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The primary language of the northern continent till it was gradually surpassed by the Common tongue, Lordaeronian remained relatively common until the Fall of Lordaeron, although it still remains in the barely recognisable offshoot known as "Gutterspeak", the primary language of the Forsaken.



High Lordaeronian

The primary dialect of Lordaeronian, High Lordaeronian was the language spoken throughout the majority of Lordaeron's provinces such as Eastweald, Tirisfal and the northern reaches of Hillsbrad. Many of its words remain in use today as loanwords in the Common tongue.

Low Lordaeronian

Commonly known as "Mereisch", Low Lordaeronian was commonly spoken among the people of the eastern coastlands around North Tide Bay, the River Arevass and the lakes of Lordamere, Thonmere and Darrowmere.

Old Lordaeronian

The origin of all other Lordaeronian dialects, Old Lordaeronian was one of the first languages spoken by the early human peoples. Gradually evolving into High Lordaeronian as the centuries went by, Old Lordaeronian only remained in major use in the northlands around Stratholme and Thonmere by the Third War.


Called the bastard child of Low Lordaeronian and Baradi, Baradi-Lordaeronian begun to be spoken in the Hillsbrad Foothills following their capture from the Kingdom of Tol Barad by the Kingdom of Lordaeron. It was the first dialect to fall out of use in favour of Common, with its modern day use being regulated to scholars and linguists.


The least common of Lordaeronian dialects, Rostkammyr is only spoken by the clansmen of Varland and their descendants living in the Principality of Rostkamm.


The author mostly proxies and bases High Lordaeronian on German, while Dutch stands in for Low Lordaeronian, Swedish stands in for Old Lordaeronian and Flemish stands in for Baradi-Lordaeronian, though these proxies are not required if one wishes to use the language.