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The following is a history of Lordaeron's Navy from its creation during the days of the Duchy of Lordaeron to the modern day. This has been compiled by the Argent Crusade's Historical Society. The Crusade's Historical Society also notes that sometimes it will seem like this is the overall history of Lordaeron, of which because of the subject, some parts will collide.

Duchy of Lordaeron

Kingdom of Lordaeron

Gabinian Reforms

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The following is a part of my "Lordaeron Fanon Expansion" info for which can be found here, you are not forced to use this by any means. This expansion of Lordaeronian fanon is an attempt to give a different perspective to the overall history and culture of Lordaeron. This project looks at fanon work created by other players, to a degree, to allow some sort of compatibility between what has been made and what is being created. With that said, these pages will take a Lordaeronian spin on the events other people may have created, without changing the overall outcome of them, while also showing off wars that the Kingdom of Lordaeron initiated or were pulled into.

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