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Magus Investigation

Magus Investigation


Investigation - Policing


To enforce the Forbidden Magics Act, safeguard Dalaran and serve the interests​ of the Council of Six.


Judge Delenar Tav'karin (GM)

Judge Dorian Svenson

Judge Aevierta Cedar-River


Council of Six, Dalaran


StormwindIcon.pngStormwind City Guard - 42nd Unit






38 L.C

Magus Investigation, or MI is Dalaran's intelligence agency, it performs peacekeeping, investigative and policing roles. It directly serves The Six and works alongside the Tirisgarde. Its primary function is enforcing the Forbidden  Magics Act, and ruthlessly rooting out illegal magic users across the Twin Worlds and beyond.

The intelligence agency is secretive in nature, few outside of the Kirin Tor or directly in co-operation with them have even heard of this organization. This is intended.

The agency is rumoured to have a leader, The Director, but the leader is unknown, even to The Six. However, the fact is, that it is ruled by the Council of Judges who make collective decisions. 


Magus Investigation was officially founded by the Council of Six after the Tomb of Sargeras was closed and Argus appeared in the sky. Previously, most members were Tirisgarde or transfers from other Kirin Tor organizations, such as the Magus Senate.

Since its founding, not so long ago, Magus Investigation has been crucial in stopping several groups from realising their dastardly plots. Such as; The Equalists, and the Cult of the Corruptor.


The hierarchy is Magus Investigation's chain of command, it is as follows:

Class 1

  • The Director
  • Council of Judges
  • Current: Delenar Tav'Karin, Dorian Svenson, Aevierta Cedar-River

Class 2

  • Wardens
  • Current: Augustus Silvanus
  • Operatives
  • Former: Pepper J. Pepperance
  • M.I.A: Guang Meng

Class 3

  • Investigators
  • Current: Fred Safencrank, Romano Creamcurdle, Fairel Redmantle
  • Deputies
  • Current: Lyz Ikin Maralyne, Hyun-Wei Lotusfoot
  • Apprentices
  • Current: Amoire Darkulan, Cylus Baultery, Atilius Harding, Hailey Redford, Xanor Silvermane

Class 4

  • Informants
  • Current: None active.