Liam Marwyn
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577 K.C. - 623 K.C. (Aged 46 years)

Place of Birth

Stonegarde, Arathi Highlands


Jarl Marwyn of Dagger Point
Baron Marwyn of Stonegarde
Lord-Protector of Alden's Rise
Knight of Stromgarde


Kingdom of Stromgarde
Alliance of Lordaeron
House of Marwyn


Joren Marwyn (Father)
Lizabet McGowen (Mother)
Catlyn Cross (Wife)
Merridyth Marwyn (Daughter)
Melysa Marwyn-Ashvale (Sister)
Varyc Marwyn (Cousin)


Thomas Stonegarde
Lizabet Wilson



Liam Marwyn was Jarl Marwyn after his father's death in the year 620 K.C. Married to Catlyn Cross, the couple had one daughter, Merridyth.


Tall and powerfully-built as his father before him, at six and a half feet tall, he towered over lesser men. With long, blonde hair, neatly-trimmed beard, and deep, blue eyes, Liam was considered a handsome man by most standards.


Like his father, Liam's sharp mind and skill at arms won him several victories against his enemies, most recently the Alterac Syndicate. Enraged by the brutal murder of his parents and their household, Liam rallied what remained of the household guard and his own men at arms, laying siege to the ruined Castle for three weeks. After a long, bloody battle inside the courtyard, the Syndicate surrendered to Liam and his men.


Though it is known that he and his men held Stonegarde for several months following their victory, the ongoing bloodshed and civil war in the highlands made it difficult for his sister to keep in touch with him, and Liam was eventually slain by members of the Alterac Syndicate during a recent raid in retaliation for his victory. He is believed to have been assassinated on orders of Edwyn Harlow IV. Liam is survived by his daughter, Merridyth and his sister, Melysa.