"Never forget your enemies, lest they remind you why you were enemies to begin with."

The Lure'mil Family is a High Elf family primarily based in the Hinterlands. They are known for their bloodlust in war and their penchant for developing and never releasing vendettas. The family's symbol is a troll skull with two crossed daggers driven through it, though the symbol has changed several times.

The Lure'mils have their roots in the ancient Highborne, though they have changed drastically to a much more rustic culture that prizes family and war over magic and nobility, often at home in forests and the wilds.


Like all Thalassian elves, the Lure'mils began among the Highborne. It is believed that during the War of the Ancients, the ancient Lure'mils declared their first vendetta against Queen Azshara, and ever since the family has remembered Azshara as the First Enemy of their name. The reason for this is often simplified as being due to Azshara's many acts of wrongdoing, but the real reason for war against Azshara was because she was deemed responsible for the curse of Asaesisilae. Though the family has never once been able to resume the conflict against Azshara, it is considered to be a prestigious honor if one may finally do the deed.

After the exile that led to the founding of the Quel'thalas, the Lure'mils developed a new vendetta for all trolls. This hatred blossomed primarily during the Troll Wars, in which they had fought under the command of Alytheria Solflame. Though the Lure'mils possessed a violent ferocity in war, their bloodlust eventually cost Alytheria dearly in battle when they sacrificed their fellow elves for the sake of massacring trolls. They were barred from serving under her command and earned a reputation of ruthlessness that promoted betrayal.

Over the years the Lure'mils only grew more and more isolated from society, hell-bent on their missions. What may have once been a larger line of prestige eventually was reduced to two elves, Larenthar and Valanzara Lure'mil. Together they conceived a child, and they raised their daughter with love, but ever did their focus remain fixed upon war. The family lived in the Hinterlands out of Quel'Danil Lodge, where they could wage war against the Vilebranch and Revantusk Tribes.

Only during the Second War did the Lure'mils truly return to their birthplace. While their daughter, Isira, stayed behind in the Hinterlands, Larenthar and Valanzara returned to the north to battle the Orcish Horde. They ultimately perished in battle during the Battle of Eversong, leaving Isira to fend for herself as the last of the Lure'mil line.

Throughout the history of Azeroth, the Lure'mil family has primarily involved itself in the following conflicts:


As a family, Lure'mils are actually rather simple in their traditions. As they rarely ever confine themselves to one home, they travel often and tend to share their history to their children through spoken stories and song. Such stories often serve to immortalize their idols and heroes in legend, while demonizing their foes.

With the family crest being a troll skull with two crossed blades driven through it, oftentimes young Lure'mils will have their crest be a crossed pair of daggers, yet to be bloodied. Once the child has killed their appointed share of hated enemies - typically between fifty to a hundred - they will have bloodied their blades, and they are permitted to don their full insignia. When a Lure'mil commits an act of dishonor, such as desertion from battle, they may feel unworthy of their crest and seek to redeem themselves by once again bloodying their blades according to the number they slew once before.

Like the Farstriders, Lure'mils tend to claim grisly trophies from their defeated foes. Oftentimes this will include hair, body parts, even skin from a flayed body or a decapitated head. As proud warriors they would also frequently carry battle standards into war, pennants that displayed their allegiance for all to behold.

Contary to their defining aspects of strength from their hatreds, Lure'mils have a peaceful streak as well, loving their young unconditionally, watching over their children as they grow to carry on the warrior tradition of their line. They are fervently devoted to the protection of family, and are sometimes known to adopt elven youths from the field of battle. Lure'mils are raised with a love for story and song, as both are significant in their spoken history, and are known to greatly appreciate music.

The Melody of WarEdit

Traditionally, Lure'mils sing a familial song in preparation for impending battle. The lyrics are as follows:


Ormeme’o, Ann’da,
O sinn datad zaram
Odash ni ruin,
Odash a reashus.

Doalar’o mashal
Dur thoiel haran.
Rosh o’phoisham
Reantheb datad zaram.
Sinn d’ruin,
Lo datad dore.

Odash rel menonum,
Odash rel reashus.
Doalar rel sanwy
Dur alzaash haran.


Watch me, Father
I’ll bloody my blade.
Make it red,
Make you proud.

Send me back
For another hundred.
If I die
Take my blade,
Bloody and red,
To my child.

Make them dream,
Make them proud.
Send them out
For their hundred.

The song refers to the family's tradition of bloodying one's blades to honor the family name and find pride through one's parents, after which they eagerly venture forth into war once again. Typically if a Lure'mil falls in battle, the story of their battle, and even their weapon, is brought to their children to inspire them and prepare them for their future.


The Lure'mils are known for their excessive fixation upon old grudges and never forgiving their oldest enemies. Some believe this stems from the family's personal traditions, though others have suggested this unusual and crippling fixation on hate could stem from a curse upon their bloodline or even something in their heritage. Most choose to believe this is simply how Lure'mils are raised.

Two of the most predominant enemies of the family are Queen Azshara and all Troll kind. These hatreds are often interpreted in different fashion but typically rely upon a "guilt by association" judgment. A troll can commit no crimes in their life, and still be sentenced to death in the eyes of the Lure'mils.

Hatred of the SelfEdit

There are some Lure'mils who believe the greatest source of strength is not in hate alone, but self-loathing. Discovering an irrefutable and immovable aspect of oneself that is utterly loathed is a source of enlightenment for some Lure'mils. They believe that when one cannot live for themselves, they live instead for war and the opportunity to act on that hatred, in essence converting them into a soldier who craves only carnage.

The most common source of self-loathing stems from the revelation that elves, as a species, are the descendants of trolls. As such, this piece of history is often omitted and instead left for Lure'mils youths to discover in their own time, to hate on their own. Others may find this self-loathing through transformation, as elves are a remarkably malleable species. Being transformed beyond one's original form - such as Void Elves - is a possible route, if one condemns it yet is subject to it.

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