"You can think outside the box -- a value that I find both rare and delightful." --Lazarus Redmorn to Malithanore.

Duke Malithanore Vanyali



Date of Birth

June 7th, -446 L.C.


Silvermoon, Quel'thalas


Spymaster of The Silverguard
Duke of Quellorian
Lord Protector
Magister of The Highguard


Silver Covenant
The Silverguard
The Highguard


See Family

Seriphene Vanyali (Wife)
Amathanore Vanyali (Brother)
Lioriae Vanyali (Daughter)
Tynora Vanyali (Daughter)
Arel Vanyali (Son)
Vera Vanyali (Daughter)
Eralore Vanyali (Son)
Janessa Vanyali (Adopted Daughter)

Isabel Vanyali (Adopted Daughter)



Military Service


Grand Alliance


Silver Covenant

Commands Held

Spymaster of the Silverguard


Blood War Campaign Medal
Alliance Grand Cross of Service
Argus Campaign Medal
Broken Isles Campaign Medal
Second War Campaign Medal

Malithanore Vanyali is the current Spymaster of the Silverguard, and the current Duke of the duchy Quellorian, which he reigns alongside his wife, Seriphene Vanyali. He is relatively low profile in matters outside of the Silver Covenant, though he has earned himself the title of Mage-Champion through competing against other magi in the Tournament of Ages.

Military Ranks

Magister of the Magi Circle


An illusionist by trade, Malithanore doesn't go anywhere without looking his best, no matter whether he is entertaining a court or walking onto a battlefield. Despite his profession, he doesn't often stray from his basic silhouette: that of a slim, high elven man. His slender build makes it clear at a glance that he prefers agility over strength, often dancing away from blows rather than taking them head-on.

Despite his preferred school of magic, there are pieces of jewelry on his person that remain the same regardless of his attire. They are always visible, no matter whether they should be or not.

The first of his jewelry is a platinum band upon his left ring finger that has been polished to a mirror finish. Glowing amber filigree has been engraved along the center of the band.

The second is a golden ring upon his right middle finger. An amethyst has been set into the face of the ring, and the suits of a classic card deck have been engraved into the band itself.

The last is a necklace, which holds a golden orb and matching scales upon a chain. The orb's material has been carefully engraved and cut with swirling patterns, which are made even more prominent by an amber glow within, and possesses a latch to allow it to open. On each side of the orb are two tiny golden scales that have been affixed to the chain itself.


Skilled in combat, Malithanore has plenty of tricks up his sleeves to deal with enemies accordingly. He is most notably skilled in cryomancy, hydromancy, and raw arcane, supplemented by martial skills with blades and staves.

What some might not expect of him and his theatrical personality is his skill with the art of subtlety. For the times that attacking outright isn't ideal (and even in times where it might be), he dons a mask, and utilizes his agility and magic to go unseen.

History, Abridged

Early Life

Born to Evathoria and Eralithanore Vanyali in Silvermoon City, Malithanore followed his parents' footsteps in becoming a fully realized mage. His training took him from Silvermoon to Dalaran and back, through which he gained a particular proficiency with the Illusion and Evocation schools of magic. During this time, he figure skated professionally, fought in various legal and illegal mage dueling rings, and participated in numerous acts of debauchery. These acts of debauchery occasionally meant his older brother, Amathanore, had to intervene on his behalf. It led to Amathanore attempting to course-correct Malithanore's life, which resulted in a strenuous relationship for the two.

Around the time he finished schooling, thanks to a stroke of luck, he was enlisted as a personal protector and advisor to one Lady Naelitha, who went on to become the matriarch of House Manawhisper. Gaining such a position made him clean up his act overnight, and from that point onward, much of his personal life became secretive -- which is a trait he still carries to this day.

The Second War

During the Second War, Naelitha Manawhisper was captured by an orcish warlock and his subordinates. Malithanore successfully rescued her solo, at the cost of going missing in the same mission. Silvermoon listed him as 'Missing in Action', and after several years of no contact, have assumed him to be 'Killed in Action'.

The Third Legion Invasion

Near the beginning of 37 L.C., the Highguard encountered Malithanore by a stroke of luck. Inducted formally into the Highguard by Warmagus Dal'itha Manawhisper, the illusionist worked his way up the ranks within the Silver Covenant. He later became a Magister in the Battlemagi Corps, and Scout-Lieutenant in the Outrunners.

A Short-Lived Peace

In the tense lull of peace between the victory on Argus and the burning of Teldrassil, the orcish warlock that had captured Naelitha Manawhisper during the Second War made himself known by orchestrating the capture of Lioriae Vanyali.

This act devastated Malithanore and drove him to pursue her at all costs, though according to the intelligence he could gather from the scene of her capture, she had been taken deep into Forsaken territory. Due to a lack of further evidence and unwilling to be the first to risk the peace, the Highguard refused to aid him.

In order to freely pursue Lioriae, the Duskfall Collective was founded, and all that aided Malithanore in this venture were inducted into it, eschewing ties to the Highguard for the duration of the operation.

The operation saw Malithanore and associates sneaking through Silverpine Forest, Hillsbrad, and Tirisfal Glades, interacting with the likes of Gilnean rebels, a goblin with her children on the line, and witnessing the aftermath of horrific experiments conducted on Thalassian elves. Throughout the entirety of this operation, Seriphene Vanyali acted as Malithanore's confidant and his anchor, preventing him from making decisions that would've otherwise led to ruin.

It took two months' of hunting leads and burning down the warlock's machinations in northern Lordaeron to see Lioriae returned to Malithanore's side. While she had suffered scars of her own at the hands of the Forsaken, she was still alive.

Seeing potential in the Duskfall Collective, Malithanore remained within it into the Blood War despite restoring his ties to the Highguard.

The Blood War

Meeting Janessa & Isabel

Malithanore and Seriphene were amongst those who followed shortly after Jaina Proudmoore's arrival to Kul Tiras. They set themselves to cultivating contacts within Boralus on behalf of the Alliance, as well as investigating the disappearance of the Kul Tiran fleet.

One of their leads about the fleet led them to Stormsong Monastery, where they were given a cold shoulder by the tidesages present, except for one. A young girl by the name of Janessa Riversage pulled them aside, and informed them of the strange happenings occurring within the monastery, with warnings to leave. Malithanore was quick to pick up on how young she was, her emaciated state, which in combination with her descriptions of the other tidesages, was enough cause for him to whisk her away.

By Janessa's request, the three traveled to Stormsong Valley to speak with Lord Stormsong in person. Unfortunately for them, they arrived too late, encountering k'thir in the areas near Sagehold. The ensuing fights left the three wounded, and tore Malithanore's armor to scraps, which was enough to make them backtrack to a nearby safehaven: Brennadam.

Shortly after arriving to Brennadam, the Horde struck. The three aided as best they could in dousing the flames and combating the Horde. While searching for survivors, Malithanore discovered the gruesome sight of a man that was slaughtered in his own home. Before he left, he caught the sound of crying from upstairs.

Following the sound, he discovered the body of a woman slumped against a door, where the crying originated from. After moving the body and hiding both beneath blankets, Malithanore spoke to the person beyond the door, discovering that she was a young girl, no older than three or four years old. He did his best to be gentle and kind to her, and soon convinced her to open the door. Taking her into his arms, he carried her out of the building, and to the safer half of Brennadam.

After pinky promising to her to return, Malithanore reentered the fray, just in time to save Janessa from an otherwise fatal blow. He, Janessa, and Seriphene fought back the Horde in tandem with Brennadam's militia, at least long enough for a night's respite.

Once he returned, he found the same girl sitting in the center of town, alone. With Seriphene and Janessa organizing a place to stay in the inn, he spoke with the young girl, and discovered that her name was Isabel. With her parents gone, and her staunch refusal to leave Malithanore's side, he and Seriphene chose to adopt her.

Kul Tiras & The Call to Zandalar

The high elf pair kept to matters within Tiragarde Sound and Stormsong Valley, barely interacting with affairs regarding Drustvar. When the Grand Alliance was called to arms against Dazar'alor, they were amongst the first to answer, alongside the Duskfall Collective.

It didn't take long at all for Malithanore to develop a hatred for Zandalar, between the trolls, atrocious heat, and the disgusting -- sometimes even horrifying -- wildlife. Still, he remained with the Alliance from Vol'dun to Dazar'alor itself.

These are some notable points from the campaign, in no particular order:

  • He and Seriphene fought off Horde boarders from the Alliance vessels while they were approaching Vol'dun proper.
  • In Nazmir, Mali fought and won against Gooldaro, Aerophin, and Valythra; the last of which he absolutely yeeted off of a cliff and into the basin around Uldir.
  • Accompanied the SI:7 in infilitrating Dazar'alor's treasury and docks.

Breaking Point

After a clash in Northrend between the Duskfall Collective and the Onyx Rose Order, the leadership of Duskfall Collective realized they were outnumbered and outgunned by the Horde-aligned san'layn.

With Seriphene Vanyali and Miralyne Valetender paving the way, the Duskfall Collective was rebranded under the Silver Covenant, officially named the Silverguard. The change was a welcome one for Malithanore, and he gladly serves alongside his kin.


Seriphene Vanyali

"One thing I know for sure,

Longer than our lives endure,

You're my forever fall."

When they first met, Malithanore hadn't thought of Seriphene as much more than an entertaining colleague, thanks to both of their love lives pulling them in opposite directions from one another. A few weeks after they had met, one may consider it fortuitous that a discussion with a close friend had led Malithanore to Seriphene, to learn chronomancy under her guidance.

She agreed, under the condition that he would act as her protector in much the same fashion as he had for House Manawhisper in the past. Elated, he accepted the terms, and after she had a glance through his history to ensure his word held merit, she began training him in full.

This was the closest they'd come for several months, up until Lioriae Vanyali was taken from Malithanore. During the time it took to search for her and bring her home, Seriphene acted as his anchor, the one constant that kept him from rushing headlong into danger. Romance blossomed despite the stressful circumstances, seeded by promises of protection and flourishing in a private game of truth or dare gone too far.

Nowadays, where Seriphene walks, Malithanore is sure to follow close behind. She is his best friend, his protector, and his lover.


These are items kept most on Malithanore's person, not the full list of what he owns.

Staff: An old staff of Thalassian design. It is made from dark lacquered wood that has had its grip wrapped in dark blue cloth. Both ends of the staff are capped with metal, the top end of which ends in prongs. Between these prongs is a prismatic ice crystal, which can expand into a blade of ice with a mere thought from the wielder.

Runeblades: A pair of Thalassian runeblades, made from mithril. 

Folding Blade: A mithril blade that can fold into and out of its hilt. 

Storm Silver Gauntlets: After arriving to Kul Tiras and discovering the lightweight properties of storm silver, Malithanore obtained a shipment of storm silver and commissioned a set of gauntlets. They are enchanted to withstand heavy blows, and are runed to allow the wearer to create arcane barriers at will.

Ornate Dagger: Claimed from a blood elf magistrix upon Zandalar. This dagger is made from arcanite, with truesilver blades.

Hand Crossbow: For situations where magic is risky. It is stained black, and trimmed with modest silver filigree.

Mask: At a glance, this mask is crude for a high elf, as it is designed after the visage of a skull and possesses wires through the upper and lower jaws rather than teeth. Closer inspection reveals this mask to be made of durable material, with magitech lenses set into the sockets. The lenses sometimes glow with magic.

Ethereal Shard: Obtained from a nightborne shipwreck in the Eye of Azshara during the Symphony of Suramar. It is violet in color, and shifts between transparency and completely opaque.

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