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Crest of the mage.

A mage is a caster who wields incredible arcane power and can utilize many complicated spells for various uses including combat, refreshment and study. They can wield various fields of magic - such as fire and frost. Students gifted with a keen intellect and unwavering discipline may walk the path of the mage. The arcane magic available to magi is both great and dangerous, and thus is revealed only to the most devoted practitioners. To avoid interference with their spellcasting, magi wear only cloth armor, but arcane shields and enchantments give them additional protection. To keep enemies at bay, magi can summon bursts of fire to incinerate distant targets and cause entire areas to erupt, setting groups of foes ablaze. Masters of ice can command blizzards that tear into flesh and limit movement. Should enemies manage to survive this assault, the mage can shrink them into harmless sheep in the blink of an eye. Powerful magi can even generate enhancements and portals, assisting allies by sharpening their minds and transporting them instantly across the world. Magi are wizards of immense knowledge and skill. Their obvious physical frailty is deceptive, for they can call upon the cosmic energies of the Twisting Nether. Rarely do magi engage in melee combat. Instead, they prefer to attack from a distance, hurling powerful bolts of frost and flame at their unsuspecting enemies.


A human female mage.

Early kaldorei civilization was defined by direct manipulation of magic drawn from the Well of Eternity to create and sustain their society. Their constant use of the Well attracted attention from Sargeras and the Burning Legion, who manipulated the Highborne Queen Azshara into using the Well as a gateway, granting the Legion entry into Azeroth. The Legion's arrival sparked a massive conflict which would later be known as the War of the Ancients. The war had grave consequences, for even though the combined might of Azeroth's mortal races were victorious, the continent of Kalimdor was shattered, and a swirling, raging miasma of sea storms flowed into the vacant area where the Well of Eternity used to reside. This Great Sundering caused the Well's energies to permeate the atmosphere and spread magic all over the world.

This event convinced the majority of night elves to reject arcane magic and follow Malfurion Stormrage and his call for druidism. Many of the surviving Highborne could not endure this lifestyle, suffering as they were from withdrawal now that they could no longer draw on the Well's arcane energies. Their leader, Dath'Remar Sunstrider, called the druids cowards for refusing to use the magic he considered their birthright. In spite of Malfurion's warning that any use of magic would be punishable by death, Dath'Remar led his fellow Highborne in revolt, conjuring a giant magical storm in Ashenvale in an attempt to convince the druids to suspend the law. Unwilling to execute so many of their fellow elves, Malfurion and the druids instead exiled the Highborne from their lands. Dath'Remar and his followers chose to set sail from Kalimdor, eventually landing in Lordaeron where they would ultimately found the Kingdom of Quel'Thalas and call themselves high elves. When their kingdom came under siege by the trolls of Zul'Aman, the high elves agreed to teach humans the arts of magic in exchange for military aid from the human nation of Arathor. From these two races, the arcane arts have spread to various races all over Azeroth.

Notable Mages

Name Race Faction Role Status
IconSmall Jaina2.gif
Jaina Proudmoore Human Grand Alliance / New Council of Tirisfal Lord Admiral of Kul Tiras Alive
IconSmall Khadgar.gif
Khadgar Human Kirin Tor Leader of the Kirin Tor and Council of Six Alive
IconSmall Medivh.gif
Medivh Human Neutral The last Guardian Alive
IconSmall Azshara.gif
IconSmall AzsharaQ.gif
Queen Azshara Naga Nazjatar Empire Queen of the naga Alive
IconSmall Thalyssra-0.gif
First Arcanist Thalyssra Nightborne New Horde First Arcanist of Suramar Alive
IconSmall Aethas.gif
Aethas Sunreaver Sin'dorei Kingdom of Quel'Thalas / Sunreavers / Tirisgarde Leader of the Sunreavers Alive
IconSmall Ansirem.gif
Ansirem Runeweaver Human Kirin Tor Council of Six member Alive
IconSmall Karlain.gif
Archmage Karlain Human Kirin Tor Council of Six member Alive
IconSmall Modera.gif
Archmage Modera Human Kirin Tor Council of Six member Alive
IconSmall Vargoth.gif
Archmage Vargoth Human Kirin Tor Council of Six member Alive
IconSmall Kalec.gif
Kalec Blue dragon Kirin Tor / Blue Dragonflight Council of Six member Alive
IconSmall Rommath-0.gif
Grand Magister Rommath Sin'dorei Kingdom of Quel'Thalas Grand Magister of Quel'Thalas Alive
Med'an Quarter-orc, quarter-draenei, half-human New Council of Tirisfal Former Guardian Alive
IconSmall Undead Female-0.gif
Vivianne Undead New Horde Draenor adventurer Undead
IconSmall Undead Male-0.gif
Archmage Ataeric Undead Undercity Forsaken combatant of Southshore Undead
IconSmall Undead Male-0.gif
Dalar Dawnweaver Undead Undercity Undead mage Undead
IconSmall Undead Male-0.gif
Helcular Undead Undercity Apprentice of Kel'Thuzad Undead
IconSmall Undead Male-0.gif
Novice Thaivand Undead Undercity Apprentice of Helcular Undead
IconSmall Meryl.gif
Meryl Felstorm Undead Kirin Tor / New Council of Tirisfal / Tirisgarde Tirisgarde champion Undead
IconSmall Millhouse.gif
Millhouse Manastorm Gnome Kirin Tor / Tirisgarde Tirisgarde champion Alive
IconSmall Goblin Male.gif
The Great Akazamzarak Goblin Tirisgarde Tirisgarde champion Alive
IconSmall BloodElf Female-0.png
Esara Verrinde Sin'dorei New Horde / Tirisgarde Tirisgarde champion Alive
IconSmall HighElf Male Alt.gif
Ravandwyr Quel'dorei Kirin Tor / Tirisgarde Tirisgarde champion Alive
IconSmall Umbric-0.gif
Magister Umbric Ren'dorei Grand Alliance Leader of the ren'dorei Alive
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Theocritus Human Kingdom of Stormwind Owns the Tower of Azora Alive
IconSmall Highborne Male-0.gif
Mordent Evershade Kaldorei Darnassus / Shen'dralar Leader of the Shen'dralar Alive
IconSmall Human Female1.gif
Magister Serena Human Grand Alliance / Kirin Tor Draenor adventurer Alive
Solar Priest Vayx Arakkoa Neutral Draenor adventurer Alive
16px-IconSmall BloodElf Male.png
Magister Astalor Bloodsworn Sin'dorei Kingdom of Quel'Thalas Co-founder of the Blood Knights Alive
IconSmall Human Male Rustridgi.gif
Archmage Xylem Human Neutral Insane archmage Alive
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif
Magnus Manastorm Gnome Neutral Father of Millhouse Manastorm Alive
16px-IconSmall BloodElf Male.png
Voren'thal the Seer Sin'dorei Scryers / Sha'tar Leader of the Scryers Alive
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Tabetha Human Neutral Hermit Alive
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Archmage Cedric Human Neutral Leader of the Violet Eye Alive
IconSmall Lightforged Female-0.gif
Archmage Y'mera Lightforged draenei Army of the Light Archmage Alive
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Azore Aldamort Human Argent Dawn Wields the Scepter of Light Alive
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Archmage Malin Human Kingdom of Stormwind Archmage Alive
IconSmall Dwarf Female.gif
Ice Caller Briatha Dwarf Twilight's Hammer Follower of Ahune Alive
IconSmall Kel'Thuzad.gif
Kel'Thuzad Lich Scourge Lord of Naxxramas Unknown
Illidan Stormrage Kaldorei / Demon Illidari Leader of the Illidari Unknown
IconSmall HighElf Male Alt.gif
Arellas Fireleaf Quel'dorei Scarlet Crusade High Wizard of the Scarlet Crusade Unknown
IconSmall Alodi.gif
Alodi Half-elf Council of Tirisfal First Guardian Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Scavell Human Kirin Tor / Council of Tirisfal Former Guardian Deceased
IconSmall Aegwynn.gif
Aegwynn Human Council of Tirisfal / New Council of Tirisfal Former Guardian Deceased
IconSmall Antonidas.gif
Antonidas Human Alliance of Lordaeron / Kirin Tor Former leader of the Kirin Tor Deceased
IconSmall Dath'Remar.gif
Dath'Remar Sunstrider Quel'dorei Kingdom of Quel'Thalas Founder of Quel'Thalas Deceased
IconSmall Kael'thas.gif
IconSmall KaelWretched.gif
Kael'thas Sunstrider Sin'dorei Kingdom of Quel'Thalas / Burning Legion Former leader of the blood elves Deceased
IconSmall Mar'gok.gif
Imperator Mar'gok Ogre Gorian Empire / Iron Horde Sorcerer King of the Gorian Empire Deceased
IconSmall Cho'gall-0.gif
Cho'gall Ogre Shadow Council / Twilight's Hammer Leader of the Twilight's Hammer Deceased
IconSmall Krasus.gif
Krasus Red dragon Kirin Tor / Red Dragonflight Former Council of Six member and consort of Alexstrasza Deceased
IconSmall Nielas.gif
Nielas Aran Human Kingdom of Stormwind / Tirisgarde Court conjurer and father of Medivh Deceased
IconSmall Rhonin.gif
Rhonin Human Kirin Tor Former leader of the Kirin Tor Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Ur Human Kirin Tor Discovered the worgen Deceased
IconSmall Arugal.gif
Arugal Human Kirin Tor / Kingdom of Gilneas / Wolfcult Harbinger of the worgen Deceased
IconSmall Undead Male-0.gif
Instructor Galford Undead Scarlet Crusade Scarlet mage Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Arcanist Doan Human Scarlet Crusade Scarlet mage Deceased
IconSmall Arakkoa.gif
Talon King Ikiss Arakkoa Sethekk cult Sethekk leader Deceased
16px-IconSmall BloodElf Male.png
High Nethermancer Zerevor Sin'dorei Illidari Member of Illidari Council Deceased
IconSmall Cultist Female.gif
Jandice Barov Human Scourge Mistress of illusion Deceased
IconSmall BloodElf Female-0.png
Reynah Firecaster Sin'dorei New Horde / Kingdom of Quel'Thalas Adventurer Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Archmage Tervosh Human Grand Alliance Advisor to Jaina Proudmoore Deceased
IconSmall Lich Male.gif
Araj the Summoner Lich Scourge Former leader of Scholomance Deceased
IconSmall Lich Male.gif
Ras Frostwhisper Lich Scourge Favored student of Kel'Thuzad Deceased
IconSmall Worgen Male-0.gif
Phin Odelic Worgen Kingdom of Stormwind / Kirin Tor Gilneas Liberation Front member Deceased
IconSmall Worgen Male-0.gif
Loremaster Dibbs Worgen Kingdom of Stormwind Gilneas Liberation Front member Deceased
IconSmall Human Female1.gif
Warden Belamoore Human Neutral Overseer of the Lordamere Internment Camp Deceased
IconSmall HighElf Male Alt.gif
Relfthra Quel'dorei Council of Tirisfal Council of Tirisfal former member Deceased
IconSmall Gnome Male.gif
Erbag Gnome Kirin Tor / Council of Tirisfal Council of Tirisfal former member Deceased
IconSmall Human Male2.gif
Arrexis Human Kirin Tor / Council of Tirisfal Council of Tirisfal former member Deceased
IconSmall Human Female.gif
Marisa du'Paige Human Defias Brotherhood Defias mage Deceased

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