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Leonidas Prince
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Commander Prince’s Official Portrait.




August 22nd, 601 K.C. (30)
Hearthglen, Lordaeron,



Kingdom of Stormwind

  • SI:7
  • Military Officers


Inv misc tournaments tabard human.png  Stormwind Army

Knights of the Silver Hand (Formerly)

The Lion’s Edict

House Prince


Lord Elijah Prince (Father) ♰

Lady Caroline Prince (Mother) ♰

Lord Jefferson Prince (Uncle)

Lady Delilah Prince (Aunt)

Cornelius Prince (Cousin)

(Various other family members)

Military Service


Grand Alliance Icon.png Grand Alliance  


Stormwindbanner.png Stormwind Army

Years of Service

615 K.C. - current K.C. (Grand Alliance Army)

626 K.C. - 628 K.C.  (SI:7)


GAN Commander.png Commander (Army)



Commands Held

The Lion’s Edict

"Against Woe and terror, to my last breath I will defend those who cannot defend themselves ."
- Leonidas Prince

Lord Leonidas Prince (TLE, Is a Senior Military Officer who currently commands the 44th Regiment, and serves as Duke of Hearthglen.


Leonidas Prince is a testament of what a true knight should be.

Putting others well being before his own

Constantly striving to make this world a better place than it is now

The information that follows is an account of who he is, and the man he strives to be.

Currently, Leonidas Prince Commands the 44th Regiment of the Grand Alliance Army, and ruling from Hearthglen as it's Duke. Together, they are working to Safeguard the Alliance territories and secure ancient relics from falling into the wrong hands.


Leonidas is a young man, still in his early thirties. As eyes land upon his visage, he would be considered attractive to some, and intimidating to others. His globes were a brilliant silver, aside from when using the light, which turned into a powerful halcyon.

At six foot three, his stature is quite intimidating to those who stand before him. Keeping active, his body is built to peak condition and unweathered by the waves of war, due to his connection to the light keeping him consistently ready for battle. Due to his training every day, and his time with the SI:7, he is always aware and alert, making it difficult for any who seek to catch him off guard.

When out of uniform, Leonidas tends to wear slacks, and a nice royal blue button up shirt with suspenders - a simple man’s outfit unless attending a gala or formal event, in which he dresses in his finest clothes.

Early History

Leonidas was born in the Principality of Hearthglen, where his father served as the master of coin. His family was a loving family, who always provided for their son, the people of their land and were stalwart in serving their King.

Raising him to be kind, gentle and loving, his parents taught him the ideology of a Paladin from a very young age. He had a moderately safe and happy childhood, until the day his Prince, Arthas, betrayed the kingdom.

At an early age, his parents encouraged him to follow his dreams of being a Knight, and he began training as squire at the age of eight.

When the scourge descended upon Lordaeron, Leon’s father’s best friend, Stephen Oxeborne, whom Leon was squired under, saved his life by taking him (Leon) with him and his daughter as they escaped the horror.

Due to being the only child of Elijah and Caroline Prince, upon their death at the hands of Prince Arthas, he was named Lord of House Prince at a very young age, though Tjorvi's father, Stephen reigned as Regent until Leonidas’ fourteenth birthday in which he was officially promoted to Knighthood.

Not long after arriving in Stormwind, Leon would grow to be an exceptional Knight and enlist in the Grand Alliance Army.

Military Service: The Burning Crusade

Leonidas’ Militant career did not start until that of the Burning Crusade. Being drafted shortly after word of the portal opening had been received, he was stationed within Honor Hold, despite being only fifthteen years old. It was there that he got his first battle, where he among several others staved off an assault on the Hold, which lasted for three days and three nights. Upon victory and securing Thrallmar for the Alliance, he was able to return home to Azeroth for a time of momentary peace.

Military Service: Wrath of the Lich King

Only a year later, the Knight is summoned to arms once again - this time to pick up arms and defend Stormwind City from the Scourge. This caused him to relive the horrors of his childhood. Though fighting valiantly against the scourge, he recalled images of his parents being slaughtered at the hands of his Prince - and when offered the chance to fight on the front lines of Northrend, he did not hesitate. It was after his service in the Battles here, that he was appointed the rank of Lieutenant, due to his exceptional leadership skills on the battlefield.

Military Service: The Cataclysm

During the Cataclysm, Leonidas really grew into the man that he is today.

It was then he was sent to serve at Fort Triumph. During the Cataclsym there were many skirmishes betwixt the Horde and the Alliance, and many battles were won. Whilst the other Azerothian heroes felled Deathwing the Destroyer, he safeguarded Fort Triumph until the heroes of the Alliance gave us a momentary victory and peace.

Military Service: Pandaria

Serving at the Lion’s Landing, Leonidas had finally go to dip into the more naval side of things, assisting with the battles against the Horde that not only took place on the ground, but on ships as well.

Military Service: The Battle against the Iron Horde

Once again, history repeat itself, and the Orcish Horde from Draenor had descended upon Azeroth. However, this time was different. They were… from the past? Leonidas did not care where or when they were from, they threatened the livelihood of the Alliance - and that was enough for Leonidas to accept the call to the front lines. Fighting alongside the others, Leonidas assisted with pushing the Iron Horde back into the Dark Portal.  

Once they were pushed back, Leonidas declined the chance to continue the fight in Draenor, and returned to Stormwind where he was promoted to the rank of Captain.

Military Service: The Burning Legion Returns

The Battle of the Broken Isles was among one of the hardest times for Leon. Not only did he once again lose a King, but he lost an icon of not only the Paladin community, but also the Silver Hand.

After the the battle of the Broken Isles, Leonidas lent his blade to the Silver Hand and was dispatched out to Azsuna where he remained until the Wars end.

During one of the nights, in August of 627K.C, Leonidas and his crew were ambushed by a demons and his crew was captured. Managing to escape - he formulated and completed a rescue operation - retrieving his crew, and slaughtering the demons that had kidnapped them. He alone, rescued a crew of twenty-five soldiers, by perseverance and believing that the light would guide him to victory.

Military Service: The Fourth War

Once again, the Horde and the Alliance were at one another’s throats. After the attack on Teldrassil, the summons for Leonidas and his newly formed Regiment, the 44th (The Lion’s Edict) had been sent. Arriving on the shores of his old home, Lordaeron, a place Leonidas had not been back to since he was a child, he felt shivers down his spine. A place that held so much darkness and pain in his life. The loss of his parents, his King, and his home - and now, he was to assist with laying siege to it.

As the battles raged on, Leonidas was never one to retreat.. Until that day. The day that Sylvannas unleashed the Blight upon them, forcing his unit to flee - not before losing a few of his comrades. Upon returning to Stormwind, and getting patched up, he and his unit were dispatched to Stormsong Valley, were they took place in the Battle of Brennadam, where he and his comrades fought to keep the citizens of Stormsong safe, ultimately achieving victory for them.

A year or so later, The 44th was dispatched from Stormsong Valley, across the seas to participate in the Battle for Dazar’alor, which resulted in the death of King Rastakhan.

After said battle, Leonidas and the 44th would be dispatched to Boralus, where they would remain until the Wars end.

Path of the Paladin

Leonidas’ path to being a Paladin was always a straightforward one. Both his parents were potent users of the light, and had him learning the ideals of the church from a very young age. When his parents were slain by Arthas, it only furthered his desire to learn and harness the light so that no other would have to feel the loss that he suffered.

When he moved to Stormwind to study under the tutelage of Stephen Oxeborne, he routinely visited the Stormwind Cathedral, finding it a place of comfort and clarity.

Not long after, he began to work (whilst serving in the military) with a Paladin by the name of Thomas Smith, who trained him further in the ideology of the Paladin path. Thomas, who had been a knight of the Silver Hand, would go on to pass all of his teaching to Leonidas.

The return of Arthas prompted him to further his teachings. He was lost, and wanted revenge for everything that had happened… but, channeled that rage into protecting his comrades. Since then, he has been Stalwart that the light always has a reason and a purpose - and has never questioned it again.  

Personal Relationship History

The Commander is a fairly reserved person - and up until recently, he had not engaged in any publicly known relationships. However, he recently become engaged to his first love, Candesca Bloodmoon, a Quel'dorei priestess he met when he was only sixteen.

The Commander is a fairly reserved person, typically keeping his relationships close to his heart.


"To the righteous we bring hope. To the tainted we bring fire." "
- Castellan Garran Crowe

“My good blade carves the casques of men, My tough lance thrusteth sure, My strength is as the strength of ten, Because my heart is pure.” "
-Lord Alfred Tennyson

"A lot of people are going to get hurt tomorrow. All we can do is stand in the way of that and say, 'Not them. Me. If you need to hurt someone, hurt me.' [...] Because the alternative is to look at someone else, someone weaker and more vulnerable, and tell them that you want them to be hurt instead of you."


  • Due to the loss of his family, Leon is very reserved and hesitant to make connections that are not business related.
  • Leonidas -loves- chocolate, but he’d never tell anyone that.
  • Leonidas is a powerful paladin in his own right, but only a few have ever actually seen his true strength.
  • Leonidas was actually trained in a variety of instruments, and loves to sing - sometimes, in his down time one may catch him performing in the Mage Quarter or the fountain of Lion's rest.
  • Leonidas has Several tattoos, a Alliance Insignia on his right pectoral, the Lordaeron shield on his left arm.
  • Leonidas has two siblings that he has never met, they are bastard children from his father.
  • Leonidas was almost a father, but his previous lover had a miscarriage. (Or so he thought).
  • Leonidas’ two best friends are the only remaining people from his childhood that he keeps up with.
  • Leonidas' preferred mode of transportation is oddly not by horseback. He prefers riding his Motorcycle, a gift from a friend - Peter Dinkleberg

Awards and Medals

During his fifteen year military service, Leonidas Prince has been awarded eighteen decorations:

Order of the Lion K.PNG
Alliance Commendation for Leadership Ribbon.png SDM.png Medal of Patience Ribbon.png
SLSM 30.png KGCRibbon 10.png Meritorious Conduct Medal Ribbon.png
Alliance Unit Citation.png Meritorious Unit Commendation.png Prisoner of War Medal Ribbon.png AnduinCoronationMedalRibbon.png Varian Reign Ribbon.png
BrokenIslesRibbon.png DraenorCampaignRibbon.png
Alliance-HordeRibbon.png NorthrendCampaignRibbon.png OutlandCampaignRibbon.png
1st Row Order of the Lion
2nd Row Alliance Commendation for Leadership Stormwind Defense Medal Medal of Patience
3rd Row Stormwind Long Service Medal Prisoner of War Medal King's Cross
4th Row Meritorious Conduct Medal King Anduin Coronation Medal King Varian Reign Medal
5th Row Broken Isles Campaign Medal Iron Horde Invasion Campaign Medal
6th Row Fourth War Campaign Medal War against the Lich King Campaign Medal War in Outland Campaign Medal
Unit Citations Grand Alliance Unit Citation Meritorious Unit Citation

Dates of Rank (Military)

Rank Date
SWA Commander.pngSWA Commander.png Commander 629 K.C.
SWA Major.pngSWA Major.png Major 625~ K.C.
SWA Captain.pngSWA Captain.png Captain 623~ K.C.
SWA Lieutenant.pngSWA Lieutenant.png Lieutenant 620~ K.C.