The Lordaeron Navy
Lordaeron Naval Jack
The Naval Ensign of the Kingdom of Lordaeron[1]

Military Type



Kingdom of Lordaeron


None, destroyed

- Royal Fleet
- Auxilliary Fleet
- North Fleet
- East Fleet
- South Fleet
- West Fleet

Hasic, Hillsbrad Foothills
Lordaeron Harbor, Lordamere
Hasic, Hillsbrad Foothills

Stratholme Harbor, Eastweald
King's Harbor, Tyr's Hand
Hasic, Hillsbrad Foothills
North Tide's Harbor, Silverpine Forest


King Terenas Menethil
Grand Admiral Placeholder

Secondary Leader(s)

Marine General Placeholder


Second War
Third War


Lordaeron Naval Ensign



Note: This interpretation of the Lordaeron Navy draws heavily from the Grand Alliance Navy Project. Players are welcome to use or develop their own interpretation of the Lordaeron Navy.

The seafaring forces of the Kingdom of Lordaeron, the Lordaeron Navy, also known as the Lordaeronian Navy or the Königlich Marine in Lordaeronian, was once one of the greatest naval forces of the north, although it was practically destroyed by the Scourge during the Third War and disbanded soon afterwards with the destruction of the Kingdom.

History Edit

Fleet Bases and Ports Edit

Know Vessels and Ship Classes Edit

Lordain-class Ship of the LineEdit

Menethil-class Ship of the LineEdit

Adler-class FrigateEdit

The Adler -class Frigate was the primary frigate of the Lordaeron Navy, carrying 36 guns.

Falke-class DestroyerEdit

The Falke -class Destroyer was the primary destroyer of the Lordaeron Navy, carrying 36 carronades.

Förster-class CorvetteEdit

The Förster -class Corvette was the primary corvette of the Lordaeron Navy, carrying 24 guns.

Dalia-class TransportEdit

The Dalia-class Transport was the primary transport vessel of the Lordaeron Navy. Despite it's size, it sailed relatively fast and could carry large amounts of troops or cargo. The old model was still in use during the later stages of the Third War, and was used to transport Prince Arthas Menethil and the First Legion to Northrend, where some of their charred husks can still be found.

Fleets and Organisation Edit

The Lordaeron Navy consisted of six fleets, one for each cardinal point and a royal and auxiliary fleet.

Royal (First) Fleet Edit

Also known as the Grand Fleet, the First Fleet of the Lordaeron Navy was based at Lordaeron Harbor, on the great lake of Lordamere. Unlike the other five fleets, the First did not consist of a number of mixed squadrons, instead it consisted of the kingdoms main battleships, which during the Second and Third Wars were fifteen Lordain-Class First Rate Ships of the Line, each carrying 96 guns. The fleet was almost completely destroyed at anchor with the Fall of Capital City, surviving ships eventually joining the Stormwind, Theramore and Tirasian Navies. Many of the sunken ships would later be dredged up and join the Dread Navy of the Undercity.

Auxiliary (Second) Fleet Edit

Based out of the Baradin port of Hasic, the Second Fleet served as a reserve force for the rest of navy, being dispatched to reinforce under-strength fleets or protect the nation's merchant convoys. One of the smaller fleets, it only consisted of six squadrons at the time of the Second War. After the Kingdom's destruction by the Scourge, the remainder of the Second joined Jaina Proudmoore's expedition to Kalimdor, eventually becoming part of the Theramore Navy.

North (Third) Fleet Edit

Assigned to protect the Kingdom's interests in the North and Frozen Seas, the Third Fleet never saw much combat due to the lack of enemy nations in their sphere of influence, thus making it one of the most under funded and smallest fleets. Almost a third of the fleet was burned at anchor in the Culling of Stratholme, with the remained being taken north by Arthas and sunk, later to be raised as a part of the Scourge Navy.

East (Fourth) Fleet Edit

Assigned to the defence of the eastern coasts, the Fourth Fleet was also one of the smaller fleets, although they saw much more action than the Third over the centuries due to the presence of Stromgarde in that sea. Mostly unaffected by the fall of the kingdom, the Fourth would join the Scarlet Crusade, eventually ending up controlled by the Scarlet Onslaught or the Argent Crusade.

South (Fifth) Fleet Edit

One of the biggest fleets of the Lordaeron Navy, the Fifth Fleet was assigned to the temperate waters of Baradin Bay and formed soon after Lordaeron's capture of the Baradin Foothills (later renamed to the Hillsbrad Foothills) from the now-defunct Kingdom of Baradin, later expanding with the capture of the Alteraci Navy's ports and vessels when the Kingdom conquered the remainder of the Foothills. Mostly fighting against the larger Tirasian and Stromic Navies, the Fifth would provide the keystone of the Kingdoms defence from the Orcish fleets during the Second War and, as it survived the fall mostly unharmed, later joining the rest of the Grand Alliance Navy as an independent navy.

West (Sixth) Fleet Edit

Operating from North Tide Bay in northern Silverpine Forest, the Sixth Fleet was assigned to the defence of the Great Sea, wrestling for control with the Gilnean Navy for much of it's lifetime. Half the fleet was taken north by Arthas on his expedition to Northrend, where it was later burned. Another third would join Jaina Proudmoore in her expedition to Kalimdor and become part of the Theramore Navy. The remainder of the fleet was sunk at anchor during the Fall of North Tide.

Lordaeronian Marine Corps Edit

The naval infantry force of the Lordaeron Navy, the Lordaeronian Marine Corps or "Königlich Marinekorps" (Royal Naval Corps) was tasked with the defence of the navy's docks and ships, along with boarding actions and naval landings. The Marine Corps was divided into seven brigades, one for each of the fleets and one assigned to the defence of the navy's shore bases, and was commanded by the "General zur Marine" or "Marine General". At its height during the Second and Third Wars, it consisted of 30,000 men.

Naval Command Structure and Ranks Edit

Flag Officers Edit

Rank Pay Grade Insignia GAN Equivalent
Left Shoulder Right Shoulder

Grand Admiral

(Groß Admiral)

Lordaeron Grand Admiral
Lordaeron Grand Admiral
Grand Admiral



Lordaeron Admiral
Lordaeron Admiral

Vice Admiral

(Vize Admiral)

Lordaeron Vice Admiral
Lordaeron Vice Admiral
Vice Admiral

Port Admiral

(Hafen Admiral)

Lordaeron Port Admiral
Lordaeron Port Admiral
Rear Admiral

Counter Admiral

(Konter Admiral)

Lordaeron Frigate Captain
Lordaeron Port Admiral

Senior Officers Edit

Rank Pay Grade Insignia GAN Equivalent
Left Shoulder Right Shoulder

Captain at Sea

(Kapitän zur See)

Lordaeron Port Admiral
Lordaeron Frigate Captain
Flag Captain

Frigate Captain

(Fregatten Kapitän)

Lordaeron Frigate Captain
Lordaeron Frigate Captain

Corvette Captain

(Korvetten Kapitän)

Lordaeron First Lieutenant at Sea
Lordaeron Frigate Captain


(Kapitän Leutnant)

Lordaeron Frigate Captain
Lordaeron First Lieutenant at Sea
Lieutenant Commander

Junior Officers Edit

Rank Pay Grade Insignia GAN Equivalent
Left Shoulder Right Shoulder

First Lieutenant at Sea

(Oberleutnant zur See)

Lordaeron First Lieutenant at Sea
Lordaeron First Lieutenant at Sea
Flag Lieutenant

Lieutenant at Sea

(Leutnant zur See)

Lordaeron Lieutenant at Sea
Lordaeron Lieutenant at Sea

Ensign at Sea

(Fähnrich zur See)

Lordaeron Ensign at Sea
Lordaeron Ensign at Sea



Lordaeron Midshipman
Lordaeron Midshipman

Under Officers Edit

Rank Pay Grade Insignia GAN Equivalent
Left Shoulder Right Shoulder

Chief Under Officer of the Navy

(Oberst Unteroffizier zur Marine)

Lordaeron Chief Under Officer of the Navy
Lordaeron Chief Under Officer of the Navy
Commander Chief Petty Officer

Chief Under Officer

(Oberst Unteroffizier)

Lordaeron Chief Under Officer
Lordaeron Chief Under Officer
Chief Warrant Officer

Head Under Officer

(Haupt Unteroffizier)

Lordaeron Head Under Officer
Lordaeron Head Under Officer
Master Warrant Officer

Under Officer


Lordaeron Under Officer
Lordaeron Under Officer
Warrant Officer

Mates Edit

Rank Pay Grade Insignia GAN Equivalent
Left Shoulder Right Shoulder

Chief Mate

(Oberst Maat)

Lordaeron Chief Mate
Lordaeron Chief Mate
Chief Petty Officer

Head Mate

(Haupt Maat)

Lordaeron Head Mate
Lordaeron Head Mate
Master Petty Officer



Lordaeron Mate
Lordaeron Mate
Petty Officer

Chief Sailor

(Oberst Matrose)

Lordaeron Chief Sailor
Lordaeron Chief Sailor

Sailors Edit

Rank Pay Grade Insignia GAN Equivalent
Left Shoulder Right Shoulder

Head Sailor

(Haupt Matrose)

Lordaeron Head Sailor
Lordaeron Head Sailor
Leading Seaman

Exempted Sailor

(Gefreiter Matrose)

Lordaeron Exempted Sailor
Lordaeron Exempted Sailor
Able Seaman



Lordaeron Sailor
Lordaeron Sailor

Under Sailor

(Unter Matrose)

Lordaeron Sailor Recruit
Lordaeron Sailor Recruit
Seaman Recruit

Marine Ranks Edit

General Officers Edit

General of Marines

(General zur Marine)

Lieutenant General of Marines

(Leutnant General zur Marine)

Major General of Marines

(Seemeister General zur Marine)

Marshal of Marines

(Marschal zur Marine)

Lordaeron General of Marines
Lordaeron Lieutenant General of Marines
Lordaeron Seamaster General of Marines
Lordaeron Marshal of Marines

General of Marines Edit

Lieutenant General of MarinesEdit

Major General of MarinesEdit

Marshal of MarinesEdit

Senior Officers Edit

High Commandant of Marines

(Oberst Kommandant zur Marine)

Commandant of Marines

(Kommandant zur Marine)

Lieutenant Commandant of Marines

(Leutnant Kommandant zur Marine)

Major of Marines

(Oberst zur Marine)

Lordaeron High Commandant of Marines
Lordaeron Commandant of Marines
Lordaeron Lieutenant Commandant of Marines
Lordaeron Major of Marines

High Commandant of Marines Edit

Commandant of MarinesEdit

Lieutenant Commandant of MarinesEdit

Major of MarinesEdit

Junior Officers Edit

Chief Lieutenant of Marines

(Oberleutnant zur Marine)

Lieutenant of Marines

(Leutnant zur Marine)

Under-Lieutenant of Marines

(Unterleutnant zur Marine)

Midshipman of Marines

(Seekadet zur Marine)

Lordaeron Chief Lieutenant of Marines
Lordaeron Lieutenant of Marines
Lordaeron Under-Lieutenant of Marines
Lordaeron Ensign

Chief Lieutenant of Marines Edit

Lieutenant of Marines

Under-Lieutenant of Marines

Midshipman of Marines

Under Officers Edit

Chief Under Officer

(Oberst Unteroffizier)

Head Under Officer

(Haupt Unteroffizier)

Under Officer


Lordaeron Marine Chief Under Officer
Lordaeron Marine Head Under Officer
Lordaeron Marine Under Officer

Chief Under Officer of Marines Edit

Head Under Officer of MarinesEdit

Under Officer of MarinesEdit

Senior Enlisted Edit

Chief Sea Sergeant

(Oberst Seemeister)

Head Sea Sergeant

(Haupt Seemeister)

Sea Sergeant


Chief Sea Corporal

(Oberst Seekorporal)

Lordaeron Chief Seamaster
Lordaeron Head Seamaster
Lordaeron Seamaster
Lordaeron Chief Sea Corporal

Chief Sea Sergeant Edit

Head Sea SergeantEdit

Sea SergeantEdit

Chief Sea CorporalEdit

Junior Enlisted Edit

Sea Corporal


Exempted Marine




Marine Recruit


Lordaeron Sea Corporal
Lordaeron Exempted Marine
Lordaeron Marine

Sea Corporal Edit

Exempted Marine Edit

Marine Edit

Marine Recruit Edit

Uniform and Ensigns Edit

Notes Edit

  1. Based on the real life ensign of the Prussian Navy
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