Lord Astaroth

Spymaster of the Azi'kar







Agent of the Burning Legion
Spymaster of the Azi'kar


The Burning Legion
The Azi'kar



Lord Astaroth was a lowly Dreadlord who has served the Legion as far back as the War of the Ancients. He attempted to hold the line against a wave of Tauren and failed once their champion has taken the field and swept his troops away. Ever since that point he had been the laughing-stock of the Dreadlords.

He managed to earn some favor with his Nathrezim brothers when he was taken to Azeroth the second time and took out a well-defended Human fort during the Third War. He was garrisoned in the Plaguelands till word had reached his ear that the Legion had failed once more and was shoved into a three way war between the Scourge, the Forsaken and the Dreadlord Insurgents.

He lead his forces admirably in the eyes of his superior, Detheroc, till he alongside the rest of the Dreadlord Insurgency was forced to be executed or take human forms and hide among the populace. Astaroth was able to flee south, away from the undead and towards Gilneas where he hid till he gathered enough strength to return to the Twisting Nether, kneeling before his fallen leaders who took their losses and unwillingness to accept defeat on Astaroth, torturing him for what seemed like hundreds of years in the nether.

He was eventually assigned to the Azi'kar as a low level agent, helping to operate the helm of the ship when it invaded the Ashen Coast. He watched as the Gilneans boarded the ship and slaughtered the crew, hiding his essence in a fel crystal, only for the Gilneans to launch the ship straight towards the Broken Isles. As the ship entered warp, the Warden of the Blades, John "Reaper" McCallan, gripped the Fel crystal and Astaroth saw an opportunity to rise from his failures. He branded a mark onto John and started to force his control over the man, making him unbalanced by seeing Demons where there were none, or making his allies look like Demons. Eventually when John re-united with the Blades, he subsided his activity and took a more subtle approach, gathering information and presenting it to his superiors.

He rose in the ranks of the Azi'kar and was trusted with further subtle operations within the Ashen Coast, where the greed of others caused his operation to fail, but presented an interesting chance to gain power when he absorbed the power of Turaani the Enchantress. However to survive the encounter where he was surrounded he had to draw the power he branded on John to escape.

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