League of Arathor

Main Leader

Radulf Leder

Secondary Leaders

Field Marshal Oslight
Lady Hoteshem
Keras Wolfheart



Base of Operations

Refuge Pointe, Arathi Highlands


Grand Alliance
Kingdom of Stromgarde

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Stromgarde City · Arathi Highlands · Arathi Basin


Stromgarde Army · Stromgarde Navy · League of Arathor · Kingdom of Stromgarde

Notable Figures

Liam Trollbane · Thoras Trollbane · Galen Trollbane · Danath Trollbane

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The League of Arathor was originally established by the remaining military of the Kingdom of Stromgarde and sponsored by Stormwind to reclaim the Arathi Highlands from the hands of the Forsaken Defilers in Hammerfall. Today it is an organization in support of the Grand Alliance, constantly battling the against the Horde for the resources of the Arathi Basin.


Members of the League (Players)Edit

The following player characters are either members of the league or currently supply troops to it. (Please add your own characters to the list.)

Association with the LegionsEdit

The League operates extensively with the forces of the grandiosely - and misleadingly - titled Fifth Legion. Though the Fifth were originally the most hardened combatants in the Basin and the League originally served only as auxiliaries and support troops, the years of warfare have considerably thinned the ranks of the legion and the League now bears the brunt of combat. This reversal has not been well received by the Fifth itself, but they lack the numbers to resume their once dominant role.

It has become increasingly common for men of the Legions to join the League at the end of their service, and so the multi-national force may create a fundamental shift in Stromgarde's military traditions and culture. Foreign ideas trickle through society as soldiers return from both the Fifth and the League.

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