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December 20th, 2012

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"For Dalaran."

The Magus Senate of Dalaran, also known as the Kirin Tor, directly serves the Council of Six as the government of the Magocracy of Dalaran. The Senate was founded on December 20th 622 K.C. The current leader of the Magus Senate is Chancellor Salazar Demes.

Senate Organization


The Magus Senate of Dalaran as a guild is made up of four tiers. 


Citizen is the rank for people who are not sitting members of the senate, which means they cannot vote, however, they can participate in our activities IC as they are citizens of Dalaran.


Senator is the rank which includes the Junior Senator, Senator, Senior Senator, and High Magus ranks. These make up the bulk of the senate. They are full voting members of the senate and are entitled to certain benefits.

Senior Magocratic Service

The SMS includes Deputy Minister, Minister, and Chancellor. These people are the trusted members who contribute to the guild. Generally they hold higher offices. These people can also invite people to the guild.


The Chancellor of the Magus Senate of Dalaran is the leader of the mage body within the City-State of Dalaran. The Office of the Chancellor directly oversees the Vice-Chancellor, Aetyleus the Elder, and the two often work together in order to ensure both the Senate body and the Inner-Council are effective in their duties and decisions. Salazar Demes is serving as the current Chancellor. Both the Chancellor and the Vice-Chancellor are considered members of the Cabinet of Ministers.


A typical senate meeting.

Senate Sessions are the longest standing tradition of the Magus Senate of Dalaran. The Senate convenes weekly to hold court within the Violet Citadel to address current issues, hear proposals, and debate the course of action the Magus Senate takes in general. Anyone may attend Senate sessions, where they are encouraged to speak their views and participate in voting regardless of station. All members of the Senate are encouraged to participate and let their voices be heard. However, barring special occasions, the only people who may speak on the Senate floor from outside the Senate are ambassadors and those who have permission of the Speaker of the Senate. All of the Senate Sessions are public record.


The Senate has several ministries that all work to further the goals of the Kirin Tor. Any member can join the various ministries, and the departments within.

The Chancellery

The Chancellery is the combination of several smaller groups and factions led directly by the Chancellor Salazar Demes. It includes the Chancellor's Office, the Vice-Chancellor's Office, and a number of other supporting offices that make running Dalaran possible.

The Ministry of Academics

The Ministry of Academics is the largest ministry in the senate. It caters to the Kirin Tor's goals of collecting knowledge and sharing that knowledge to train magi. The Ministry is lead by Minister Aetyleus the Elder. It is split into a few different departments, the Antonidas Academy is the Senate's education department. The professors of the academy are responsible for teaching classes on a wide range of topics. They also approve new professors and apprenticeships. Learning is the most important thing to the students and staff of the academy. Classes are common events in the Senate and provide a good chance for socializing. Many professors even allow non-members to sit in on their classes. The Ministry has several independent departments dedicated to a single area of study and research such as the Engineering Department and the Alchemy Department. This department is also responsible for a great deal of research and development of spells, magical items, and various magical histories and theories.

The Ministry of Defense

The Ministry of Defense is lead by Minister of Defense Candun Greysong. The largest department is the Battle Mage Corps which is charged with protecting Dalaran from threats abroad. They often work outside of the city on missions; the first ones to arrive at any battle and the last ones to leave. The Corps is split further into smaller specialized units like the Scouting Corp. The Battle Magi can usually be found training in the Violet Stand. Occasionally the Battle Magi will act as bodyguards for members of the cabinet when they are in foreign lands. The Defense Ministry also works jointly with the Ministry of Academics for research and development purposes.

The Ministry of State Security

The Ministry of State Security, led by Minister Elberich Haltring, is responsible for policing and security within the Magocracy of Dalaran and its territories, the investigation and enforcement of Dalaran’s laws, counter-intelligence, foreign intelligence, and other responsibilities.

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs

The Ministry of Foreign Affairs, or MoFA, is one of the ministries of the Magus Senate of Dalaran and is responsible for developing and carrying out the foreign policy of Dalaran and international relations.The Ministry of Foreign Affairs is lead by Minister Zanbor Emerson. Duties include administering diplomatic missions, advising the Chancellor and cabinet on foreign affairs, and negotiating treaties and trade deals. The ministry works closely with the other ministries to put Dalaran's best foot forward in the international arena and to advance the national interests of Dalaran abroad.


The Magus Senate invites all mages to join. Contact one of the members and they should be more than happy to put you in contact with an officer, if they aren't one themselves. Additionally, you can apply at our [1]. A brief interview with a ranking member of the guild is required before joining.

We also have non-mages in our ranks; Warlocks who roleplay summoners, warriors who roleplay as guardsmen, and hunters who roleplay as spellbows. If your character has a connection to Dalaran, we are more than happy to have you.

If you roleplay a member of the Kirin Tor, but do not want to leave the guild you are in or cannot join the Senate for another reason, not to worry! You can now affiliate yourself with the Senate as a member of the Kirin Tor by filling out the same application, but selecting affiliation from the dropdown and writing N/A where applicable. We’ll follow up with you if there are any questions. Please note that while the Senate follows the Laws of Dalaran as our ICly legal system, we do not hold the same standard to Kirin Tor affiliates. However, if we feel that your toon is breaking an established Kirin Tor law/rule (RPing a warlock in the Kirin Tor), we will respectfully part ways.

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