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(Lux Vult does not exist as an IC organisation)

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Lux Vult is a heavy roleplaying guild, but It does not exist as an in-character organisation. In our view, this allows for both a wider variety of characters, and virtually endless possibilities for storylines. We have three simple guidelines for our members, and they are as follows:

  • Members must be exceptional roleplayers in terms of style and presentation.
  • Members must treat other experienced roleplayers with respect.
  • Members (Characters) must be Light-Worshipping.


The guild is presently level ten and has several characters dedicated to helping it reach level 25 as soon as possible. Our Officer core is comprised of seasoned roleplayers who have been actively involved in the Moon Guard RP community for many years. Many of us have built, led, or served as Officers in a myriad of roleplay guilds throughout the server's history, and have come together to make Lux Vult one of the most enjoyable and drama-free guilds on Moon Guard. For more information, please contact any of the following officers OOC:

DISCLAIMER: Lux Vult does not exist as an IC organisation. It has no sigil, banner, or tabard that may be used IC to identify its members, because it does not exist IC. The characters in Lux Vult come from a variety of IC backgrounds, and are affiliated with a number of IC organisations, but all share two things in common: Worship of the Holy Light, and a desire to spread its message.

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