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The Lion's Naval Cross of Heroism is the highest distinguished military medal which can be granted to members of the Grand Alliance Navy. While not on par with the Alliance Legion of Valor, it is essentially awarded for the same criteria while being selective to members of the Navy and is regarded as below the Legion of Valor, but the highest award which can be granted within the Navy (But not the overall military).


The criteria is similar to that of the Legion of Valor, but awarded for those actions within a naval situation.

  • Successful command of a vessel amidst loss of Commanding Officer or Officer core.
  • Tenacious action at sea, despite overwhelming adversity.
  • Spectacular combat at sea.
  • Saving the crew of another vessel in times of great difficulty.
  • Any other noteworthy action which reflects the core values of the Grand Alliance.


All recipients of the award are listed below with the recorded action.

  • ...

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