Lysander Reinhart



Year] of Birth

June 8th

Place of Birth

Silvermoon City





The Silent


Kingdom Of Stormwind

Argent Crusade (Formerly)


Church of the Holy Light


Mikael Reinhart (Father) (Deceased)

Lisabeth Reinhart (Mother) (Deceased)

Alexander Reinhart (Son) (Presumed Deceased)

Lord Lysander Reinhart is a career soldier, who has been faced with decisions that have drawn him into conflicts more times than he has liked. Focusing more on the efforts of war, rather than the political side of things has left his families name on the outskirts of the Political intrigue that seems to come with the House Of Nobles . As of recently, the Lord has taken up a small shop space, in the heart of Lakeshire, Redridge.

Upon opening, Wolfs-bane armory, Lysander proved that his craftsmanship knew no bounds, offering soldier’s and veterans alike discounts, Wolfs-bane Armory, has quickly become one of the most sought-after armories, in the heart of the kingdom. The lord’s continued skill and steady hand seems to continue to impress when creating masterpieces of war.

In the recent months, Lysander had spent most of his recent months serving with the Silver Hand Chapter of Quel'thalas Upon being made Chapter Master of the Order, and the High-guard disbanding. Lysander and the Knights as well as a few other trusted members took it upon themselves to create the Order of the Silver dawn


Early life (-212 LC to -8 LC )Edit



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A spread of long, jet-black hair topped the Lord's head. His mother once preached that it was part of his heritage to keep his hair uncut, so he scarcely took a blade to it throughout the years. Nevertheless, while keeping it clean and orderly, he typically keeps his ebony locks secured in a coiffure of a ponytail that reveals a sculpted face and unruffled temperament.

From time to time, the deep-set eyes of piercing blue orbs watchef over the populace of his surroundings with idle aversion, instinctive alertness, and an observant nature. A strong nose gives way to a lop-sided and dashing grin - a genuinely rare occurrence to witness, albeit depending on who Lysander finds in his company. Just below his lips, a small, neatly trimmed patch of dark hair covers his chin.

Tanned skin stretches over his muscular and strapping limbs. Scars litter the expanse of his body - tokens of war and his many years of service in the military. One most distinguished is a scar that trailed from the corner of his left brow, across his nose, and halting just short of the right side of his jaw line.

Lysander stands with a physique clearly obtained by the extensive training of a Knight and warrior. In optimal, physical health, he is able-bodied to carry heavy, plated armor, and brandishing of a sword and shield for extensive periods of time. As he walked, each stride seemed a bit lighter than the one before and his manner held calculated purpose.

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