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Children of the Lupoj'Drassil


Zin'tel Rhyalah

Clan Name:


The Lupoj'ini

Lupoj'Drassil Den, Kentillie


Aboriginal Population: (As of 38 L.C.)

Under 100

Multi-ethnic Population: (As of 38 L.C.)

Unknown; presumed to be many




Zin'tel Rhyalah

Primarily Worship:

The Old Ways

Ola Gjeilo - "Northern Lights"

The Lupoj'ini, otherwise known as the Children of Lupoj'Drassil, are an ethnic subgroup of half-elves native to the Duchy of Kentillie in Gilneas. The Lupoj’ini people are descended from the offspring of Kaldorei and Harvest Witches of Gilneas, and inherited the northern territories of the Duchy of Kentillie from their forbearers. As a culture, the Lupoj’ini represent the combined interests of the Kaldorei and Harvest Witches before them, and subscribe to a blended belief in Elune and divine druidism.


Formed out of the meetings of the Kaldorei and Gilneans, the Lupoj’ini possess a distinct respect for the union of cultures and beliefs. Historically, the Lupoj’ini have maintained the northern territories, The Vermilanj, through preservation and devout faith in Elune. Though many of the clan prefer to stay near Lupoj’Drassil, some find their keep in Knaerwood or elsewhere in the northern regions.

The Lupoj’ini have faced a few trials regarding their relationship with southern Kentillians of The Delaphina. Within the last twenty years, the standings between the Kentillians and the Lupoj’ini have been tested― displaying the differing allegiances to King and Country versus to Elune, more recently during The Shattering.

Lupjo'inini Lore & Religion

Being that the Lupoj'inini expanded and based much of their sacred-worship of druidism on that of Kaldorei culture, stark similarities can be seen in the lore of the two cultures.

The natives of the Duchy of Kentillie are much like the natives of other kingdoms, and as such are pagans with their own set of beliefs, rituals, and gods. Steadfast in their ways, the Lupoj’inini have often come into conflict with those Gilneans and pioneers who seek to spread the word of the mysterious “Holy Light,” and from such have suffered because of it. Nevertheless, these people have stayed true to their gods, and show no signs of renouncing the gods they have come to know and worship. The Lupoj'inini pagan belief system is called Lupoj'drana.

Lupoj'drana is a polytheistic belief system, focusing on prayer and divine interactions which work towards furthing survival and prosperity in this life, and the next. There are two main deities: the white ravens, Wirra and Qeta. In the old oral tales of the Lupoj'drassil clan, Wirra and Qeta are separated by a malevolent outside force. This theme of separation by force echoes the crimes committed by the Duchy of Kentillie against the Lupoj'inini. In remembrance of the event, the Days of the White Raven, or Thora'die Corvi. There are many days of remembrance and celebration in the Lupoj'drana tradition. This is a singular example of such.

Lupoj'inini Dieties
Name Symbol Patronage
Wirra White Raven Air, skies, storms, thunder and lightning, matriarchs, ravens, "The Lonely Raven"
Qeta White Raven Light, forgiveness, healing, peace, forbearance, salvation, ravens, "The Missing Light"
Phephy Hare Motherhood, procreation, life (fauna)
Delaphina White Mountain Horse Mysticism, and prophecy
Doasis Sea Serpent Oceans, seas, rivers
Lyngyn Moose Mountains, fortitude, heroism, defender of Kentillie
Dridera Spider Spiders, Lies, Rogues, Spies, Beggars
Rykkon Wolfhawk Hunting, Wolves, Hawks, the Huntmaster