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The coat of arms of House Proudmoore, traditionally Lord Admirals of Kul Tiras.

Lord Admiral is the title granted to aristocratic nobles who have obtained the rank of Admiral within a specified navy. While the title isn't always a highly common title (Many choosing to single out one of the two as their main titles), it may be used on a variety of occasions to signify the noble's service and nobility titles.

Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras

In the Kingdom of Kul Tiras, the bearer of this title is recognized as the overall ruling monarch of the nation and the head of the Proudmoore Admiralty, and holds an equal authority to that of Kings or Queens of other human nations. It is not to be confused with Grand Admiral, which is the title given to the Supreme Commander within a naval force.

Lord Admiral's Calendar Interpretation

Kul Tiran historians argue whether the term "­­Lord Admiral" was first put in place by Deaglan Proudmoore or Thomas Proudmoore, but both interpretations agree that the title was first installed by the founding father of the early Kingdom of Kul Tiras, who became its first ruling Lord Admiral and began the Proudmoore Line. Since then, all coronated descendants of the first Lord Admiral have taken up the title of Lord Admiral.

One of the most notable Lord Admirals of Kul Tiras was Daelin Proudmoore, who ruled the nation of Kul Tiras up until his death during a Horde skirmish within the city of Theramore. Typically, the title of Lord Admiral is handed to the eldest surviving son or daughter of the previous ruler, though the Lord Admiral may choose to abdicate and hand the title to a person of their choosing, such as when Katherine Proudmoore nearly named Lady Priscilla Ashvane as Lord Admiral. By the line of succession, the current holder of the title should be Jaina Proudmoore, as she is the last known heir. However, as she was ostracized by her people for standing aside as her father Daelin was killed, she did not make any attempts to take her late father's place, and the seat was left to her mother Katherine. Following the Siege of Boralus, Katherine Proudmoore abdicated and handed the title to her daughter.

Known Lords Admiral

Lord Admiral's Calendar Interpretation

  • Lord Admiral Deaglan Proudmoore
  • Lord Admiral Finbar Proudmoore
  • Lord Admiral Glendon Proudmoore
  • Lady Admiral Claire Proudmoore
  • Lord Admiral Seamus Proudmoore I
  • Lord Admiral Seaghan Proudmoore

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