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The Sovereign Order
of the
Uther's Tomb

Grand Master

Arhious Loregarde I




Lawful Good

The Lightsworn, more formally known as the Sovereign Military Order of the Lightsworn of Uther's Tomb, is a holy military order of the Church of the Holy Light. The Lightsworn's primary directive in all matters is the stability of the Church of the Holy Light and the protection of the Tomb of Uther the Lightbringer. The order is commanded by Arhious Loregarde I, the Highlord of the Lightsworn. Commissioned by Alonsus Secundus, the Lightsworn is reforming as a military regiment to ensure the safety of Alliance travelers in the north and to annihilate Scourge remnants in the name of the Church of the Holy Light and the Grand Alliance.


The Lightsworn was formed in 2799 A.D. by Highlord Arhious Loregarde. The Lightsworn gained renown in Stormwind City and in Lordaeron as a large, stable group of soldiers with unshakable fidelity to the Church of the Holy Light. Donned in heavy plate armor and a scarlet twin-headed eagle tabard, a Lightsworn knight is known for his excellence in armed conflict and unblemished honor in the defense of holy sites. The order is known in especial for its valiant service in the Ashborn Crusade when it was that the Church of the Holy Light defended Uther's Tomb, Purgation Isle, and several other places of holy notoriety.

Due to Loregarde's wife's infidelity, the Lightsworn's honor was besmirched for a time. After repeated urgings to reform the Lightsworn by then-Bishop Johannes Moorwhelp, Arhious took up the mantle of Highlord once more, pledging himself to the Church of the Holy Light's defense and headquartering this reformation in Caer Darrow in vigil over Uther's Tomb.

The Lightsworn order has received the blessing of the Diocese of Lordaeron to collaborate with the Kingsguard to defend northern holy sites from all assailants and infidels.