Magni Bronzebeard
Magni Legion2
The Speaker of Azeroth


IconSmall Dwarf Male Dwarf


Speaker of Azeroth
King of Ironforge (Former)
Thane of the Bronzebeard Clan (Former)


Inv tabard championsofazeroth Azeroth
BETTERIronforgeIcon Kingdom of Ironforge
DwarfRace Bronzebeard Clan
Explorers League 64 Explorers' Guild


Madoran Bronzebeard (Ancestor)
Elder Bronzebeard (Ancestor)
Muradin Bronzebeard (Brother)
Brann Bronzebeard (Brother)
Moira Thaurissan (Daughter)
Dagran Thaurissan II (Grandson)



Magni Bronzebeard is the former king of the dwarven kingdom of Khaz Modan, Thane of Ironforge and head of the Bronzebeard clan. During the Second War he defended Ironforge from the orcs and joined the Alliance of Lordaeron. He was a founding member of the Explorers' League led by his brother Brann and forged the Ashbringer hoping it would avenge his brother Muradin, who was believed to have been killed by Arthas Menethil. Magni was turned to diamond during a ritual in the heart of Old Ironforge, sacrificing himself to save Khaz Modan from the Cataclysm. He was succeeded by the Council of Three Hammers.

After years spent immobilized in Old Ironforge, Magni has returned as "the Speaker", the ritual having attuned him to the titan world-soul of Azeroth itself, and now works with the world's heroes to combat the return of the Burning Legion.

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