Kingdoms.

The Gathering Storm

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This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.
For four years, Jur studied the Alliance and Horde history, language, and culture, wanting to continue what he helped do during the Third War. He had been given the position of ambassador-in-training, undergoing an apprenticeship while he resided within Stormwind Keep under the instruction of Highlord Bolvar Fordragon. His tenure at the time consisted of doing odd jobs around Elwynn Forest and acting as a school tutor for the young Anduin Wrynn. The druid also endured a vigorous and brutal tenure under the gnome tinker Damascus Wrenchguard, who was grilling him intensely to train him properly in medicine. Jur enjoyed his work but also felt rather unfulfilled by it, yearning for something more but Bolvar kept him at arm's length. That all changed once he had been given the opportunity to head out to Westfall in order to investigate the current situation. Jur was shocked to find the Defias Brotherhood had been at work, terrorizing the local farmers, killing people, and extorting the populace. Even more offensive to him was that not only had the Stormwind Guard been neglecting the area as a whole but the Defias were formed after the Stonemasons had been disgraced by the House of Nobles. Edwin VanCleef had not been wholly undeserving of Jur's sympathy, but the unfair treatment of the poor under his anarchic rebellion was something he could not stand. After some lengthy legwork and hard labor between Westfall, Redridge, and Duskwood did the druid finally manage to make the charge into the Deadmines with others, eventually slaying the Defias Kingpin. Jur had offered the rogue a plea bargain in exchange for his surrender, but the man merely spat in his face. In a final act of defiance did Edwin taunt Jur with veiled knowledge of Varian Wrynn's location and a mole inside the House of Nobles before passing.

The rabbit hole deepened when Jur found a letter addressed to the city's architect, Baros Alexston. Initially, the man was distrusting of the Exile but opened up about his involvement after Jur volunteered to retrieve his lost compass. Alexston clued Jur in on more of the bad blood between the nobility and the Defias, informing Jur of one of VanCleef's associates within the Stockades by the name of Bazil Thredd. Thredd and his lackeys assaulted Jur and the others before he could be properly questioned, resulting in his execution. As thanks for helping deal with the issue inadvertently, the warden threw Jur a bone and informed him of a strange visitor Thredd had received. This news had Alexston send Jur to meet with the head of SI:7 itself, Master Mathias Shaw. The seasoned rogue had bee investigating internal affairs within Stormwind and had been tailing the visitor, revealing him to be an assassin under the employment of Lord Gregor Lescovar. Lescovar apparently had quite the rapport, with hidden ties to the Defias Brotherhood and suspected connection with the Twilight's Hammer. However, Lescovar was incredibly wealthy and powerful, and without enough proper evidence or testimonies, he was nigh untouchable. In order to see proper justice done, Jur was conscripted to assassinate the assassin and the noble. SI:7 set to work on the rest, and Jur was selected to publicly break the news of VanCleef's death to Bolvar and Lady Katrana Prestor. This incident put Jur in the public eye and earned him some major respect as well as a glowing letter of recommendation from Bolvar. The druid was also rewarded handsomely for presenting VanCleef's head. Humbled by the gold reward, it was ultimately something he could not accept and donated it to Alexston himself as penance for the Stonemasons' mistreatment. Baros Alexston was equally humbled by the display of humility on Jur's behalf, using the gold to help reform Westfall's infrastructure in order to aid the struggling populace. These incidents made Jur somewhat of a folk hero around Westfall.

Jur continued to do odd jobs around the surrounding areas and even as far north as Loch Modan and the Hillsbrad Foothills to further prove himself. He helped sack the Syndicate nobility, covertly help halt the developing of a new plague in the Arathi Highlands, and even bring an end to an infamous murderer known as Stalvan Mistmantle out in Duskwood. However, all these accomplishments did little to earn the interest of the higher ups. To become an official ambassador would require the vote of the entire Alliance leadership, which would prove to be difficult, especially with the kaldorei. He already had up, but he'd need more than small scale adventures to gain the others. The druid consulted with General Marcus Jonathan for some sort of life advice, but their conversation was interrupted by a courier with a message for Jur from none other than Katrana Prestor herself. The druid found it odd as she had always regarded him with disdain and annoyance during his tenure, but Marcus advised him to take the opportunity. She arranged a private meeting with him and informed the druid that she knew of his involvement in ending Lescovar and that he had not been the only corrupt noble acting within Stormwind's sphere of influence. Lady Prestor confirmed the suspicions of Lescovar's involvement with the Twilight's Hammer as well as that of another: a man named Lord Victor Nefarius.

He had been a former noble who had betrayed the Alliance for a pact with Rend Blackhand and his the Dark Horde atop Blackrock Mountain. Their allegiance would be dangerous for Stormwind, and Lady Prestor pinned the responsibility upon the Horde to take care of them - as well as not so subtly implying they were working together as well. Jur was sent to Orgrimmar to negotiate with Thrall and have him "clean up their mess" in her own words. Along the way, Lady Prestor had requested Jur stop by Darnassus to make use of some supplies she had requisitioned. Bolvar and Prestor penned him a seal of authorization to protect him in their lands and sent him off. Before he left, Damascus gave a backhanded congratulations for Jur's efforts, informing him that he was off to Theramore to train others in the art of the triage bandage. If Jur was up to the challenge, he would meet the gnome there.

A cold reunion between he, Staghelm, and Tyrande ensued, with the former being very disapproving of the choice of druidic leadership in Malfurion's absence. Thankfully, Mathrengyl Bearwalker had been a bit more accommodating to the Exile, offering the druid odd jobs to do around Teldrassil to assist in their plight. This earned some begrudging respect from the people and even a slight commendation from Tyrande, but Staghelm was much less accommodating and berated both Jur and his second-in-command for their actions. The Exile learned much about the status of the Cenarion Circle and that there was an apparent divide in the faction between Staghelm and Remulos. Jur ventured off for Darkshore and assisted the people of Auberdine here and there before leaving for his true intended purpose. Upon arriving in Orgrimmar, Thrall found himself offended at the Alliance's accusations and demands to fight overseas and leave their land unprotected. The kaldorei were quite vocal in their displeasure of the logging of Ashenvale Forest. The warchief refused to take direct responsibility for their actions but would not allow the Dark Horde to threaten the Alliance. Thus, he provided an alternative solution that would please both parties.

Jur standing in Stormwind.

Jur was given a great task by the warchief: to amass a strong party of heroes from all around Azeroth to unite and defeat the lord of Blackrock Spire. Such a display would not only improve relations between the Alliance and Horde but also earn Jur his position as an ambassador, according to the warchief. Willing to do whatever it took to prove himself, Jur accepted this charge with all that he was. As a gesture of good faith, Thrall pledge Rokhan to his service as a gesture of good faith. When asked about the sigil found by Lady Prestor, Thrall confirmed it as the mark of the Twilight's Hammer. With the reveal that the clan still lived and had a presence within Stormwind, the warchief was even further troubled.

For Jur to find allies, he would need to prove himself. The warchief offered the druid direction and informed him of an ongoing investigation in Dustwallow Marsh, where Horde involvement was suspected after the burning of the Shady Rest Inn. Thrall also recommended he head to the Barrens to search for able-bodied warriors at the Crossroads and Ratchet, as well as seek Rexxar out along the borders of Desolace and Feralas. Before Jur exited Grommash Hold, he was stopped by Vol'jin, and the two conversed for a while. The troll expressed dissatisfaction with the loss of the Echo Isles and the betrayal of Zalazane. The Darkspear chieftain recounted the tale of Hakkar the Soulflayer, troubled by rumors of a dark cult that had dedicated themselves to returning the wind serpent to the mortal world. As of yet, they were mere rumors, but the spirits told Vol'jin of bad happenings upon the horizon. To prove his dedication to assisting the Horde, Vol'jin asked Jur to meet with Yeh'kinya at Steamwheedle Port in Tanaris, who was investigating the sordid affair. To which, the Exile accepted. While on their way out of the city, the kaldorei and his troll companion stumbled upon a young tauren being bullied in a tavern by the name of Gamon. The warrior had a desperate desire to prove himself and begged to join them on their quest. Short on manpower and sensing a lot of heart, Jur agreed.

Upon arriving at the Crossroads, they were halted by the ravings of an angered orc blademaster named Mankrik. He had been separated from his wife Olgra after they were attacked by quillboars. Mankrik feared the worst, and Jur's discovery of his wife's body proved it. She was buried personally by her husband. Consumed by anger and grief, Mankrik requested that Jur and the others venture with him south to Razorfen Downs and Kraul to exact revenge upon the pigmen. The ground ran red with the blood of the fallen and severed tusks, but the blademaster felt no calm within his savage heart. He would have been content to wander the Barrens and slaughtering the quillboar until he dropped dead had it not been for the Exile's offer. Honor and protecting the Horde and Alliance meant little to the broken orc, but the promise of a good fight and death against a great foe seemed to rekindle some lost spark within the blademaster's eyes. Thus, he accepted.

The adventuring party stopped in Ratchet where they met a high elf by the name of Thalo'thas Brightsun, captain of the Thalo'dan Privateers. The sea captain had lost numerous ships and supplies to Northwatch Hold, who he claimed to have attacked him unprovoked. Jur found this difficult to believe as Northwatch flew under the banner of Theramore, and Jaina would never instigate an unprovoked attack. Gazlowe complained that Northwatch's hostility was bad for sea travel and was driving off business, and Ratchet was a crucial port town for Alliance and Horde alike. Jur resolved to investigate the matter personally but was turned away by the soldiers fervently despite all his protests. He was determined to get to the bottom of this mystery and betrayal.

Along the way to Dustwallow Marsh, Jur was halted by druidic disciples, who begged for him to help free their master Naralex from the Wailing Caverns. Naralex's former disciples had betrayed him, consumed by the madness of the Emerald Nightmare and becoming twisted Druids of the Fang. The noble druid was freed, and his fallen disciples killed. As thanks, Naralex taught him in the art of restoration and vowed to spread the word of his good deeds in the face of overwhelming controversy. Jur had found a copy of the Fang's writings and magical practices on one of the leaders' corpses. With it, he trained himself over time to learn of the serpent form, possessing a myriad of potent powers. But the form was dangerous in large doses, and it would be years before Jur could effectively master it.

The Horde adventurers waited far outside the entrance to Theramore, where Jur and Jaina had a warm reunion. The mage revealed to Jur that not all that flew under her banner were sympathetic to the Horde. Worse still, deserters had begun to spring up, stealing away supplies and causing dissent. Hearing about the trouble Northwatch was causing farther north caused great ire for the young woman. However, her hands were tied with the recent issues of ghost activity and black dragons farther to the south. In exchange for assisting Jaina in snuffing out the propaganda against her and quelling the black dragon population, she lent him the aid of her personal bodyguard Pained to assist him on his quest to defeat Victor Nefarius. The druid took up Damascus on his offer and practiced the triage bandage technique on the plethora of injured soldiers the marsh created. To the gnome's surprise, Jur passed with flying colors and earned genuine praise. The druid took a great risk in asking Damascus to join him on his quest. At first, the gnome merely mocked and taunted Jur for his delusional hero fantasy but took his offer regardless, secretly seeing something in him. The investigation into the Shady Rest Inn burning revealed the Grimtotem Tribe had been involved, with several Theramore deserters having collaborated to steal supplies. While Jur was helping fight the Grimtotem, Lieutenant Caldwell had the deserters executed, cleaned up, and close the case swiftly afterwards. More disturbing was that Jur learned others had been sent by Captain Garran Vimes to investigate only to disappear. Despite the story being spread that Jur had helped bring justice to Theramore, the druid couldn't help but feel something was still wrong. But with nothing to go on, he had no choice but to continue his journey.

The trek to Feralas led them group through the Stonetalon Mountains, an arduous journey as the Alliance and Horde were actively sabotaging one another. Venturing through Desolace proved just as difficult, in combination with the heat and the marauding centaur clans. Upon arriving in Feralas, Jur was halted by sentinels and escorted to Feathermoon Stronghold for questioning. The Exile's paperwork was all valid and verified, but the kaldorei were blinded by their vendetta to think properly. Jur was requested to speak with Shandris privately, and the two reunited warmly, voicing their mutual disdain over Staghelm's leadership. A revelation that had troubled Jur was the disappearance of Jarod, having not been seen for ten thousand years. The Sentinel general informed Jur that Rexxar was engaged in battle against the Gordunni clan within Dire Maul. The kaldorei were also dealing with naga attacks along the coast. Shandris requested Jur's aid as an old ally, offering a recommendation to Tyrande of his worthiness as an ambassador as an incentive. While exploring the ruins, Jur uncovered the Shen'dralar Highborne hiding deep within. They exchanged knowledge about the outside world and the ancient world between the War of the Ancients and the present. After dealing with the threats within Dire Maul, Rexxar was found accompanied by the orc blademaster Samuro. With two new allies to the raid group, Jur believed it was time to return to Ratchet. He attempted to recruit Captain Thalo'thas after informing him of the Northwatch situation, but the swashbuckler demanded an unreasonable amount of gold if they wished his services. Supplies were running low, and the port city of Booty Bay would be able to accommodate all of them. However, the city was being troubled by the Bloodsail Buccaneers, who were planning to assault and take over the city. The goblin Baron Revilgaz promised a great deal of gold to Jur and his allies if they assisted in taking down the pirate menace. Such an act of daring earned the respect of Captain Thalo'thas, who had come to the port city on shore leave. For the Exile's actions, the high elf pledged his service free of charge. Jur originally planned to take a quick detour to Ironforge to retrieve High Priest Rohan and return soon, but a letter with the seal of the Dark Lady herself caused a schedule change.

Upon arriving in Ironforge, Jur walked in the middle of an awkward argument between King Magni Bronzebeard and his daughter Moira. The latter voiced her disdain for her father's misogynistic views of her leadership skills, forcing a rift between the two with Rohan doing his best to mediate. The dwarf priest refused to accompany the Exile, opting to stay behind and look after the king's daughter despite her protests. Jur and Moira conversed, with the former encouraging the latter to get involved in the world's affairs and prove her father wrong. A piece of advice she would take that would ultimately spiral out of control.

Jur made his way to the remote Tirisfal Glades where Sylvanas Windrunner was awaiting an audience with him. Word of his campaign against the Dark Horde had reached her ears, and she offered the aid of her champion Nathanos Blightcaller if he aided her in a local matter. The Scarlet Crusade and the Scourge were escalating in force against one another, and her territory would be in the midst of it. Nathanos escorted the Exile into the Eastern Plaguelands, where they split up so that the former can run recon on Naxxramas. During his fight with the undead, Jur encountered an old hermit living within the plagued lands. After some menial fetch quests, the man trusted the Exile enough to reveal he was none other than Tirion Fordring himself. They exchanged tales of their history and of Jur's quest to stop Victor Nefarius. His son Taelan had joined the Scarlet Crusade, but the both of them convince him to abandon the bloodthirsty cause.

However, Grand Inquisitor Isillien does not take the insult lying down and promptly killed Tirion's son. Driven by righteous fury, the old man strikes the inquisitor down, resolving to reform the Silver Hand as a force of good instead of the corrupt abomination the Crusade had made it. Before that, he would accompany the Exile on his quest to stop Nefarius. The two were ambushed by a Scarlet Crusade regiment, who revealed that Nathanos had been captured and was being held prisoner within the Scarlet Monastery. Nathanos was being tortured within and was freed by the two adventurers. Combined, the three of them cut a swathe through the monastery before bringing High Inquisitor Sally Whitemane to her knees. Nathanos attempted to kill her but was interrupted by the other two, who resolved to let her live if she agreed to leave and never return. The woman begged for her life, to which the forsaken champion reluctantly agreed to. Whitemane fled the monastery with her life and a newly soiled part of undergarments. With the threat of the Scarlet Crusade squared away, Sylvanas could now directly focus on Naxxramas. True to her word, she pledged Nathanos to aid Jur in his quest.

While purchasing supplies in his incredibly brief stay in the Undercity, Jur overheard a rumor about a ghost in the Swamp of Sorrows looking for a champion to help regain his honor. Tirion was sent to Stormwind in order to see how much has changed in his exile while Nathanos was sent to retrieve the others and rendezvous at Bogpaddle. Sure enough, an orc ghost known as Trebor floated at the border between the Swamp and the Blasted Lands. A fierce dreadlord by the name of Razelikh the Defiler had tortured his allies in life, twisting their souls into horrific demons. The nathrezim had twisted spells in place that protected him and his thralls. The only person who could help topple the demon was a demon hunter living in Azshara known as Loramus Thalipedes. He knew of the dreadlord but doubted the druid and his allies had the capabilities to defeat him. After subjecting them to several trials, Loramus came around to believe in their strength and would join their cause to fight Victor Nefarius only if they could defeat Razelikh, to which they did. The party returned to the Blasted Lands while Jur ventured to Tanaris alone to honor his promise to Vol'jin.

While in Tanaris, Yeh'kinya revealed that the rumored cult Vol'jin mentioned was very much real, operating within the Sunken Temple of Atal'Hakkar. Long ago, Ysera of the Green Dragonflight had sunk the temple into the swamp and tasked her consort Eranikus and his closest followers to watch over it. However, the dragons were consumed by the Emerald Nightmare and descended into madness, allowing the Atal'ai tribe to continue its dark ritual to bring Hakkar back to the mortal world. Jur was given an egg to contain the essence of Hakkar and to bring it back to the troll. After defeating Razelikh, Jur and company sought to venture into the temple. They were stopped by a high elf hermit known as Itharius, who found their efforts to storm the temple to be crude and foolhardy. Yet, Jur was not deterred, willing to do whatever it took to stop Hakkar's return. Itharius approved of his resolve and revealed himself as a member of the green dragonflight. Long had he sought allies to help free his brothers, and Jur's raiding party seemed adequate. They cooperated together to trap Hakkar's essence and felled the cultists. When engaging in battle with the Shade of Eranikus, Jur was reached out to by none other than Malfurion. Because the druid had never entered the Dream, his connection to Malfurion was waning and faint. The archdruid warned that Eranikus could not be purified through conventional methods, his mind corrupted by mysterious beings known as the Old Gods. These eldritch horrors were behind the corruption of the Emerald Dream, and Eranikus could only be freed with Jur's help. Malfurion ordered him to seek the aid of Tyrande and Keeper Remulos but warned to be wary of Staghelm. When asked, the connection faded, and Jur was left with an apprehensiveness in his chest.

Jur had the egg sent back to Yeh'kinya while he infiltrated Moonglade in disguise. Remulos was quick to see through Jur's disguise and even quicker to protect him from the other kaldorei, albeit temporarily. Eranikus sought to kill Malfurion's mortal body, something that could not be allowed to pass. Remulos' plan to purify the dragon's mind is to pull him into Azeroth but at the risk of his death and the destruction of Moonglade itself. It was a risk Jur was willing to take. Itharius arrived with Jur's party in tow, offering to help defend the glade. Eranikus put up an incredible fight but was eventually purified by Tyrande and her squadron of priestesses. The green dragon apologized to the mortals and returns to the Dream in order to continue the fight against the Nightmare alongside Malfurion, Ysera, and Cenarius. Before leaving, Malfurion and Jur conversed, the tone ranging from warm to aloof. The archdruid worried for his beloved and his brother as well as for the Exile, a notion that Jur brushed off out of pride. Before Jur could ask him about Staghelm, the connection faded once more, and he was left with no answers. The mystery of Staghelm's involvement would not be solved until years later. Before Jur left, Remulos gave him an unusual green shard, asking him to deliver it to the bronze dragon Anachronos out in Tanaris when he possessed all three. Though uncertain as to what the keeper of the grove meant, he ultimately agreed. Remulos taught Jur in secret more druidic magic as thanks and to better his skills as a guardian of nature and subsequently Azeroth. Itharius thanked Jur for his aid and returned to watch over the Sunken Temple once more.

High Priest Rohan sent a letter for Jur, requesting his return to Ironforge immediately. The princess had taken Jur's advice and volunteered to aid the city of Lakeshire after Magistrate Solomon requested King Magni lend aid against the Blackrock orcs. She was captured by dark iron dwarves and brought to Shadowforge City, now at the mercy and extortion of Emperor Dagran Thaurissan. Magni offered his recommendation of full ambassador status if his raiding party could find a way to get her home and sent Rohan along as aid. Jur had absolutely no idea how he could infiltrate the city, instead focusing on the situation with Victor Nefarius for now. The raiding party stormed Blackrock Mountain and received aid from the red dragon Vaelastrasz in the fights against Rend Blackhand and General Drakkisath. Vaelan possessed a vendetta against Victor Nefarius and charged on ahead of the group against Jur's warning. They would encounter Vaelan again within Blackwing Lair, now a mind-controlled prisoner of Nefarius. Reluctantly, they were forced into battle and kill their former ally.

The deeper they proceeded into his lair, the more horrific the things they had to witness. Nefarius had captured and experimented on dragon whelplings and stitched together the corpses of drakes in a barbaric ritual. His research notes indicated he was attempting to construct something called the chromatic dragonflight. Even more disturbing were the letters stamped with the seal of the House of Nobles, showing Nefarius in frequent contact with someone under the alias Onyxia. Jur led the group to the top of Blackrock and confronted Nefarius upon his throne, who then proceeded to taunt him with how much he truly didn't know. The dark-skinned man transformed into a mighty black dragon, revealing that he was actually Nefarian, Son of Deathwing. After he disposed of the adventurers, Nefarian would destroy the other dragonflights and enslave the rest of Azeroth with his chromatic army. But such events would not come to pass as the dragon was defeated. Upon his corpse was a red shard just like the other he possessed. Jur returned to Stormwind to debrief Lady Prestor on the situation, who applauded his bravery and would encourage Bolvar to give his recommendation of true ambassador status. However, she also encouraged Jur to keep the details of Victor Nefarius' true nature quiet, as she would take over investigating the matter. The Exile agreed and then began focusing on retrieving Moira.
+Further Adventures in Azeroth
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This section concerns content exclusive to World of Warcraft.

Shadowforge City was not a place that could be easily infiltrated. Thus, Jur suggested the diplomatic solution. While High Priest Rohan supported this idea, he had little confidence in the dark iron's cooperation. Upon arriving at the front gate of the city, the party was surprised when they were allowed entry. A squad had come to escort them through the city and offer the hospitalities at the emperor's behest as gratitude for the defeat of Nefarian. They dined on the finest cuisine within the banquet hall, with Rohan reluctantly admitting the dark irons could brew ever better ale than the Bronzebeards. A dwarven prisoner named Kharan Mighthammer was being escorted back to the Blackrock Depths detention block and recognized Rohan. He implored them to free Moira from the city, claiming that Moira was being ensorcelled into submission. Jur was outraged by such a notion and demanded to see the emperor immediately. Upon arrival, he was greeted by the sight of Emperor Thaurissan and Moira sitting side by side. It had been the latter's idea to invite Jur into the city.
Jur and Rohan were relieved but also confused by her safety. When questioned about the ensorcelling, Moira indignantly denied the claims and that Thaurissan had been nothing but courteous to her. Though a prisoner, he had never harassed or hurt her. In fact, he treated her more of an equal than her father did. Moira had taken a proactive approach to the dark iron's problems, helping improve the city life. In celebration of Nefarian's defeat, the two planned to get married. Moira thanked Jur for his encouraging words from before, that her new life wouldn't exist without his kind words. Rohan nearly had a heart attack from this revelation. When asked if she would return to Ironforge, she flat out refused. Shadowforge City was her new home now, which proved greatly troubling to the dwarf and the kaldorei. Before the topic could be discussed in greater depth, the city found itself being attacked by fire elementals. The invasion was staved off, and Jur was informed of the greater forces at work within the mountain. Deep within the Molten Core resided an ancient fire elemental known as Ragnaros the Firelord, whose presence was a danger to all. The adventurers and the dark irons collaborated together to storm the core and fell the elemental lord.
After the Fire Lord was defeated in a momentous battle between the mortals and the elements, Moira and Thaurissan married in celebration of the dark iron's newfound freedom. High Priest Rohan reluctantly ordained the wedding out of loyalty to Moira. Jur was unable to bring himself to end Moira's happiness and resolved to let her stay. He had no desire to fight his way out of Blackrock against a dwarven army and a heartbroken princess turned empress. As thanks, Moira wrote a letter to her father detailing Jur's triumphs against Nefarian and Ragnaros, requesting that he recommend Jur for full ambassador status despite not bringing her home. Upon return to Ironforge, King Magni was both outraged and distraught over the letter. Jur nervously attempted to talk the king down with Rohan's aid, but Magni was too upset at the actions of his daughter. Though, he did commend the Exile on a job well done with defeating both a black dragon and a fire lord. Moira always had a way of getting what she wanted, and it seemed to work as Magni offered his recommendation as gratitude. Though, he was still greatly unhappy about his daughter's absence and worked to formulate his own plan to get her back.
The Zandalar Tribe arrived on Yojamba Isle off the coast of Stranglethorn Vale, leading a campaign against the city of Zul'Gurub. Hakkar the Soulflayer had returned to the world of Azeroth despite Jur's efforts. Yeh'kinya had actually been working with the Atal'ai tribe and had tricked Jur into doing his bidding. The dreaded loa was defeated, and his heart destroyed by the Zandalari.
An ancient force had begun stirring out in the deserts of Silithus, which had been making the lives of the Cenarion Circle force stationed there rather difficult. The qiraji forces that had been sealed behind the great Scarab Wall that had been erected during the War of the Shifting Sands were now pouring out of Ahn'Qiraj. Saurfang formed a joint Alliance-Horde army known as the Might of Kalimdor to fund the war effort against this ancient menace and prevent them from steamrolling the mortal races. The only way to stop the swarm was to reenter the city, but the ancient Scepter of the Shifting Sands used to open the gate had been destroyed, its pieces lost to time. Anachronos reached out to Jur and sought an audience with him, as he was unknowingly in possession of two of the scepter shards. The third piece was in possession of his blue compatriot Azuregos out in Azshara. But his task would not be so simple, as he would have to defeat a vicious shark and cut it open, learn Draconic, and obtain a five-hundred pound chicken. After a long and arduous journey across the continents, the adventurers could finally storm the gates. Deep inside, they stood against the ancient eldritch horror C'Thun, who wished to spread his madness across the globe. Against all odds, the adventurers defeated the mad being. The Second War of the Shifting Sands had drawn to a close, and both factions grew a little closer that day. Jur breathed a contented sigh and, in the wake of a quieted down Azeroth, left to wander the lands.
The Forsaken and the Argent Dawn began pushing heavily against Naxxramas in an attempt to liberate the Plaguelands. Rarely one to settle for a dull moment, Jur was there alongside many others of the Alliance and Horde to defeat Kel'Thuzad. The lich fell, and his phylactery was delivered to Father Inigo Montoy, who vowed to place it into the hands of the Argent Dawn. Such a delivery never occurred.
The bronze dragon Chronormu assisted Jur in cleansing the tortured spirits of Darrowshire. Through a long and tedious process, Jur even managed to earn the respect of the Ravenholdt organization. Around Azeroth, word of Jur's accomplishments spread. The Exile was summoned to Stormwind Keep where his status as a full ambassador would be decided. Every faction leader needed to approve, otherwise all of Jur's hard work would have amounted to nothing. Bolvar gave his recommendation for dealing with the Defias and the Dark Horde. Magni gave his, with Gelbin Mekkatorque lending his as gratitude for assisting his dwarven allies. The final vote came down to Tyrande and Staghelm, with the former graciously offering hers for Jur's assistance in purifying Eranikus. Staghelm was initially adamant in his rejection but eventually relented as Tyrande guilt-tripped him using Eranikus and Malfurion. Begrudgingly did he vote yes for the Exile, only to save face in front of their allies. Now, Jur ventured to Grommash Hold to receive the Horde's votes. Thrall, Cairne, Vol'jin, and Sylvanas all gave glowing approvals, with the former three surprised by the latter. In truth, Sylvanas only gave her vote to stay in good graces with the other faction leaders. Though, she suspected the Exile could be manipulated into a useful tool someday.
Lavernius Jur was now an official ambassador between both the Alliance and the Horde, the proudest accomplishment of his life. To symbolize his new position, he took an old tattered Alliance and Horde flag, sewing them together into a single cloak that he would don under his left shoulderpad. The cloak would one day fly over a dozen battlefields, inspiring and giving hope to Alliance and Horde alike. Through unity, they could achieve anything.

The Burning Crusade

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This section concerns content exclusive to The Burning Crusade.
Jur was one of the first people to arrive on the scene when the Exodar crashed into Azuremyst Isle, assisting in the relief effort to aid the injured. While many were mistrustful of the draenei on account of their previous experience with the eredar, Jur bore no such fear. For his kindness in the face of suspicion, he was praised by the prophet Velen. When stability had been reached on Azuremyst, the fight was then taken to Bloodmyst Isle, against the blood elves that had sabotaged their ship and allied themselves with demons. Jur was beyond perplexed at this revelation, having seen the blood elves join the Horde recently. After the situation had been dealt with, Jur was determined to get to the bottom of the situation. Before he could, however, the Dark Portal had been reopened, and demons flooded over the Blasted Lands. With the help of some mages, he was teleported to Nethergarde Keep and assisted in fighting the demons back. The Alliance and Horde would be better equipped to handle this threat if they cooperated, so Jur took it upon himself to form a join group to fight the demons and keep the peace. For his actions, many draenei adventurers pledged their service to him. Jur was determined to get the blood elves to join in as well and fully investigate the mysterious goings on at Bloodmyst.

Under armed escort, Jur arrived at Silvermoon City and spoke with the regent lord Lor'themar Theron. News of the sin'dorei consorting with demons at Bloodmyst perplexed the regent lord as much as it did the Exile. Jur requested the blood elves sign on with his joint force. Lor'themar would lend him aid only if he assisted his people with a problem in the Ghostlands. To combat the Scourge remnants, Jur was given the assistance of blood knight Lady Liadrin and ranger Tarondu Amberglaze. The rise in the Scourge's ferocity was traced back to Deatholme, where the cause of all the pandemonium was from the return of the traitorous Dar'Khan Drathir. The Scourge had been bested, but the Ghostlands was far from quiet as Amani trolls began to attack the local settlements. From the capital of Zul'Aman, the vengeful chieftain Zul'jin utilized dark magics and loa energies to destroy the blood elves and the Horde. With their combined efforts, Jur and the blood elves, as well as with the assistance of world renown explorer Harrison Jones and his band of men, toppled Zul'Aman and put the forest trolls in their place. For going above and beyond the call of duty, Lor'themar committed his forces to Jur's plan and sent both Liadrin and Tar with him.

Jur in Shattrath, sporting for the first time his iconic flagcloak.

With a sizable force alongside him, Jur was confident enough to finally head to Outland. Old allies joined him, such as High Priest Rohan, Rexxar, and Loramus. Arriving in Hellfire Peninsula, Jur split his force in two, sending the Alliance to Honor Hold and the Horde to Thrallmar to aid their forces. Jur was greeted by Commander Danath Trollbane himself, curious as to how much Azeroth had changed. The old man felt himself grow even older as Jur informed him of the fate of Lordaeron. A plucky young half-elf named Arator the Redeemerexpressed interest in joining Jur on his adventures through Outland. He was the son of both Turalyon and Alleria Windrunner, both of whom were missing for years. Throughout Outland, others would venture alongside the Exile, such as the mysterious Baron Silvermane and the half-orc Lantresor of the Burning Blade.

Many enemies such as Magtheridon, Lady Vashj, Kargath Bladefist, and Gruul the Dragonkiller were all defeated. Back on Azeroth, a threat had manifested itself inside the ancient magical tower of Karazhan, where an eredar prince known as Malchezaar had taken up residence. With the assistance of the Violet Eye and a few adventurers, the tower was once again ownerless. One by one, the major forces of Outland and any forces that manifested themselves back in Azeroth were defeated, eventually leaving only Illidan and Kael'thas left. The Sun King's betrayal had hit the blood elf populace hard, and his defeat was a hollow victory. The rest of Tempest Keep was reclaimed for the draenei, with the assistance of one eccentric Millhouse Manastorm. It soon proved time to march upon Shadowmoon Valley and end the conflict.

From their activities in Nagrand, Jur was joined by a former Illidari known as Altruis the Sufferer. Once a fanatical follower of Illidan, he grew disillusioned with his former master after he had neglected to protect Outland after Kil'jaedan began sending Legion forces to torture the residents. Illidan had enslaved the broken that had sworn service to him, refusing to honor his promise of relinquishing their holy temple. His naga extorted the water of Zangarmarsh, threatening to choke the life out of the residents through dehydration. Because of this, he had abandoned their cause and vowed to fight the Legion himself. He found the Exile to be just and aided him in storming the temple. Another ally who would join his cause was an old orc warlock named Oronok Torn-heart. The elder showed great remorse at his people's deceit and the betrayal of the elements, vowing to aid the Exile is he assisted him in a spirit quest to heal the twisted and hurting elements. The quest was successful but at the cost of one of Oronok's three sons, to which the old father deemed a fair sacrifice for the atrocities he had committed under Gul'dan's tutelage. True to his word, the former shaman pledged his aid and traveled with him a while.

The Black Temple had been fortified immensely to anticipate those that would strike against its ruler. In order to topple the Betrayer, it had to be done from within. Jur and his followers received help from Akama, the shepherd of the Ashtongue Deathsworn broken. He wanted his holy temple back in the hands of its rightful owners, and the two groups collaborated. Jur implored with Illidan to come quietly, that they need not fight. But the Betrayer was obsessed with his endeavors, that he had done no wrong and they were all fools. Jur desperately wanted to believe the man who had protected him all those years ago was still in there, but his extreme actions and callousness towards those suffering under him proved he had changed. Akama waited long enough and pushed for Outland's liberation once and for all. Alongside a vengeful Maiev Shadowsong, imprisoned after giving chase to Illidan, the demon hunter was finally defeated. Maiev imprisoned Illidan's body in the same enchanted emeralds used to trap Jur. A few demon hunters arrived to try and free their master but were quickly deposed, subjected to the same fate as their leader. Altruis thanked the Exile for his aid and left the temple before Maiev's wardens gave chase after him. Akama graciously expressed his gratitude towards his allies, determined to have the holy Light fill the dismal halls once more. Before Jur departed for Shattrath, he was given a chilling warning by Maiev that his time would eventually come and she would collect his head just like the Betrayer's.

Shortly afterwards, Khadgar and A'dal, with the assistance of the Scryers, had been informed that Kael'thas had survived and had stolen away to Magister's Terrace upon the Isle of Quel'Danas, hellbent on summoning his dark master Kil'jaeden into Azeroth via the Sunwell. With the added assistance of the blue dragon Kalecgos and the mysterious woman Anveena Teague, the eredar was defeated and the Sunwell purified. The blood elves had their legacy restored, and the loyalty of Tarondu and Liadrin was assured. While Jur had thought his adventure to be over, he was mistaken. Jaina Proudmoore had arrived and requested that Jur come with her personally in regards to a very sensitive matter. Something she felt only he could help her with...
+Further Adventures in Azeroth: After the Sunwell

This section concerns content exclusive to the World of Warcraft comics.

Jur followed Jaina through the portal and arrived in Theramore, where they were joined by a blood elf rogue named Valeera Sanguinar, a night elf druid Broll Bearmantle that Jur knew from Hyjal, and a mysterious human gladiator named Lo'Gosh. From magical rituals, Jaina had learned that this Lo'Gosh was actually the missing king of Stormwind, King Varian Wrynn. Jur was appointed to escort the king alongside Broll and Valeera back to Stormwind discreetly. The group arrived in Menethil Harbor and were attacked by some Defias thugs in an inn, where they also found dwarven warrior Thargas Anvilmar, emissary of Magni. He informed them that another Varian Wrynn had apparently returned to Stormwind, and the group suspected an imposter. Dodging assassins and paid thugs, the group eventually made it to Ironforge and met Magni personally. Bolvar sent them a magic via magic that the informant he put in charge to investigate, Marshal Reginald Windsor, had been captured by dark iron dwarves in the Blackrock Depths. Jur, Varian, and the others saddled up and busted him out. Windsor then revealed that the true culprit behind Varian's disappearance, much of the corruption of the Stormwind House of Nobles, and the Defias' operations was none other than Lady Katrana Prestor herself. However, she was not who she said she was. Instead, she was actually a black dragon and sister of Nefarian, Onyxia.
As the group returned to Stormwind, they were halted by General Marcus Jonathan and the Stormwind Guard, sent by Lady Prestor to apprehend the lot of them for treason. Windsor and Jur managed to convince them to let them pass, and they stormed the keep where they revealed Prestor's true identity. The dragon showed her true form and revealed many of her guardsmen to be dragonspawn in disguise. Bolvar and young Anduin Wrynn arrived to aid the fight, but Windsor was unfortunately killed by Onyxia's fiery breath. The Varian traveling with Jur and company did battle with the Varian that had been residing here. The mighty dragon had revealed to Jur that she had manipulated him and others to kill her brother in order to cover her trail. In the confusion, Onyxia stole Anduin away and flew to her lair in Dustwallow Marsh. The party was transported to Theramore where Jaina explained the magics that happened to Varian, and both kings were finally able to recall the last of their memory: their escape from Alcaz Island, naga attacks, and Onyxia using her magic to split Varian into two people in order to conquer Stormwind. Jaina presented the two kings with enchanted elven swords to do battle with: Shalla'tor and Ellemayne.
The party stormed the lair with the aid of various adventurers hired and did battle with the mighty beast. Broll managed to rescue Anduin while the rest of the party fought. Onyxia charged a magic spell intending to kill Varian, but both ended up being caught in it. The magical spell was not designed to handle two similar human essences and inadvertently fused them both into one being, the same happening to their two words, becoming one: Shalamayne. This proved to be Onyxia's downfall as Varian was at his full strength. With a mighty swing, he cleaved her head from its torso, ending the beast once and for all. The head was returned to Stormwind while Broll used his magic to seal the layer shut.
Jaina, against all odds, managed to convince Varian to attend the Theramore Peace Summit thanks to the assistance of Jur, Anduin, and Valeera. Thrall was in attendance with Garrosh Hellscream and Rehgar Earthfury, and both leaders found themselves to have common ground. The peace talks had to be cut short on account of rumored Scourge attacks in Goldshire and Southshore. They were then attacked by the Twilight's Hammer, with none other than the notorious Garona Halforcen leading the charge. Varian turned his anger to Thrall, believing this to be an assassination similar to what happened to his father. The king was about to cleave the assassin clean in two when he was halted by a mysterious half-orc boy named Med'an.
The boy was captured, and the Twilight's Hammer fled. Garrosh claimed that this was an assassination attempt orchestrated by the Alliance to smokescreen the Horde, and tensions only further escalated. Jaina stated she would house Garona in her prison and interrogate her. The Alliance and Horde left embittered, with any further peace talks swept off the table indefinitely. Varian left Valeera behind to watch over things. Garona was discovered to be under the influence of powerful magical spells, binding her conscious to the will of its mysterious benefactor. Jaina found she could not remove the spell without severely injuring or even killing the woman. Garona said she would answer and cooperate as much as she could in exchange for one thing: they must rescue her son.
A mysterious undead mage known as Meryl Winterstorm arrived at Theramore. Jaina's chamberlain was able to magically track down the location of Med'an, and Jur and Valeera were sent alongside Meryl to bring him back. The portal took them to Ahn'Qiraj, now being run by the Twilight's Hammer. The two-headed ogre warlock Cho'gall, having become hideously twisted and mutated, was going to use Med'an's essence to resurrect the fallen C'Thun. Cho'gall proved to be intensely powerful, rendering Meryl unconscious and weakening both Jur and Valeera. In an act of desperation, Valeera called upon the powers of the dreadlord Kathra'Natir, whose mark had been put onto her by the blood elf warlock Vendellin Soulfire when they were traversing the Wetlands to get to Stormwind. Her power kept Cho'gall at bay long enough for Jur and Med'an to restore Meryl to consciousness and teleport them away.
The group took Med'an to see Garona but were shocked to find she had disappeared. Meryl used his magic to determine that she had been taken to the abandoned Onyxia's Lair, where Valeera set out to bring her back with Med'an following her. Med'an and Valeera were teleported back to Theramore alongside a draenei paladin, where Jaina began furiously chastising him. Jur immediately recognized the draenei as Vindicator Maraad, who had briefly allied with him at the Black Temple and the Sunwell before leaving to explore Azeroth. Med'an revealed that Maraad was his great uncle and that Garona was his niece. Garona had left on a wyvern to head to Ahn'Qiraj in order to protect her son.
In order to promptly deal with the threat of the Twilight's Hammer, Meryl and the chamberlain Aegwynn declared that a new force be formed: the New Council of Tirisfal. Since Malygos had been tampering with magical ley lines in the wake of the Nexus War, there was a great need for members that displayed an affinity for nature and holy magic as well as other fields or practice. Rehgar Earthfury was brought to Theramore. While the New Council was being organized, Theramore was attacked by a faceless one under the influence of the Twilight's Hammer. In order to protect Med'an from C'Thun's infectious influence, he was taken to Outland with Maraad and Jur as well as to convince Khadgar to join. Khadgar revealed to them that the father of Med'an was actually Medivh. Khadgar declined the offer to join but instead sent his trusted assistant, the blood elf Scryer diviner Dalynnia Wrathscar. While on the way back, Med'an uses his magic to teleport to Karazhan and learn more of his heritage.
Meryl returned with High Priest Rohan as well as the gnome tinker Krank Axeljink. They were joined by the tauren archdruid Hamuul Runetotem. The city was attacked by elementals under the influence of Cho'gall. Krank was killed in the battle when one of his devices backfires. The tide was turned with the arrival of Broll Bearmantle, who lent his aid to them. The New Council was fully organized, and Med'an took his position as the Guardian. Jur was offered a spot on the New Council but ultimately refused. While not wanting to be tied to any one specific organization, he would lend his aid in the final conflict. The members of the Order plus Jur were teleported to the Twisting Nether in order to perform the ancient ritual rites to infuse Med'an with their power while Meryl, Aegwynn, and Valeera ventured to Ahn'Qiraj to free Garona.
After Med'an was empowered by the magics of his friends, he teleported to Ahn'Qiraj to join the fight. Meryl had been charged with finding the lost pieces of Atiesh, Greatstaff of the Guardian. The base had been successfully recovered and was being cleansed of its demonic taint. His attempts caused him to lose focus on keeping Kathra'Natir contained in his body, which he had bound to his body in order to free Valeera. The dreadlord traced the flow of magical energy into the Twisting Nether where he did battle with the New Council, killing Dalynnia and draining her essence. With their combined powers, the others managed to hold the dreadlord back. With the base having been finally purified, Valeera and Garona delivered it to Med'an, who was able to use his magic to fully restore the staff. In a final act, Aegwynn sacrificed the last of her life energy in order to help her grandson defeat Cho'gall. Using all their combined magic, Med'an defeated the ogre and toppled the temple on top of him, burying the corpse of C'Thun deep underground.
Med'an returned his power to his allies and held a funeral service for his mother outside Karazhan, burying her in Morgan's Plot next to his father. Meryl, having renamed himself Meryl Felstorm, and Garona said their goodbyes and went to eliminate the rest of the Twilight's Hammer members hiding throughout Azeroth in order to free themselves and protect Med'an. The others parted their ways while Med'an studied under Maraad's tutelage. The New Council was dissolved, and Med'an stepped down from his role as Guardian.

Wrath of the Lich King


This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.
Jur had been summoned to Light's Hope Chapel alongside many other champions by Tirion Fordring, where an onslaught of Scourge minions and death knights were attacking the Argent Dawn members there. In the confusion, Kel'Thuzad's phylactery had been stolen, and Naxxramas had flown away, being replaced by the necropolis Acherus. A heavy sight ensued, leaving the Chapel's forces barely victorious. The Lich King appeared via death gate, gloating at how he had sent his death knights as bait to draw the Highlord out. Darion Mograine - death knight highlord - was enraged at this betrayal and flung his Corrupted Ashbringer to Tirion, who purified it with his holy touch. The Ashbringer sliced into the Lich King, wounding him and forcing him to retreat. Then and there, the Argent Dawn and the Order of the Silver Hand combined into the Argent Crusade, with Darion's death knights reforming into the Knights of the Ebon Blade. Darion ordered his two finest death knights to assist Jur throughout Northrend: Koltira Deathweaver and Thassarian. With things seemingly secure on the home end, Jur was off to Northrend.

Jur was summoned to Dalaran at the behest of Rhonin, leader of the Kirin Tor. The Exile had sized up a notable record in his roles against Nefarian, the Second War of the Shifting Sands, the Outland Campaign, and the returning of King Varian to the throne. As a result, the mage found no one more qualified to play mediator between the Alliance and Horde while they operated in Northrend. Allies on both factions, new and old lent him aid. Communication between the two factions came almost to a close on account of the Wrathgate incident. Grand Apothecary Putress had bombarded the gate with a new type of plague, putting Sylvanas' position in jeopardy. When Jur and Jaina ventured to Orgrimmar to ask Thrall what happened, Sylvanas appeared and informed them all that Varimathras had staged a coup to take the Undercity from her. Jur was asked to cooperate with Sylvanas, Thrall, Vol'jin, and Nathanos to kill Putress and end Varimathras. Varian, with Jaina, Valeera, and Broll in tow, stormed the Undercity and slaughtered Putress' followers. Before Varian and Thrall could come to blows, Jaina froze the Alliance combatants and teleported them out.

Jur at Howling Fjord.

The cold war between the two factions had heated up, but Jur was determined to get the both of them to cooperate. To do so, he needed more allies. As such, he began traversing Northrend and ending the beings that threatened the peace. With the aid of the Wyrmrest Accord, Jur and adventurers stormed the Eye of Eternity and defeated Malygos, ending the Nexus War and restoring magical control to the mortals and Kirin Tor. After the threat of Malygos, it came time to deal with Sartharion dwelling underneath the Wyrmrest Temple inside the Obsidian Sanctum. With both threats squared away, Alexstrasza and her associates pledged their service to aid the Exile, with glowing recommendations from Chromie, Kalecgos, and Itharius. Jur encountered Harrison Jones once more in Grizzly Hills, exploring troll ruins. The explorer barely survived thanks to him. Unlikely allies came in the form of the Frenzyheart tribe and the Oracles out of Sholazar Basin. Despite being sworn enemies, the two tribes heard of the Exile's many accomplishments and saw the good deeds he had performed for the both of them. As such, they offered their allegiance, albeit temporarily. The crypt lord Anub'arak in Azjol-Nerub and the Twilight's Hammer forces in Ahn'Kahet were the next to fall, preventing the Scourge and Old God forces from maneuvering underground. King Ymiron and his vrykul forces in Utgarde Keep were the next to fall.

Legendary explorer Brann Bronzebeard returned from the ancient titan city of Ulduar with grave news of an Old God slithering about and systemic corruption. Rhonin summoned Jur, Varian, and Jaina as well as Thrall and Garrosh. Varian refused to pledge his aid to this threat if it meant cooperating with the Horde and left after a tussle with Garrosh. Jur took it upon himself to assist in the fight, seeing as the Alliance would not do such a thing. A major problem for any attempt to push further into Ulduar was the manufacturing of iron dwarves and iron vrykul. To combat such a threat, Jur slowly earned the trust of the Sons of Hodir and stormed the Halls of Stone and Lightning, crippling the manufacturing of enemies as well as deposing Loken. While collaborating with the Frostborn, Jur was shocked to discover their leader Yorg Stormheart to be none other than Muradin Bronzebeard, whom everyone had believed to have perished while following Arthas. The Frostborn pledged their aid to the Kirin Tor and Sons of Hodir in their effort to take down the eldritch horror nesting in Ulduar.

After breaching the gates and dealing with the various titanic guardians and machines guarding the gates, Jur and company took to the task of freeing the four watchers: Freya, Hodir, Thorim, and Mimiron. One by one, each watcher was freed from the indoctrination of their prisoner and pledged their efforts to combating it. The adventurers journeyed deeper into the bowels of the city, facing off against General Vezax before standing against the true perpetrator of the Old God horrors on this continent: the dreaded Yogg-Saron. His mighty was ferocious and terrible, subjecting his opponents to maddening visions. Jur was forced to relive the devastation he had inadvertently caused ten thousand years ago but fought through it to fight once more. Yogg-Saron was defeated, his body growing cold and quiet after taunting them a last time. While the battle was over, Ulduar was not yet quiet.

The adventurers had discovered that the sealed door to the Celestial Planetarium had been opened, revealing a mysterious titanic constellar known as Algalon the Observer. Algalon had transported himself to Ulduar in the wake of Loken's death, which triggered a planetary fail-safe protection. The constellar analyzed the planet, detecting mass corruption on a global scale, and deemed "reorigination" to be necessary, indicating that he would purge the planet of all life and start anew. Against overwhelming odds of survival, Jur and company defeated Algalon. The constellar questioned his mission, and after a speech from Jur, he believed that Azeroth was worth preserving. To prevent the planet-wide purge, Algalon constructed a reply code to be transmitted from Dalaran in order to spare the world and its people.

Jur had competed briefly in the Argent Tournament, doing quite well and besting many opponents, including the Black Knight and a newly risen Anub'arak. But now it was time to turn attention to the main threat to Northrend and all life on Azeroth. The Argent Crusade, Knights of the Ebon Blade, Alliance, Horde, Kirin Tor, and many others gathered in Jur's travels were all fully committed to finishing this fight, whatever the cost. Before Icecrown Citadel could be assaulted, the major wings of the Frozen Halls had to be taken out of commission: the Forge of Souls, the Pit of Saron, and the Halls of Reflection. Jur ventured into the Frozen Halls with the assistance of Jaina Proudmoore and Sylvanas Windrunner. Jaina wished to see if Arthas could be saved from the grip of the Lich King while Sylvanas wanted revenge for Quel'Thalas and her people. Jur played mediator between the two and found both of their skill sets to be useful in dealing with the various enemies and freeing the slaves in the Frozen Halls. Once Jaina saw that Arthas was truly gone, she was committed to killing the Lich King.

The forces of Azeroth stormed the Citadel, splitting up into Alliance and Horde. Muradin led the Alliance side while Saurfang oversaw the Horde. Jur was jumping through many hoops to keep them focused on the Scourge and not each other. A chance for peace between them was the revelation that Bolvar Fordragon yet lived, being tortured at the Frozen Throne. A gunship battle took place over the Deathbringer's Rise, with Jur and his friend Tar doing their best to sabotage the factions' efforts to destroy one another. When both factions landed, they were stunned to see Dranosh Saurfang, son of Varok, resurrected as a death knight. The orc was killed once and for all, with Varok being handed the body to bury in Nagrand with Varian's blessing.

Through plagued abominations and necrotic spirits, the adventurers fought, reaching the Frozen Throne itself. There atop his throne sat the Lich King, a burning man chained above. The Lich King used his magic to freeze Tirion, leaving Jur and the other heroes to face him. Despite a well-placed effort, the Lich King managed to kill them all, planning to resurrect them all as his greatest champions. Calling upon the holy Light to aid him in his darkest hour, Tirion burst through the ice and sliced Frostmourne clean in two. The tortured spirits trapped within the cursed runeblade returned the spirits of the fallen to their bodies and cried out for justice, allowing the heroes to land the finishing blow. The Lich King was defeated, his Helm of Domination being knocked off. Arthas had regained possession of his body moments before he died, eternally grateful to be free at last. He begged forgiveness from the spirits he encapsulated and awaited eternal damnation.

King Terenas Menethil II comforted his dying son, as did the spirits around him. After being engulfed by vengeance and anger for so long, they no longer felt such venom and instead merely wanted peace and rest. The tired spirit of Arthas was guided to the afterlife while Terenas remained behind. The explanation that a Lich King was always necessary to keep the Scourge from going rabid proved demoralizing. Tirion and Jur debated as to which one would take the helmet, with Jur claiming that the Ashbringer was needed while Tirion countered with him being an old man and Jur being able to live thousands of years longer. They were interrupted by the burning man, who revealed himself to be Bolvar Fordragon. Kept alive by both the plague and Alexstrasza's fire, Bolvar found himself in ceaseless agony, wishing for the release of death that would not come. He instructed them both to place the crown onto his head, inheriting the role of Lich King. Before turning and freezing, he swore Tirion and Jur into secrecy about his fate. Tirion and Jur argued, but the latter ultimately ended up agreeing, albeit reluctantly.
+Further Adventures in Azeroth: After the Lich King

This section concerns content exclusive to Wrath of the Lich King.

Krasus discovered a clutch of eggs from the twilight dragonflight within the empty Obsidian Sanctum, something that proved to be sinister for everyone. The Council of Six in Dalaran requested the aid of Lavernius Jur and other adventurers to investigate. Upon arrival, Jur discovered that the Ruby Sanctum had been infiltrated by agents of the black dragonflight, led by a mysterious twilight dragon called Halion. The sanctum guardian Xerestrasza assisted Jur and company in the fight against the dragons and their minions, whom were found with the insignia of the Twilight's Hammer on their bodies. With Halion's dying breath, he warned of the return of Deathwing. The sanctum was saved, albeit slightly burned, and the ruby eggs were safe. Jur, however, was troubled. Constantly encountering the Twilight's Hammer, even after Cho'gall was defeated, did not sit well with him. He shared Halion's words with the dragon representatives atop Wyrmrest but dismissed it, not sure what to make of it. Jur was not satisfied and began doing some independent research.
Taking a break from his investigation, Jur received a letter sent by Gelbin Mekkatorque, requesting his aid to take back the city of Gnomeregan. The gnomish armies had assembled, with various adventurers gathered at the High Tinker's request. While the armies put up a good fight trudging through the lost city, it was for naught as the ruler, Mekgineer Sicco Thermaplugg, activated a weapon known as the Irradiator 3000, bombing the city with nuclear radiation. While the city had not been reclaimed, the gnomes were able to establish the new territory of New Tinkertown at the entrance. For his assistance, the gnomes would later pledge their aid to his joint army in the war against Deathwing.
Jur received a letter from Vol'jin, who was organizing a task force to reclaim the Echo Isles from Zalazane. Because of his aiding the Horde during the Third War and his position as mediator between the factions, Vol'jin thought the Exile would prove a valuable ally. The druid answered the call of duty and arrived to aid the Darkspears in their fight. Island by island, Jur, Vol'jin, and Horde adventurers fought, defeating the spirits and amalgamations that served Zalazane's will. For his usurping of the deceased, Zalazane was ultimately killed by Bwonsamdi, loa of the dead. Vol'jin thanked Jur for his help, an act that would lead him to pledge his aid to the war against Deathwing later on.
Jur found no luck with any of his leads in regard to the Twilight's Hammer. While searching up another possible lead, Jur was called to attend meetings organized by Magni Bronzebeard and Thrall, in Stormwind and Orgrimmar respectively. The leaders discuss the unusual climate changes and elemental activity across Azeroth. Jur proposes that the Twilight's Hammer might be involved, but with little evidence to go by, his case is ultimately dismissed on both sides.
Later, strange doomsday cultists would begin amassing in Stormwind and Orgrimmar, preaching the end of the world being near. Earthen Ring emissaries began arriving at both cities, investigating unusual elemental rifts that began to manifest randomly in the cities and on the outskirts of Alliance and Horde lands. Much to Jur's chagrin, Thrall stepped down as warchief to lead the Earthen Ring, leaving Garrosh as his replacement. One of his first orders of business was to bar Jur diplomatic entrance into Orgrimmar, making his job as ambassador more difficult. The cities began suffering more and more elemental attacks. While searching through the cultists' belongings, Jur uncovered Twilight's Hammer insignias. Having convinced the Alliance and Horde that the Twilight's Hammer were behind the city attack and were up to something greater, Jur began investigating two mass murders that occurred in Ashenvale, believing the Twilight's Hammer was also involved.



This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.
The second Sundering had caused numerous deaths and environmental devastation worldwide. Deathwing had returned to the world, as foretold by the Twilight's Hammer and Halion. Empowered by the Old Gods, the dragon set forth to usher in the Hour of Twilight and release the ancient eldritch beings from their titan prisons and consume all life on Azeroth. To prevent this from transpiring, they needed an army and a plan. The Alliance and Horde were slowly picking up speed against one another as well as trying to fortify and rebuild their scarred land. It was a difficult balancing act to commit to restoration, war, and defense. If their issues plaguing their lands could be solved, they could further commit against Deathwing. Jur set out trying to find anyone who could aid in taking down the black dragon, all while racking his brain to try and find some sort of plan to beat him. A gambit had been thrown down in the form of amassing a great fighting force to combat the black dragon, of various races and factions all across Azeroth. But such a struggle would be arduous.

Jur had joined with a boat run by Captain Taylor heading out for the zone of Vashj'ir, when it was suddenly attacked by a giant octopus. A Horde vessel run by Nazgrim with Tarondu on board suffered the same fate, with both parties being captured by naga. Jur and Tar cooperated together, doing their best to keep the Alliance and Horde from tearing at each others' throats and keep focused on the naga and kvaldir. Jur and other adventurers eventually encountered the ancient water elemental, Neptulon the Tidehunter. For his efforts against Ragnaros in the Molten Core many years ago, Jur had earned the respect of the Hydraxian Waterlords, a faction of water elementals led by Duke Hydraxis, and Neptulon subsequently. Jur and company assisted Neptulon against the naga forces encroaching on his elemental plane. The giant octopus Ozumat captures Neptulon and spirits him away. Despite the loss of an elemental lord, Jur did manage to gain an ally for his cause. In their leader's absence, Duke Hydraxis became Lord Hydraxis and pledged the water elementals' aid for the battle against Deathwing.

The Earthen Ring had need of adventurers to aid their efforts in Deepholm, and Jur volunteered. The World Pillar had been broken from Deathwing's escape, which had put the entire elemental zone in jeopardy. To make matters worse, the mortals were under the watchful eye of the elemental lord Therazane. The earth elemental harbored a deep hatred of mortals, on account of her daughter Theradras having been slain in Maraudon. Jur tried his best to reason with her but was met with bitter contempt. Therazane tolerates the mortals' presence, reluctantly agreeing to offer (minimal) aid if they leave after restoring the World Pillar. Their progress was halted by the arrival of the Twilight's Hammer cultists and one annoying Millhouse Manastorm, wishing to disrupt the pillar's repairs. With Therazane's aid, they were bested, and the pillar was restored. Begrudgingly impressed by their work and after receiving word of Neptulon's elementals joining forces, Therazane reluctantly pledged her aid in the fight against Deathwing. This also gained the aid of the Earthen Ring, with key figureheads such as Rehgar Earthfury.

Jur was then hired to escort a caravan run by Harrison Jones into Uldum, with the purpose of exploring the new land. The caravan is attacked and locked in cages. After being freed, they become involved with the ancient tol'vir, a titan race involved in a civil war against those that joined with Deathwing to become stone again. Their actions drew the attention of the air elemental lord, Al'Akir, who had allied himself with Deathwing. With the aid of various adventurers, Al'Akir was defeated, weakening Deathwing's forces. Jur collaborates with King Phaoris to depose the Neferset in their city, an act that gains the tol'vir's aid in the final conflict. Harrison Jones and Jur get involves in a race against the black dragons, the blood elf archaeologist Belloc Brightblade, and goblin Commander Schnottz. With some quick thinking from Brann Bronzebeard, the dragons and Schnottz are defeated, with Belloc hightailing it out.

A familiar threat had returned to Blackrock Mountain, taking the form of a resurrected Nefarian. Empowered by the Twilight's Hammer and the indomitable will of his father, he continued his experiments on the chromatic dragonflight. With the assistance of other adventurers, including the son of the legendary orc Eitrigg, Ariok, the dark iron warrior Hansel Heavyhands, and the infamous human guerilla fighter John J. Keeshan, Nefarian was defeated once more alongside his ressurected sister Onyxia. For this and for snuffing out the Twilight's Hammer in the Searing Gorge, Jur earned the aid and weaponry of the Thorium Brotherhood.

Out in Westfall, Sentinel Hill was under attack by the Defias Brotherhood once more, this time under the leadership of the secret daughter of Edwin VanCleef, Vanessa. Driven by a lust for vengeance for her father and the forgotten people of Westfall, she was determined to bring the Alliance down to its knees. While not unsympathetic to her pain, Jur disagreed with her methods, feeling that murder was too far. Journeying into the Deadmines, the Defias were defeated once again. However, Vanessa VanCleef had escaped, vowing that Jur had not seen the last of her. He vowed to assist her in rebuilding Westfall if she cooperated, but she ultimately refused, seeing his act of kindness as not enough.
+Further Adventures in Azeroth: As the World Trembles

This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Jur took a break from exploring in order to focus on gathering individual allies. Sylvanas requested that Jur aid Nathanos in deposing the Scarlet Crusade once again. High Inquisitor Whitemane was spared once before, but this time, she was gone for good. Sylvanas thanked Jur by sending Nathanos to aid in the fight but refused to answer whether she would donate help to the fight against Deathwing.
Jur's traveled down south brought him to the Blasted Lands, where he received word about Loramus' demise. Razelikh the Defiler had returned to Azeroth and had begun terrorizing the Blasted Land. Before the demon hunter could kill his archfoe once more, he was ripped into pieces by his lieutenant, Grol the Destroyer. Collaborating with the gnome magister Kasim Sharim and others, Jur stitched Loramus' body back together and brought him back to the mortal world. Jur agreed to help him defeat Razelikh once and for all if he pledged his aid against Deathwing, to which he agreed. Unfortunately, Jur did not anticipate the dreadlord to possess the demon hunter's body. To prevent Razelikh from becoming too powerful, Jur destroyed Loramus' physical form, transporting both the demon hunter and dreadlord's spirits to the Twisting Nether. Loramus regretted unable to fulfill his obligation but thanked the Exile for assisting him.
Venturing to the Thousand Needles to cull the Twilight's Hammer threat at the behest of Baine, Jur inadvertently ended up freeing Magatha, who warned him that, while grateful, she was not to be trifled with and disappeared.
Jur was summoned to Andorhal in the Western Plaguelands to help solve a stalemate between the Alliance and Horde. Thassarian was on one side with Koltira on another. While Jur tried his hardest to facilitate communications, Sylvanas would not have it and unleashed the val'kyr. The Alliance were driven out, and the Horde had claimed the town. While Koltira had mysteriously disappeared in the conflict, Thassarian was willing to join his death knight forces to the great army forming to defeat Deathwing. Tirion Fordring caught word of Jur's plan and sent aid as well.
An intriguing rumor drew Jur's attention farther south, to the Badlands. While making a pit stop in a town known as Fuselight, Jur was requested to make a delivery to a mysterious goblin woman named Rhea. She proposed a plan to purify black dragon eggs and save their race. While Jur was apprehensive of the plan, he did believe in second chances. After all, Sabellian had proved him wrong about his preconceived notion of black dragons. The Exile retrieved several black dragon eggs for the experiment as well as the dead bodies of various whelplings rotting in the sun. A black dragon broodmother known as Nyxondria has been captured and detained by powerful magics. Three of her unhatched eggs are taken from her by Jur for the experiment. Rhea then reveals herself to actually be a red dragon sent by Alexstrasza to see if the black dragonflight can be saved.
The samples they gathered are shipped with Jur to Dr. Hieronymous Blam, operating out in Agmond's End. The excavation site was being swarmed by troggs. The Explorer's League and the Reliquary were fighting one another to retrieve more artifacts. Jur was tasked with driving the Reliquary out, but Jur did not wish to get involved in their quarrel. With a hefty bribe, Jur was able to convince the lead prospector to hand over an unusual jade statue. Jur entered the Tomb of the Watchers and solves the titans' puzzles, gaining access to the mysterious treasure within. Jur brings the Eye of the Watchers back to Dr. Blam to investigate further. They activate the device, which breaks down the organic matter of the three dragon eggs and combines them into one, free of Old God taint. Jur returns to purified egg to Rheastrasza, but Nyxondria is not far behind with a plethora of angry black dragons. With the aid of three lost vikings, Jur is able to fight the dragons off and protect both the egg and Rheastraza. However, Deathwing stumbled upon the both of them and incinerates them. However, she had ultimately tricked the Destroyer by sacrificing her own life and that of one of her eggs. The black dragon egg was transported out without Jur's knowledge, the only thing left behind was an abandoned egg laid by Rheastrasza. Jur left the egg with Dr. Blam and ordered him to take it somewhere safe. The Exile buried what was left of Rhea's body and continued on, hoping it had all been worth it.
Jur returned to Stormwind to share with King Varian on his progress. While there, Anduin brought him in to investigate possible Twilight's Hammer corruption of Varian's inner circle. Through their investigation, Anduin and Jur revealed that Major Samuelson was a faceless one working to corrupt the Stormwind Guard from within. He was defeated by their combined effort.
The Twilight Highlands proved to be one of the last frontiers, Wildhammer land having been infected by Old God influence. Jur received orders from Kurdran Wildhammer to bolster the local defenses and clear out pockets of Twilight's Hammer cultists. While adventuring, Jur ended up being roped into a domestic conflict between the two Wildhammer Clans, the Dunwalds and Thundermars. To get them to aid in the fight against Deathwing, Jur played matchmaker and managed to unite the two clans via marriage. After the wedding, Jur was called away to deal with the giant Old God horror Iso'rath, who was consuming everything in its radius. Collaborating with the Earthen Ring and other adventurers, the monster is slain, thus reducing the threat of the Twilight's Hammer in the vicinity. Jur's presence reached the local red dragonflight resistance, and he was summoned by the son of Alexstrasza, Caelestrasz. The two had known each other from the days of Ahn'Qiraj. The black dragonflight were coming down hard on the Vermillion Redoubt, with rumors of the purified black egg being kept within. Alexstrasza arrived and did battle against Deathwing. While she managed to hold him off, he proved too powerful, even for her. Jur, Calen, and Alexstrasza were forced to retreat. In the commotion, the black egg had been stolen under the nose of both the red and black dragonflight.
Afterwards, Jur was summoned to the Obsidian Forest at the base of the Bastion of Twilight, where Master Mathias Shaw of SI:7 was working to defeat the Twilight's Hammer presence there. While there, he encountered Garona Halforcen, who revealed that Cho'gall had survived the attack at Ahn'Qiraj and had set up shop here. After working with both sides to drive back the cultists, Jur summoned the various members of the New Council of Tirisfal to end Cho'gall once and for all. The ogre warlock was dead for real this time but not before he revealed the terrible secret hidden underneath his tower. In a hidden lava pit underneath resided the twisted and tortured form of the black dragonflight's broodmother, Sintharia. Finding themselves overwhelmed, Jur and the New Council were saved by the aid of Calen, who sacrificed his life to ensure her death.
With the Twilight's Hammer threat having been dealt with, the Wildhammer dwarves committed their forces to Jur's effort against Deathwing, as did the Bronzebeards.
Jur received a letter from Vol'jin, asking him to meet at the base of Zul'Aman. On arrival, he is greeted by not only the troll, but Tarondu, Lady Liadrin, Halduron Brightwing, and Vereesa Windrunner. Jur inquires whether or not the Darkspear will join his army. While Vol'jin would love to join his cause, the prophet Zul and his actions among the Gurubashi and Amani tribes prove to be worrisome. Jur pledges to assist the lot of them against the new threat, now being spearheaded by Daakara and Jin'do the Godbreaker. Together, their forces storm Zul'Aman and depose its ruler once again, freeing the entrapped animal spirits and the prisoners the Amani took. As thanks, Lor'themar sends a message, indicating the blood elves will aid Jur. In return, Vereesa agrees to have the Kirin Tor and the Silver Covenant join the fight as well. After Jur and other adventurers return from Zul'Gurub and preventing the return of Hakkar the Soulflayer, Vol'jin finally agrees to send Darkspear aid. After, word spread of the other Horde factions lending their aid, Sylvanas lent her aid as well in order to get into the others' good graces. The one person who would not budge was Garrosh, out of pride and principle. Gallywix abstained for the longest time but eventually caved as well.
During his adventures, Jur reunited with Celestria Moondawn, now a full-fledged archdruid. She had convinced him to join a guild she was part of, the Masquerade. Like Jur, they were dedicated to keeping the peace between both factions. The guild had a plethora of members: worgen rogue Fenirim, draenei shaman Saiyuri and her paladin father Shyamal, worgen warrior Liusten Halden, half-elf mage Gaabriella Dahren, human monk Britinie Dawn and her husband the night elf rogue Rheine, the human rogue Teraney Khane, and others. They were a small organization stationed in Shattrath but one that got things done. A man with Jur's reputation could prove to be a very lucrative asset for them. The Masquerade proved to be a place where Jur had many friends, with his best friends being Saiyuri and Celestria. The depths of Saiyuri and Jur's friendship would start from an unusual occurrence in the jungle caves of Stranglethorn Vale, where a dark spirit had taken possession of Fenirim and assaulted the two. Inspired by his actions, Saiyuri vowed to pursue her studies to, with Jur acting as a tutor when needed. Jur respected the guild for its actions, and they, in turn, respected him. While apprehensive at the rumors of this enormous army being formed, the Masquerade committed their forces to the good fight. A point of future conflict would be the relationship between Fenirim and Celestria and Jur and Celestria. Fenirim and Celestria had become romantically involved, unbeknownst to Jur who still held feelings for her. Such a state of affairs would lead to conflict down the road.
+The Hour of Twilight Approaches

This section concerns content exclusive to Cataclysm.

Malfurion had returned to the mortal world, having been imprisoned in the Emerald Nightmare by Fandral Staghelm. Staghelm had been manipulated by Xavius the Nightmare Lord, disguised as his son Valstann, into corrupting Teldrassil. He had been deposed and locked within the Hyjal prison that used to house Illidan. The Guardians of Hyjal requested Jur's aid, despite the outcry from the more conservative kaldorei. The Guardians of Hyjal would prove instrumental in the fight against Deathwing. Jur's old and respected comrade-in-arms Jarod Shadowsong had returned from self-imposed exile after the death of his wife Shalasyr to help see the return of Cenarius and the restoration of the ancient guardians. The two reminisced about days gone by, and Jarod warned his old ally to be careful as Maiev was out there somewhere. Having heard of her recent attempts of ethnic cleansing against the Highborne and remembering her words atop Black Temple, Jur took care to watch his back. Ragnaros had also returned, leading his fire elementals from the elemental plane of the Firelands. During the fight against the Twilight's Hammer and fire elementals, Fandral Staghelm had managed to escape.
Jur was summoned by the Dragon Aspects, alongside Malfurion, Thrall, Aggra, Jaina Proudmoore, and others to Nordrassil. In the wake of the short peace from driving Ragnaros back into the Firelands, the lot of them called upon the magical energies of Azeroth to heal the land. However, the ritual is interrupted by Staghelm, who was replaced Executus as the new majordomo for Ragnaros. Alongside his daughter-in-law Leyara and various other kaldorei druids, Staghelm has used the powers of Ragnaros to create the druids of the flame. Using dark magics, Staghelm split Thrall's physical form into four elemental aspects, scattering them to the far corners of Azeroth. With Aggra, Jur heads to the various elemental regions to piece Thrall back together again and undo Staghelm's foul magic. After being fully restored and achieving inner peace, Thrall and Aggra become lifemates.
With the druids of the flame and the resurgence of Ragnaros, Mount Hyjal is in dire need of aid. Jarod Shadowsong and Malfurion Stormrage have made the push into the Molten Front to take the fight to the Firelord personally. While Jur is reluctant to cooperate alongside this many night elves, he does need the kaldorei to join his army. Hamuul Runetotem is severely injured when Leyara plants a trap for him and Jur. Her failure ends up catching up to her as Jur finally killed her, severely crippling Staghelm's efforts.
With many adventurers present, it was time to end the conflict with Ragnaros permanently. The many fiery monstrosities proved to be great obstacles, but their combined might allowed them to topple them. The party eventually made it to the courtyard of Sulfuron Keep, where Majordomo Staghelm stood awaiting them. This fight would be more personal. The two of them were to do battle, master versus student. The battle raged on for what seemed like an eternity, with both druids fighting tooth and nail with lethal intent. The two were evenly matched, but Staghelm was eventually overcome by the combined might of the adventuring party. Speaking through a magical manifestation, Ragnaros drained Staghelm of his powers and abandoning him to his fate. Thousands of years of anger and repressed feelings burst from Jur's psyche as he began to tear at and beat Staghelm nearly to a pulp, the weakened archdruid unable to fight back. In a final blow of savagery, Jur lifted a heavy rock from the ground and smashed it into his head with a sickening squelch, ending the Staghelm dynasty forever. Too shocked and appalled for words, the rest of the adventurers followed Jur to face Ragnaros. Against the combined might of Malfurion, Cenarius, and Hamuul , Ragnaros was ultimately bested. Malfurion offered his thanks for Jur's assistance, but the Exile merely scoffed at him and asked if the night elves would join. The archdruid agreed, and Jur took his leave with Broll Bearmantle, Choluna, and Thisalee Crow.
Jur was summoned to aid a female blue dragon named Tarecgosa. Working with Kalecgos and the bronze dragon Anachronos, the four of them are able to discover that Arygos had been secretly collaborating with Deathwing. Kalecgos is attacked, but Tarecgosa sacrifices herself to save him. Kalecgos challenges Arygos for supremacy and turns his council against him. Embittered, Arygos flees, leaving Kalecgos as the new Aspect.
With word that the night elves had committed to the war effort, King Varian Wrynn had no reservations about sending Stormwind aid to Jur's army. While Genn Greymane lacked the resources and manpower that Varian did, worgen were just as vicious on the battlefield as anyone else. Gilneas offered what little it could to the war effort.
The oddest thing Jur found was a mysterious donation of resources from Ravenholdt. While Jur was in the organization's good graces, he did not know how an assassination and thieves' guild would be of much use to him in these times. His only explanation for why was a simple letter that read "Use them well, Exile." -W.
Soon, the time had come for every major faction to gather and either defeat Deathwing or die trying. Nozdormu had collaborated with unknown adventurers to retrieve the Dragon Soul, which Thrall, Jur, and others delivered to Wyrmrest Temple only to be intercepted by Archbishop Benedictus. The priest had disappeared since Deathwing's resurgence and revealed himself to be the Twilight Father, leading the clan in the wake of Cho'gall's death. The priest was ultimately defeated, and the Dragon Soul was taken to the top of the temple while Jur helped other heroes defeat the eldritch monsters and cultists surrounding the temple. The Dragon Aspects empowered the Dragon Soul and took chase after Deathwing, blasting him with it and sending him crashing into the Maelstrom. Not one to go down without a fight, Deathwing emerged from the whirlpool, warped and misshapen. The heroes held him off and fought him back, having him on the ropes. The mighty dragon breathed his horrible shadowflame to kill his weakened allies, but Jur sacrificed himself and absorbed the flame at full force, screaming and crying out in pain as it seared his form. Summoning the last of his strength, he pushed forth and helped land the finishing blow.
Deathwing collapsed into the Maelstrom, never to return. While a sense of victory rang through the air, the atmosphere quickly changed. Jur was on death's door, having been severely burned by the shadowflame. The druid was transported to the mainland, a combination of medical science and healing magic being put to work constantly to restore him. Jur remained hospitalized for months on end, fading in and out of consciousness. The Exile was hooked to several machines and tended to by healers regularly to keep him alive. Damascus had been first on the scene to begin treatment and fought tooth and nail to keep his former student alive. Jur's form was mostly restored, with the exceptions of his upper back flesh being warped and rough, and his left pectoral being scarred and burned. Despite his resounding success in pulling Jur from death's door, Damascus held a great sorrow in his heart. Genetic tests read that some of Deathwing's blood had been absorbed into his bloodstream, contaminating his body with an unknown sort of blood disease. While they had managed to restore his immune system and found he possessed a higher pain tolerance, his reproductive system was permanently damaged as a result of the intense infection. Though he could still mate, the tainted blood had rendered him infertile and unable to ever produce children. No life could spring from where his black blood touched for ten thousand years, according to Alexstrasza's words. Damascus hypothesized Jur could potentially be able to have kids after then, but by that time, it would be too late. Such an enormous consequence deeply shook the Exile, furthering the loneliness and isolation he felt. One thing he had always wanted was children, and the mighty dragon had robbed him of that future forever.

Mists of Pandaria


This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Jur was alerted by the news that Theramore has been wiped off the map from an experimental mana bomb of Garrosh's design. Barely a week out of the infirmary, he wasted no time making his way over, in disbelief at what he is witnessing. The city he had helped see built and spent plenty of time in was gone. Jaina was stricken with grief, her hair almost completely white. Pained, General Marcus Jonathan, Rhonin, and Jaina's young apprentice, Kinndy Sparkshine were all killed in the blast. Enraged at the loss of their friends, both Jur and Jaina cut down the Horde invaders skulking around the remains of Theramore.

Vengeance burned brightly in Jaina as she wrestled with her desire to drown Orgrimmar and all of its citizens. Jur, while as angry as she, preached against such acts of genocide. Jur vowed to see Garrosh kicked off the throne of warchief, but he would not stoop to such depravity.

The mists surrounding the isolated island nation of Pandaria had lifted, allowing anyone to navigate its waters. Garrosh saw the land as an opportunity to plunder its resources, conquer its people, and finally destroy the Alliance. Varian saw the threat Garrosh could pose to such a land and had the Alliance act as a defensive force for it. Jur was unsure of how to feel about driving a nation of innocents into a war it wanted no part of but was left little leeway to operate.

Jur managed to convince the local jinyu of Pearlfin Village to join with the Alliance, under the command of SI:7 agent Rell Nightwind. Jur had remained untrusting of Rell and the men under his command, skeptical of SI:7 after their attempt to kidnap Thrall. Even more egregious to the Exile was the war crime of gunning down the unarmed Horde survivors at Garrosh'ar Point at the behest of Sky Admiral Rogers, an act he has never forgiven. However, the two ultimately came to form a sense of camaraderie.

The fighting between the two factions had awoken the Sha, an ancient force created by the Old God Y'Shaarj that fed on the negative emotions of people. In the devastation unleashed by the Sha when the Alliance and Horde did battle in the Jade Forest, Jur found the unconscious bodies of Admiral Taylor, Mishka the draenei field medic, and a dwarf rogue named Sully "The Pickle" McLeary. He recovered their bodies and brought them to safety along with General Nazgrim, the forsaken rogue Shademaster Kiryn, the orc Shokia, and the goblin engineer Rivett Clutchpop. Despite being on opposing sides, Jur would never leave a wounded man behind.

Jur met and befriended Lorewalker Cho, the two sharing lots of knowledge of anthropology and cultural customs. While wandering the Valley of the Four Winds, Jur encountered Chen and his niece Li Li. The three ventured to the Stormstout Brewery and liberated it as well as came to the aid of the village of Stoneplow when they were under attack from the encroaching mantid. Jur took up cooking and became a culinary expert from all the experienced chefs residing in Halfhill. To better defend Stoneplow, Jur was sent to study under the pandaren monk known as Master Bruised Paw, who resided deep within Paoquan Hollow. Jur learned quite a lot of martial arts techniques, now able to fight with his hands instead of solely relying on his staff or magic. While not as skilled as a monk, Jur could hold his own in a fight.

During his travels, Jur joined up with the Shado-Pan, whose leader he had rescued from the Sha infested Shado-pan Monastery. The two had met briefly before in the Jade Forest. Taran Zhu was not amused by the Alliance and Horde's presences here. Regardless of Zhu's animosity towards him, Jur offered his assistance for the Shado-pan regiment facing the mantid in the Townlong Steppes. While Jur earned admiration from many Shado-pan members for his actions, Taran Zhu remained unconvinced, seeing him as another troublemaker.

The young prince Anduin also briefly tagged along with the Exile, dealing with a Sha infestation at the Temple of the Red Crane. Other ventures would have him defending villages from alementals or yaungol raiders, earning the admiration of the local populace.

Jur was briefly called back to the Eastern Kingdoms by Nathanos, who was tracking down the renegade Lilian Voss, who had stamped out the last Scarlet Crusaders in Tirisfal Glades and then turned her rage to the necromancers of Scholomance, only to get herself captured and bound to the will of Darkmaster Gandling. With Nathanos' aid as well as that of a ghost of Alexei Barov, Lilian is free but overcome with despair, requesting that she be left for dead. The Darkmaster is defeated, but Lilian has mysteriously disappeared in the aftermath.

The Exile had been summoned to a mysterious land known as the Timeless Isle, where he encountered the bronze dragon Kairozdormu and ended up receiving the blessing from the spirit of Emperor Shaohao.
+The Masquerade: Part 1

This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

The insignia of the Masquerade during Jur's membership.

While Jur was comatose in the aftermath of the assault on Deathwing, the Masquerade had changed much. Fenirim and Celestria were betrothed to be married, a revelation that broke Jur's heart. While he did attend their wedding, he was twisted and in pain deep down. Unable to handle it, he left early, lying about being needed for work. Salt was thrown into Jur's wounds when he and Celestria were assigned to work together, handling different threats in Pandaria. The two had a natural synergy, making them a valuable combination. Spending so much time together and knowledge of their subsequent history stirred up jealousy and resentment in Fenirim, leading to him stalking the two of them and doubting his wife's fidelity. This would spell trouble for their marriage later. Jur fell into a deep depression, confiding his feelings with Saiyuri. Having trained together and explored Pandaria side by side, the two eventually formed a romantic relationship.
As the agent of the Black Prince, Fenirim was the lucky recipient of a pair of daggers crafted from the corpse of Deathwing and eldritch manifestations: the Fangs of the Father. The enchanted daggers, Golad and Tiriosh, gave Fenirim the gift of temporary flight, enhanced strength and agility, and the ability to speak light amounts of Shath'yar. However, an unforeseen side effect not accounted for by Wrathion was their maddening influence, whispering into the mind of their wielders and making him more volatile. Since the daggers were constructed from the corpses of Deathwing and the N'raqi, they maintained a connection to the Old God forces still buried underneath the crust. The daggers whispered promises to Fenirim of curing the worgen curse, which proved to be all too tempting to the rogue. The daggers lauded over Fenirim's mind, causing him to lash out and attack his fellow guildmates.
After a fight that had ransacked their base, the possessed Fenirim escaped and disappeared into Shattrath and leaving the city. Investigation his room revealed etchings in blood on the walls, with crude assassination plans made to take out Alexstrasza, Kalecgos, Nozdormu, and Ysera. Guild associate, human paladin, and mother of Gaabriella, Xyel Dahren of Lordaeron, stepped in to assist in the hunt for Fenirim. Jur revealed to the lot of them that Fenirim had been working for Wrathion since before the assault on Deathwing. While he had seen the daggers on Fenirim's person during some of the meetings with the Black Prince, he did not make much of them until the incident. The guild suspected Wrathion to be behind Fenirim's madness while Jur believed him to be innocent. Having been informed by a mole within Ravenholdt that Wrathion was visiting to pilfer more resources, Jur requested the Masquerade meet with him and solve this mystery. However, with Fenirim on the loose, the guild was split into two parties: one to meet Wrathion and the other to track the worgen. Meeting Wrathion would be Jur, Saiyuri, Xyel, Shyamal, and Teranay. The ones hunting down Fenirim were Celestria, Britnie, Gaabriella, Rheine, and Liusten.
Jur and the rest of the meeting party trekked through the Hillsbrad Foothills to Ravenholdt Manor, where Wrathion was indeed holding council. Jur shared the bad tidings with the Black Prince, who was woefully ignorant of the travesty Fenirim has fallen under. Wrathion agreed to help free his agent from madness, but he must first be tracked down and captured. Meanwhile, the hunting party had tracked Fenirim all the way to Ashenvale of all places. An entire village had been slaughtered in Fenirim's wake, with nary a few survivors and bodies torn asunder. After a strenuous battle that left many members critically injured, Fenirim was weakened and brought to Ravenholdt. Wrathion was shocked to see just how deep the madness the Old Gods had wrought could spread. While Fenirim was not a lost cause, he would be required to be contained and magically purified for a period of several months. The carnage Fenirim had caused would be the last straw and would lead to Celestria divorcing him. The Fangs of the Father were removed from Fenirim's possession and sealed within a magic box, hidden away personally by Wrathion. While the rest of the Masquerade were heading back to Shattrath to repair their base, Jur and Wrathion were heading back to Pandaria to deal with the resurgence of an ancient threat.
+The Thunder King

This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

The ancient mogu king Lei Shen had awakened after thousands of years, ready to reclaim his empire and enslave those upon Pandaria's soil. With his Zandalari allies and enormous dinosaurs that dwarfed even the ones in Un'Goro Crater, the Thunder King presented a grave threat that even surpassed that of Garrosh. Anduin Wrynn, recovering from his wounds, had joined Jur in the Tavern with Wrathion, discussing the ways to handle Lei Shen as well as the Alliance and Horde factions grabbing footholds and preparing to fight one another. The plan was decided, and Jur would venture to the Isle of Thunder and play mediator once more. With Garrosh far away, it would make negotiating with the blood elves easier. Jaina, on the other hand, would prove a tough nut to crack.
The Alliance and Horde wasted no time setting up their footholds. Jaina, Archmage Modera, and Vereesa were leading the Kirin Tor Offensive, a new military branch for Dalaran. From the ashes of the Sunreavers came the Sunreaver Offensive, being spearheaded by Lor'themar, Aethas, Halduron, and Rommath. Preoccupied with mogu and Zandalari attacks was the Shado-Pan Assault, led by Taran Zhu. Working with the Shado-Pan and random adventurers as well as keeping the Alliance and Horde on opposite sides, Jur began to push back the Thunder King's forces, gathering up many magical artifacts for Wrathion to utilize. The Zandalari and mogu having been crushed on the outside and the Alliance and Horde been satiated thanks to some words of wisdom from Taran Zhu, it was time to take the fight to Lei Shen himself.
A grand team of adventurers accompanied Jur into the hall of the Thunder King, where they did battle against giant beasts, trolls from other tribes, and ancient creations made to satiate Lei Shen's own sick curiosity. After defeating his Twin Consorts, Jur and the adventurers arrived and stood before the Thunder King himself. Nearly losing life and limb, the adventurers toppled the king, with Jur cutting out his foul heart to deliver to Wrathion as well as using the Staff of Antonidas to drain the remaining power from his magical dais. Not wanting to be biased, Jur delivered to the Sunreaver Onslaught remnants of the Dark Animus. Deep underneath the Throne of Thunder, an ancient door opened, the room housing a titan construct known as Ra-den. He had brought the mogu to life but had ultimately been usurped by Lei Shen, who stole his power and took over Pandaria. The watcher was transported to the Throne and imprisoned, being used as a battery. His imprisonment and torture at the hands of the mogu had broken him, turning him into a genocidal being bent on wiping life away from Azeroth instead of following his original mission of protecting the planet. Like Algalon, he was defeated by Jur and company and shown the error of his ways, believing the mortal races have earned their right to life.
+The War Against Garrosh

This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Vol'jin, having recovered from his assassination attempt, called council with the other racial leaders to meet with Jur in at the Shrine of Two Moons in secret to discuss the downfall of Garrosh. Afterwards, he returned to lead the Darkspear Rebellion with the assistance of the entire Horde. Thrall and Chen Stormstout had gathered to assist in the fight against the Kor'kron occupation of the local settlements of Durotar and the Barrens. Jur is tasked with getting the Alliance to aid them.
In the aftermath of the Thunder King's demise, the Frostmane trolls have made a move to attack the local settlements within Dun Morogh. To combat the threat, Varian and Moira Thaurissan have come forth. Together, the Frostmane tribe was defeated, and the locals were safe. As thanks, Moira agreed to send aid to Vol'jin rebellion, with Varian agreeing in response.
Meanwhile, in the Vale of Eternal Blossoms, Garrosh goblin miners had blasted their way into a titan vault, discovering the severed heart of Y'Shaarj. With this weapon, Garrosh could inadvertently sew the seeds of destruction for all of Azeroth, including the Horde.
The Masquerade volunteered to fight in the coming conflict, along with the various other factions and allies having pledged themselves to Jur. Saiyuri, however, was forced to stay behind, being too inexperienced for such a task as storming a major Horde city. She begged and pleaded for Jur not to go, but the Exile was honor-bound to depose Garrosh and right the wrongs the warchief had wrought.
Garrosh's tampering with the Heart of Y'Shaarj caused him to awaken the final sha, the Sha of Pride, and desecrate the Vale of Eternal Blossoms. The corruption of the water elemental Immerseus placed the Vale in jeopardy, keeping Jur occupied in Pandaria while Garrosh returned to Orgrimmar to begin his advance upon the rest of Kalimdor. The water elemental and the enormous Sha residing in the vault were defeated, giving the Alliance, Horde, and pandaren full clearance to take Orgrimmar.
The Alliance and Lor'themar's blood elves alongside Jur and other heroes arrived at Bladefist Bay, where Warlord Zaela and her Dragonmaw orcs awaited them. The Dragonmaw were pushed back into the city, where the rest of the party met up with Vol'jin and Baine Bloodhoof at the gate. Aid came in the form of Tyrande and her sentinels, paving a path into the city proper. The dark shaman agents were slain, and the Alliance and Horde hostages kept were freed. The party stumbled upon an injured Ji Firepaw, who was taken back to Pandaria by Aysa Cloundsinger to recover.
The fighting force fought farther into Orgrimmar, freeing the warrior-in-training Gamon to aid them. The tauren ultimately proved his prowess when he slew General Nazgrim, no longer a punching bag for the Horde. The horrors that resided within bowels of Ragefire Chasm included a ferocious devilsaur, mutated hulking dire orcs, and the twisted machinations invented by Siegecrafter Blackfuse. One by one, they fell, and Garrosh was all that stood before them and liberating Orgrimmar. Calling upon the dark essence of Y'Shaarj, Garrosh mutated into a hulking abomination, bestowing Jur and the others a haunting vision of Stormwind in flames and the leaders of the Alliance and Horde impaled on pikes. Ultimately, this would not pass as the heart of Y'Shaarj was destroyed, cleansing Azeroth of the sha for good. Garrosh collapsed onto the ground, his strength lost.
Thrall raised Doomhammer to crush his successor but was halted by Varian. Taran Zhu and Jur persuaded the both of them to stand down, calling for a trial to decide his fate. The Horde convened and inquired as to who would fill the void left by Garrosh. Thrall chose Vol'jin as his successor, who accepted this honorable charge thrust upon him. Varian and Vol'jin spoke, agreeing to call of the war to rebuild and cooperate, much to Jaina's chagrin.
Vol'jin and Jur shook hands, satisfied with the outcome and thankful for one another's aid. The Exile boarded a boat and began to sail for the Eastern Kingdoms.
A tropical storm had made the normal route back to Stormwind too dangerous, and a detour was taken that put the boat perilously close to the Maelstrom. The boat was blindsided by another storm, which resulted in the sinking of the ship. Jur was one of few to survive but found himself washed on a mysterious island. With only his staff and the clothes on his back having not been swallowed up by the sea, Jur cultivated his survival skills together to ensure the island would not be the survivors' grave. The island was dotted with unusual wildlife and ruins, with a magical haze preventing him from teleporting to Moonglade or using any of his magic. Months went by, and a search party ended up finding the lost druid. Dire news graced his return.
+The Masquerade: Part 2 - Finale

This section concerns content exclusive to Mists of Pandaria.

Jur had returned to civilization only to find many of his friends gone. The Masquerade guild hall in Shattrath was empty, not a soul in sight. The only thing left behind was a sizable sum in the guild bank, untouched for months. His good friends, including his lover Saiyuri, had disappeared off the face of Azeroth. Jur made inquiries with the Earthen Ring, Cenarion Circle, and Argent Crusade, but none of them seemed to have any documentation on their whereabouts or even existence. The factions denied any involvement with his guildmates, and the Alliance lacked any official paperwork on them. Not even death certificates were available.
Jur searched the city's official cemetery but found no graves indicating their burial. The Exile suspected that SI:7 might have been involved, still harboring distrust after their attempt on Thrall. Matthias Shaw denied any involvement but barred Jur from searching any records. With no proof, the druid had nothing to go on. A glimmer of hope returned when he found Celestria, now going by the last name Moonshadow after having remarried. When asked about the Masquerade, Fenirim, and their other friends, she claimed to have no memory of such events and encouraged Jur to let it go. The Exile was greatly dissatisfied with his lack of answers but was forced to put his investigation on indefinite hold when summoned by Khadgar, who was organizing a fighting force to handle a new threat to Azeroth's well being. Jur withdrew his share from the guild bank and resigned, leaving the mystery and ultimate fate of the Masquerade shrouded in mystery.

Warlords of Draenor


This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

While Jur was shipwrecked, the trial to decide Garrosh's fate was being decided by the Alliance, Horde, pandaren, and the four August Celestials. Many major figures were in attendance, including Wrathion. The Black Prince was ultimately unsatisfied with how the Siege of Orgrimmar came to pass, feeling the Alliance should have dismantled the Horde. Seeing them as a threat to the unity of Azeroth's people, he conspired with Kairoz, a member of the Infinite Dragonflight, to send Garrosh through time to a version of Draenor in an alternate reality to rally an army of orcs to stand against the Legion's return. The plan succeeded, and the three disappeared, leaving the jury and plaintiffs without a verdict.

The Dark Portal had changed from green to red, signifying that the two alternate realities had been connected. The newly formed Iron Horde poured through the portal and toppled Nethergarde Keep. The Alliance and Horde collaborated to deal with this new threat. Vindicator Maraad had established a resistance foothold, the two factions biding time while Khadgar organized an elite fighting force to lead the change through the portal. Jur had been selected alongside other adventurers to join Khadgar.

Khadgar led his forces through the Dark Portal into Tanaan Jungle, planning to shut the Dark Portal off. It was considered a suicide mission, but those that followed the mage were dedicated. Jur stood alongside many fellow adventurers, some familiar faces including Maraad, Thrall, Lady Liadrin, Hansel Heavyhands, and Ariok. Some new faces included the night elf warden Cordana Felsong, the tauren warrior Olin Umberhide, the night elf druid Qiana Moonshadow, and the dark iron engineer Thaelin Darkanvil.

To shut the portal down, its power supply had to be cut off. Jur was shocked to discover that Gul'dan and his Shadow Council lackeys, Cho'gall and Teron'gor, were chained underneath the platform. To cut off the invasion, the three had to be released. Reluctantly, Jur freed his old foes, with Gul'dan warning him they would meet again. The portal was shut off, leaving Khadgar's team stranded. Determined to survive, Khadgar led Jur and the others through the jungles of Tanaan, unable to face the bulk of the Iron Horde head-on without backup. While on the run, the assault team freed many Karabor and Frostwolf slaves taken by the Bleeding Hollow clan to use in their blood rituals. Jur and Ariok disrupted their rituals but were halted by Kilrogg Deadeye. To cover their escape, Ariok took part in the blood ritual and mutated into a dire orc, engaging Kilrogg's men.

While Ariok may have been lost, the party gained aid in the form of Exarch Malaadar and the shaman Drek'Thar, both of whom were taken prisoner by the Shattered Hand. An ambush led the party into a trap, where the adventurers were forced into battle against a hundred opponents for Kargath Bladefist's amusement. One kill short of their one hundred, Khadgar used his magic to freeze his opponents and flee for the mountains. The Iron Horde had backed them into a corner, with Khadgar collapsing part of a cave in order to halt their chase. Jur, Malaadar, and Qiana were to explore one side of the cave while Lady Liadrin and Olin explored the other. Deep in the cave, Jur found a young draenei named Yrel, enslaved and forced to till the mines. With her aid, Jur and the adventurers drove out the Shadowmoon enforcers inside and make it to the Blackrock quarry on the other side of the jungle.

Drek'Thar tasked Jur with freeing Ga'nar, brother of Durotan, feeling that his ferocity in battle would be a valuable asset. Fighting through orcs and ogron as well as pilfering supplies for the dwarves, the Frostwolf warrior was freed. The Iron Horde were rolling up enormous tanks and giant gronn beasts, pouring every last asset into crushing the resistance and reactivating the Dark Portal. Thaelin and Jur hijacked a worldbreaker class Iron tank and began laying waste to the orcs, their own machine pitted against them. Thaelin launched the iron star and collapsed the portal, cutting of the Iron Horde's one way to Azeroth. Driven by fury, the Iron Horde war chieftains took chase after the adventurers. The only way to survive would be to head deeper into Draenor and recruit the local populace. Jur followed the Alliance to Shadowmoon Valley and promised to meet up with the Horde in Frostfire .
+Shadowmoon Valley

This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

Under the request of Velen, Yrel escorted Jur around Shadowmoon Valley, heading to the nearby Embaari Village to see her sister Samaara. She informed the both of them that Ner'zhul had sent his tribesmen to attack the Teluuna Observatory and that Velen needed the aid of any able-bodied heroes to defend the nearby Arbor Glen from them. Jur and Yrel rushed to join Velen, but Ner'zhul fled with Samaara, intent on sacrificing her to the Dark Star. Jur, Yrel, and Velen ventured to the Twilight Glade, where the prophet had a terrible vision of the Temple of Karabor falling to the orcish onslaught. Determined to prevent this horrible future, Velen sent Jur and the Rangari to infiltrate Ner'zhul's fortress of Shaz'gul, plant explosives, and then rendezvous with Yrel. Unfortunately, Yrel's squadron had been captured, and the draenei found herself overcome with despair. Jur was able to convince her to pick up her mace and keep fighting, a speech with conviction that would ignite a spark in her as well as be the kindling of their close friendship. The explosives were detonated, and the both of them laid siege to plenty orcs before escaping, leaving the Shadowmoon to pick up the pieces of their burning and crumbling base.
Upon return, Velen sent Jur to speak with a clan of Shadowmoon members that defected from Ner'zhul and took up residence on Exile's Rise, led by the wife of Ner'zhul, Rulkan. Jur and Rulkan journeyed to the Anguish Fortress to backup Velen, who intended to face the Shadowmoon chieftain directly. A powerful magic prevented anyone from entering, but Rulkan had supplied Jur with a magical fragment that would allow them to enter. Once inside, the two began to destroy the runes, lowering the barrier and allowing Yrel and Velen to enter. The four of them journeyed to the highest point in Shadowmoon, the Terrace of the Stars, but were too late. Ner'zhul had used his foul magic to sacrifice Samaara's life essence to summon a terrible void beast known as Arkeddon. Grommash, impressed with Ner'zhul's work, left them to deal with the heroes while he began his assault on Karabor. Maraad was dispatched to the temple with every available soldier while Jur and company set about slaying void beasts and freeing any prisoners taken within the fortress. Among the prisoners was the night elf priestess Daleera Moonfang, sister of Delas Moonfang at Starfall Outpost. She knew of the kaldorei's disdain and mistreatment of Jur while he had operated in their lands. As a token of goodwill and respect, she pledged her service to him as a follower, thus joining the party.
Maraad had called council with the Exarchs to discuss how to handle Ner'zhul. One of the exarchs, Hataaru, was found dead, murdered by agents of the Burning Legion. Exarch Othaar assisted Jur in the investigation but had actually been steering him away from the real killer all along. Othaar was behind the murder, transforming into the man'ari eredar Socrethar. The traitor teleported away, vowing to finish the job.
Ner'zhul had escaped and had begun the process of summoning the Dark Star, snuffing out the draenei's light and ensuring the Iron Horde's victory. Jur, Velen, Rulkan, and Yrel tracked him down, fighting the void monstrosities he summoned. Unfortunately, they had run out of time, and Ner'zhul teleported away, his task complete. With no other options left, Velen sacrificed his life energy to purify the Dark Star and return it to its original state of light energy. The energies from the reborn K'ara gave newfound strength to Maraad's forces, allowing them to hold the temple against the Iron Horde. Jur, Yrel, and Rulkan saddled up and rushed to Karabor in order to aid Maraad and Exarch Akama hold it. Their combined strength sent the Iron Horde back, ensuring the temple would not meet the same fate as it did in Jur's reality. While the heroes were showered with much praise, it was not over just yet. Ner'zhul still needed to be dealt with.
Ner'zhul - in his desire to ensure his place in the Iron Horde and his clan's safety - had gone against everything the Shadowmoon had stood for, turning their burial grounds into a miasma of void monstrosities and the walking dead. Jur, Rulkan, and other adventurers braved the hallowed grounds and faced the chieftain head-on, killing him and taking the Shadowmoon Clan out of the Iron Horde's equation. While she had worked to end him, Rulkan mourned for her former husband, burying him in their ancestral grounds and praying to the spirits that he find redemption in the afterlife. Rulkan pledged the Shadowmoon Clan to fight against the Iron Horde.
The Archmage and Cordana met with Jur at the secluded Starfall Outpost outside Lunarfall with a plan to discover the whereabouts of Gul'dan in his Shadow Council, in order to remain one step ahead. Jur assisted in Khadgar's plan, fighting across Shadowmoon Valley and Frostfire Ridge and capturing many demons before they were eventually able to spy on Gul'dan. The old warlock was holding council with Cho'gall, Teron'gor, and a draenei warlock known as Razuun and an orc known as Giselda the Beautiful at the Shadow Rise. Teron'gor is tasked with infiltrating the Auchenai and absorbing the souls of all the fallen in their holy mausoleum of Auchindoun. Cho'gall is diverted to Nagrand in order to take control of the naaru K'ure within Oshu'gun. Giselda is to return to Frostfire while Razuun will spread more demonic corruption through the Shadowmoon forests. The observer being used was spotted and slain by Gul'dan, not taking kindly to spies and sent Garona Halforcen to deal with them accordingly. The half-orc incapacitated the druid, leaving her alone to battle Cordana while Khadgar remained safely in his ice block. The half-orc rogue vanished in a smoke bomb, but the warning had been given. Out of worry for the archmage's safety, Cordana demanded that Khadgar return to their base. The mage agreed and ported the three of them out.
Khadgar had established his tower in the marshlands of Zangarra, well out of reach of the Iron Horde. To combat the Shadow Council, Jur was ordered to retrieve several key objects and deal with high profile targets to construct a ring of incredible power. Before officially starting, however, the Shadow Council's presence in Frostfire needed to be dealt with. The archmage ported the druid to the other side of Draenor.

This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

A few major details had to be squared away before Jur could continue to Talador. Blackhand had been using his train to run supplies across Draenor, his next plan to destroy the city of Shattrath. Jur was accompanied by Tar and others as they infiltrated the depot, fought through its regiment of troops, and boarded the train. Crippling the Iron Horde's supply line would delay the invasion. Blackfuse Company had made its way to Draenor in secret, supplying the Iron Horde with machines. When questioned, the goblin foreman revealed that they had set up a portal between the Blackrock Foundry and Blackrock Mountain, where Warlord Zaela was operating from.
Having been previously ruled by General Drakkisath and deposed by Jur and other adventurers nearly a decade ago, the upper spire of Blackrock became a secret base of operations for the Kor'kron. After her defeat at the Siege of Orgrimmar, Zaela fled with as many that would follow and took up residence in the mountain. Using the goblin engineers, she was constructing a doomsday weapon that would wipe Stormwind off the map. However, she had not counted on being found by Jur and others. With her defeat ended the last of the Iron Horde's presence on Azeroth.
Jur had made his way to Talador with the plan to establish a garrison of his own, acting as a joint neutral hub in Draenor between the Alliance and Horde. The garrison was divided down the center, the two halves dedicated to the Alliance and Horde while the middle was the command hub that Jur ran things from. The Frostwolves and Council of Exarchs agreed and donated resources to aid, with Varian and Vol'jin eventually funding the effort as well and establishing the hubs of Fort Wrynn and Vol'jin's Pride along the outskirts.
The Exile received news that the Iron Horde was going to attack Shattrath, something that would not be repeated a second time. To prevent this tragedy, Jur began to take down Iron Horde outposts across the land as well as beef up his garrison's defenses. Jur gained the allegiance and alliance of many adventurers across Draenor to continue the fight. To track the Iron Horde's movements, Jur ventured with a plethora of adventurers through the forest, with both factions splitting up to cover more ground. Durotan found himself troubled by the sight of the Iron Horde being led into Talador by his friend Orgrim Doomhammer. Jur served under Maraad and Durotan while they focused on killing the orc soldiers. Yrel and Draka led the movement to salvage their supplies to bolster their own forces. Both women delivered their supplies to Gazlowe and Thaelin, who build new machines out of the ones they smashed. Yrel and Jur began to worry for Maraad, his anger at reliving the Shattrath attack from years ago. Jur spoke with him, reminding him to check his anger and think of Garona and Med'an.
Because of their combined efforts, the Iron Horde fleet was struggling in their fight against Shattrath. Jur and the other heroes were gathered by Khadgar to face them directly. Shattrath would not fall this day.
The Alliance and Horde cut a bloody swath through the Iron Horde's forces. Orgrim saw Shattrath clearly and was appalled that Blackhand had ordered him to attack a civilian population. The Blackrock warchief laughed in his subordinate's face, and the two did battle. Draka was ordered by Durotan to break off from the main group and attend to survivors while Maraad, Yrel, and Durotan charge after Blackhand. Jur and Khadgar diverted their attention to storm an Iron Horde battleship threatening to bombard Shattrath. The boat was conquered, and Khadgar teleported Jur to assist in the fight against Blackhand. Orgrim was killed, his body pushed off the boat. The four heroes barely put up a fight against Blackhand, who then used his trump card of bombarding his own vessel with four iron stars to kill them. Yrel and Jur are shielded from the blast by Maraad's magic, but he was gravely wounded and died from his injuries. Enraged, Yrel assaulted Blackhand while Jur recovered an injured Durotan. Khadgar teleported the heroes off while his boat bombarded Blackhand's, sinking it into the sea. The Blackrock orc escaped with his life, but his plans were ultimately thwarted. Shattrath City had been saved.
While the Iron Horde had been stopped, the threat of the Shadow Council still remained evident. Jur joined up with Lady Liadrin and Exarch Malaadar to defend Auchindoun as it was attacked by demons and warlock agents. The Exile was then joined by Vindicator Nobundo and two Auchenai priests known as Soulbinder Tuulani and Nyami in his fight. During the fight, the Shadow Council had stolen the Heart of Auchindoun, a device that served as the defenses' power supply, with Teron'gor revealing himself. In a desperate gambit, Jur was ordered to call upon the spirits of the Ango'rosh ogre tribe to aid in his fight. The demonic Legion had turned its sights on Shattrath, with Socrethar leading his Sargerei minions.
The former Exarch was slain in battle, crippling the Legion's efforts further. Teron'gor and Gul'dan had managed to escape through a demonic portal, but Nyami managed to intercept it in time. Jur, Tuulani, Malaadar, and Lady Liadrin ventured through the portal after him, only to engage in battle against the warlocks' summoned pit lord Mongrethod on the remnants of the world Xandros. During the battle, the orc warlocks escaped to Retribution Point, slaughtering the Auchenai defenders before conveniently disappearing before Jur and company arrived. Tuulani was beside herself with grief and bewilderment as to how the Shadow Council was able to remain one step ahead of them. Jur suspected that they had a mole on the inside
Jur and company ventured into the halls of Auchindoun to investigate. While inside, the Legion had attacked, with the traitor being revealed to be Soulbinder Nyami. Jur and the party fought their way through, defeating Nyami and her demonic followers before reaching Teron'gor on the center platform. Absorbing the souls of the dead, Teron'gor transformed larger and larger into a twisted amalgamation before falling off the platform into the abyss below. The Shadow Council had been bested, and Auchindoun was in the safety of its rightful owners.
+Arak and Nagrand

This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

Jur received news that the Iron Horde was making a play for the arakkoa lands in the Spires of Arak. Having collaborated with the arakkoa before and being sympathetic to their cause, Jur made his way far south. Upon reaching Skettis, Jur spoke with an old storyteller named Reshad. The two are forced to flee as the Adherents swoop down and begin attacking the forest. The two fled to Veil Terokk, meeting their mutual friend Iskar once more. Jur had found himself not just in the midst of a civil war between arakkoa but between the Outcasts and the Shattered Hand, who were ransacking their ancestral lands. Kargath Bladefist was spearheading the entire agenda, but to confront him, Jur and the arakkoa needed the power of the Talon King Terokk.
Jur received troubling reports from both about the garrison Admiral Taylor had built in the north. On arrival, Jur was shocked to find the residents of the entire garrison had been killed and raised to be undead minions. The man responsible was a necromancer named Ephial, who had acted as Taylor's subordinate. Taylor had been tortured, his body being configured into a hideous bone wraith. With the assistance of Alliance and Horde adventurers, the necromancer and his minions were destroyed, with Admiral Taylor's spirit being put to rest. Digging through Taylor's journal, Jur had discovered that Wrathion had taken up asylum within Taylor's garrison and warned the admiral to be wary of Ephial. The Black Prince took the garrison's strongest soldiers after Taylor had been killed.
Terokk commended Jur for his actions and generosity, honored to have received aid and kindness in the place of disdain. Because of this, Terokk pledged his arakkoa forces to aid the Exile. After the High Sage was deposed, many high arakkoa came forth, abandoning the Adherents in order to reach out and aid their flightless brethren. While initially refusing, Jur was able to convince the two to join into the Order of the Awakened. Iskar and those most loyal to him were appalled by such a display. The Shadow-Sage disappeared, refusing to balance the light and shadow by working with those that previously oppressed them.
The Alliance had been hit the hardest in Nagrand, having been pushed back. The Horde was holding their own a lot more successfully but still had many hurdles. Their end goal was the same: depose the Warsong Clan and bring Garrosh to justice. The Burning Blade clan had allied itself with the Warsong, and their swordsmanship proved to be the downfall of many soldiers in the field. Jur believed that they found an ally among their clan: Lantresor of the Blade. Lantresor did exist and had been exiled from his clan. He returned to challenge leadership of the clan in the aftermath of their joining the Iron Horde, but he was ultimately imprisoned. Jur freed the half-orc, and the two worked to undermine the Burning Blade.
After slaying the warchief, his daughter Azuka Bladefury ascends to the mantle, banishing Lantresor from the clan and promising Jur they would meet again. Lantresor threw down his banner and joined with the Exile, finding his cause worthy. On the way back, Jur and Lantresor were separated, ambushed by Azuka. The warlord blindsided him, knocking him unconscious and locking him in a cage. Jur returned to the world of the waking in the Mok'gol Warpost, where Blackhand, Azuka, Kilrogg, Kargath, and Grommash are holding council. A mysterious artifact known as the Heart of Gorgorek was mentioned by Azuka. They mocked the Exile and then dispersed, with Azuka warning him she would be back for his head later. After leaving, a lone orc infiltrated the empty base, revealing himself to be Lantresor. He freed Jur and assisted him in gathering the warlords' strategy plans, escaping into the wilds after being ambushed by a patrol.
Yrel and Durotan had begun the push against the Warsong, felling their leaders and taking back their territory. The time had come to push into Grommashar and crush the Warsong clan. Yrel, Durotan, Draka, and Jur prepared to face Garrosh but were interrupted by Thrall, who challenged his former pupil to mak'gora. Thrall and Garosh came to blow, with the latter blaming his former master for his failings. Thrall decided to end the conflict once and for all, calling upon the elements to crush him. Garrosh had been defeated, and Thrall walked away, feeling hollow and empty despite his victory.
+Call of the Archmage

This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

After dealing with Gorgrond, Jur had returned to Khadgar's Tower with the supplies the archmage asked for. When he attempted to scry Gul'dan's whereabouts, his spell was unable to get through on account of the warlock's countermeasures. Teron'gor's death had made Gul'dan more cautious. But Khadgar would not be deterred so easily in his plan to save Draenor. To do so, he concocted a crackpot plan with Jur being one of many instruments to carry it out.
Khadgar's magical aura was weakened from the timelines converging. The wizard believed that Kairoz would be able to solve the issue, with his magical essence permeating the timeline. Jur met with Khadgar and Chromie in Nagrand. The three stumbled across the body of Kairoz, still disguised as an orc even in death. Khadgar used his magic to absorb Kairoz's essence while Jur and Chromie fought his angered spirit. The ritual was completed and Kairoz dealt with permanently.
Khadgar and Jur returned to the tower to construct a ring of immense power. Slipping it on his finger, Jur felt a surge of magical ability and increased fortitude. Next on Khadgar's list of objectives was for Jur to face off against the Gorian Empire itself. The ogre city of Highmaul was ruled by the last sorcerer-king Imperator Mar'gok, who had allied their tribe with the Iron Horde. Jur had heard that Kargath participated in the arena, and fighting in it would be the best chance of defeating him. Kargath entered the arena, ready to show the crowd his skills and to face off against the heroes. Grommash, watching the fight, chuckled to himself, amused at their ferocity as Kargath fell. He left the arena just in time, as Cho'gall had escaped confinement and unleashed his pale orc minions and shadowy magic. With the city in chaos, the adventurers were able to escape the gladiator arena and fight through the city, ending up at Mar'gok's throne room. However, Cho'gall had beaten them there and was standing over the corpse of the Imperator. The ogre warlock used the magics from the ancient stones to crush his enemies but was crushed himself, their will being stronger. With Mar'gok defeated and having access to his treasure trove of abrogator stones, Jur returned to Khadgar.
With access to stronger magical items, Khadgar began to scry for Gul'dan once more, pushing himself to his limits. While they found Gul'dan, he was able to reverse the flow and find them as well. Garona vaulted upon them and stabbed the archmage with a blade imbibed with fel magic. Jur used his animal instincts to track Garona down and face her in combat, besting her. While she taunted him to kill her, Jur believed she would be useful in other ways. Garona was sealed within a magical prison, and Khadgar was cured with the assistance of Jaina Proudmoore, having arrived on the scene in minutes. Jaina thanked Jur but lectured Khadgar on working with the Horde, but the archmage waved her concerns away. When asked about what to do with Garona, Khadgar proposed the idea of turning her against him. To do that, however, he needed various pieces of equipment from the Blackrock Foundry, including Blackhand's arm.
The Foundry was the heart of the Iron Horde war machine. Taking the Foundry out of commission would bring Grommash's warlords to a screeching halt. But the Foundry would not be as simple as Highmaul was. The technology and gronn were daunting obstacles, but with the right amount of heroes to fight, Blackhand would fall. The blistering heat of the mountain was nearly overwhelming for Jur and the other heroes as they ventured deep into the Foundry. The Blackrock orcs had many giant beasts, machines, and battalions of orcs loyal to their warchief and thirsty for blood and carnage. The heroes cleared every wing of the Foundry, facing off against Blackhand in the heart of the mountain. Full of fire like the mountain he inhabited, Blackhand proved to be one of the toughest warlords. Yet, like the others, he met his end the same way.
Jur returned to Khadgar with Blackhand's severed arm and the supplies he requested. Among them were enchanted tablets detailing powerful magics revolving around manipulating the body. Blackhand used this knowledge to infuse his body with stone and fire. The same knowledge allowed Khadgar to beef up his own magic, but the same tablets were then used to spy on Grommash and Gul'dan, the latter tempting the former to drink the Blood of Mannoroth to turn the tide. Grommash, however, refused. Khadgar believed that he could use the magics he learned to manipulate Garona's psyche into caving to his will, circumventing Gul'dan's hold over her. Khadgar pressed her, pushing farther and farther while the half-orc riled in intense pain. Cordana is disgusted with the display, seeing Khadgar dipping to almost torturing her. The mage composed himself and apologizes, promising Garona that he would find an alternative.
One possible method of liberating Garona's psyche was to obtain an Orb of Dominion used by the Shadow Council to brainwash their spies. Jur ventured to Shadowmoon Valley to search for any remaining holdouts. Operating in the caves underneath Shadowmoon was the ogre warlock Dentarg, infamous for his role in the Second War. Jur retrieved the orb and brought it to Khadgar's Tower. Cordana reviled at the sight of it, the orb permeating pure darkness and shadow. Despite her protests, Khadgar used the foul object on Garona, liberating her from Gul'dan's clutches. Eager to be rid of it, Cordana snatched up the orb to destroy it. Garona pledged her loyalty to Jur and Khadgar, informing them that Gul'dan was going to meet with Grommash at Bladefury's Command. The orc and the night elf infiltrated the area, seeing Gul'dan being barred entrance by Kilrogg. Grommash emerged, spitting at Gul'dan for showing his face. The warlock taunted him, claiming that the orcs were powerless without his dark arts. Using his fel magic, Gul'dan sealed Grommash to the wall, making him watch as Kilrogg drank the demon blood, betraying his warchief. The Bleeding Hollow orc mutated into a new breed of fel orc, stronger and much more green than the last variation. Gul'dan, Kilrogg, and their followers dragged Grommash back into Tanaan, the Iron Horde becoming the Fel Horde.
+Further Adventures in Draenor

This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.

Choluna and Thisalee Crow informed Jur that the Iron Horde were involved with something suspect out in Gorgrond. The Exile believed that it might be about the mysterious Heart of Gorgorek and followed up. His suspicions proved correct, as the heart had been found among the Iron Horde's salvage. Fighting off Bladefury's soldiers, the three druids were able to escape with the heart, having it stowed safely within the walls of Jur's garrison. Baros Alexston and Lieutenant Thorn were visiting Jur's garrison in Talador, part business trip and part blind date. Through his connections, Jur had heard a rumor about a mutual attraction between the two and wanted to set them up together. Baros, when asked, was unsure of how to approach her. Jur suggested something simple, like a rose.
Before the time was right, Azuka Bladefury and her Burning Blade orcs attacked the Alliance half of Jur's garrison. They intended to steal the Heart of Gorgorek back and didn't care what it cost to do so. Jur and his followers did battle with the Burning Blade outside while Lieutenant Thorn herded the civilians inside to safety. While Jur was separated from the others, an assassin pounced from the shadows at Thorn with lethal intent. However, Baros jumped behind her, taking the dagger in her place. While the assassin was killed, a good man had died, and the heart had been stolen. Anger swelled in Jur's veins, the likes of which he had not displayed since he killed Fandral Staghelm. He gathered his supplies and shifted all his efforts onto war with the Burning Blade. Lantresor followed him at his side, wanting revenge against Azuka for dishonoring him and his clan.
Azuka was tracked to Gorgrond, where she was using the artifact to resurrect a massive magnaron. During this venture, Jur met the ogre centurion Tormmok and recruited him into his ever-growing fold of ragtag adventurers. The Burning Blade forces were on their way to Shattrath, but Jur's forces would cut them off at the connecting point between Gorgrond and Talador. With their combined might, the magnaron fell, halting the movement into Talador. But it was not over just yet, as Jur had a score to settle. Lantresor had trained Jur in the art of Burning Blade swordsmanship, the best that a druid could learn. Having donned Burning Blade garb and having tattoos painted onto his body, Jur was ready to face the warlord in single combat. It was a long and strenuous sword battle, but Azuka Bladefury fell. Baros Alexston had been avenged. In an animalistic rage, Jur cut the head off the warlord and ate the left eye out of its skull. Jur met with the Alliance and Horde forces at the Gates of Tanaan, where Grommash stood. The Exile showed him the warlord's severed head, to which Grommash replied by inviting him into Tanaan to finish the fight.
Jur returned to his garrison, planting the severed head on a pike in front of the command building. Lantresor had Azuka's body hung from the front gates of the Alliance section, a warning to all that would cross him. Jur washed the tattoos and blood from his body, meditating to soothe his angry heart. While vengeance was sweet, Baros was still gone.
The death of Exarch Hataaru and the betrayal of Exarch Othar had left a sizable power vaccum in the chain of command. The council, with Jur's blessing, decreed that Yrel would be the next Exarch if she passed the tests. Yrel felt apprehensive about the high stakes set before her, but Jur believed in her abilities. With a good friend at her side, Yrel felt ready. Jur and Yrel returned to Auchindoun to complete her trial of faith. The ashes of Vindicator Maraad were placed in an urn and left on an altar, with Jur taking a pinch of ashes to bury at Morgan's Plot next to Medivh and Aegwynn. The spirit of Maraad rose to do battle with Yrel, challenging her faith. Seeing it proved true, Maraad gave her his blessing and ascended to the afterlife. A private funeral was held with the surviving New Council of Tirisfal agents, minus Garona, Jaina, and Meryl. Khadgar attended in Jaina's absence. The second trial tested her courage, requiring Yrel to fight a mighty elemental fury in Frostfire Ridge. The third trial sent her off to Nagrand to slay a mandragora beast. The final trial required that she face off against Exarchs Akama, Malaadar, and Naielle. Besting them, the council welcomed her to the table as Exarch Yrel.
+Fury of Hellfire
This section concerns content exclusive to Warlords of Draenor.
The Burning Legion had come to Draenor, fel green energy washing over Tanaan Jungle. Gul'dan had taken up residence in Hellfire Citadel, with Grommash as his prisoner. The Alliance and Horde turned their gaze to the final bastion of the Iron Horde's influence. Jur was one of the first adventurers to make it to Tanaan soil, fighting alongside Yrel and Durotan as they stormed the Tanaan docks and crushed the Iron Horde ships. After the Alliance and Horde had made landfall, many other adventurers poured in to join them. Together, the three of them would brave the jungles, demons, saberon, and orcs.
A rumor came to Jur's attention that someone on the outside of the Alliance and Horde - as well as their allies - had been attacking the Bleeding Hollow clan in Tanaan. Curious, Jur and friends sought out this mysterious fighter, hoping to recruit him to the cause. Hiding in the trees near the clan's ancient burial ground was an enormous dire orc jumped at the adventurers, preparing to attack. The beast stopped, recognizing the Exile and revealing himself to be Ariok. Relieved to see his friend alive and well, Jur led the adventurers down into the caves to find the Eye of Kilrogg to spy on him and Gul'dan. Outraged that his sacred grounds had been defiled, Kilrogg ordered his men to attack, but Gul'dan belayed that order, demanding that they continue searching for the Cipher of Damnation. Enraged at missing his chance for revenge, Ariok stormed off to attack the citadel on his own.
In the Ruins of Kra'nak, Jur discovered an unusual tome of arakkoa origin, discussing the search for the cure of Sethe's curse, mentioning Gul'dan, and cursing Reshad. Reshad used his magic to extract the essence from the book, allowing him to cast a vision of what transpired. The vision revealed that Shadow-Sage Iskar had met with Gul'dan, betraying his people to obtain his flight and crush the former Adherents. Iskar drank the blood of Mannoroth, becoming a fel-infused high arakkoa. Casting off his former mantle and becoming Shadow-Lord, he gathered those that would follow him and led them to Hellfire Citadel.
Jur was recalled to Talador at the request of Yrel and Lady Liadrin. The Sargerei had returned to attack Auchindoun, armed with stronger demons. The lower chambers had been infiltrated by Tyrant Velhari and her agents. Underneath Auchindoun, Teron'gor had survived, gorging himself on souls until he had become a gluttonous mutation, the Gorefiend. The beast and Velhari teleported back to Hellfire Citadel, vowing to return once they had been disposed of.
One of the Legion's top agents, Supreme Lord Kazzak, was felled by the heroes' combined might.
A warlock of Gul'dan had visited the Exile. While others demanded his execution, Jur heard him out. The orc was Oronok Torn-heart, and he had abandoned Gul'dan's cause after he learned of his plan to sever the connection between Draenor and its elements. As penance for his crimes, he vowed to assist the Exile in stopping Gul'dan and the Legion. Believing in second chances, Jur agreed and allowed him to join. The Exile, with Oronok, Yrel, Drek'Thar, and other adventurers cornered Gul'dan, preventing his plan from coming to fruition. The warlock retreated to Hellfire Citadel, the last bastion of resistance.
Gul'dan had written dark tomes on his knowledge of the Legion, with many of the gaps being filled by his communion with the mysterious entity that had him construct the Dark Portal in the first place. The warlocks and Sargerei that commanded the Legion forces in the field used these tomes to tear the Alliance and Horde asunder. Jur and company helped fell these foul beings and gathered their books. With many dark tomes in his possession, Jur was ordered by Khadgar to take them to Cordana in order to have them destroyed.
When Jur returned to Khadgar's Tower, he was put off by Cordana's strange and distant behavior. Even stranger, she had not destroyed the Orb of Dominion. Cordana took the books and burnt them but asked Jur for his ring, becoming more and more insistent every time until she attacked him. Gul'dan had used the orb to indoctrinate Cordana to his will. When the warden could not best the Exile in single combat, she was recalled through the void and escaped.
Khadgar and Jur were demoralized by the loss of their friend but were determined to defeat Gul'dan, no matter the cost. To fully power up Jur's ring, he is summoned to the Temple of Karabor to be blessed by Yrel and to the Throne of the Elements to receive Drek'Thar's boon. With his ring fully powered, Jur knew that he was ready. Hellfire Citadel awaited, and the adventuring force stormed the citadel at full strength, Jur at the helm with the allies he had made at Draenor behind him. The resistance was strong, but they were stronger. Old scores were settled with Iskar, Gorefiend, Kilrogg, Socrethar, and the risen corpse of Mannoroth. Ariok had been captured, being used in a fel blood ritual to empower Kilrogg's warriors. Thankfully, their old ally was rescued before he could be wholly consumed and joined their cause. Grommash had become the trophy of Gul'dan, being guarded by a fel lord. The demon was defeated, with the chieftain offering his thanks. Jur handed him Gorehowl and demanded that he make amends and fight alongside them. Coming around to seeing the error of his ways and ready to tear Gul'dan's throat out, Grommash was more than happy to comply.
Wing by wing, the forces of Hellfire fell. Gul'dan had nowhere to go except for the Dark Portal. The giant demons guarding Gul'dan were the ancient enemies Jur had faced alongside Jaina, Thrall, and others at the Battle of Mount Hyjal nearly a decade ago. While serving mostly as a distraction, they were no pushover. By the time they had been felled, it was too late. Gul'dan used all of his power to summon his master through the Black Gate: the ancient enemy of the night elves and Azeroth, Lord Archimonde.
The eredar lord and the Exile traded words, how there were no wisps to protect the mortals this time. The forces of Draenor and Azeroth did battle against the Defiler, proving that they were an even match without the wisps.
Determined to crush his enemies, Archimonde dragged them into the Twisting Nether, where his power was stronger. Even with being surrounded by the dark energies, the heroes pulled through. Archimonde fell to his knees, and the adventurers returned to Draenor. Capturing Gul'dan in his fel energy, Archimonde caused the orc to disappear before dying. The dark skies parted, light shining through. The heroes celebrated their victory while Jur and Khadgar looked to the horizon, not believing for a second that this was the end. In the battle against the Eredar, Jur's ring had been destroyed.



This section contains content exclusive to Legion.

Jur and Khadgar spent the time preceding the fall of Archimonde searching for any trace of either Gul'dan or Cordana, to no avail. Jur's interest was piqued with the arrival of doomsayers, preaching the apocalypse once more. Feeling a sense of deja vu, the druid was greatly troubled and contacted both Khadgar and King Varian. The king initially dismissed such claims while Khadgar seemed to look into it further. Horde contacts reported similar findings in Orgrimmar. However, the doomsayers ultimately proved to be harmless, but Jur couldn't let their presence go. Something had to be afoot.

Jur found his suspicions to be correct as the Burning Legion had arrived on Azeroth, invading Azshara, Northern Barrens, Dun Morogh, the Hillsbrad Foothills, Tanaris, and Westfall. Before Archimonde's defeat, he used his fel magic to send Gul'dan through the Nether to Azeroth, where he made his way to the lost Broken Isles. The warlock opened an enormous portal inside the Tomb of Sargeras, ushering forth the invasion. Varian Wrynn and Sylvanas Windrunner led a strike force to the Broken Shore in order to combat the Legion, but their forces were grounded. Both members of the Alliance and Horde were called on a rescue mission, with Jur in attendance. Varian and Sylvanas were reunited with their allies and began pushing the Legion. Tirion Fordring had been captured by Gul'dan and engulfed by felfire. The swarm of demons was overwhelming, and the Alliance were forced into a hasty retreat after the Horde withdrew. Jur and company could only watch in horror as Varian was vaporized into dust, sacrificing himself to allow them to flee. The news was delivered solemnly to Anduin, who consoled with the other Alliance leaders as to their plan. Both Jaina and Genn believed that the Alliance should war with the Horde while Velen and Jur believed they should cooperate to fight the Legion. Ultimately, Jaina refused to listen and left, believing the Horde had abandoned them.

After the funeral ceremony at Lion's Rest, Jur reached out to Tar, who had been present at the Broken Shore. The blood elf delivered the news of the Horde retreating after Vol'jin's mortal injury. Sylvanas had been made warchief in his absence, a move that both felt would be controversial. Jur consoled his shaken friend, horrified by what had transpired out at sea. Jur was invited as a guest to attend the funeral of Vol'jin, a sad time for both factions all around.

Upon return to Stormwind, Jur was shocked to see the presence of the Illidari. Having been freed by Maiev to combat the Legion, the demon hunters had allied with the Alliance and the Horde. They brought forth tales of Cordana's betrayal and alliance with Gul'dan. Altruis had reunited with his former ally, introducing him to his blood elf counterpart: Kayn Sunfury. A fanatical follower of Illidan, he did not agree with either Jur or Altruis. However, the Exile knew they needed all the help they could get and became a tentative ambassador for the Illidari. The return of the Legion had forced the Kirin Tor into action, hovering over Karazhan at Khadgar's behest. The archmage asked to Jur to help negotiate the return of the Horde into Dalaran. Khadgar parleyed with Jaina, who begrudgingly allowed a vote. Outnumbered four to two, Jaina stormed off and abandoned her position, cursing Khadgar and Jur as she left. Khadgar took her place as leader, with Kalecgos filling in for Jaina's absence.

The sudden arrival of Brann Bronzebeard had shifted their focus, inviting Khadgar and Jur with him to Ulduar. Magni had awoken from his entombment and had entered the empty chamber of Algalon. Magni revealed that he had communed with the very spirit of Azeroth itself, revealing the planet to be a slumbering titan. The dwarf uttered that the only way to defeat the Legion was to recover the Pillars of Creation, ancient relics instrumental to the forming of Azeroth. Khadgar recalled seeing a book within Medivh's library. The two returned to Karazhan, seeing it flooded with demons. By the skin of their teeth, they returned to Dalaran with Medivh's tome. However, the Legion would not relent so easily. The Legion was assaulting the floating city, leaving them little time. Khadgar cast a spell upon the book, calling upon the ancient spirit of Alodi, the first Guardian. He revealed the identity of the Pillars and their purpose.

Each item was located within the Broken Isles and would need to be recovered before the Legion obtained them. The Council of Six channeled their combined magic to teleport the entire city to the Broken Isles. Before officially setting off to recover the items, Jur would assist in a menagerie of quests, such as the recovery of Tirion Fordring's body. The Exile was also requested to play mediator between the various order halls operating in the Broken Isles, keeping them cooperative and complacent. As a result, he was occasionally allowed to intervene with situations and incidents that fell outside of his status as a druid.

This section contains content exclusive to Legion.

Jur was summoned to Val'Sharah at the behest of Malfurion and Archdruid Rensar Greathoof, caretaker of the Dreamgrove. Such a decision perplexed Jur and proved to be rather controversial to the kaldorei druids. Xavius was at work corrupting the land and spreading the seed of the Emerald Nightmare into the world, and such dire circumstances needed unusual allies. While an Exile, Jur would not be permitted to join their order. But they would provide him aid and resources should he need them.
While cooperating with the Dreamweavers, Jur was summoned by Jarod to aid in the liberation of his sister Maiev from Black Rook Hold. Jur was skeptical, as she had threatened to come for him in the past. However, out of respect for Jarod, he accepted, and the two burst into the building and found her, after having fought through many guards and demons. The warden was perplexed at the Exile's actions, to which Jur was quick to state he only did it for his old ally. Maiev seemed relatively stable as she assisted the two boys in helping in killing the ghost of Desdel Stareye. Maiev expressed shaky gratitude at Jur's role in her reunion with Jarod, but the Exile kept himself distant from the warden, still uncertain as to how trustworthy she was. Regardless, the two kaldorei men left on friendly terms.
Malfurion and Jur ventured to visit Cenarius, who guarded the Tears of Elune closely. The two men bickered like father and son. However, upon arriving to his grove, they were horrified to discover the Nightmare had overrun it. Cenarius was deathly ill, becoming consumed faster and faster. In an act of desperation, the druids called upon the Dragon Aspect Ysera, who believed she could use the Tears to purify him. However, the satyrs assaulted them, with Xavius snatching the Tears away in the commotion. Cenarius was consumed by the Nightmare and faded into it. Enraged and distraught, Malfurion rushed off to face him. Ysera and Jur, but Xavius had corrupted the Tears. With a mighty blow, he impaled the dragon with it, corrupting her to the Nightmare as well. Xavius had captured Malfurion and escaped while Ysera flew off to attack Elune's holy temple. Tyrande had arrived, breaking down at the loss of Ysera and the kidnapping of her husband. Jur, Tyrande, and the adventurer defended the temple, killing and freeing Ysera from the Nightmare. The Tears were purified and now in proper hands. Desperate, Tyrande pleaded with the Exile to help her save her husband. Out of sympathy and altruism, he accepted.
Into the Darkheart Thicket Jur and other adventurers went. The Nightmare dragons, gnarled beasts, and savage animals were bested. The Shade of Xavius was cornered, with Malfurion bound and gnarled into the roots. Xavius taunted the Exile, claiming the kaldorei will never accept him and that he was more powerful. The satyr wished to indoctrinate the Exile to his will. Malfurion, and his allies warned him of his deceit. Jur refused and struck down the liar, who retreated farther into the Nightmare. Malfurion was reunited with his love, a tearful moment. The two awkwardly thanked the Exile, who choked down his resent and left on relatively lukewarm terms.
The Tears of Elune were housed within Dalaran, bringing Azeroth one step closer to victory. While preparing for his next forey, Jur was stopped by Khadgar to aid in an urgent matter. The Order of the Silver Hand had recovered a mysterious artifact that had fallen from space on the coast of Suramar. The object was referred to as Light's Heart and contained a message from Turalyon, still alive after all these years. He and Alleria Windrunner were leading the Grand Army of the Light against the Legion and told Khadgar to deliver the object inside to Velen. Jur is ordered to deliver the artifact to the Exodar, but the city was being attacked by the Legion. Jur and Velen rushed to protect the naaru O'ros being housed within the core, but they were too late as an eredar general named Rakeesh destroyed it. During the ensuing fight, Velen recognized the general as his lost son, who had been kidnapped by Kil'jaedan and indoctrinated to the will of the Legion. He was far too late to stop the fighting, and his son died before them. Velen sends the artifact with Jur back to Khadgar, renouncing his title as Prophet and declaring the draenei would be returning to Argus to finish the fight. Jur attempted to decipher the artifact with his knowledge of the draenei language and history, but it was Khadgar who found the method of unlocking it. The Tears of Elune were poured upon it, and Jur fell into a coma. He was floating in space over a fel infused planet talking with the naaru Xe'ra. She informed Jur that the Titans had been killed long ago by Sargeras and the only way to defeat the Legion was to find the child of Light and Shadow, none other than Illidan Stormrage. The Exile was offended and appalled at the naaru's logic as she showcased visions of Illidan's life and decisions, apologizing for the offences committed. Even as Jur picked apart her reasoning, the naaru remained steadfast in her conviction that Illidan was the ticket to all this. Three days later, Jur had awoken from his coma and informed Khadgar of what Xe'ra had told him. For the first time in a long time, Khadgar was at a genuine loss.
The archmage had kept the revelation under wraps for a while before reaching out to the Illidari for council. Kor'vas Bloodthorn had come forth as a representative with an incredibly risky plan to recover his body and soul. Khadgar gathered a small group to discuss the plan, consisting of Jur, Jarod, and Lady Liadrin. Kor'vas was well aware of the distruct he possessed for his former mentor but implored him to think rationally as he always did. Reluctantly, Jur agreed to help bring Illidan back to life for the greater good and would convince the others to listen to reason. Coming to a larger agreement, a call to arms was issued for the order halls to send representatives to the Violet Citadel. Against great odds did Jur manage to convince them to aid the Illidari in their search. And thus began the hunt for Illidan.
+Stormheim and Highmountain

This section contains content exclusive to Legion.

Jur ventured to the rocky land of Highmountain next, home of the Highmountain tauren. The Hammer of Khaz'goroth was located within these lands. While the Legion had a less significant hold on the land, the drogbar had risen up and stolen the hammer, engaged in civil war with the tauren. The leader, Mayla Highmountain, welcomed the Exile and informed them of the threat that the drogbar leader, Dargrul the Underking posed. The young woman felt overwhelmed by all that was transpiring and would turn to the aid of the Rivermane, Bloodtotem, and Skyhorn tribes for aid. However, the Bloodtotem tribe had struck a bargain with Gul'dan, drinking his demon blood and joining the Legion. As such, the only other ally to turn to was the drogbar's rebel tribe, the Stonedark. Their leader, Navarrogg, was adamant in saving his people and Highmountain, proving to be a valuable ally.
Mayla was called forth by Spiritwalker Ebonhorn to undergo the rite of passage that her ancient ancestor Huln Highmountain underwent, in order to prove herself ready. Jur was asked to partake in their culture's rites. Ebonhorn showed Mayla and Jur the history of their people. The vision dated back to the War of the Ancients, where Huln used the Hammer to strike down Deathwing and cast him out from his layer. Huln stumbled across a clutch of black dragon eggs and used the Hammer to purify one. Ebonhorn then revealed his true identity of Ebyssian, the black dragon Huln saved. While Mayla was startled by the presence of a black dragon, Jur was much more composed. Curious, the two exchanged words, and Jur told Ebyssian of his adventures with Sabellian and Wrathion, asking him to keep an eye out for the latter. Mayla believed in herself fully and, with their aid, began to rally the tribes to war with Dargrul.
Jur, Navarrogg, Ebyssian, and other adventurers pushed into Neltharion's Lair to retrieve the Hammer of Khaz'goroth, but Dargrul would not give up his prized possession so easily. With his death, the hammer was retrieved and housed within Dalaran.
Jur was personally selected by King Anduin to join Genn Greymane and Alliance forces upon the Skyfire to search for the Aegis within Stormheim. The Exile and Genn exchanged discourse about the Alliance and Horde conflict, with the latter finding the former's beliefs to be mere centralist idealism. Jur shared Genn's distrust of Sylvanas and the desire to bring her to justice but lectured the king about the dangers of waging two wars at once. They needed to be united for now, lest they repeat the loss of the human kingdoms during the Third War. Genn had been collaborating in secret with Sky Admiral Rogers to track Sylvanas, believing her to be upon the vessel they had cornered. The Skyfire opened fire upon the Forsaken vessel, resulting in all out war between the two ships. Jur fought off invaders alongside Lorna Crowley but was stunned to see none other than Tarondu on one of the Forsaken ships. The blood elf was now a paratrooper sporting a rocket-propelled goblin glider. He was fighting off Alliance troops trying to board their vessel, having been hired to provide muscle on their way to Stormheim. Nathanos was there as well, engaging in battle with Genn upon the Skyfire. The Forsaken had sabotaged the vessel, resulting in the Skyfire crashing into the coast.
The survivors reorganized and began hunting for the Aegis, with Jur incredibly cross at the loss of a multi-million gold flying vessel on account of Genn's itchy trigger finger. While exploring with Lorna, Jur eventually was discovered by Tar, who informed them that Sylvanas has disappeared. Not even Nathanos knew of her whereabouts. The blood elf tagged along with the two adventurers, assisting in procuring the local vrykul and the storm drakes as allies. The Forsaken then began to enact a plan to plague Greywatch like they did Gilneas, a plan that Jur could not allow to pass.
During his adventures, Jur was dragged into Helheim after a failed attempt to defeat a vrykul necromancer. While attempting to escape the foul realm, he encountered Tar, who had also been subjected to the same fate. The Exile witnessed Sylvanas making a deal with Helya that will allow her to bind the val'kyr to her will. The Banshee Queen was given permission to exit of her own accord, snatching up Tar to leave with her while Jur is forced to fight his way out. Jur and Genn tracked Sylvanas down as she enacted her plan. In a battle that nearly cost the old man his life, Genn destroyed the magical device, robbing Sylvanas of her people's future. The Banshee Queen's poison tipped arrows would have spelled game over for the old man had it not been for the Exile. Jur fell into his advanced battle meditation state, risking a lot to heal the Gilnean king and begrudgingly earning some respect. With Sylvanas dealt with, now the Aegis could be properly focused upon.
For his heroism in the field, Jur was invited to the Halls of Valor alongside other adventurers to prove to Odyn he was worry of taking the Aegis. After overcoming many trials - including fighting Odyn himself - the Aegis was returned to Dalaran.
+Further Adventures in Azeroth: Broken Isles

This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Meryl Felstorm had requested his aid when Kathra'Natir had escaped and sewed havoc in the Violet Hold. The dreadlord escaped into the Twisting Nether, and Jur would pledge his aid to the Tirisgarde to hunt him down out of loyalty to Meryl and Med'an. At the request of Lord Maxwell Tyrosus, Jur assisted in recovering Tirion's body and the Ashbringer, even being allowed to attend his funeral beneath Light's Hope. He would swiftly switch from aiding the holy to the undead as he was called in to rescue Koltira Deathweaver, who had been held in captivity within the Undercity since the events at Andorhal years ago. Jur was positively outraged at this revelation and pushed into the undead city with gusto alongside his allies.
Jur lead adventurers to the Vault of the Wardens after chasing Cordana Felsong throughout Azsuna. Despite his efforts, the fallen warden's indoctrination could not be broken, and she ultimately had to be killed. The Wardens kept Cordana's body to investigate demonic possession but did allow the Exile to take her helmet. Jur brought it to Khadgar as proof of her defeat, and the archmage was visibly upset at the loss of his good friend and ally. Nevertheless, he accepted it had to be done and thanked Jur for helping to achieve closure.
While aiding the Dreamweavers, Jur encountered a strange kaldorei druid living on the outskirts of the Dreamgrove. Her name was Sanaera Dawnheart, and she varied from wary and skittish to outright hostile towards any that ventured into her territory, be they Alliance, Horde, satyr, demon, or otherwise. Many avoided her like a plague, but Jur's curiosity about this strange woman kept him returning. She began to slowly tolerate her presence and even allow him entrance to her hut, where the Exile would behold an oddball of a woman. Though hardly younger than he was, she was infinitely more angry, explosive, and grouchy. Sanaera had a brief military history in northern Kalimdor and even believed she was the lost daughter of Tyrande. Despite such eccentricities, Jur would not turn away so haphazardly. He offered her a place at his side, some good battles, knowledge, and free food. The druid eagerly accepted only for the last part. With Jur's tender touch did she slowly detoxify and warm up to the world around her. He was gentle but firm, unwavering and unflinching but not hostile. This push and pull was something Sanaera was not used to, and she ultimately grew fascinated with the fellow druid. It shifted from curiosity to friendship to casual intimacy to something much more. After sharing one another's bodies in the wild, Jur took a risk and asked her to be his lover. Sanaera eagerly accepted, and the two struck an incredibly close relationship, falling in love deeply.
The Burning Legion had begun to take an acute interest in Karazhan, prompting Khadgar and Jur to investigate. Jur had been trying to contact Med'an in the hopes that his rich magical bloodline could help turn the tide against the Legion but found no such luck. Khadgar had not seen his master's son since he handed him Atiesh after Maraad's funeral, saying he had to grow strong without it and disappeared on a spiritual quest. During his possession under Sargeras, Medivh had bound a portion of the tower to Legion worlds, allowing demons to infiltrate it. One by one, Khadgar and his adventurers closed them. Karazhan was eventually freed with the assistance of Medivh, having returning physically to Azeroth for the first time since the Third War. He commended Khadgar and Jur on their bravery and cryptically warned them of where their journey to stop the Legion will take them.
Chromie summoned Jur to Wyrmrest Temple to investigate as well as prevent her murder. The Legion was attempting to kill off the small dragon, and their investigation into whom was responsible spanned across time. By chance, they encountered Wrathion taking a casual visit to the Obsidian Dragonshrine. Had it not been for their time limit, Jur would have viciously chastised the Black Prince for his causing the Legion's invasion. From the War of the Ancients to fifteen minutes ago did they defeat her would-be killers, which ranged from void lords to satyrs to demons to the undead and even their own factions. Chromie's assassination was prevented, but the person responsible for instigating it was never discovered. The only clue Jur possessed was a letter inscribed with insane ramblings about murdering Chromie. What deeply disturbed the Exile was that the handwriting looked familiar to him, as though he knew who had written it. But with Chromie safe, bigger issues upon the horizon, and no further leads, all Jur could do was table the mystery for now.
After retrieving the Tidestone of Golanneth from Azsuna with the assistance of the Court of Farondis and Senegos, it was time to deal with the threat of Xavius directly. Malfurion had called for adventurers of all walks of life to assist in the liberating of the Dream from the satyr menace. Within the Dream, Jur's druidic powers were significantly weaker than the other druids. Having never acclimatized to the Dream like the others, he had to depend more upon his physical strength and combat prowess. Within the Nightmare, Xavius reached out and whispered to Jur, attempting to turn him away from his allies. He played to his ego, to his insecurities. That he was better than Malfurion, that they were all wrong about him. That he would never be accepted by the kaldorei.
No matter what the trickster tried, Jur remained steadfast. Cenarius' spirit yet lived, albeit greatly weakened by the Nightmare's influence. Malfurion stayed behind to purify his master while the others ventured into the Rift of Aln to fight Xavius directly. When the satyr fell, the Nightmare was cleansed for good. The spirits of the fallen rose to congratulate the champions, including Ysera and Cenarius themselves. The demigod offered Jur a chance to experience all the wonders the Dream had to offer, to which the Exile reluctantly declined. In his mind, he didn't belong here, in this sacred place of kaldorei. Jur returned to the mortal world to continue his fight against the Legion.
While playing ambassador between the various order halls, Jur was contacted by the High Priest of Netherlight Temple to assist with some diplomatic matters. Grateful for the change of pace, he wholeheartedly accepted. It was during these affairs that he collaborated with someone tasked to guard a powerful void dagger capable of whispering into the minds of others. The druid felt the whispers tingling at the back of his mind and found himself being the unwilling host of Xal'atath. She was quite familiar with his legacy and taunted him as a hero teetering on the edge of falling from grace and having everyone turn against him. Despite his reservations, Jur engaged in conversations with her in the hopes of discovering secrets about Azeroth and beating the Legion or void. She set to work trying to play mind games with him, tease and taunt, as well as trick him into deals in exchange for him taking her up. The Exile refused and tolerated her presence, even somewhat warming up to her. Despite her teasing of him, she did admit he would be a powerful and dangerous enemy as well as ally, destined for great things. As to what "great" meant, she remained vague and cryptically teased him.
+Taking the Fight to the Legion

This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

The city of Suramar had remained sealed behind a magic arcane void for ten thousand years with no way to enter. Someone from within had reached out to Khadgar. A message was relayed by a sickly looking elf known as First Arcanist Thalyssra, and she was calling for help to save her people. Khadgar opened a portal to this mysterious land, where Jur ended up meeting Thalyssra. Greatly weakened from her withdrawals from the Nightwell, she could not fight the shambling withered. Jur protected the frail woman while she led them back to Shal'Aran, where she recounts the history of their people: the Nightborne. Gul'dan and his Legion had approached Grand Magistrix Elisande with a deal: allow the Legion to drink from the Nightwell or die. To protect her people, the Magistrix painfully accepted. Thalyssra was part of the resistance, and she needed his help. They needed more allies if they were to take Elisande down, and Jur received aid in the form of Chief Telemancer Oculeth, Arcanist Valtrois, the Moon Guard, and others. Their resistance movement grew little by little, and the force eventually grew strong enough to start pushing into Suramar City itself. Jur, Khadgar, Lady Liadrin, Thalyssra, and Tyrande were leading the charge. Elisande put up a solid defense but was eventually forced to retreat into the Nighthold.
Cooperating with the Illidari, they were eventually able to find the whereabouts of Illidan's soul. Gul'dan had plucked it from the Nether and taken it to Helheim, where he had made a gambit with Helya to house the Betrayer while the warlock made use of his body. With Odyn's aid, Jur and the adventurers defeated the realm's jailor and housed Illidan's soul within Light's Heart. Now, the assault on the Nighthold could take place proper. Jur and the others did battle with old foes such as Elisande and even Tichondrius before reaching the top of the Nighthold. Gul'dan had Illidan's body in his possession and was attempting to bind a portion of Sargeras' soul into it. The warlock empowered his frame with fel energy, growing muscular and more twisted. Khadgar used Light's Heart and the Pillars of Creation to drive Sargeras out of Illidan's body and replace it with the demon hunter's lost soul. For his failure, Gul'dan was stripped of his demonic powers, becoming weak and frail once more. Illidan rose to his feet and incinerated the warlock's body. After an icy reunion from his peers, Illidan began collaborating with Khadgar and Velen to organize a return to the Broken Shore. The Eye of Aman'thul was secured within Dalaran, and all the Pillars were now safe.
Khadgar, Velen, Illidan, and Maiev were leading the Armies of Legionfall to push into the Tomb of Sargeras and close it permanently. The archmage studied Aegwynn's writings and learned the Aegis of Aggramar was the key to closing the portal. But the way to the tomb was loaded with demons that could not be defeated via conventional means, and the adventurers were ordered to disperse among the Broken Shore. Divide and conquer as they chipped away at the Legion's hold. Jur met with Tar and old ally Thisalee Crow to sabotage the demons' efforts to strengthen themselves. Others would come to join their cause, forming a mighty strike force that would soon grow strong enough to push into the tomb.
While exploring, Jur discovered a compass with Anduin's picture inside amongst the wreckage on the shore. The Exile delivered the compass to Anduin, who revealed it to be his father's. The King had made it by hand for Varian before the Pandaria campaign as a birthday present. Anduin had been so busy with the war that he had no time to properly mourn his father's passing. Anduin had remained within the Cathedral of Light for several days seeking self realization on how to be a proper king. Genn became very troubled by the king's isolation, fearing he had truly been broken and that Stormwind's leadership was in peril. Anduin was plagued with self-doubt as to his abilitiy to properly lead and had Jur escort him around the city in disguise. The reactions of the populace to his leadership had been mixed, and they even overheard a debate between Velen and Greymane. The former had the utmost faith in the boy and believed all he needed was time while the latter voiced that they had no time and Anduin's inexperience will do them no good. Jur and Anduin ventured to the Broken Shore so that the king could witness first hand the devastation the Legion had unleashed. Genn and Velen had arrived to pay tribute to where Varian had fallen, only to be surprised when Anduin revealed himself. Among the bones and ash did the king find one half of his father's sword, Shalamayne. Through it, he was granted a vision of clerity by the spirit of Varian housed within the sword. With this meeting did Anduin gain the belief in himself, to do whatever it took for the greater good of Azeroth. No longer would he be deterred.
The time came to begin pushing into the tomb. Velen and Khadgar descended into the lower half while Jur, Illidan, and Maiev would take the upper half. While the former group had no luck, the latter managed to defeat Mephistroth and place the Aegis atop the Cathedral of Eternal Night. Jur and Illidan left to rendezvous with Velen and Khadgar, rallying a dozen other adventurers to push the Legion. After defeating Sargeras' avatar, the heroes chased Kil'jaedan into the Nether where they would have their final battle. The eredar lord was ultimately defeated and reconciled a bit with Velen while Illidan opened a portal back to Azeroth using the Sargerite Keystone so that Khadgar could teleport them all to safety. They arrived back in Azsuna before the explosion incinerated them but were horrified to see that Illidan had pulled the demon infested world of Argus into their stratosphere, haunting the sky all across Azeroth. Jur was furious at his former master. After becoming so close to sealing every Legion portal on Azeroth permanently, Illidan had undone all their progress by opening a rift that would allow the demons to invade them directly and at a significantly faster rate. With thousands of soldiers lost and millions of gold and resources consumed, the Alliance and Horde were struggling financially to stay afloat. Jur doubted how much longer the factions could last if they kept fighting and did not stop to rebuild and recuperate. The last several years had been nothing but wars back to back with little reprieve. If this kept up, there would not be an Alliance and Horde to fight for much longer.
+Liongrave Company

This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

The insignia of the Liongrave Company during Jur's membership.

While in Stormwind, Jur was invited to join a mercenary guild known as the Liongrave Company stationed out in Ironforge by a Gilnean druid named Vaanna Noireham. After some questioning, the Exile agreed to join and attended his first drill and guild meeting outside the Ironforge Gates. The guild was led by Battle Matron Clarentra Sigune and divided into a quartet that answered to her, with Vaanna leading the healing division known as the Divine Sanctuary. The combat section known as the Blood Pride was led by a vrykul named Alfrek the War-Beast, the financial division Wooden Coin was led by a dwarf named Khrona Rohh, and the stealth and assassination division the Silent Watch was led by Gilnean rogue Jason Eddrick. Jur found difficulty choosing a specific division as he felt his plethora of skills were too broad to allow himself to be limited to one section. Until he chose a division, Jur answered directly to Clare. The Exile was off-put by the casualness of the guild, likening it to borderline unprofessionalism as its members taunted and squabbled with division leads. Things would grow serious for the guild with the arrival of a mysterious shadow priest named Marek.
Marek had indoctrinated many within the guild's ranks wandering Stormwind, instilling his influence upon them with a single touch. Only headaches occurred at first before the shadow priest began plaguing them with horrible nightmares and whispers, targeting Vaanna in particular. Jason and his allies attempted to enter her mind and save her, only to spread the indoctrination further. However, Jason had managed to decipher something from Marek's mad ravings while inside Vaanna's mind, the shadow priest mentioning a town called Hamlet within Silverpine Forest. Jason, Clare, Vaanna, and Rohh organized an expedition to Silverpine with as many guild recruits as possible, Jur being among them.
The town of Hamlet seemed to exist but was not found on any map, earning suspicion from the guild. When Jur tried to heal the injured mayor after one of the guild members stabbed him, Hamlet was revealed to be nothing more than an illusion, with the townsfolk and buildings fading away to reveal a long dead city. Marek's voice cried out, taunting them and trapping them within walls made of void energy as they were forced to fight his minions. The void beings were dispelled with the arrival of an old man wielding holy magic who revealed himself to be Marek's father. His son served the will of Yogg-Saron, with plans to revive him from his slumber within Northrend. The old man was given safety within the Liongrave Company's ranks and kept under watch within the Divine Sanctuary. Jason began pursuing leads as to where Marek's lair could possibly be.
A week later, Jason had uncovered a lead on where Marek's lair might reside. The guild organized in Dragonblight and made their way to the Crystalsong Forest when Marek sent his forces after them. A great void revenant tore into their world, and the Liongrave Company nearly lost their lives fighting it. Clare's arm was severed from the elbow, and the rest of the guild was beaten and bruised. Against all odds, the void revenant was defeated, and Jur tasked himself with healing the entire guild, almost sacrificing his life in the process. Though extreme measures had to be taken in order to revive Archmage Sean McGrath, using a makeshift defibulator using a goblin electrical prod and a mana crystal to jumpstart his heart. However, the Exile could not reattach Clare's arm despite his best efforts. Under unknown circumstances did the guild exchange hands from Clare to Jason, the former resigning from leadership.
The guild was heavily demoralized from the fight against the void revenant, questioning their ability to defeat Marek while the injured were treated within the Divine Sanctuary. Though Jur tried his hardest to keep the guild motivated and believing in the task they had set out to do, fear and apprehension had set in. Being the only able-bodied healer of the group, Jur worked tirelessly to restore Vaanna and others to good health, cooking meals and treating injuries for fellow members Heathen, and a high elf assassin named Alaven Hightower. A sliver of reprieve was expected when a wedding between two members of the guild - kaldorei druid Lady Calaeith Ravenmoon and Alaven. Jur was even asked to be the best man by Alaven, the former having saved the latter's life during the fight against the void revenant to warrant great debt. Loneliness from his long-winded life and career began to set in, and Jur took to heavy drinking to dull the pain, though it did little. Outside the Dalaran inn - A Hero's Welcome - Jur attempted to recruit a gnome monk named Avano Goldthinker into the guild after the party when the panicked shouting of Cala and a kaldorei demon hunter named Eilayia Silverlight drew his attention into the kitchen.
Marek had infiltrated the city and cornered Cala, touching her face. Jur, Jason and a draenei vindicator named Shemei jumped into action, but the shadow priest had escaped. Jason ordered the guild members to stay away from her until they escorted her to the church in Stormwind to purify her. Shemei managed to purge Marek's void indoctrination from her mind before it had a chance to root itself into her subconscious. The draenei vindicator was greatly enraged that Marek had escaped, going off on her own to chase down the shadow priest personally. Jur tried to persuade her to stay behind but chose to stay behind himself to protect Cala from a potential followup attack. Before she left, Jur alerted the guild on the comm radio to her actions. Shemei was eventually brought back to the Divine Sanctuary by the guild's Gilnean priest Tyshya Westwood. Another guest having arrived was Shemei's lover, Sean. The two had a heavily emotional verbal debate which ended with Sean breaking up with her, citing her emotional instability as too great a risk. The draenei broke down in tears and caused Sean to bring Jur and Cala with him to Stormwind. Upon arriving did they visit the graveyard and the archmage attended to the graves of his deceased wife and daughter.
Tension escalated further when Shemei was contacted by a human void priest named Linette Shadowsong, meeting them at the Ironforge Airfield. Linette revealed she had experimented with Shemei's mind with the void, greatly irritating the vindicator. Her follower and fellow guildmate Stewart Johnson attacked the priest despite being ordered to stand down. Shemei called for help over the radio, prompting Jur, Vaanna, and Jason to step in. The priest vanished after exchanging words with Shemei, and Jason lectured Stewart about disobeying orders. Vaanna and Jason began arguing with one another about personal relationship issues, eventually escalating later to the two coming to blows. Jason and a worgen named Kane Fangwell attempted to pacify her from her dunken rage by knocking her out, forcing upon Jason to call the guild to assist him. Vaanna was cornered in the Deeprun Tram where she pounced on Jason, nearly clawing him apart until Shemei talked her down.
Deeply emotionally distressed, Vaanna teleported away and left them to heal Jason's wounds. Vaanna later returned to Stormwind and received an angry lecture from Jur, agitated by the relationship drama compromising the guild's integrity and the toxicity of their status. Sean hosted a barbeque in the Valley of the Four Winds to calm the guild down for the upcoming assault on Marek's fortress. Shemei had managed to locate the entrance after all, but by no means did she possess the manpower to storm it herself. Vaanna had declined to go, too emotionally distraught to face Jason after what happened and holed herself up in the Divine Sanctuary to get drunk. Jur's coaxing failed to sway her, so she told him to inform Jason that their relationship was through. The day to defeat Marek had arrived, the maddened shadow priest taken shelter within a remote wing of Ulduar. Sean channeled a portal to allow the Liongrave Company to enter the lair directly. Upon arriving, the guild raiding party was surrounded by void beings. The heroes fought valiantly, but the entities only served as a distraction while Marek kidnapped Shemei and stole her away deeper into the lair. Jason divided the groups into sections and had them search the halls, with Jur getting trapped in an isolated room alongside Tyshya, Avano, and human rifleman Koltzaar Rodan. The exit was sealed with a mighty void barrier, which was eventually dispelled after the others made it farther inside.
Shemei had been found, but she had become indoctrinated to Marek's will and forced to fight them. She was beaten and greatly weakened, only to be healed to better health by Jur. The guild tracked Marek down to his throne room, where he engaged them directly along with his void minions. Before the final blow was struck, Marek shattered Shemei's mind and made her fall into unconsciousness. With many injuries - including Alfrek losing his leg - Marek was eventually defeated. Jur and the other healers tended to the wounds of their comrades and retreated to the Divine Sanctuary through a portal Sean had erected. Shemei had awoken but bore no memory of her life since arriving upon Azeroth, causing her to become scared and skittish around her friends. The draenei took shelter within the Divine Sanctuary until her mind could be properly mended.
In time, Jur's dedication between his guild and his job reached a conflict of interest. The Exile had to reluctantly make his choice to withdraw from the guild and dedicate himself to his job and Sanaera full-time.
+Shadow of Argus

This section concerns content exclusive to Legion.

Despite the uncertainty of Illidan's decision at the Tomb of Sargeras, the Alliance and Horde were determined to make use of it. Velen had called for both factions to convene at the Exodar, where they would make their push into Argus to finish the fight. Grand Artificier Romuul had finished progress on the Vindicaar and arrive upon the fel-tainted planet to intercept the Army of the Light's vessel, the Xenedar. The vessel was shot down by the Legion, and the Azeroth forces began making a push to recruit the local Broken and stop the Legion. Jur and Velen met with Chieftain Hatuun, a bitter reunion to say the least. The draenei's squabbles were put to rest by the arrival of Turalyon, now a High Exarch. The paladin united them with Alleria, and Jur was tasked with helping return the shattered form of Xe'ra to the Vindicaar. The meeting of the naaru and Illidan was an unexpected moment that led the demon hunter to destroy her after she attempted to fill his vessel with holy light. Turalyon would have slaughtered Illidan then and there had Jur and Velen not calmed him down. The Exile was incredibly conflicted on the turn of events. While Xe'ra had no right to force the Light upon him, Illidan had overstepped his bounds and killed the single most powerful Light source upon Argus to lecture them all on independence from magical energy. Jur mocked his former mentor with his "forcing the hand of fate" line but refused to dwell upon the ramifications of what had occurred.
The Legion was their primary target now, and Jur was dedicated to finishing this fight even at the cost of his own life. The Army of the Light fortified itself upon Argus, dedicated for the long haul. One such interesting effort was orchestrated at the behest of Alleria and her ethereal master, Locus-Walker. His dabbling with the void greatly troubled the druid, as he had many reasons to distrust the dark magic. Alleria assured him that it could be properly utilized and told him the tale of how her efforts were met with incarceration at Xe'ra's behest. Locus-Walker tempted the Exile with secrets and ultimately swayed him in their efforts to help Alleria gain power. The purple high elf unnerved Jur, and he prayed to himself that he had made the right decision and not disenfranchised Arator's whole family.
Through the entirety of Antorus, the Burning Throne did Jur venture, alongside others such as Khadgar, Velen, Illidan, Magni, and other heroes in order to fell Sargeras. Their endeavors were successful, and the dark titan was sealed away for good. Illidan and Jur had one final exchange before the Betrayer sealed his fate. The demon hunter expressed his admiration for how far the Exile had come and that the road to sacrifice was long and uneasy. Jur brushed aside his former mentor's words, instead reprimanding him for his attitude and reckless misuse of his power to exploit Outland's denizens. The Exile was not swayed to the notion that Illidan was a great or even good person, a viewpoint Illidan casually disagreed with. But he entertained his former pupil somewhat. Even so, Jur could not help but view his decision to stay behind as some sort of turning point. Ultimately, Jur departed on lukewarm terms and prepared himself for the return home.
However, the victory against the Burning Crusade had been a bittersweet one. For in a final act of defiance against the Pantheon, Sargeras impaled his sword into Silithus. Cenarion Hold was wiped off the map, and the Alliance and Horde immediately set up shop to harvest the Azerite bleeding out of the wound. Magni and Jur could feel Azeroth dying from the wound. Alongside Khadgar, the three of them began working to mend the damage before the entire world died beneath their feet. The archmage ventured back to Karazhan while Magni implored Jur to reason with the Alliance and Horde war councils.
+Before the Storm

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Despite his best efforts, the druid's pleas fell upon deaf ears, as the Alliance were deadset on pushing back against the Horde for the Broken Shore. For Gilneas, Theramore, and other atrocities. War seemed to be steadfast on its way, whether Jur liked it or not. Thankfully, King Anduin was more accommodating than the others and wished to parley with the Horde. The young man began to tax himself and converse with the other leaders of the Alliance to boost their morale and strengthen their bonds. Eventually did this evolve into a meeting at the Arathi Highlands with Sylvanas in order to appeal to the Forsaken. Jur was handpicked to act as a mediator between the two factions and observe, pitching in to aid Anduin in any way he could. Ultimately, the worst had come to pass and the meeting became a total disaster.
Embittered by the initial failure, Jur jumped at the first opportunity to head for Suramar in order to convince the Nightborne ally with the Alliance. However, the kaldorei had an agenda all his own and believed neutrality would better serve their elven allies, giving them an opportunity to send their people to both like the pandaren rather than railroad them. Sadly, Jur's attempts at diplomacy fell upon deaf ears, and Thalyssra chose to throw her lot in with the Horde at Lady Liadrin's behest. The First Arcanist expressed her apologies to the Exile, but the animosity between her and Tyrande was too great. Something Jur could attest to personally. Needless to say, the reception back in Stormwind of Jur's failure was incredibly cold. The Exile was given a chance to redeem himself if he could keep the Highmountain tauren neutral. However, upon arriving at Thunder Totem, Mayla had revealed her decision to join the Horde and the secret affliction that had befallen Ebyssian. Like Thalyssra, she expressed her sympathies and said he would be welcomed in some capacity once the dust had settled. With two failures under his belt, Jur was relocated out of the major embassy building and stuck in a small cottage to sign paperwork, treaties, death certificates, and other duties befitting a mere secretary.
As the tension surmounted more and more, Jur began to take notice of increased toxicity in Stormwind. The Scarlet Crusade remnants that periodically showed up to recruit were now being heralded as brave heroes, with their xenophobia towards elves and draenei being ignored and apologized for. Even worse were startling rumors of an Equalist movement dedicated to discrimination and assault upon magically inclined individuals. The arrival of the void elves was a complete surprise to the kaldorei, as was the story of their exile from Silvermoon, Alleria's adoption of them, and the harsh discrimination they faced upon joining. Jur was quite skeptical of their void prowess but resolved to treat them warmly and pray Alleria could keep them in line. Though his troubles exceeded for beyond Stormwind.
The Horde refused to see him, with only Eitrigg being his sole confidant in Sylvanas' inner circle. Even then, he could hardly provide aid. In time, even his support dissipated. Being surrounded by so much legal documentation allowed Jur to do some independent research, and he was startled to find that military enlistment, population growth, and restoration efforts had been on the decline since the War against the Lich King. Both the Alliance and Horde had funneled tons of their gold, lumber, and stone into military expansion, exceeding far beyond their reasonable and financial grasps. In the wake of war, many places were refused aid after the dust had settled and the time had come to restore what lost. If his research was correct, it was entirely possible both factions could reach an economic collapse within twenty years' time, effectively bringing them to an end once and for all through complete and utter bankruptcy. His only comfort and stability was Sanaera. Thus, Jur took an extended vacation at her cottage, cooking lavish meals and sprucing the place.

Battle for Azeroth

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Despite the brief respite, Jur and Sanaera would find their world turning upside down. Horde forces had begun brazenly attacking Astranaar, killing soldier and civilian alike. The brunt of the kaldorei forces had been deceived and led away from Teldrassil, with Sylvanas pushing her way towards Darkshore alongside Varok Saurfang and Nathanos Blightcaller to lead the charge. Jur's worst fears seemed to have come to pass, and the Alliance and Horde were officially at war once again.

Jur was forced to leave Sanaera behind for the kaldorei lands. Upon arriving, Delaryn sent Jur to convene with Malfurion to help halt Sylvanas' incursion into their lands. The Archdruid ordered his former student to gather the surrounding druids and summon them to the Grove of the Ancients. Jur was reluctant and wishes to fight alongside his former Shan'do, but Malfurion was quick to remind him of how being too eager for battle had cost the kaldorei once before. Now thrust into the position of an Exile being the one to rally the kaldorei, Jur accepted his awkward charge and arrived in time to help Malfurion blind the Banshee Queen and flee deeper into the forest. The two exchanged excited bravado at cooperating to put Sylvanas in her place. After the fighting escalated throughout all of Darkshore, Jur was sent to Darnassus at Tyrande's request by Malfurion and Delaryn to help be a major field strategist in the fight. Even despite their years of tension, the kaldorei welcomed him - albeit stiffly - to fight alongside them in their attempt to save the World Tree. Even Malfurion seemed to express gratitude at his cooperation. For the first time in ten thousand years, Jur felt welcome among his people.

Though the flag he sported was sure to garner controversy and apprehension at his cooperation. Jur had never been more disappointed and betrayed by the Horde. As far as he was concerned, it had died when Thrall had stepped down, and whatever this new army was, it was wearing the Horde's skin. If he had to, Jur would crush the Horde's leadership entirely and allow its citizens to start anew without the potential for warmongering. Though by no means did he trust the Alliance entirely either. Plenty among their ranks would be sure to foster the attitudes of resentment and nationalism as a rallying cry to enact genocide or slavery against the Horde citizens. Something Jur would not allow, no matter the cost. The Alliance would not lose their honor out a sense of entitlement even if their enemies lost theirs.

However, despite the week they were able to hold out against the Horde, resistance eventually whittled down as Saurfang broke through the mountains at Felwood and snuck behind Lor'danel. Malfurion had given chase to Sylvanas and even had her on the rope before being blindsided by Saurfang himself. Jur had separated from the strike force in order to aid his shan'do but arrived too late. He had been immobilized by the Banshee Queen, giving her order to kill both druids before leaving to tend to Teldrassil itself. Tyrande arrived in the nick of time and held Saurfang at arrow point, the orc sparing the Archdruid's life and telling the three of them to leave. As Tyrande gave Jur a desperate plea to help save the kaldorei civilians, she teleported back to Stormwind with a weary Malfurion. Before the old orc had a chance to leave, Jur chastised him for his complacency in all this, labeling him a hypocrite for siding with Sylvanas and letting her murder innocents while attempting to save face and save others himself. As the orc tried to defend his actions of following the warchief as honor-bound by orcish tradition, the Exile refused to listen and labeled him a coward and a mindless drone for embracing his traditions rather than doing the right thing and standing against Sylvanas. To him, the orc was nothing more than a mindless machine of war now, a tin man. Jur boarded the hippogryph and rode to Teldrassil alongside his beloved.

Jur was desperate in his fight to save the kaldorei citizens and put out the flames that encroached upon the World Tree, but for all his strength and heart, he could not hold out. The Exile was forcibly dragged back to the portal of Stormwind where he gave the grim report to Anduin that Teldrassil had fallen. A small modicum of comfort was that he had managed to save a small child and an infant belonging to a kaldorei couple. Though, his comfort swiftly dissipated. Jur was consumed by rage and despair, descending into hysterical tears at his failure. Now he truly believed that his entire life had been for nothing, that peace could never be achieved between both factions, despite Anduin's attempts at calming words. Jur visited a recovering Malfurion and clutched his hand while he rested in his unconscious state, silently weeping to himself.

Upon returning to Stormwind, Jur was accosted by many angry and vengeful individuals for his flag, which he refused to remove as he now viewed it as a cautionary tale to wear publicly for the world to see - that being too trusting can be a bad thing. Though the crowd would have none of it and surrounded him, one night elf even stabbing him a couple of times. The Exile healed his wounds and stood his ground even as others shouted him down, some even coming to defend him. To give himself time to think and relax as well as to quell the crowd, Jur began to leave and publicly offered any who wished to continue their standoff with him the chance to put their gold where their mouth was. A rock was thrown at the back of his head, and many spat at him. But the crowd seemed to remain at arm's length as he departed, filling the druid with slight smug satisfaction.

The Alliance was quick to mobilize and retaliated by storming Lordaeron, with surprise visits from Jaina Proudmoore, High Tinker Mekkatorque, and Alleria Windrunner. The fight pressed ever further inside until Saurfang was captured personally. As Anduin rallied a force to apprehend Sylvanas, Jur grew suspect at how quiet everything had become. The druid suspected foul play and ventured in secret. True to his suspicions, Sylvanas had rigged the city to be consumed by plague, but Jaina teleported them out to safety. The Horde had been diminished on the Eastern Kingdoms, but there was no true victory that day.
+Kul Tiras: A Nation United
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The Horde had managed to break into the Stockades and escaped with the Prophet Zul and Princess Talanji, the Alliance fleet being decimated by the Zandalari's. To match their ferocity, Anduin concocted a plan to recruit Kul Tiras into the Alliance once more. A controversial decision was made as Jur was one of many sent with Jaina to Kul Tiras. Despite his history, Anduin believed that he could overcome and help bring Jaina's people around. A sentiment that Jaina and Genn found suspect but obliged the king in his already uphill battle. Sure enough, the reception had for the returning Alliance was cold. Jaina's mother and the Lord Admiral - Katherine Proudmoore - disowned her daughter and let their fates be determined by Priscilla Ashvane. The Exile was reviled by the people and condemned by Lady Ashvane and Lord Admiral Proudmoore for his treason, but Jur retaliated with his commitment to protecting Azeroth while they hit in their cities, proclaiming Jaina to be braver than any of them present. Such a comment nearly had him stoned to death, but Lady Ashvane had him carted off to Tol Dagor with the other Alliance dreck to rot. His stay would not be long as a prison riot was orchestrated, Jur escaping in the confusion with two people named Flynn Fairwind and Taelia. Jur was hesitant to flee while Jaina was missing, but the mage was nowhere to be found.
Taelia smuggled the Exile back to Boralus and confided in him that Kul Tiras was divided. To get Kul Tiras to join the Alliance, they needed to be unified once more. Jur took to his task with gusto and ventured across the different parts of the world, remaining out of the city until it was time to bring Lady Ashvane to justice as he was still technically a fugitive. Across Stormsong Valley, Drustvar, and Tiragarde Sound did Jur see the influence of Queen Azshara seeping up and to push forth with invading the Shrine of the Storm. The naga - as well as the resurgence of Old God pawns - instilled a bad feeling within Jur. His only comfort in those times was Sanaera, who had reunited with him in Kul Tiras. They both served as one another's anchors and even began tutelage under Ulfar high in the mountains of Drustvar. The two of them learned much of history and new abilities to strengthen their magical arsenal. It felt surprisingly good to Jur to be a student again, as though a burden had been lifted off his shoulders. Both he and Sanaera grew closer still.

Jur donning his new gear to venture across the new lands.

Once the varying houses had coalesced together, Jur ventured with Taelia and others to overthrow the corrupt woman manipulating Katherine. The coup was successful, and Lady Ashvane fled the city. But the most laborious task remained ahead as Jur had to help find Jaina, who had been exiled to Fate's End. Even worse was the discovery that she had been usurped into Thros itself. The young archmage was freed and reunited with her mother. Even better was seeing Lady Ashvane be thwarted in her attempt at taking the city and the fleet returning. Against all odds, Kul Tiras had been united and was now unified with the Alliance once more. Katherine pardoned Jur and allowed him access to Boralus without hassle from the law for his tattered banner, thanking him for aiding in unifying Kul Tiras and finding her daughter. Jaina herself also came to offer her thanks later for doing everything for the Alliance. Jur aloofly rebuked that he didn't do what he had done because the Alliance wanted it. In truth, he had done it out of principle and as a gesture of good faith to her. Despite how far they had grown apart, Jur still held Jaina in high reverence.
+Zandalar and the Tides of Vengeance
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This section concerns content exclusive to Battle For Azeroth.

With Kul Tiras unified, the Alliance shifted its focus to Zandalar in order to prevent their allegiance with the Horde and obtain azerite for the Alliance. Halford Wyrmbane and Shandris Feathermoon spearheaded the Alliance's incursion into the troll island, with Jur being one of many to volunteer in the effort against the Horde. Jur stood against Sylvanas entirely but hoped the Zandalari could be reasoned with. What little allies Jur had and what little strings he could pull were made to arrange a parley. The Exile had hoped his reputation would be enough to draw King Rastakhan or Princess Talanji out. Sadly, it had appeared Jur had overestimated his renown and only a mere echo of Rastakhan had been escorted out to speak with him. The Exile warned that the Alliance would bring their war to Zandalar if they allied with the Horde and that Horde themselves were not to be trusted as long as Sylvanas held the mantle of warchief. Even despite his laundry list of grievances and atrocities the Horde had committed, King Rastakhan's echo brushed him off, saying he needed no Alliance to help him govern his nation and regarded the kaldorei as mere "tree huggers." Irritated, Jur rebuked by labeling the Zandalari Empire as a fragment of what it once was, an island nation reduced to hiding in the mists after they had been usurped by the so-called "tree huggers" he had labeled them as. Such an insult nearly cost the druid his life, but he had managed to flee before the war band could have his head.
Despite his setback, Jur continued to be involved in the events of Zandalar by aiding the vulpera and the Devoted sethrak, as well as saving innocent Zandalari civilians and soldiers having been captured by the blood trolls. In his travels, a strange troll cultist made contact with him claiming to speak on behalf of a great entity. Jur was left with a strange drink in a coconut shell, a strange rush'kah mask carved into it and adorned with strange paints and smelled of death. Curiosity outwon his reluctance, and he fell into a fever dream. Still very much alive but deeply unconscious, his spirit was dragged into a distorted ethereal realm and found the mysterious benefactor in question. None other than Bwonsamdi had been responsible, eager for a conversation with who he mockingly referred to as "the great hero." The loa of death taunted and teased Jur at the prospect of adding his soul to his collection, making fun of his dedication for wanting to do the right thing when it only made people resent him. But it seemed all the loa wanted was to exchange banter and ruffle his feathers, vaguely hinting at a possible use for him in the future. Jur was eventually released back to the waking world but not before Bwonsamdi warned him they would meet again later.
His actions had not gone fully unnoticed by either faction and would come to a head at the storming of Uldir, with Brann Bronzebeard leading the Alliance while Princess Talanji spearheaded the Horde. Their cooperation was incredibly shaky, but Jur helped convince them to focus their efforts upon the amalgamation of bile and blood, G'huun. The Princess gave a hesitant thanks for the Alliance for helping stop the Old God, and Jur took this chance to use as his in. The Zandalari princess humored the Exile and informed him of their past, what had transpired because of Zul but still refused his ear to not unite with the Horde. Jur saw the greater picture of the Zandalari and went to work afterwards attempting to clear some of their name. This combined with hearing of Zul's gambit with Queen Azshara only made him feel more uncertain on the future.

The Battle for Darkshore commences.

Jur had become increasingly disillusioned with his lot in life as well as the factions, and he would find an outlet when Tyrande made the declaration that they would be taking Darkshore back. Jur wasted no time in jumping into the fray, kaldorei opinion of him be damned. With unmatched feral ferocity did he fight on the battlefield, Horde soldiers being torn apart and crushed as though they were facing a wild animal. Without quarter was his fury which quickly earned him some degree of respect from the fellow kaldorei. For his actions in helping save dozens of civilians at Teldrassil and here, his reception was a lot less cold and he had even been commended for his actions by superior officers. But he coldly brushed them off as any victory felt hollow.
Jur had been absent when the call to arms occurred to push into Dazar'alor, instead devoting his efforts to heal Azeroth's wounds. Despite his distaste for the Horde, he felt assaulting the city was a mistake. A great battle in the city had been fought, consisting of King Rastakhan's death and the near decimation of the entire Zandalari fleet. However, Mekkatorque had been indefinitely incapacitated, and Jaina Proudmoore was critically injured. Reconvening at Boralus, Halford, Matthias, and Genn suggested pushing the attack while the Zandalari were weak, to which Jaina and Anduin protested. Upon returning, Jur felt himself of two minds. He bore frustration at the Alliance for dragging its heels this close to potentially toppling the Horde. The druid couldn't help but be amused at the irony of him now gunning for war. This lack of unity - combined with the assault being the catalyst for Zandalari-Horde unification - shook his already wavering trust in the Alliance.
Jur found an unorthodox distraction in the form of Lady Ashvane's escape from Tol Dagor, at the hands of the Horde no less. She had disappeared, but the Exile took some pleasure in stomping down her supporters. Things - however - would take a stranger turn as Valeera Sanguinar delivered a message to Jaina from Baine Bloodhoof himself, asking for a private meeting off Theramore's coast. Jur was equally as distrustful as Jaina was, but the both of them nevertheless proceeded. What greeted them nearly sparked off another battle, as Baine revealed that Sylvanas had resurrected Jaina's very own brother, Derek Proudmoore. The tauren chieftain revealed the Banshee Queen's diabolical plan to use Derek against his own family and that he could not stand idly by and allow this to happen, so he freed her at the risk of his own life. Jaina expressed gratitude at his display of honor while Jur was significantly more scornful and remained unconvinced, heavily embittered by the hesitation to stand against Sylvanas in the aftermath of Teldrassil. The Lord Admiral and the Exile butted heads before Jur turned his attention to repelling Horde invaders in Stormsong. During which, Shaw contracted him to spy on a Horde meeting at Warfang Hold. The major faction leaders had amassed, and Sylvanas publicly denounced Baine for treason. As such, he was arrested and his undead associate was killed. Jur held some sliver of respect for the tauren's display of honor but not enough to find any sort of redemption, in either him or the Horde. Not after so much. But he played the part of the ambassador out of instinct rather than duty, helping smooth over the transition of Kul Tiras reentering the Alliance.
Tales of strange phenomena drew him to Stormsong, where a string of bizarre murders drew Jur's investigation. Someone was killing scores of naga with ruthless efficiency, but these weren't just average strikes. Their bodies were mangled and drained of blood, even their soul essence felt diminished. When asked about the unusual phenomena, Collector Kojo told him it started after he revealed a strange dagger to an unknown adventurer. Eventually did Jur follow the trail and happened upon a grizzly ritual, seeing a high elf corpse be reanimated before his very eyes. His skin crawled upon the reveal that the cursed dagger was none other than Xal'atath, who had survived sealing the wound and now had a body. The adventurer was one of many accomplices in her schemes, with Jur being conscripted as well. The Exile held lethal intent for the void being, but she dissuaded him by playing to his sense of heroism, revealing the naga were gathering magical objects to create a mighty storm to wash away the "unworthy" and she was trying to stop them. The druid held not a sliver of trust for Xal'atath, but with Azeroth being in enough danger as is and the two factions preoccupied with their war, he found little room for leeway. Ultimately, he relented and carried out her bidding to retrieve the artifacts. Her tasks took him across both island nations before culminating in a raid on the Crucible of Storms to stop the brewing storm. However, this proved to be nothing more than a ruse as Xal'atath took Jur deep within after all was said and done to meet with N'Zoth, who rewarded her with freedom from the dagger. She mocked the Exile that they would meet again, and the Old God cast him out now that his purpose had been fulfilled.
+The Rise of Azshara
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This section concerns content exclusive to Battle For Azeroth.

Going stircrazy from the lack of success on battling the Horde and the failure of being lured into Xal'atath's plan, Jur jumped at the bits to accompany Greymane when they went to pursue Nathanos' ship and cripple the Horde offensive. However, both factions found themselves dragged to the ocean floor as Queen Azshara parted the seas to toy with them. Jur found himself in the midst of Nazjatar, surrounded by naga enemies and new allies in the form of the ankoan. Jaina, Shandris, Greymane, and Grand Marshal Julianne Tremblade led a lengthy campaign for the Alliance against Azshara while Lor'themar, Oculeth, and Thalyssra led the Horde alongside the gilgoblins.
In the wake of Azshara's return, good news did manifest in the form of Magni informing Jur that MOTHER had unearthed a way to save Azeroth: by harnessing the essences of the Dragon Aspects. First was Ebyssian to represent the black dragonflight, the dragon harnessing his father's essence from below Highmountain to play his part. Minions of the void had set their sights upon the Emerald Dream, and Merithia called out for aid. As thanks, she too added her essence. Sent to the Vermillion Redoubt by Kalecgos to request aid of Alexstrasza, both parties were disturbed to find the red dragonflight under siege by a returned twilight dragonflight. They had a strange new tactician in the form of Vexiona, twisted and distorted by void magic. She parroted the Exile in a ghostly fashion about uniting the dragonflights as one, but Jur saw through her words and helped repel the invaders. Alexstrasza then pledged her essence to the cause, with Kalecgos and Chromie contributing in time. With Azeroth now somewhat stabilized, Jur turned his attention back to Nazjatar and the new front being fought at Mechagon. Both factions stormed the Eternal Palace and defeated the foul naga queen, but N'Zoth was unfortunately unleashed onto the world. Agents were scoured across the globe to find what the Old God was up to, but it remained strangely silent. For now.
The time had come to execute Baine. Something Anduin could not allow, as he called upon a small strike party of Shaw, Jaina, and Jur to infiltrate Orgrimmar and free him. Despite his disdain for the Horde, Jur took his orders if it meant Sylvanas could be deposed. They were not the only ones with the same idea, as Saurfang and Thrall had ventured below the city to free their ally. Discourse between the two factions was shared, but they funneled their focus into freeing Baine and porting him to Thunder Bluff. Thrall expressed remorse at the Horde's regression while Jaina tried to assure him this time things would be different. Jur - however - was significantly less confident in them, musing over the prospect that the Alliance should stand by and let Sylvanas burn Thunder Bluff in retaliation as penance for Teldrassil. Jaina chastised him and tried to appeal to his sense of ethics alongside Baine, but he coldly rebuked them and left for Boralus. Thrall was further shaken in his belief, but the Lord Admiral assured him she could get through to the Exile. Later, she appealed to his better nature again, knowing he only said what he did out of pain and anguish. The two went back and forth on their changed stances, both equally stubborn.
+Visions of N'Zoth
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This section concerns content exclusive to Battle For Azeroth.

A parley had been arranged in secret between the Horde under Saurfang, planning to rebel and siege Orgrimmar once more. Jur reluctantly attended the meeting to see the true extent of the Horde, reflecting on the legacy of failure with Saurfang. He too saw the Horde's failures and doomed repetition of the cycle, but Anduin truly believed this time would be different. Jur held a sliver of recognition for Saurfang for being at least somewhat self-accountable, but he still didn't believe the Horde could be redeemed. Only stopping Sylvanas mattered.
The second siege of Orgrimmar was significantly weaker despite the overwhelming rallying cry. This push could make or break both factions, particularly the Alliance. But Saurfang had an ace up his sleeve, and he challenged Sylvanas to a mak'gora. This was to spare the blood of more of his own and to finally obtain the warrior's death he saw after years of exhaustion from the eternal cycle. He was granted his wish, the orc's martyrdom forcing Sylvanas to reveal her disdain for the Horde as a mere tool out of rage. The banshee fled, and Orgrimmar belonged to its people yet again. Saurfang was given a warrior's funeral, and the Horde began restructuring its leadership under a council-esque leadership.
While the Horde restructured, N'Zoth took the opportunity to attack a high profile target: Ebyssian. Magni managed to enact a stay of execution on the black dragon, now overtaken by N'Zoth's madness. But it would not last long without help. Thankfully, Kalecgos had a solution in the form of a very unorthodox ally. The blue dragon had been keeping tabs on Wrathion, who had been researching the very same indoctrination that plagued his brother. But the dragon had disappeared. Jur vehemently distrusted him after his contributions at Garrosh's trial and still seethed from Xal'atath's betrayal, but he found himself strong-armed yet again. Upon returning to the Tavern in the Mists, the dragon was nowhere to be found. Even his spies knew not where, only where to guide Jur. From Pandaria to Blackrock and finally to Karazhan, Jur only found notes detailing the Black Prince's research and escapades. Most importantly however, a potion remained at the bottom of the catacombs to be delivered to Ebyssian. It seemed to work, but now there were more questions than answers. And Jur had a lot that needed answering for once he found the Black Prince.
Jaina met with the developing leadership to convene in private on their long-term growth and brought Jur with her, hoping to sway him to take up the mantle of faction ambassador yet again. Instead, the Exile chastised and condemned the Horde for its moral failures and unwillingness to have accountability for Teldrassil, labeling them bootlickers and servants. He then flipped over and turned his outrage at the Alliance for its weakness and lack of backbone. They would receive no help from him, and he took his leave, a disheartened and uncertain council behind him. But the archmage had not given up on him just yet.
Later, Jaina would reach out to him yet again and called him to meet with a very important figure. Jur was stunned to discover none other than Calia Menethil, now having been risen as an undead by the Light. She had plans to leave for Lordaeron in order to lead the Forsaken. The whole ordeal and how so much had changed led Jur to think deeply on everything. He was unsure of what to make of this apparent "lightforged undead." Though his knowledge of the Light was not as ornate as that of a priest or paladin, it sounded like a paradox. But she did represent a potential permanent change in the Horde, that much he could not deny. Yet, his heart still ached in pain at the betrayal and the loss of Teldrassil. Unsure of where the future would take them, he stood back and observed the world, taking time to let himself breathe in this time of peace. He took to writing a political novel critiquing faction nationalism and expansionism: Tin Men.
With the armistice being negotiated, Jur took a backseat and soaked in the comfort of his tenuous peace. He acted as an on and off correspondent for the armistice, his role writing letters to those involved. Despite the insistence, he refused to take a greater and more involved role. The Exile just didn't believe in his factions anymore, and both fatigue and depression began to eat away at Jur once more. He still had not heard anything about Sanaera despite his patience and contacting the military. He was getting irritable and exhausted, which began to push him away from his allies. To treat his weakening mind and remember what he fought for, he ventured across Azeroth to behold all its preserved beauty. Though, Jur was ripped from his peace once he returned to Boralus and heard the drums of war thundering again.
Wrathion returned from parts unknown and warned the Alliance and Horde of an impending invasion from the Old God. Despite his first instinct being to gut the traitorous dragon, Jur ultimately cooperated him in defending Uldum and the Vale of Eternal Blossoms from the invading void forces, eventually pushing into the city of Ny'alotha itself. The adventurers fought hard and long enough to allow Magni to strike the final blow, destroying both the Old God's body and the city itself with the Chamber of Heart. So it finally seemed that the Alliance and Horde could focus on the planet and make peace. Such talks would have to be made without Jur, however. Despite the insistence of Anduin's council, Jur retired from his life of politics and cleaning up their messes to be with Sanaera.
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This section concerns content exclusive to Battle For Azeroth.
When Jur returned to Ulfar's Den, Sanaera and her possessions were nowhere to be seen. His attempts to reach out to her magically were met with silence. All that was left was a mere note that called for an end to their affairs. Sanaera couldn't commit in her own words and fled. After so much, Jur would not sit idly by and await her return. For days on end did Jur traverse all of Kul Tiras and eventually collapsed from exhaustion in the wilds of Stormsong, where he crossed paths with a retired Kul Tiran captain and druid named Kieran. She took an interest in the kaldorei, attempting to help him find his lost lover before eventually convincing him to abandon this cursade and adopted him as her own. Still stung by the betrayal of Sanaera's curt abandonment, he gave in out of a desire to have someone be there for him. But she eventually lost interest and stood him up as well. Jur collapsed out in the wilderness and broke down, having thoroughly been defeated. He had fallen out of love with his job, and now his only real relationship had been forcefully ended. He descended into despair and turned to intense vice to feel alive again. The druid spent gold on booze and women to feel wanted and distract himself from existential torment, but it was a temporary reprieve. He became severely addicted to substance abuse, which led him to getting exploited by others. Jur had fallen for a draenei paladin, but she was only interested in sex. Eventually did she grow bored of him and stood him up on a date, abandoning him. Falling more into despair, Jur began throwing himself at any woman that would have him, no matter how much he was mistreated.

Eventually did he find a widowed human at a bar, who seduced him with honeyed words. He took the bait, and she treated him as a mere trifle. The woman mistreated and belittled him, but Jur took his lumps at the risk of being alone again. The woman ran into severe financial troubles, and Jur found purpose in the form of being her advisor. He got her life back on track and felt happy once more with a goal in mind. This sparked a renewed interest in him, which turned to a more sexual lifestyle. However, she began to escelate things at a faster rate than what Jur was comfortable with, making him feel greatly uncomfortable. Eventually did she reveal herself to be a void magister and attempted to restore her waning youth by draining his soul. Due to her inexperience, the woman botched the ritual and ruined her opportunity. Jur was near drained of life, and the woman took her frustrations out by throwing him out into the rain. Losing strength and without his gear, Jur weakly crawled through the forest until he couldn't continue. All he could do was stare into a puddle at his reflection to witness how far he had come, only to collapse. For what seemed like ages did he not want to die, but it truly seemed he was on death's door. The druid didn't want to be seen in his state, to be humiliated and be seen as weak or a failure. Mustering what little strength he could, Jur teleported himself with druidic magic away, to anywhere. The spell thrust him into the wilds of Pandaria, where he collapsed.

He remained within the wilds for days, unable to move as he drifted between life and death. By chance did a pandaren monk happen upon him, the druid begging weakly for help. She brought him back to her teacher, Master Bruised Paw. The old monk assisted his student in nursing the other back to heath, after which Jur confessed to his downfall. The Hidden Master conveyed wisdom to him, that he had lost his inner peace and tranquility. When Jur asked how he could find it again, the monk could not offer an answer. Only that he needed to find his own happiness, not depend on others to give him purpose or fulfillment. Jur had to swallow his pride and realize he had forgotten that lesson. As the druid soaked in the silence and beauty of the Pandaria landscape one morning, he realized just how underappreciated the continent was and how he had been so busy fighting to protect it that he hadn't bothered to experience it properly. And so, he gathered what remaining possessions he had, thanked his former master, and ventured for a remote landscape for him to hide from the world in and recover.

He took up a private den at the Tian Monastery and lived a quiet life of farming and training, his new gear doing well to keep him obscured. With his flagcloak locked away in a chest, the druid felt a sense of newfound freedom. Something about not being recognized and languishing in obscurity just felt so wonderful to him. He could just be there for himself rather than for other people. To keep himself busy, he studied nature, tilled the local farmsteads, cared for the animals, and trained his body. Jur also made sure to keep a low profile by closing himself off from the Dream, so that others could not track him. On occasion did he reach out to Tarondu so they could have a friendly drink and bond, rekindling their distant friendship.

Jur felt like his own man again, since before the War with the Iron Horde. It felt great to live a life for himself rather than for others. Though, he couldn't shake some small thing itching at the back of his mind. It was a distant feeling that lingered, as though he was forgetting something important or leaving something behind. But he learned to ignore it and embrace the serenity Pandaria had to offer, a unity with nature he hadn't felt in years, even at Val'Sharah. He truly felt free, more than he had quitting his job. That same feeling of peace could not be extended to the Alliance and Horde, who were hard pressed to proceed with peaceful negotiations and disarmament after the armistice. The failed assassination attempt on Talanji's life and growing distrust among the other Horde leaders was causing unrest to brew. Anduin fared little better, as both Malfurion and Tyrande refused to leave Nordrassil. With most of SI:7 focused on hunting Sylvanas, Anduin attempted to marshal as many spare agents as he could to find the Exile and bring him back. The hunt ultimately bore no fruit as Jur covered his tracks far too well and stayed out of the public eye. The Alliance and Horde were on their own this time.


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This section concerns content exclusive to Shadowlands.
Though Jur had found serenity in his retirement, trouble would find him. Agents of the Mawsworn had been sent out across Azeroth after Sylvanas had defeated Bolvar atop Icecrown Citadel, shattering the barrier between Azeroth and the Shadowlands. Jur had been among the targets selected to be brought to Sylvanas, but he had managed to defeat his would-be captors. One ultimately escaped to the Maw and informed the Banshee Queen of his failure. Thus, a dedicated manhunt occured to bring him to her, for his freedom meant their plans were at great risk. The Exile merely wandered into the mountains to retreat and wait it out, believing it to be a freak series of incidents that would blow over.

However, the attacks grew more frequent, and he was forced to retreat deeper into the mountains of Kun Lai. Eventually was he found by none other than Darion Mograine, with Sally Whitemane and Nazgrim in attendance. Bolvar was selecting some of Azeroth's finest to venture into the Maw and liberate Anduin, Jaina, Thrall, and Baine. However, the adventurers were severely overwhelmed by the Jailer's resistance and were forced to escape to the eternal city of Oribos, leaving many behind. The beings known as Brokers and Attendants informed them about the nature of the Shadowlands, the Jailer, and what had befallen the Arbiter. Jur and others were sent throughout the Shadowlands realms to obtain answers. As he ventured through the lands, Jur grew horrified and embittered by the realms, seeing the afterlife as another life of conflict and servitude rather than rest. The Kyrian unnerved him greatly, as he felt their homogeny and erasure of both memory and identity was terrifying. Had the Forsworn not been allied with the Jailer, he might have allied with them. Even the beauty of Ardenweald brought him no such comfort. Eventually did his journeys bring him to Revendreth and uncover the culprit behind the anima droubt, none other than Sire Denathrius himself.

He then returned to Oribos where the covenants were recruiting mortals into their ranks. When Jur received the call, Tal-Inara arranged a meeting with key covenant figureheads to confide in him. On account of his controversial and decorated life, they all wanted his soul equally bad. Tal-Inara insisted that he must commit to one covenant in full, that no others can distrct him from his duty. However, Jur was disillusioned with the realms of death and hesitant to offer loyalty so freely. As such, he proposed a counter-ultimatum of taking up the mantle of ambassador between the four covenants, ensuring they and their champions cooperate and share resources just as he had done with the order halls during the Third Invasion. At first, Tal-Inara and her subordinates were flustered by the insistence of defying tradition, but Jur refused to budge. Tired of not being listened to, he insisted they oblige him or he would walk. Despite his arrogance in defying their tradition, the Attendants believed him too valuable an asset to be lost given his history. With great reluctance did they bend the knee and grant him the role of covenant ambassador, provided he could provide all four of them equal and balanced treatment. The covenant representatives were not wholly satisfied with the outcome, but if Jur insisted he could pull it off, they would allow it. Thus, Jur was one of a few champions given such unconventional leeway of operating between the lines.

Between guerilla strikes into Torghast and preparing an assault on Castle Nathria did Jur begin to study in-depth on the realm of the Shadowlands. It felt refreshing to be away from Azeroth, the Alliance and Horde, and to be a relatively unknown face. Being so far away from his old life - even in the middle of a fight for the world - made him feel a sense of liberation. Within the Shadowlands were so many mysteries, which eventually turned to him thinking about his own fate, where he would end up when he died, and what had brought him there. The harder he contemplated, the farther back in time did his mind recede. Eventually did he drift far enough back to recall his own mysterious origin and the parents he never knew. All his life he had wondered just where and who he had come from. No records of them existed, and he had long suspected them to be dead. If this was truly the case, the Shadowlands presented an opportunity for him to finally uncover such a mystery. He had a goal of his own to achieve again and set out to end this mystery once and for all...


In terms of personality, Jur has changed significantly over the course of his life and tenure as ambassador.

Jur's signature flagcloak, made from an old Alliance and Horde flag sewn together. The iconic look was the cornerstone of his belief system. An old photo of the cloak, as it has become burnt and tattered from the years of exploration.

As a child, he was initially shy around strangers but was quick to warm up to people. He possessed a wide-eyed and bushy-tailed nature that was rather infectious. However, he always possessed a fear of crying, embarrassed to be seen in such a state. This caused him to repress negative emotions in favor of positive expression. Things shifted when he entered his teenage years, becoming angsty, desiring independence, and shouldering an Oedipus complex with Malfurion and Tyrande. His actions during the War of the Ancients really shook him to his core, instilling a great sense of guilt and responsibility for what happened. The decision to exile him also greatly severed his bond between his perceived parental figures, generating feelings of heartache, betrayal, anger, and a lack of identity.

Upon reawakening to the world ten thousand years later, Jur was rather distant and nervous despite his desire to befriend others and form connections. On account of his past actions, the druid didn't feel reserving of such connections. However, he was motivated by a strong sense of justice and a desire to atone for his past failures which prompted him to push through his anxiety and fear. Overcoming his anxiety allowed him to be more expressive, warm, and articulate with those he cared about. He was a very warm person with a bleeding heart and a curious nature, with the new Azeroth giving him much to study. If he had no one to speak to, he would simply speak aloud to help examine his thoughts and situation. This fueled his desire to become an ambassador, combined with how successful the Alliance and Horde had been together at Hyjal. In his younger days in training, he was significantly more idealistic and not at all jaded by the constant warring. Though he did possess a skittishness around densely populated kaldorei areas on account of his exile. The fear of retaliation for his past kept him at arm's length, but he greatly wished to be accepted by his people and have kaldorei and druid friends to relate to.

A very tired Jur, trying his hardest to put on a brave face. Art commissioned from rudiindraa.

After his near-death experience with Deathwing, he began to shift in personality. His lack of a real family and sense of loneliness from being an exile had instilled the desire to be a father. Second to his job was his urge to have a family and be the father he never had. Having that robbed from him shook him to his core, becoming the personality most people were familiar with. He appeared quite cold and distant, now feeling much more isolated from his future beign stolen. The druid also became much more introverted, preferring solitude and being outright silent if not spoken to. Once he opened up, one would bare witness to a man of great emotional range and passion. Jur was more expressive and casual than most kaldorei, this vibrancy visible in snippets when he was immersed in his work or something got him started. When Jur was comfortable in expressing himself, he felt great emotion. Happiness was a soaring high, heartbreak was gutwrenching, and anger was infuriating. He could leap to the emotional extremes when at his limit, fueled by his waning mental stability and lack of self-care.

Despite this, he still kept close friends at some degree of arm's length, afraid of revealing what was beneath. The druid had grown increasingly depressed, lost self-confidence, and fostered feelings of suicide, which grew over the course of his life. This also manifested in a newfound bitterness towards the kaldorei, a combination of separation anxiety and projection. The druid adopted colloquialisms, speech patterns, and lingo from Gilneans, goblins, Stormwind residents, and dwarves to help distance himself culturally from other kaldorei. This resentment grew into slight paranoia, suspecting other kaldorei as having it out for him. Even this was not so cut and dry, as he went back and forth on wanting acceptance and wanting nothing to do with them, between bitterness, apathy, and fear. His hypocrisy was not lost on him, and it troubled him deeply, furthering his anxiety. All of these feelings were bottled up and kept away from the public eye, a notion that he encourages others not to follow. Hypocritical as it was, he only wished for others not to turn out like himself.

His personality would become shaken even further with the bombing of Theramore, planting the seed of doubt between possible peace. People that made him angry or irritated, he was much shorter and dryer with. The chain of command and obsession with status quos were a bore to him. Though Jur might care much for justice and order, he was no stranger to having to bend the rules for the greater good. Although, he was not a big fan of such acts. Despite this, he was ultimately a peacemaker and wished to keep everyone as friends and equals. He tested his patience more and more as things went on. While very forgiving, accepting, and patient, he was no stranger to getting physical when needed. After the Siege of Orgrimmar, Jur felt his spirits begin to life and felt new opportunities for everyone on the horizon. However, he grew depressed and lost after being lost at sea and returning to find his guild the Masquerade abandoned. The druid threw himself into fighting the Iron Horde, using work as a means to distract himself.

A bashful Jur. Art done by cacocodemonart.

Jur had become more of a workaholic as his career had gone on, his social life having become all but nonexistent during the war against the Iron Horde. As such, he had difficulty socializing with others outside of work related purposes. This was made evident with his relationships with women. When it came to the opposite sex, Jur would rather fight monsters, demons, or bandits than have to talk to women. He had difficulty reading romantic cues, no matter how obvious, but flushes when he picks up a sexual euphemism or double entendre. Not having a positive image about his body, he felt even more intimidated by women and inferior to other men. Yet, if a woman showed any interest in him, he would turn into a blushing gooey mesh. One flutter of her eyelashes in his direction, and he would be putty in her hands, loyal and ready to please her. His relationship with Saiyuri and interest and Celestria Moondawn had been stepping stones for his development, but he wouldn't enter a real legitimate relationship until he met Sanaera Dawnheart. The druid was truly in love with her, a far cry from the puppy love and rather childish relationship he harbored with Saiyuri. Though his exile status and inability to foster children did keep some barriers up with her. Despite this, he was dedicated to her and put his own life on the line multiple times for her. Both of them were strong-willed, stubborn, and harboring their own internal issues they kept secret from one another.

During the campaign in Draenor, Jur finally settled on how to approach conflict. He channeled raw fury and righteousness to push down those that seek to harm others. Going as far as to put his life on the line for whatever cause to protect others, his dedication knew no bounds. Jur could forgive many things, at times be too forgiving. But when his patience is tested, the crimes too great, and the betrayals too many, his enemies felt his wrath. The Exile horribly mutilated his assailtants when greatly angered. Though if his enemies surrender or were found deserving, he could show mercy and even heal the wounds inflicted. Jur may tear and bite, but he didn't do damage he either couldn't or wouldn't heal.

The Burning of Teldrassil had proven to be the real tipping point for Jur's mental state. He felt absolutely broken and betrayed by the Horde he had stuck his neck out for tirelessly after Theramore. In that moment, they could no longer truly be redeemed, and he did not believe peace between them was possible anymore. His faith in the Alliance withered away with their refusal to fix their own mistakes, their eagerness for bloodshed, the botched handling of defending Teldrassil and assaulting Dazar'alor, and their callous brushing off of Tyrande and subsequently the kaldorei victims. What had started as a career path to serve the populace had now become a great disdain for authority and the military over the years, feeling them both as nothing more than exploitative of the poor and a hive for habitual violence and hatred. He hated the Alliance and Horde more than anything now and just wanted to retire, to get away with Sanaera. The coming war between the Alliance and Horde as well as the repeated mistakes of the past have only made Jur's emotional state worse, his mental stability showing severe cracks and allowing for volatile outbursts to break through. Finally quitting his job had been an absolutely cathartic experience, freeing himself to be solely about his lover. However, Sanaera's sudden departure had utterly broken him, and the druid's subsequent failure to find her had him believing he had nothing anymore. In that moment, he just broke and fell down a deep rabbit hole that led to his abuse and exploitation. Only after hitting rock bottom was he able to get a grip and work towards stability again. With no job and no one to care for, he could focus on building and rediscovering himself, obtain that lost interest in hobbies and a personal life again. It ultimately seemed to work as he felt so free.

What ultimately remained unchanged for Jur is his interest in the world and altruism. In terms of knowledge, Jur enjoys learning at any opportunity, about the other cultures of Azeroth and beyond. He holdsa burning curiosity for religion, philosophy, cooking, language, sewing, and archaeology. His inquisitive nature causes him to mutter to himself with excitement, and if there was an opportunity for him to learn, he would take it even with no practical usage for it. Jur is self-sacrificing to a fault, caring whether or not his life is in danger. The druid would go through hell and back to protect the innocent, even the kaldorei, willing to sacrifice his own life to protect others out of a combination of duty, altruism, and a potential means of escape. Since his days in Draenor, death had no sway over him and thus was not a deterrent. Even among lovers and friends was he not afraid to die, content in the knowledge that he could at least protect her.


With his mix of long floppy ears, raggedy flag cloak, and shaggy wild green hair, Jur tends to stand out. His outfit changes over the course of each expansion, with only a couple of recurring trends. The Flag of a United Azeroth is the one item that has remained in his possession since the end of the Second War of the Shifting Sands. Since his early days of training, he had possessed a wooden staff with a handcrafted bear paw with fur wrapped around it and a painted moonkin headdress with dyed feathers he had plucked as part of a ritual. Though he still possesses them, he has put his staff away in a private collection and stores the headdress in his satchel to favor better gear.

Jur's changing appearance from childhood to the present.

In terms of animal forms, Jur really varies in appearance from others. His outward appearances influences the way his forms appear. The bear form has a shaggy green mane running along its back with rich purple fur cloaking body save for his glowing amber eyes. The cat form has a shaggier green mane wrapping his neck, with green stripes lining his purple fur. Long sabered teeth sit in his mouth, as sharp as his glowing amber eyes. His flight form is a purple shaggy bird similar in appearance to a dread raven, with green tips and stripes along the tips. His amber eyes glow fiercely as he flies over the land. The tree of life form is elven in appearance to the traditional treant form, with large feet and claws with leaf pauldrons. His werebear form is a hulking beast with enormous forearms and fists, burning amber eyes, purple fur, and a shaggy mane.

Literary Works

Below is an ongoing list of stories surrounding and/or involving Lavernius Jur.


  • Jur's voice reference is Kyle MacLachlan, from Marvel's Agents of SHIELD, Dune, Portlandia, Twin Peaks, and Inside Out.
  • Jur has his own unique fighting style, favoring pragmatism over elegance. He has studied both the druidic arts and physical combat in order to not be solely dependent on magic, interweaving the two style. Jur is predominantly self-taught in both combat and magic, having had to relearn a lot after being in stasis for ten thousand years but retaining some degree of knowledge. The druid prides himself on his independence and style - a mix of martial arts styles learned from studying under Illidan, Master Bruised Paw, and his own techniques. It lacks the grace of either, and it would not equate him to their level of expertise. Yet, the druid could ultimately hold his own in a pinch.
  • Jur speaks every major language used within the Alliance and Horde as well as others outside the traditional faction vocabulary, such as Draconic, Ravenspeech, Tuskarr, Nazja, Ursine, and various animals. He is also fairly adept in sign language.
  • Jur's characterization borrows inspiration from many characters such as Steve Rogers, Commander Shepard, Agents of SHIELD's Calvin Zabo, Obi-Wan Kenobi, Peter Parker, and the Eighth, Ninth, and Eleventh Doctors.
    • With Jur drawing inspiration from Shepard and Steve and with Tar drawing his from Garrus Vakarian and Sam Wilson, the two share similar character dynamics to the aforementioned.
  • Jur's appearance borrows aspects from Captain America and Ulysses from Fallout: New Vegas.
  • The character aspect of being an exile was inspired by Meetra Surik of Star Wars: Knights of the Old Republic 2 - The Sith Lords.
  • Inside the stasis of the emerald, his physical and mental aging having slowed significantly. Chronologically, he is more than ten thousand years old but has no idea how old exactly he is other than that he is fairly young. And with no existing records of his birth and parentage, it is unsure if he'll ever truly know.
  • Below is a list of artists that have done artworks of Jur, both gift art and commissions.